Chain Chronicle Deck Tech – 6th at 2017 WGP Regionals – Rochester

Welcome to another 9th CX dech tech + tournament report! Today’s article features the list from the Hammergirl Anime WGP regional. The list is brought to you by Tim L. and special thanks to Travis for putting the article together.

Translations for the cards can be found on Heart of the Cards. Let’s get to the list!

Level 0 – 18:

4x Aram, New Hope (CC/S48-T04)
4x Dilma, Sage of Life (CC/S48-004)
3x Fatima, Three Sages (CC/S48-003)
3x Yoshitsugu, Second Lord (CC/S48-013)
2x Melchior, Sage of Might (CC/S48-011)
2x Yuri, Breaking the Chains (CC/S48-051)

Level 1 – 11

4x Fatima, Golden Witch (CC/S48-005)
3x Haruaki, Fated Swordsman (CC/S48-006)
2x Melchior, Three Sages (CC/S48-007)
2x Juni, Blue Ice Sealer (CC/S48-026)

Level 2 – 5

2x Juni, Magic Corps Captain (CC/S48-016)
2x Yoshitsugu, Blood of Shura (CC/S48-027)
1x Ark, Blade That Cuts Through the Darkness (CC/S48-028)

Level 3 – 8

3x Dilma, Three Sages (CC/S48-008)
3x Yuri, Grasping the Light! (CC/S48-049)
2x Roar of the Guardian Dragon (CC/S48-073)

CX – 8

4x To Produce New Light (CC/S48-030)
4x Light That Overwhelms the Darkness (CC/S48-074)

At level 0, we have 18 cards.

Aram, New Hope is a free runner.

Dilma, Sage of Life on play, you may discard a card to look at up to the top 4 cards for a YELLOW character, add it to hand, then discard the rest.

Fatima, Three Sages can rest two standing characters when you place a CX to give one of your characters +1 soul until the end of turn. Also on CX placement, you may pay 1 to look at the top 4 cards of your deck for a YELLOW character, add it to hand, then discard the rest.

Yoshitsugu, Second Lord on play lets you clock the top card of your deck to send one of your opponent’s cost 0 or lower characters to the top of their stock, then sends the bottom of their stock to waiting room.

Melchior, Sage of Might on play, gives on of your level 1 or higher characters +1 soul until the end of turn. CX Combo with To Produce New Light where on CX play, you may return this card to hand and give a character +3000 power until the end of turn.

Yuri, Breaking the Chains gives your character in the middle position of your front row +500 power. He is also a play 1 rest self salvage brainstorm.

At level 1, we have 11 cards;

Fatima, Golden Witch gets +1500 power during the turn that she is played. CX Combo with To Produce New Light where on reverse, search for a [Mana] character.

Haruaki, Fated Swordsman on play gets +500 power times the number of [Mana] characters you control.

Melchior, Three Sages is a level assist to YELLOW characters in front of him. On play, you may clock the top card of your deck and discard a card to search your deck for a YELLOW CX, then choose one of your characters and give it +1 soul for the turn.

When Juni, Blue Ice Sealer reverses her battle opponent, you may pay 1 to prevent one of your opponent’s level 3 or lower characters from standing during their next stand phase.

At level 2, we have 5 cards;

Juni, Magic Corps Captain is a 1 stock +2500 backup. When you use her backup, you may pay 1 and sacrifice a character to choose one of your opponent’s level 2 or higher characters to get -1 soul for the turn.

Yoshitsugu, Blood of Shura gets +2000 power during your turn if you have 3 or more cards in your clock. When this attacks while facing a level 3, this gets +4000 power and +1 soul for the turn.

Ark, Blade That Cuts Through the Darkness chooses 1 of your standing [Mana] characters and rests it. If you do, send your opponent’s back row and front row center slot characters back to your opponent’s hand.

At level 3, we have 8 cards;

Dilma, Three Sages gets -1 level in hand if you have Fatima, Three Sages and Melchoir, Three Sages on the stage. On play, you may heal. Once per turn, when damage dealt by this card is cancelled, if you control one other YELLOW character, you may discard a YELLOW character to heal one.

Yuri, Grasping the Light! heals on play. CX Combo on attack if you have Light That Overwhelms the Darkness in your CX zone, you may salvage a character to your hand and this gains +3000 power for the turn. When this attacks and is the 3rd attack of the turn, you may discard 3 cards to burn 4.

Roar of the Guardian Dragon has counter step timing; you may discard 2 cards to choose a Level 3 or lower character on your opponent’s stage to the waiting room.

CX Spread;

To Produce New Light(3k1 to YELLOW)
Light That Overwhelms the Darkness(1k1 gate)

M: Congratulations on the finish! Multi-part question: What made you decide to play this deck for the event? Were you considering other series? Was your local meta a factor in your decision?

T: I like the show and the fact that the set is not overplayed like Re:zero, Rabbits etc. Was not considering to play other series, was pretty set on making this set work the day it came out. Local meta was not a factor.

M: How did you approach building the deck you ran? If you had to make changes, what would you add or take out?

T: Trial & error…a lot of it. Tried every color combination to see what goes together then eventually settled down on consistency over anything else. I would take out the 2/2 event because I forgot I was missing a card on my deck list and forgot to print translation for other possible options (lol)

M: Describe your list. What does it do at each level? What’s it’s early, mid, and endgame like? In your mind, what makes this deck a good choice? Is there a time or a place where you think it would not be a good choice to play?

T: Level 0 – Standard runner ‘n cantrip

Level 1 – Shimakaze that goes to 9k

Level 2 – 11k 2 soul beater for 1 cost against level 3

Level 3 – heal / heal / heal / burn (?) / dragon counter aside from the cards mentioned above everything else in the deck can be used in any situation, no dead hand = consistency?

M: Tell us how the event went. What did you play every round, to the best of your memory? How did the matches go?

T: 1st round vs Kill La Kill; denied opponent’s marker Akatsuki support from standing to slow them down.

2nd round vs Da Capo (seitokai/sport); opponent set up 9k wall that Shimakaze climbed [over].

3rd round vs Rewrite (GB); opponent got bumped up to 3 very fast, set up 13k / 13k / 10k wall and I threw out 2 13k beaters (level 2 yoshitsugu).

4th round vs P5; opponent was out 6 early, but couldn’t push for soul damage. From opponent’s last 2 cancels and he recovered with multiple check 4 pick 1 effects + lost field advantage at level 2-3

5th round vs Kill La Kill; opponent had anti heal that was sniped to stock, opponent failed Junketsu event, dragon countered on the level 3 marker ryuko, and threw out level 2 beaters that took down opponent’s level 3 early play

6th round vs Rewrite; got to level 2 in 3 turns, out 5 by the turn of refresh. Didn’t have time to recover and opponent snowballed off stock boost combo at level 1.

M: What was the best play you made (or saw someone else make) during the event?

T: Draw 5, don’t see runner, ditch 5 – every game

M: Give us an ideal opening hand. What makes it good, and how important are the cards in it?

T: 3k1, Amagi Fatima, Akatsuki, runner, Shimakaze Fatima. Amagi Fatima is needed early game to wash out dirty stock and cantrip on CX play as you need many parts for level 1, runner because runner, Akatsuki because Akatsuki, Shimakaze because game runs on Amagi 3k1 Shimakaze engine at level 1 & 2; Shimakaze opens up option to go for soul rush support for field + soul or sustain game with salvage brainstorm to recycle your Shimakaze.

