Log Horizon – Triple Deck Tech!

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Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz Deck Techs! For this article, we’ve teamed up with Coopa of FinestKO to bring you not one, not two, but three deck lists! These decks have been tested in-house and have shown promising results, but we still present them as decks to try.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

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9th CX Build: [9DT]

Coopa’s Build: [CDT]

Felix’s Build: [FDT]

Because the lists have quite a bit of overlap, we’re going to look at one list in its entirety, then only introduce the new cards as they come up. Now onto the decks!

9th CX Build [9DT]

Level 0 – 15

3 Nyanta, Everyone’s Chief (LH/SE20-38)
2 Akatsuki, Assassin (LH/SE20-02)
4 Akatsuki (LH/SE20-T02)
3 Marielle, Nagisa’s Angel (LH/SE20-01)
2 Shiroe, Full Control Encounter (LH/SE20-29)
1 Akatsuki, Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-11)

Level 1 – 11

4 Shiroe, Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-30)
2 Naotsugu, Reliable Partner (LH/SE20-33)
3 Mind Shock (LH/SE20-48)
2 Nyanta, Log Horizon (LH/SE20-31)

Level 2 – 7

2 Akatsuki, Quiet Worker (LH/SE20-14)
3 Minori, Field Monitor (LH/SE20-27)
2 Akatsuki, Maiden’s Heart (LH/SE20-09)

Level 3 – 9

4 Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja (LH/SE20-03)
3 Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative (LH/SE20-28)
2 Naotsugu, Guardian (LH/SE20-34)

CX – 8

4 Simplified Full Control Encounter (LH/SE20-50)
4 Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-24)

At level 0, we have 15 characters.


When Nyanta, Everyone’s Chief is reversed, if you control only 1 or fewer other characters, it gets sent to your clock.


Akatsuki, Assassin, is a level reverser. You can also rest a character to give it +1000 power until end of turn.


You can rest Akatsuki to put the top card of your deck under it (face-down) as a marker if it has no markers under it. When it attacks, you may remove a marker from under it. If you do, you choose a level 0 or lower character on your opponent’s center stage and put it into the waiting room.


When you play Marielle, Nagisa’s Angel, you choose the order of its two effects: put the top card of your deck into your waiting room, and if the revealed card is a CX, put this into stock; and you may put the top 3 cards of your deck into your waiting room. It also gives all your other [Weapon]/[Magic] characters +500 power.


Shiroe, Full Control Encounter gives your other character in the middle position on your center stage +1000 power during your opponent’s turn. You can also pay 1 stock and rest it to Brainstorm and draw up to 1 card for each CX revealed.

lh-se20-11Akatsuki, Two’s Waltz is a ‘loner’ character. When completely alone, it gains +1500 power and hand encore.

At level 1, we have 11 cards – 8 characters and 3 events.


Shiroe, Two’s Waltz gets +1500 power if you have 4 or more cards in hand, and has clock encore.


When your opponent reverses Naotsugu, Reliable Partner in battle, he or she may draw and discard a card.


Mind Shock gives a character you control +3500 power until end of turn, and can also be played when you could use a Backup effect.


When another character you control is front attacked, you may pay 1 and send Nyanta, Log Horizon to the waiting room. If you do, return the attacked character to your hand.  (The front attack will remain a front attack) You can also rest two characters to make it side attack for the turn without any soul penalty.

At level 2, we have 7 characters.


Akatsuki, Quiet Worker has a 1 stock +2500 power Backup effect. When you use the Backup effect, you may pay 2 stock. If you do, you return all cards in your waiting room to your deck and shuffle it. (This will not cause a refresh penalty)


Minori, Field Monitor has a CX combo with Simplified Full Control Encounter: when the CX is played and this card is on your center stage, you may pay 1 stock. If you do, all your other characters gain +2500 power and the ability “When this character reverses a character in battle, you may put it on the bottom of its owner’s deck.” until end of turn.


When you play Akatsuki, Maiden’s Heart, you reveal the top card of your deck. If it’s a [Weapon] or [Magic] character, put it into your hand and discard a card. Otherwise, you return the card to its original position. At the beginning of your climax phase, you may pay 2 stock, discard a card, and send this card to your waiting room to Change into an Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja from your waiting room.

At level 3, we have 9(!) characters.


Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja has cannot side attack and has a Heal ability. It has a CX combo with Two’s Waltz: when it attacks, it gains +4000 power and if it reverses a character in battle, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent.


Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative disallows all damage that you would take from your opponent’s characters’ auto (triggered) abilities. It gives [Weapon]/[Magic] characters in front of it +X power where X is 1000 times that character’s level. When another character you control reverses a character in battle, if this is standing, you may pay 1 stock and rest it. If you do, that character gains “The character facing this gets -2 soul” until the end of your opponent’s next turn.


Naotsugu, Guardian gets +500 power for each other [Magic]/[Weapon] character you control.  It also has Bodyguard; as long as it is in the middle position of your center stage and is not reversed, all attacks (including direct attacks) become front attacks to it. (

The CX spread is 4/4 for Book and Door triggers, and all have 1k1 effects.



How do we play this deck?

This list starts off by featuring Akatsuki – one of the most interesting and strong level 0 effects that has been printed in a while. At level 0, the deck can afford to even pass its first turn without attacking if it is able to “charge” an Akatsuki. Akatsuki is unique in that it is able to target elusive “runners”, and also dispose of level reversers and other large characters with impunity. Nyanta, Everyone’s Chief provides a solid front line that can get to 4000+ power with the right setup, and the Akatsuki, Two’s Waltz is there in case no “marker” Akatsuki is drawn in the opening hand. The early game is all about generating card advantage by forcing the opponent to play into Akatsuki. The first character he or she plays, unless it is a “loner” character that gains +1 level while completely alone, will be hard-pressed to survive a turn, and the opponent has a very big incentive to play a character right away to get rid of the Akatsuki or he or she will forego a lot of cards in the early game. In case the opponent does not play anything, stop attacking and get to 0/5 as quickly as possible before making a full attack. That way, the opponent is more or less forced to get you to level 1 (or to 0/6) on the following turn.

During level 1, the game plan is to build as much stock as possible for the very expensive late game. Mind Shock is something that should actually be used conservatively early on, as its effects with the Shiroe, Two’s Waltz will be limited. (It takes away a card from hand, so if it’s the fourth card in your hand for example, it will only net a +2000 power bonus.) Naotsugu, Reliable Partner is there as a powerful character to run over smaller characters and attack for at least two turns if it should be needed. Nyanta, Log Horizon is also best saved for the late game to recycle Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja, but can also be used in a pinch to save any character.

At level 2, the deck has access to both of its CX combos. Minori, Field Monitor can punish an opponent with a smaller board (i.e. with encore effects) and can help secure up to 3 additional damage before a deck refresh. More powerful however, is the ability to skip right into Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja, deal decent damage, and Heal.  Akatsuki, Quiet Worker is a two-of in the list to force the opponent to respect the possibility of a massive refresh happening at any point during level 2. The effect is quite expensive though, so beware of using it too much; it can backfire if your stock is 5 or lower. (More on this below)

Level 3 is when the trio of heavy hitters takes the center stage. Naotsugu, Guardian is a rare Bodyguard that can tank attacks. However, if it receives the bonus from Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative, the -2 soul effect will only apply to the character directly facing it. Speaking of Shiroe, it can cause a board to be very difficult to break and can make staying alive for more than 3 turns at level 3 a realistic possibility. However, the stock commitment is steep, so it helps to strain the opponent’s resources with Minori and/or Akatsuki at level 2.

The optimal use of each CX combo can be quite deceptive. Although Minori has a CX combo that is accessible at level 2, it is rarely going to be the optimal play at that level because of its use of stock. On the other hand, the Akatsuki CX combo at level 2 is much more likely to find a character that it can reverse, and will do more damage then than it might at level 3. At level 3, the Minori CX combo can be crippling because it gives you the opportunity to wipe your opponent’s board while denying encore.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it? Is something missing?

Level by level, the deck has some weaknesses. At level 0, it can be slow, but it can also struggle with ‘loner’ characters that gain +1 level. Its center slot will be a very hotly contested area at level 0 and level 3 because of the +1000 power Shiroe, Full Control Encounter gives, and the Naotsugu, Guardian. With that in mind however, Bounce effects are incredibly effective against the deck’s level 3 Naotsugu and Shiroe (much less so for the Akatsuki because of the Heal effect).