M: What would a difficult opening hand look like for the deck? What would you mulligan? (Please don’t do something outlandish like 5 CXs)

T: If brainstorm comes too early, it’d be a dead card and at worst end up as a 1k beatstick. No runner will technically be -2 hand for the rest of the game.

M: What are the deck’s best/worst matchups in your mind?

T: Best match up would be vs rewrite as the deck is build with level 3 Kotori in mind, and the worst match up would be Railgun as many pieces are needed on the board.

M: Felix Question: Do you feel that it’s truly possible to tryhard in Weiss Schwarz, and why?

T: Yes, there are several factors that all goes together to become a “try hard” They’re pretty standard. Analyzing meta, trial & error enough to settle on deck(and adjust it accordingly to meta), or just play meta deck all the time and not touch decks that aren’t.


Love Live Sunshine Deck Tech – 1st at 2017 WGP Regionals – San Jose

Welcome to another 9th CX dech tech plus tournament report! Today’s article features the winning Love Live! Sunshine list from the San Jose WGP regional. The list is brought to you by Rin D. and special thanks to Travis for putting the article together.

As always, translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Onto the deck!

Deck can be found on WSDecks here.


Level 0 – 16

2x “Tear of the Fallen Angel” Yoshiko Tsushima(LSS/WE27-10)
3x “Aozora Jumping Heart” Riko Sakurauchi(LSS/W45-034)
2x “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” You Watanabe(LSS/W45-037)
2x “Mijuku DREAMER” You Watanabe(LSS/WE27-22)
4x “Aozora Jumping Heart” Dia Kurosawa(LSS/W45-067)
3x “Capture Stance” Kanan Matsuura(LSS/W45-077)

Level 1 – 11

4x “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” Ruby Kurosawa(LSS/W45-005)
4x “Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika Takami(LSS/W45-035)
2x Riko Sakurauchi(LSS/W45-038)
1x Glamorous Swimsuit Look” Kanan Matsuura(LSS/WE27-44)

Level 2 – 5

3x “MIRAI TICKET” Riko Sakurauchi(LSS/WE27-19)
1x “Aim for the Brilliance” Ruby Kurosawa(LSS/WE27-14)
1x  “Today’s Ultimate Ragnarok” Yoshiko Tsushima(LSS/WE27-11)

Level 3 – 10

3x “MIRAI TICKET” Chika Takami(LSS/WE27-20)
3x  “MIRAI TICKET” You Watanabe(LSS/WE27-21)
2x “Aim for the Brilliance” Dia Kurosawa(LSS/WE27-42)
2x “Aozora Jumping Heart” Hanamaru Kunikida(LSS/W45-003)

CX Spread

4x “Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika(LSS/W45-063)
4x “Aozora Jumping Heart” You(LSS/W45-064)

At level 0 we have 16 cards.

“Tearof the Fallen Angel” Yoshiko Tsushima prevents you from using backups or events at all while she is on the stage. She also freezes the character in front of her to the slot she is facing(Anti-Runner).

“Aozora Jumping Heart” Riko Sakurauchi has revenge trigger for 500 power and is a salvage brainstorm.

“Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” You Watanabe is a level 0 reverser with an on death ability to pay 2 and salvage a [Music] character.

“Mijuku DREAMER” You Watanabe mills 2 on play and gets +X times 1000 power where X is the number of [Music] characters milled this way.

“Aozora Jumping Heart” Dia Kurosawa on play top checks for [Music] characters. When she goes to the WR from stage, you may pay one and clock from top of deck to draw.

“Capture Stance” Kanan Matsuura scrys when sent to waiting room, and can pseudo encore a character by sending herself to waiting room from backrow in the place of another character.

At level 1, we have 11 cards.

“Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” Ruby Kurosawa is an Azusa (Akatsuki) clone for [Music] characters on play. She has a CX combo with “School Idol Project” to pay one and send this to waiting room to place an ‘”Aozora Jumping Heart”Ruby Kurosawa’ in her previous slot.

“Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika Takami is a level 1 reverser if all your characters are [Music] trait. She has a CX combo with ‘”Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika where on reverse, you may salvage.

Riko Sakurauchi on play gets +500 power until end of turn for each [Music] character you control.

Glamorous Swimsuit Look” Kanan Matsuura is a 1k backup that can give another 1k to a battling character if you control a [Music] character.

At level 2, we have 5 cards.

“MIRAI TICKET” Riko Sakurauchi is a level assist. You can rest her and discard a card to reveal the top card of your deck to salvage a level X or lower character where X is the revealed card’s level.

“Aim for the Brilliance” Ruby Kurosawa is a +3k backup that makes your opponent mill equal to the number of [Music] characters you control.

“Today’s Ultimate Ragnarok” Yoshiko Tsushima on play has you play rock paper scissors until someone wins. If you lose, your other characters get +2k.

At level 3, we have 10 (!!) cards.

“MIRAI TICKET” Chika Takami gets -1 level in hand if you have “MIRAI TICKET” Riko Sakurauchi in your clock. On play you may pay 1 to summon a “MIRAI TICKET” You Watanabe from waiting room to the stage.

“MIRAI TICKET” You Watanabe gives all other “MIRAI TICKET” Chika Takami +2k power. On attack you can reveal the top card of your deck for a [Music] character and burn equal to the revealed card’s level.

“Aim for the Brilliance” Dia Kurosawa on play gives you a blind stock from top of deck if you have 4 or more other [Music] characters. She also heals on play.

“Aozora Jumping Heart” Hanamaru Kunikida gets -1 level in hand if you have 2 or less CXs in WR. She also heals on play and has a CX Combo with ‘”Aozora Jumping Heart” Hanamaru’ where on CX placement, if this is in your front row, you may put a [Music] character from WR into stock and this gets +3k until the end of your opponent’s turn.

CX Spread

“Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika Red Stock Soul
“Aozora Jumping Heart” You 1k1 Salvage Trigger

Onto the report and the interview!

M: Congratulations on the finish! Multi-part question: What made you decide to play this deck for the event? Were you considering other series? Was your local meta a factor in your decision?

R: Out of every deck I currently own, I feel my Love Live! Sunshine!! deck was by far my most consistent as well as most potent on top of being a deck that represents a franchise I hold very dear (People who were at the event would recall the swag I sported during the duration as well as know that I have cosplayed as You from the series!). I was confident, out of every deck I own, this was the deck that can contend against most titles that are capable of doing well in the current competitive environment. As I seldom go to local tournaments due to my work schedule, I paid attention mainly to the Japanese meta, and I played off of that.

M: How did you approach building the deck you ran? If you had to make changes, what would you add or take out?

R: I built with a strategy of trying to getting the upper hand at Levels 0 and 2 rather than the conventional Level 1, because I know Love Live! Sunshine!! is not particularly favored at that stage of the game. The Extra Booster did bring “Mijuku DREAMER” Kurosawa Ruby and “MIRAI TICKET” Kurosawa Dia as alternative Level 1 climax combo advantage engines (“Mijuku DREAMER” Takami Chika does not quite completely exist to me as a card) with the former being easily recurred to some extent while having high damage potential and the latter having more potential to win lanes at Level 1 while also netting a maximum of 2 cards per reverse. But, those are too high variance for my taste, so I stuck with the tried-and-true “Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika to have access to a Level 1 Reverser that makes the title more capable at dealing with wall strategies as well as having actual choice in what I can grab off the CX combo.