Anti-salvage effects and Heal tax effects are moderately effective against this deck, as it does not have very many ways to do either. Ironically, the mirror is where the deck may experience some trouble closing a game because the first player to a Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative will be looking quite good. That said, this list is a somewhat straightforward approach to the set. It does not excel in its Salvage utility, and it does not use any search effects. It is most powerful at level 2 and perhaps most vulnerable at level 1; characters with great power at level 1 will find running over Shiroe, Two’s Waltz to be very easy, and the deck may be forced to use 1k1 effects early to keep up in damage.

So we’ve seen one list. How about the others?

Let’s go to another build now, this time from FinestKO’s Coopa!

Coopa’s Build [CDT]

Level 0 – 16

3 Marielle, Nagisa’s Angel (LH/SE20-01)
3 Soujirou (LH/SE20-37)
3 Akatsuki (LH/SE20-T02)
2 Isuzu, Rudy’s Owner? (LH/SE20-10)
2 Shiroe, Full Control Encounter (LH/SE20-29)
2 Lenessia (LH/SE20-36)
1 Akatsuki, Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-11)

Level 1 – 13

4 Isuzu (LH/SE20-05)
4 Shiroe, Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-30)
2 Akatsuki, Not Good at Dressing Herself? (LH/SE20-06)
3 Mind Shock (LH/SE20-48)

Level 2 – 4

3 Marielle, Cleric (LH/SE20-21)
1 Akatsuki, Quiet Worker (LH/SE20-14)

Level 3 – 9

3 Naotsugu, Guardian (LH/SE20-34)
3 Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja (LH/SE20-03)
3 Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative (LH/SE20-28)

CX – 8

4 Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-24)
4 Crescent Moon Alliance (LH/SE20-25)

At level 0, we have 16 characters, and some new faces!


During your opponent’s turn, as long as your opponent controls 3 or fewer characters, Soujirou gets +2000(!) power.


Isuzu, Rudy’s Owner? gives your other characters with “Rundelhaus” in the name +500 power. When you play it, you can pay 1 stock and discard a card to search for a character.


If another character you control is sent to the waiting room and Lenessia is on your back stage, you may send it to the waiting room to encore that character. You can also rest two characters you control to look at the top card of your deck, then put it on the top or bottom of your deck.

At level 1, we have 13 cards – 10 characters and 3 events.


(Miss) Isuzu is a level reverser for level 1 and lower characters.


Akatsuki, Not Good at Dressing Herself? has clock encore. You can rest a character you control to give it +1000 power until end of turn.

Level 2 gives us 4 characters.


Marielle, Cleric, has a CX combo with Crescent Moon Alliance: when it attacks, you may pay 1 and put the top card of your deck into clock. If you do, salvage up to 2 characters and it gains +2000 power until end of turn.

At level 3, we have 9 characters again, only with a slight variation in numbers.

The CX spread for this deck is a 4/4 split between Door and +2 soul triggers, with 1k1 and 1 stock 1 soul effects respectively.


How do we use this deck?

Author’s Note: Some of the analysis provided here is also from Coopa, but will be integrated into the whole.

Much like the previous list, this deck offers much of the same start at level 0 with Akatsuki, but makes attacking even more difficult for the opponent with the presence of Soujirou. If they want to beat it, it’ll cost almost a full hand commitment, and that isn’t even very good because it will likely cause them to reach level 1 second. (Miss) Isuzu as a searcher in this deck also allows for some ways to secure a midgame presence, but it is very difficult to acquire card advantage from it because it has only 500 power.

Lenessia is a great top-checking tech inclusion for the deck, and even allows a cute interaction with the level 1 Isuzu to reverse multiple level 1 characters. It is good later on as well, but it can catapult the deck ahead in terms of cards by using it with Isuzu. Shiroe, Two’s Waltz is here again to build a lot of stock, and hurry the deck to level 2, if necessary.

Level 2 is where the CX combos diverge. Instead of a board wipe, Marielle, Cleric keeps the deck sustained with characters that can be used for future turns. It also allows the deck to have only 1 copy of Akatsuki, Quiet Worker.

Ideally, the deck will hit levels 1 and 3 first; level 1 to build as much stock as possible, and level 3 to float on it forever. At level 2, the deck can refresh for free, and can do so without as much concern as the previous list because it does not have any Change effects. Mind Shock is okay to use at any level, but because of the use of Shiroe, Two’s Waltz, is most effective at level 3.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it? Is there something missing?

Due to this particular list’s focus on Salvage effects, it is much more vulnerable to anti-Salvage effects. Because it runs one more copy of the Naotsugu, Guardian, Bounce effects and other effects that cause characters to go to insanely high power (17000 and up) will also give the deck a rough time in the endgame.