That said, I hope either opponents fall for the bait/are not prepared for fielding multiples of their Level 1s to deal with a full front row of 0s, most of which will be able to float like “Aozora Jumping Heart” Kurosawa Dia and “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” Watanabe You. Because of such cards’ abilities to be able to replace themselves, I am able to stabilize my hand size while not facing major repercussions for tri-laning so early in the game. Of course, a major thing people will notice is a lack of runners. While I do contend that runners are a great thing to have Turn 1, their value substantially decreases on subsequent turns especially with the way I prefer to the pilot the deck. Instead, I choose to run “Tear of Fallen Angel” Tsushima Yoshiko to deal with opposing runners and increase the number of the aforementioned Dia to a full playset to have the cheap float ability (and the hand filter is very nice). “Mijuku DREAMER” Watanabe You digs through the deck a bit deeper and can get decently large for a Level 0 even if just for a turn.

Of course, we can’t forget the Brainstorm that is “Aozora Jumping Heart” Sakurauchi Riko. The standard “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” Kurosawa Ruby is in there as a playset for easy hand and deck fixing, and the now tried-and-true tripartite of “MIRAI TICKET” Sakurauchi Riko, “MIRAI TICKET” Takami Chika, and “MIRAI TICKET” Watanabe You are there for potentially additional instances of damage starting at Level 2. Instead of shelling out the approximately 80 American shekels to get myself a playset of “MIRAI TICKET Tsushima Yoshiko for the cancel burn ability, I decided to play a pair of “Aozora Jumping Heart” Kunikida Hanamaru and “Reach for the Brilliance” Kurosawa Dia as a quartet of healers. Hanamaru is an alternate/supplementary early play I can plop down, and Dia is effectively a 1-cost healer.

“Capture Stance” Matsuura Kanan (and a couple of backups in the form of “Glamorous Swimsuit Appearance” Matsuura Kanan and “Reach for the Brilliance” Kurosawa Ruby) featured in the deck in order to maintain a high cost midgame and keep the investment steady. In other scenarios, she can bring back Dia floaters or Chika Reversers to the board earlier on in the game to keep a semi-stable board state. Also, the scry she does on top of her revival ability has come in quite handy throughout the game. Climax choices in both “Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika for the climax synergy and extra stock and “Aozora Jumping Heart” You for the salvage trigger help to maintain resources better.

As for possible changes, I may consider switching out the Sakurauchi Riko beater for Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy Summer Uniform, Kunikida Hanamaru for additional stock as Level 1 is not too important of a level for me to have the upper hand as it is for other builds. If I suspect I am going to play in an environment that deters Level 1 Reversers, I will consider switching the Level 1 climax synergy plan to one of the Blue choices of either “MIRAI TICKET” Kurosawa Dia or even the upcoming “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN” Matsuura Kanan to retain the precise toolboxing and can safely also use “Aozora Jumping Heart” Ohara Mari to have a beater that can possibly be recurred.

M: Describe your list. What does it do at each level? What’s it’s early, mid, and endgame like? In your mind, what makes this deck a good choice? Is there a time or a place where you think it would not be a good choice to play?

R: As mentioned in the response to the previous question, the game aims to get the upper edge at Levels 0 and 2 rather than the conventional 1.

Level 0: Overwhelm opponents with a barrage of self-replacing characters, anti-runner oversizes, and so on.

Level 1: Field Reversers that have a climax synergy (ideally get to Level 1 before opponents to farm off of their staggering Level 0s)

Level 2: Time to bring out the bigger guns and start increasing the damage output with Chika, You, and/or Hanamaru.

Level 3: Follow-up on the additional damage output gained from Level 2 and go for the finish

Throughout the game: Brainstorm, hand/deck fix if necessary The early game in this deck is a tad more aggressive than in some of the more competitive titles that prefer to grind out the level a bit more. The idea is either to force opponents to field their own 0s to get over yours in an attempt to put the Level 0 game in their control or put them in a situation where they are not quite prepared to start the Level 1 game despite being sent to that level.

During Level 1, “Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika might be able to get over some lingering opposing 0s for some advantage, but for the most part, I do not expect her to, so it is particularly common for me to do a field exchange especially while I have a “Capture Stance” Matsuura Kanan in the back row to bring back a Chika who exchanged and maintain a deterrent or an opportunity for me open up a lane for a direct attack on my subsequent offensive.

Reaching Level 2, early Level 3 2-soul beaters come into the fray in the form of “MIRAI TICKET” Takami Chika, who then brings out “MIRAI TICKET” Watanabe You, having a maximum of 2 instances of damage on the latter for each turn she remains on board, which can easily send the opponent to Level 3 quicker than opponents would typically prefer. “Aozora Jumping Heart” Kunikida Hanamaru is also an alternate/supplementary early play option.

From Level 3 onwards, healers can come online if necessary to extend the game a bit, and I can easily maximize the damage output if needed via “MIRAI TICKET” Watanabe You (and of course, fielding “MIRAI TICKET” Sakurauchi Riko by this point will help to guarantee those burns because that OT3 2nd year power~~<3). This deck has the advantage of being able to start off aggressive and follow up on early aggressive pushing with up to 4 possible instances of damage starting as early as Level 2. In an environment of high damage potential at Level 3 and with the duration of that state of the game being shorter as a result, I do what I can in my power to stay ahead on damage so that once I do get to Level 3 (typically after my opponents), I am able to go for the finish either on that turn or my subsequent offensive turn.

The deck is also relatively more stock efficient than most other titles with the top end in the forms of a pair of 2-soul characters that can come out early at the cost of 3 instead of the usual 4 total and a healer that is essentially a net cost of 1, adding another form of advantage especially with the former if those are able to remain on board for some time. Access to “Capture Stance” Matsuura Kanan means it is easier to maintain the front line with the added bonus of scry to proceed with subsequent moves with more certainty rather than leaving it up to chance.

This isn’t without its limitations though. With the decision to play self-replacing characters that activate upon being sent to the waiting room, any build that runs stock, clock, or bottom deck bombs or an on-play bottomdecker at Level 0 will neutralize this aggressive floater early game strategy despite being a 1-for-1 exchange, and the popular ones of choice for the bomb category have a Power stat of 1000 or lower, putting them below even that of “Aozora Jumping Heart” Kurosawa Dia, my preferred floater of choice because of her low cost and ability to accelerate myself to Level 1. This deck also will struggle a bit more against any deck that runs Level 1s like Re:Zero’s Great Spirit, Puck that can gain Levels for that will mean “Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika is no longer able to fulfill her field removal/attack deterrent role. Furthermore, with the deck’s other main emphasis on the Level 2 game, anti-change counters, especially those that are lower in stock cost like Re:Zero’s Not Being True to Herself, Emilia, and anti-change “crashers” that do not simply Reverse the higher level character like Love Live Sunshine’s very own “Today’s Ultimate Ragnarok” Tsushima Yoshiko can definitely set this deck back a good amount. Furthermore, certain opposing early plays like [email protected] Cinderella Girls “Trancing Pulse” Rin that have an insane power Level can just obliterate the formation with ease, forcing me to use “Capture Stance” Matsuura Kanan when I really should not or let my heavy stock investment end earlier than desired. Railgun’s “That is All” Mikoto is also a problematic character as she can easily decimate the board state I would have preferred to retain for almost the rest of the game via her climax synergy.

T: “Tell me where Mikoto touched you.”
R: (points to an empty front row slot where You once stood and an empty back row slot where Riko was once sitting comfy in)

M: So tell us how the event went. What did you play every round, to the best of your memory? How did the matches go?

R: Since I was friends or was somewhat chummy with a good amount of people who went to the event, having to play against any of them would definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well, all is fair in love and Weiss, right? That being said, I was fortunate not to have to play against too many of them, and I was also lucky not to have play against particularly problematic matchups coughcoughREEEEZerocoughRailguncoughcoughcough

Round 1: vs. Love Live! Sunshine!! (Y/R/B) – Whoo mirrors. Whoo a friendly kill in either direction. Whoo the only other player of the title at the event surprisingly enough. As if to put a super amazing start to my tournament run, my opponent passes turn not once but twice during the Level 0 game. (M: Ouch!!) He is able to bounce back some by trilaning “Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika, but my floaters allow me to remain stable on hand size, and as the game progresses, he loses out on climaxes before he is on the defensive, eventually culminating to my win.

Round 2: vs. Sword Art Online (Y/G/b/r) – Oh boy, SAO, a title that has a character with an advantage gaining climax synergy that gives the middle finger to Level 1 Reversers like Chika. :ChikaPout:

As if to continue the good streak of fortune, my opponent cancels early during the Level 0 game, but he does eventually get pushed to Level 1 first, allowing him to field down a couple of “Zekken” Yuuki, providing the much needed barrier against my Chikas. Regardless, I drop a pair of “Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika and another character and exchange one of the Chikas to get some damage in and one salvage. Of course, I would later get the childhood friend duo onto the board to increase the damage output and push my opponent to Level 3 while I sat comfy at Level 2. Having left “Sword Skill Succession” Yuuki in the backrow, my opponent proceeds to bring “Resemblance to Big Sister” Asuna onto the field. I end up canceling the soul damage, but then he procs the aforementioned Yuuki, does the mill 11, hitting 7 trigger icons including 2 climaxes much to his dismay. However, I do eat this burst of 7 damage uncontested, putting me at Level 3 and some clock. Not feeling too particularly pressured, I ended the game on my next turn via a side attack on a Level 0 character to prevent him from clutching the game with Gathering Materials, Leafa.

Round 3: vs. Monogatari series (Y/g/R) – All right, post-restriction Monogatari, let’s do this. Early on in the game, my opponent would cancel the majority of my attacks, leaving him in a 0.4 -> 0.5 or 0.6 situation at best, preventing him from being unable to deal with my field easily. I would then find myself in a #firstworldproblems situation in the form of clocking = discarding at end phase, so I just continue to do what I can to push damage from him, but he continues to cancel until getting to early Level 1. From that point, he proceeds to get his own #firstworldproblems by trilaning “Oddity Killer” Oshino Shinobu and her climax synergy, but my floaters ¯_(ツ)_/¯ at that. Some turns later, I get him to Level 3 before me as a result of having the childhood friend duo and Hanamaru on board (which I managed to plop down early despite having something like 20+ cards in my waiting room with the maximum of 2 climaxes required for the latter’s early play condition), essentially preventing him from utilizing his intended early play of Living in the Shadow, Oshino Shinobu -> Master and Servant Relationship, Oshino Shinobu.

Being at Level 3 and some clock, he fields a pair of Serious Face, Senjougahara Hitagi to dig for Clown Glasses and to catch up in damage via her climax synergy. However, I end up remaining at Level 2 edging on 3, retaining some of my frontline, but using Clown Glasses, he manages to survive one more turn. His attempt to finish me off fails, and I begin the subsequent turn by confirming my next trigger off of “MIRAI TICKET” Sakurauchi Riko, directing on a lane for the finish and denying him the ability to use another Clown Glasses.

Round 4: vs. fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (R/B) – Well, at least this wasn’t against the deck of high damage potential in the form of the Kaleidoscope duo. Things go relatively calm at first, with me dealing with his wall of “Magical Idol” Illya with my Chikas fairly well while not allowing too much damage from his end. As the game progresses, I get him to Level 3.6 where he fields a pair of “Soaking Wet Uniform” Kuro and uses her climax synergy to reduce my damage output on two lanes. However, he leaves a Level 0 character behind, so knowing I have 1 last climax in my deck somewhere, I attempt to clock for it but do not get to it. I then proceed to activate the ability of “MIRAI TICKET” Sakurauchi Riko to confirm the next trigger to be a salvage one, so seeing my opponent 1 from defeat, I play a 1-soul character and side attack for the finish.

Round 5: vs. Konosuba (y/R/B) – 3 undefeated people left in the standing for 2 invites, and I am facing off against one of them at Table #1. Oh, should I mention it’s another friendly kill? :upside_down: Anyway, before this round even starts, I end up getting slightly flustered and drop a bunch of my cards from my finicky hands. I thought I had lost a card, but a careful recount confirmed the 50. Anyway, onward with the game! My opponent begins the game by fielding a “Board Game” Megumeme, but I have a “Tear of Fallen Angel” Tsushima Yoshiko in response. The game eventually progresses to him getting to Level 1 before me from which he fields “Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumeme and uses her climax synergy to net some hand. I proceed to utilize my own climax synergy (albeit not as optimally as I would have liked), and the two of us would field our early plays of choice as the game proceeds towards the later stages with us doing as many additional instances of damage as we can, my way being “MIRAI TICKET” Watanabe You and his being “May You Be Blessed With Kind Encounters” Eris. Some more exchanges later, he gets to Level 3 a tad before me, and he has “Crimson Demon” Megumeme with the aforementioned Eris. However, as he declares an attack with said Megumeme, he elects NOT to use Eris as if he intends on somehow utilizing the Megumeme climax synergy without having “Full of Concerns” Kazuma on board. We proceed to the beginning of the subsequent encore step, at which point he realizes his mistake. I then take the game on the following turn, closing the last round of the tournament and guaranteeing one of the two invites for myself!

M: What was the best play you made (or saw someone else make) during the event?

R: Aforementioned mill 11 for 7 and made me eat it during my Round 2 game, ’nuff said.

M: Give us an ideal opening hand. What makes it good, and how important are the cards in it?

R: -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Kurosawa Dia -“Tear of a Fallen Angel” Tsushima Yoshiko -“Capture Stance” Matsuura Kanan -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika.

This hand gives me my preferred start regardless if I am going first or second. If I am going first (and confident my opponent does not have ways of removal that move a character to a place other than the waiting room), I can easily field Dia for an easy floater and field Kanan as a way revive her for a second serving if I deem it necessary to do so. If I am going second and up against a common opening play of a runner, I can field both the Yoshiko and Dia to deal with said runner and proceed to start taking control of the game. Even if I am not going up against a runner, the Yoshiko’s power stat is not something to balk at and either players will simply utilize a bomb of some sort to deal with her, opening up a lane for me to get the damage lead (hopefully with subsequent floaters), or they will end up fielding their own oversizes if they do indeed run them, which I will not get fazed by. The hand also contains 1 “Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika and 1 of the climaxes required to get the climax synergy off, and I am confident in getting a 2nd one by the time I hit Level 1. Of course, as I have mentioned earlier, I do not value trying to take the upper hand at Level 1 in this deck as much as I would in a build that utilizes a climax synergy on a character of higher offensive stat. I would typically need 1-2 procs of the Chika at most to get the necessary pieces of “MIRAI TICKET” Sakurauchi Riko and “MIRAI TICKET” Takami Chika to start my 2nd phase of gaining control of the game.

M: What would a difficult opening hand look like for the deck? What would you mulligan?