The average power level for the deck around level 2 can also be outclassed very easily if it is unable to sculpt a good hand for level 3. However, the Marielle plays more of a utility role than an attacking one; Shiroe, Two’s Waltz and Akatsuki, Not Good at Dressing Herself? should be used as much as possible until level 3, which means that effects that send characters to the bottom of the deck (or to stock, potentially) are advantaged.

Hey, there are still some cards that haven’t been used/strategies that haven’t been explored! 

Felix has offered his list to cover even more ground with this set!

Felix’s Build [FDT]

Level 0 – 16

1 Lenessia (LH/SE20-36)
3 Akatsuki, Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-11)
1 Soujiro (LH/SE20-37)
2 Shiroe, Full Control Encounter (LH/SE20-29)
4 Akatsuki (LH/SE20-T02)
2 Isuzu, Rudy’s Owner? (LH/SE20-10)
3 Marielle, Nagisa’s Angel (LH/SE20-01)

Level 1 – 12

4 Akatsuki, Not Good at Dressing Herself? (LH/SE20-06)
4 Isuzu (LH/SE20-05)
3 Mind Shock (LH/SE20-48)
1 Puchi Akatsuki (LH/SE20-20)

Level 2 – 5

2 Akatsuki, Quiet Worker (LH/SE20-14)
1 Akatsuki-chan Changed Clothes (LH/SE20-23)
2 Serara (LH/SE20-08)

Level 3 – 9

4 Akatsuki, Master’s Ninja (LH/SE20-03)
2 Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative (LH/SE20-28)
3 Naotsugu, Guardian (LH/SE20-34)

CX – 8

4 Two’s Waltz (LH/SE20-24)
4 Simplified Full Control Encounter (LH/SE20-50)

At level 0, we have 16 characters, but no new cards.

At level 1, we have 12 cards – 9 characters and 3 events with only 1 new card.


Puchi Akatsuki is a vanilla 1/0 5500 power character.

At level 2, we have 5 cards – 1 event and 4 characters.


Akatsuki-chan Changed Clothes lets you salvage up to 2 characters.


Serara gives characters in front of it +X power where X is 500 times the level of that character. When a character you control is reversed in battle, you choose another character you control and give it +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 3, we have yet another 9 characters.

The CX spread is the same as the first list; a 4/4 split between Door and Book triggers with all 1k1 effects.

This is quite a marathon. How do we use this deck?

At level 0? More of the same. Use the “marker” Akatsuki to dominate the early turns, and build stock.

Level 1 has a slightly more expensive plan with a full set of Akatsuki, Not Good at Dressing Herself?, so Mind Shock is fine to use early on. In fact, defending the Akatsuki at level 1 is preferable because it will be doing most if not all of the attacking until level 3. The deck’s level 2 actually offers nothing in terms of new characters to attack with, so keep those Akatsukis around!

Level 2 does offer some more support for the ever-important level 3 in that Serara is much easier to play than Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative in terms of stock commitment. The deck’s end game is about the same as the other lists, but its power on board will most likely be higher on average because it has additional support in Serara.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it? Is it missing something?

Strategies that focus on anti-salvage and Heal tax effects will have moderate success against this deck, but decks that can overpower characters at level 1 and/or Bounce them will have the best time against this deck’s all-in-on-Akatsuki strategy. Alternatively, a deck with a very large level 2 presence can also be punishing, but it is a higher-risk approach.

Interestingly, because this deck does not have its ‘free’ refresh ability as readily available as the other two, using +2 soul effects and other big burn before it can get to level 3 can be effective.

For the set as a whole, it does seem to have favorable matchups against decks that attempt to fight “fair”.  A deck that can outscale with utility and searching can be favored early on (e.g. SAO), but others that focus on pure power may struggle. Decks with Burn abilities are set to have a hellish game against most Log Horizon decks simply because the level 3 Shiroe exists. In fact, only one other card in the game exists with the text that prevents damage from triggered abilities from characters. (Can you guess which card it is?)

However, that doesn’t mean that the set is without weaknesses. It has no answer to Salvage abilities (and rightfully so, otherwise it may be actually overpowered), and no ways to curb Heal abilities. It lacks both Heal tax and Bounce abilities, but has a unique combination of characters for its endgame to balance that.

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