R: -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Sakurauchi Riko -“Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” Kurosawa Ruby -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika -“Aozora Jumping Heart” Chika

This hand is a bit awkward. This contains the pieces for 2 procs of the sole climax synergy in the deck, which is great, but having just 1 Level 0 in these 5 cards, one that is not even desirable as a front liner at that, is not the best of openers. As I stated in the previous question, I can live comfy with even just 1 proc of “Aozora Jumping Heart” Takami Chika, so the second copy would definitely be one of the cards to go. While the following might sound odd because of the utility the card carries, I would also discard the “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM” Kurosawa Ruby and instead hope I will not too have too severe of a deck problem or if I do end up with a deck crisis, easily get into her one way or another. Discarding those 2 will allow me to keep at least 1 guaranteed Level 0 and a guaranteed proc of climax synergy (assuming I do not end up facing against something with a good anti Level 1 Reverser strategy) and hopefully see a higher quality hand to start the game off with.

M: To you, what are this deck’s best and worst matchups?

R: This deck definitely does well against decks that are not too aggressive at Level 0 as well as against decks that do not have proper answers against early Level 3s since the deck prefers to emphasize getting the edge at those Levels 0 and 2. The deck is also able to speed the game up against decks with lower damage output because of a lack of additional instances of damage or so on. As for unfavored matchups, the deck has trouble against any deck that has an on-play ability to send opposing Level 0s to a place other than the waiting room, preventing my floaters from activating their self-replacement abilities. The deck does not mind it when people do 1-for-1 exchanges with stock, clock, or bottomdeck bombs, of course. The deck also has a bit of struggle against decks that have characters that gain Levels like Re:Zero as the Chika climax synergy strategy falls flat if opponents with access to such cards get to Level 1 first and start fielding them. The deck’s access to extra instances of damage via “MIRAI TICKET” Watanabe You from Level 2 onwards is null and void against titles with access to anti-burn that can proc mid-game like Charlotte or the recently released Kemono Friends if I end up revealing a Level 1 card off of the topcheck. :NotLikeYou: Luckily, having access to a pair of 2-soul beaters early at the cost of 3 stock as well as early play healers are already considered decent value provided I can keep the board intact for a while, so anti-burn is not the end of the world. I am definitely willing to discuss and elaborate more in a subsequent article!

M: For our last question, we have our Felix Question™:

F:  Do you feel that it’s truly possible to tryhard in Weiss Schwarz, and why?

R: While I do not consider just about any Bushiroad game to be 100% viable as a competitive venture due to officially sanctioned events having various flaws in terms of tournament formats and structures, I do believe it is possible to be a tryhard in the game of Weiss Schwarz. With Weiss Schwarz as my first Bushiroad game, I made the initial misconception that plenty of people who step into it for the first time, thinking it is a game with high variance with little player control. However, once I decided to become more serious about the game especially after exposing myself to Cardfight!! Vanguard for a time and realizing that Bushiroad truly outdid themselves with a game prone to even more variance, I found out how wrong I was at first and made it a point to improve my skills in deckbuilding and utilizing my cards to a more optimal degree.

Through introducing new players to the game and discussing with both them and more experienced players, I have explored approaches and methods of play that I would not have considered before especially given that I joined during the infamous ‘8g8 heal’ spam era of the game. I do admit it has taken me a while to adapt to some of the changes in the competitive Weiss Schwarz environment especially after the prevalence of anti-heal with the advent of Kancolle as a game changer, but at this point in time, I can look back and laugh at how ignorant I was to remain steadfast to staying with the old times. That said, I do think that this game’s design space allows for a player to craft a deck and playtest it extensively in hopes of being more competitively viable for the game does offer tools for players to take better control of the game to reduce the negative effects variance can have on the state of the game. While one can win games through cheese in a free-of-charge, Bo1 tournament, we witness time after time that people demonstrate some consistency with similar builds doing well because of precedent earlier on in a given circuit or even previous circuits, and especially in today’s Weiss Schwarz community, plenty of outlets are out there to provide useful information in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, and so on. The exchange of deck ideas through topping lists across both official and unofficial tournaments via the Internet has really fostered a stockpile of information to learn from and contribute to, and I think the stronger connections made via the Internet and such have really made it very feasible for players to get serious about the game and make an effort to perform well, whether they choose to use a deck representing a franchise they are very fond of, a deck with their favorite mechanics and abilities, or a deck that is somewhere in between. So long as one puts in the dedication and remains open-minded, being a tryhard in Weiss Schwarz is very well within grasp.

Congratulations to Rin again on the finish!

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Konosuba Deck Tech – 2nd at 2017 WGP Regionals – San Jose

Welcome to another 9th CX Deck Tech and Tournament Report! Today, we have a Konosuba deck that went all the way to the finals of the 2017 WGP Regionals held at Hidden Leaf Games in San Jose, California. The list and report are brought to you by Kole C.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Though the set was printed in EN without functional changes, we will be using the HotC translated names.


Let’s take a look at the deck!

The list can be found on WSDecks here.

Level 0 – 16

3 “Full of Concerns” Kazuma (KS/W49-005)
3 “Specialty: Delusion” Darkness (KS/W49-007)
3 “Board Game” Megumin (KS/W49-037)
4 “Problematic Act” Megumin (KS/W49-040)
3 “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua (KS/W49-075)

Level 1 – 13

3 “Good Explosion!” Megumin (KS/W49-042)
3 “Trouble” Megumin (KS/W49-P07)
4 “Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T05)
3 “Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin (KS/W49-T06)

Level 2 – 4

1 “Calling for Sensei” Megumin (KS/W49-051)
1 “We Are the Presents~” Megumin & Aqua (KS/W49-P04)
2 “Pride of the Goddess” Aqua (KS/W49-T17)

Level 3 – 9

4 “Crimson Demon” Megumin (KS/W49-034)
3 “May You Be Blessed With Kind Encounters” Eris (KS/W49-072)
2 Aqua (KS/W49-073)

CX – 8

2 Explosion Magic (KS/W49-069)
2 Resurrection (KS/W49-098)
4 Explosion (KS/W49-T10)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.

“Full of Concerns” Kazuma has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock and resting 2 characters you control: for each CX revealed, you may tutor for up to 1 [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character. He also has a CX combo that is not used in this deck. He is also part of the level 3 Megumin’s CX combo.

“Specialty: Delusion” Darkness gives a character you control +1000 power until end of turn when you play a CX. You can also pay 1 stock, rest her, and put the top card of your deck into clock to tutor for up to 1 [Adventurer] character.

“Board Game” Megumin is a free runner. (At the start of your opponent’s attack phase, you can move her to any open slot in your front row.) On play, you can discard a CX to salvage an [Adventurer] or [Magic] character.

“Problematic Act” Megumin is an Akatsuki-like clone for [Magic] characters upon being sent to the waiting room. (When sent from the stage to waiting room, you may discard a card. If you do, look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck, tutor for up to 1 [Magic] character, reveal it, put it into your hand, and the rest of the cards into your waiting room.)

When you play “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua, you may put a card in your hand into clock. If you do, tutor for up to 1 [Goddess] character.

At level 1, we have 13 characters.

“Good Explosion!” Megumin is a level reverser with character (hand) encore.

When “Trouble” Megumin is played, she gets +500 power until end of turn for each [Adventurer]/[Magic] character you control (including herself).

“Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin cannot side attack, and has a CX combo with Explosion: when she reverses a character in battle, you may salvage a character.

“Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin has clock encore and gains +500 power for each other [Adventurer]/[Magic] character you control.

At level 2, we have 4 characters.

“Calling for Sensei” Megumin gets +6000 power on attack if the character across from her is level 3 or higher. When she reverses a level 2 or higher character in battle, you may pay 1 stock. If you do, you salvage 1 character. (If you pay for the ability, you must return a character. The Japanese text for the card lacks the ’まで’ which would otherwise let up to 1 card be chosen.)

“We Are the Presents~” Megumin & Aqua has a 1 stock +2500 power backup ability. When you use the backup, you reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a [Adventurer] or [Magic] character, you put it into your hand and discard a card.

“Pride of the Goddess” Aqua is a level assist. She has an on play Akatsuki effect for [Adventurer]/[Goddess] characters.

At level 3, we have 9 cards.

When “Crimson Demon” Megumin is played, you mill the top card of your deck, then choose a character your opponent controls with the same or lower level of the milled card, and send it to the waiting room. (CX cards are considered level 0.) She has a CX combo with “Explosion Magic”: at the start of your encore step,  if the CX is in play, this is in your front row, and you control a “Full of Concerns” Kazuma (anywhere on your stage), you may discard a card. If you do, burn 5.

“May You Be Blessed With Kind Encounters” Eris gets -1 level in your hand if you have a “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua in your clock. On play, you may salvage an [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character. Its last ability triggers only up to once per turn: when the character in the middle slot of your front row attacks, you may pay 1 stock and discard 2 cards. If you do, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character, stand this character. (Even if Eris is reversed or padded, she will stand if you pay the cost and pass the check.)

When Aqua is in battle, your opponent cannot use Backup effects. (Events are OK.) On play, you may pay 1. If you do, your opponent chooses 2 CXs in their waiting room, then shuffles all the other cards in their waiting room into their deck. She has a CX combo with Resurrection: when the CX is played, if this card is in your front row, you may discard a card. If you do, choose an [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character in your clock and put it onto your stage in any slot.

Explosion Magic is a 1k1 + Door.

Resurrection is a 1k1 + Gate (Pants).

Explosion is a red waiting room stock/soul.

Onto the report and interview!

M: Congratulations on the finish! Multi-part question: What made you decide to play this deck for the event? Were you considering other series? Was your local meta a factor in your decision?

K: I love Megumin, so I played a consistent Konosuba deck (mostly) featuring best girl.

Best Girl™

M: How did you approach building the deck you ran? If you had to make changes, what would you add or take out?

K: After a 2 week test period, I found what seemed to be the best fit for what I wanted. Any changes I would make are maybe around level 2, though the level is pretty much skipped by early play Eris.

M: Describe your list. What does it do at each level? What’s it’s early, mid, and endgame like? In your mind, what makes this deck a good choice? Is there a time or a place where you think it would not be a good choice to play?

K: Early game level 0 you want to on-death Akatsuki to get targets and set up for level 1 game. If you’re able to get level 1 before your opponent, you have a higher chance of getting more cards off your level 1 CX combo. At level 1 is when you use your salvage CXC Megumin to get 2 Eris and 1 Aqua early play enabler. At level 2 clock Aqua if not already in clock, drop 2 Eris, and hope to not whiff the restand.

M: Seems solid. So tell us how the event went. What did you play every round, to the best of your memory? How did the matches go?

K: Round 1 vs Kancolle was hard. Had a hard time working around having back row popped by level 1 CX combos. Round 2 vs Rabbits choice anti-early play, I feel this game would have been rougher had the choice cocoa and chino finisher been played. Game 3 was vs Rewrite Guardians. This game I fought hard, as my record vs the deck isn’t great, but Eris restand prevailed. Game 4 was vs [email protected] CG (TP). The match was tense because I’d never played against the deck before. This tournament was my first WGP too, and I wasn’t expecting to be 3-0 by then. After toppling CG, I sat 4-0 vs Love Live! Sunshine where a misplay I made cost me the game.

M: What was the best play you made (or saw someone else make) during the event?

K: I turned cards sideways, and then top deck checked and turned card back standing. Then sideways again.

M: … Give us an ideal opening hand. What makes it good, and how important are the cards in it?

K: 1 level 1 Megumin, 1 CX for said Megumin, 1 “Riki/Item” Darkness, 1 Kazuma brainstormer and an Akatsuki on-death Megumin. Though the Kazuma isn’t super necessary and could be replaced by a runner Megumin, Riki is very key to search into level 1 plus combo.

M: What would a difficult opening hand look like for the deck? What would you mulligan?

K: Level 3 Aqua, level 3 Megumin, level 2 Akatsuki Aquas and an off CX.

M: Yuck, that sounds like that hand is one where you would just ditch everything, yes?

K: Actually, no, I’d ditch everything but the CX. I’d keep the CX just in case I get a Megumin runner.

M: Ah, good point. To you, what are this deck’s best and worst matchups?

K: Deck is best when I’m not being dumb. Deck is worst against lucksacks.

M: … So for our last question, we have Felix with his signature Question™:

F:  Do you feel that it’s truly possible to tryhard in Weiss Schwarz, and why?

K: Can’t tryhard in RNG and sacking.

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[email protected] CG Deck Tech – 2nd at 2016 BWC PH

Welcome to a 9th CX deck tech! For today’s article, we have a doozy of a list brought to you by the runner up of the 2016 BWC in PH – Idolmaster CG! This list is brought to you by Jaime C. Special thanks to Travis for article prep. Due to the deck’s incredible variety, we are going to skip immediately to the interview for this time.

Let’s get to the deck!

Level 0 – 15

2 Miria Akagi (IMC/W41-E002)

2 Rika Jougasaki (IMC/W41-E003)

2 Kanako Mimura (IMC/W41-E041)

2 Uzuki Shimamura (IMC/W41-E042)

2 Riina Tada (IMC/W41-E077)

1 Haruna Kamijo (IMC/W41-E100)

1 The First Step, Rin (IMC/W41-TE41)

1 Rin Shibuya (IMC/W41-E078)

1 Bad at Smiling? Producer (IMC/W41-E023)

1 Mio Honda (IMC/W41-E001)

Level 1 – 12

4 Minami Nitta (IMC/W41-E079)

2 My First Star, Kanako (IMC/W41-E054)

2 *(Asterisk), Riina (IMC/W41-E083)

2 My First Star, Minami (IMC/W41-E087)

1 Mizuki Kawashima (IMC/W41-E088)

1 CANDY ISLAND, Chieri  (IMC/W41-E048)

Level 2 – 6

1 Our Lyrics, Miku (IMC/W41-E051)

1 Our Lyrics, Riina (IMC/W41-E095)

1 Mayu Sakuma (IMC/W41-E058)

1 Nao Kamiya (IMC/W41-E097)

2 Mismatched Pair (IMC/W41-E108)

Level 3 – 9

3 Miku Maekawa (IMC/W41-E044)

2 Anzu Futaba (IMC/W41-E043)

1 Chieri Ogata (IMC/W41-E045)

1 Anastasia (IMC/W41-E081)

1 Kaede Takagaki (IMC/W41-E089)

1 Hanako (IMC/W41-TE55)

CX – 8

4 Everyone’s Leader (IMC/W41-E112)

4 OwOver!! (IMC/W41-E073)


M: Why did you choose [email protected]?

J: Aside from the obvious fandom of the series, I chose [email protected] because I was really amused with a lot of the gimmicks and abilities the set had to offer. Right off the bat, my favorite would have to be the whole Asterisk interaction namely the level 3 Miku Maekawa and her ability to salvage her own CX and the 1/0 Asterisk Riina and her CX combo of being able to arrange the top 3 cards of the deck just before attacking – I’ll get to that later.

There are quite a lot of 1 and 2-ofs in this list! I’m sure that many fans of consistency are scratching their heads right now, but would you take us through how you wanted each level structured? Level 0 has a wide range of utility as is kind of the expectation, but our first and only non-CX 4-ofs are in level 1, which should allay concerns there.

Ah yes, the 1-ofs. Let me be the first to say that this build should not be taken seriously; rather, the build is the product of personal deck building ‘tryhardery’. To put things into perspective real quick allow me to share with you my experience pre-Nationals while the deck was still in the brewing process. Like with most theorycrafting a build would (in your eyes) look absolutely phenomenal on paper, but in actual usage against other people, that’s not always the case. Before the final build which you see before you the brew I used to run was the exact opposite and was heavy on the consistency side in terms of card quantity. Core cards were at 4, tech cards were at 2 and basically the only 1-ofs I had were Kaede and Mayu.

So why the sudden deck building philosophy switch? After many nights of brewing I finally decided to just “go nuts” if you will – on what cards to put in. The goal was to make it as complex and as difficult to use as possible just prove that even the most convoluted builds can make it to top table. Just so people don’t have to point it out, I am a huge tryhard when it comes to Weiss.

Now with that out of the way, allow me to breakdown the general flow of the build from level 0 onwards.

Level 0

As you can see the level 0 lineup looks like a mess at first glance. But I like to believe that it still follows the same practice of what a regular build looks like – The 2/2 split on runners is something me and my buddy Lawrence came up with. They both serve the purpose of being a runner and keeping up in board. Although I’m not a huge fan of the Uzuki runner simply because there will be games in which she’s not gonna attack for the turn. However, the command mil 2 is something I find useful whether it be for deck thinning or procing Anzu’s early play condition.

The 2/2 split on brainstorms however is simply because I had 2 copies of the Riina SP LOL and plussing on search is always something good to have.

As for hand fixing, I have 3 types – a drop search, a (bad) akatsuki, and a pseudo Sayaka looks up to Mami. Since they all fill the role of being hand fixers, I decided to just put in 1 of each. Odd, yes, but I was able to make it work. Also, I hated the akatsuki on [email protected] which only lets you grab a blue character (you guys have no idea how many time I’ve -1 because I can’t topcheck a blue character to save my life) but I can’t deny that it’s still a command mil 4 and a discard outlet so that’s why it’s there.

The Riki at 2 might raise an eyebrow, but on my end I somewhat had enough cards to tutor out whatever tech I may have needed during the situation. Also, past level 1 Miria’s effect doesn’t really see much usage anymore aside from the sometimes useful +500 to a character on attack.

The 1-of Mio is there to deal with other runners should I draw into her but the main reason I ran her was because I came up with a little combo with her and the level 3 Anastasia basically the idea is to put Mio in front of a small bodied character at around level 2 just before the opponent hits 3 just so I can guarantee a reverse on Anastasia seeing as Mio’s effect locks down a row.

Lastly, the 1-of Haruna is there as an extra pump to ensure Minami snowballs at 1.

Level 1

I’m sure most of you are familiar with how the Minami engine works so I won’t go into detail with that anymore.

What I will talk about however is the Asterisk Riina and how much I love that card. The main reason why I think this is such a neat card is the amount of control it gives you both on offense and defense. Obviously for offense being able to control your triggers makes attack patterns easier to determine. On defense let’s say you topcheck 3 and one of the cards is a CX. Simply attack twice and end your turn which guarantees that your opponent’s first swing would always cancel. My favorite part about it is that it catches the uninitiated off guard (the amount of times people have misplayed and attacked with their highest soul attacker first – oh man the smug on my face).

No Sae Backup? My L1 lineup isn’t really the largest of walls, 2000 does not save anyone at L1 I know this because I used to run Sae and it was always the deadest of draws because none of my small bodied characters benefit the 2k punch. Instead, I went with the Mizuki backup. Not for the power but because of the 2nd effect that has come in clutch I’ll tell you that much.

(Oh and while we’re in the subject of counters, can I just say that I REALLY dislike this counter – why couldn’t they have just made it into like a Leafa counter? I know I said this card saved me at times but even I have to admit that the scry into bottom deck is pretty lackluster especially when you know there’s zero CXs left in deck)

Level 2

I have a bunch of options here. The go-to play would be to early drop level 3 Miku via the “change” the Our Lyrics cards do. There’s also level 3 Anzu, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t prioritize her as the play, simply because I’m not the biggest fan of the “5 or less cards in deck” condition. It adds more cards to the deck  just before refresh, thus messing up compression but does act as a pseudo “freefresh” due to her heal on play in that regard. Luckily, there’s a card in set 2 that has the “2 or less climax” early play condition COUGH SET 2 WHEN BSR? COUGH but for now my alternative to that is the level 2 Nao in a sense that I pay 2 stock for a 2 soul beater AFTER refresh.

Level 3

Unlike most people that use Miku as their finisher, I tend to use Miku as more of a set up in an unconventional way of holding out. What I mean by this is at L3 I tend to be more conservative and prolong the L3 game if I’m not confident in winning that turn. Obviously that doesn’t apply in most matchups but the main gameplay is still to abuse the topcheck 3 effect and protecting myself with a guaranteed cancel and the Mismatched Pair event or “tap counter” as I like to call it.

As for actually ending the game, Miku is able to adjust with whatever “side finisher” I pair her up with. If I play Chieri I can easily set up burns in order to pick off my opponent’s cancels before the actual swing for soul damage. If I play Anastasia, I could easily set up my triggers so that the “assassin” Anya calls out from waiting room can also swing for 2 soul.

The 1-of “doggo counter” Hanako is there for the unexpected heal but I mostly used it to pump Anastasia for the “restand” insurance. (and also just to show off that I run a 2/1 split on event counters whereas a normal deck would probably just run 3 of the tap counters. Again, unnecessary tryhardery)

Take us through your event. What did you play each round, and how did the game pan out?

Round 1 vs LL mono Kotori (W)

Pretty straightforward, but I did get kinda nervous every time he slapped down a +2 soul.

Round 2 vs ?? (W) 

I knew the guy and he mains Project Diva, so with that in mind I decided to forgo the Minami combo at L1 thinking I might lose due to the amount of backups a PDf player runs. I played the beater game early on and ended up spamming stock souls and keeping up in hand cards thanks to brainstorms. Pretty clutch late game actually – I cancelled the deciding attack on the last card phew.

Round 3 vs AoT (W)

spoilers this dude and I would eventually bump into each other again during the final match

But during swiss our match was pretty favorable on my end. Let’s just say that it was a field day for [email protected] – I was cancelling like a don mid game thus giving me the upperhand in damage. I ended up winning the game at level 2 with a bunch of early drops.

Round 4 vs Kancolle (W)

A friend of mine. Decided to use the Sendai variant of Kancolle (“side attack for 6”) pretty heated early game with each one not allowing the other to level up first. But then came level 1 and he decided to drop 2 copies of Sendai on combo. Level skipped from 0 to level 2 and oh my goodness was I shaking. Luckily, I was able to stay alive and push him to 3 thanks to Anzu and Kaede holding out long enough. The deciding moment was him misplaying and not side attacking on the first swing thus allowing me to use the “tap counter” and denying him another attack that cost him the match.  

Round 5 vs Madoka Magica (W)

Luckily, not the Sayaka variant. Miku burning off climaxes on attack was what made this game so much easier at the end because early to mid game my opponent was just not having it and kept on cancelling.

Round 6 vs Sword Art Online (W)

Asterisk Riina yet again making cancels much more doable on a whim. I nearly choked away the game though. Probably the fatigue of playing all day but for some reason on my last swing I decided to mil 2 via Miku’s CXC when there was no need to – I triggered for 5 wherein my opponent was already at 3/4 and that if I hadn’t used the effect I would swing for an exact 3. Luckily though he took 5 and I ended up winning.

Round 7 vs Sword Art Online yet again (W)

Another friend of mine. The match was pretty neck and neck but in the end I was able to get the one up due to him running out of CXs in deck before me. What else can I say? Yuuki still annoying with the whole search 2 thing that she does.


Round 8 vs AoT The Big One! The Match to Decide it All! The One I Lost

Ah yes. If you were to permit me to also include this match as my most unlucky moment. Not because I’m salty or anything but because of the crucial moment wherein my deck ran out of triggers. So here’s how the match went – [email protected] needs hand cards, like most sets do. But with [email protected] once you lose in card advantage, you’re gone. At 1, things just fell apart. 2 attackers, brainstorms were whiffing, I was barely holding on. Surprisingly enough though I was able to rummage through whatever hand cards I can get and keep up in damage. My opponent was at 3/5 and I triggered my last climax, on my last swing I needed a trigger to seal the deal. I looked through my clock, level, hand, and waiting room. Sure enough, I had no more triggers and with that he lives at 3/6 knowing I had no more climaxes and just swings for game. Good game. Well played, Joseph.

What would you consider your luckiest moment in the event?

It may seem as a cop out, but making it as far as top 8 was something of a lucky moment for me.

Luckiest start?

Opening 5 – L1 Minami, Minami CX, 2 Rikka Runners, Miria – No Drop!

Worst start?

Let’s just say that opening with 4 climaxes in hand isn’t really a trip to Disneyland if you know what I mean.

Here are some sample hands we’ve generated from your list. What would you do with these hands, and why?

(Editor’s Note: We were not able to get super awesome sample hand graphics this time around due to Life™. Sorry!)

Sample Hand 1:

Miria Akagi, Miku Maekawa, Hanako, Mio Honda, The First Step, Rin

Pretty safe opening from the looks of it. I’d mulligan both Miku and Hanako just to bump my chances of drawing into Minami or her CX. The Mio bomb and Rin I think are more than enough to keep up in board til I hit level 1.

Sample Hand 2:

Minami Nitta, Minami Nitta, Riina Tada, Kanako Mimura, Anzu Futaba

A bit of an awkward one here. I suppose it would depend on who goes first in this scenario. What I mean by this is if I go turn zero I’d probably drop the extra Minami just so I can draw into a more suitable front row character. But if the tempo looks to be in my favor and I go second I might just play it greedy and keep both Minamis and praying that I draw a runner or something on the following turn LOL

Sample Hand 3:

Hanako, OwOver!!, CANDY ISLAND, Chieri, Miria Akagi, Mizuki Kawashima

Oh boy I would not want to see this as my opening in tournament. The safest play would be to drop all 4 cards and bank on something pretty. As much as possible I wouldn’t wanna waste the riki just so I can swing for the turn. Another “ballsy” play is to just drop all 5 and maybe I can grab a more ideal set up. Buuut on a serious game I would probably just go with the first and more safe option.

Congratulations again to Jaime on the finish!

If you have questions, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to sign up for our seasonal giveaway, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Da Capo / Dal Segno Deck Tech – 2016 NA WGP Nationals Champion


Welcome to another 9th CX deck tech! For today’s article, we have an interview with Steve C., the winner of the 2016 NA WGP Nationals! Steve took the newly-released set Dal Segno from the Da Capo universe and earned himself a ticket to Japan. Special thanks to Travis for article prep and sample hand beautification.

The deck list and translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Steve has also answered some questions on Reddit, which have been included in the article and edited for clarity.

Now let’s get to the list!

Deck Name: Hat Girl, Robot Girl, Chuuni, and Imouto

Level 0 – 17

3 “3 Baka” Suginami & Yoshiyuki & Wataru (DC/W09-078)

3 Medesu, Dear Friend of an Incredible Hat (DS/W46-005)

1 Himari, TAB Debut (DS/W46-009)

2 Hazuki, Defending Champion (DS/W46-019)

3 Noeri, Cooking (DS/W46-033)

2 Noeri, Acknowledging Her Feelings (DS/W46-035)

3 Ame in Swimsuits (DS/W46-051)

Level 1 – 9 (12)

3 Himari, Ambition for Two (DS/W46-002)

4 Himari, Innocent Water Spray (DS/W46-011)

2 Playing in the Creek (DS/W46-116)

Level 2 – 7

3 Himari, Girl with the White Hat (DS/W46-003)

1 Noeri, First Date (DS/W46-043)

1 Ame, Brilliant Smile (DS/W46-058)

2 Horrible at Horror (DS/W46-117)

Level 3 – 9

3 Noeri, Wanting to Grow (DS/W46-034)

2 Io, Morning Accident (DS/W46-048)

4 Ame, Welcome to the Paradise (DS/W46-049)

CX – 8

4 Wind’s Mischief (DS/W46-014)

4 The Daughter of the Demon King Rises (DS/W46-074)

At level 0, we have 17 characters.


“3 Baka” Suginami & Yoshiyuki & Wataru is a free runner. When reversed, you may pay 1 to send this card to memory.


When Medesu, Dear Friend of an Incredible Hat becomes reversed, you may pay 1, clock the top card of your deck, and send this to memory to tutor for a [Hat] character..


When Himari, TAB Debut comes into play, look at up to the top 2 cards of your deck and return them in any order. Twice per turn, when your other [Southern Island] character is placed to the stage, this gains +1000 power.


When Hazuki, Defending Champion comes into play, you may discard a card to add a [Southern Island] character from clock to hand, then clock the top card of your deck. She also has a pay 1 send to memory cost to look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck, add a [Southern Island] character to hand, then ditch the rest.


Noeri, Cooking is a global 500 to all [Southern Island] characters you control. You can also pay 2 rest her to salvage an X level or lower character from your waiting room, where X equals the number of cards in your memory.


Noeri, Acknowledging Her Feelings gives +1500 power to all your other characters as long as you have 1 or less characters on the stage. On reverse, reveal the top card of your deck and if it is a level 1 or higher, she goes to stock.


Ame in Swimsuits is a pay 1 rest 2 search brainstorm for [Southern Island]. When you play a CX, you can give one of your characters +500 until the end of your opponent’s turn.

At level 1, we have 7 (10) characters and 2 events.


Himari, Ambition for Two is a 1000 power back up. If you control another [Southern Island] character, you can give a battling character you control +1000 power. (TL;DR 2k Backup)


Himari, Innocent Water Spray on play top checks for [Southern Island] to gain +1500 power until the end of your opponent’s turn. (It is the Experience target for the deck.)


Playing in the Creek on play you draw up to 2, then put 2 cards from your hand to the top of your deck. (If you draw less than 2 cards, you will still put 2 cards back on top of your deck.)

At level 2, we have 5 characters and 2 events.


Himari, Girl with the White Hat gets -1 level in hand if Himari, Innocent Water Spray is in your level zone. She has a CX combo with “Wind’s Mischief” where on play, if this is in front row, you may search for a [Southern Island] character.


Noeri, First Date has a CX combo with Becoming a True Family to turn one of your characters into an any level level reverser. She also has a revenge trigger ability to give one of your [Southern Island] characters +3000 power until the end of turn.


Ame, Brilliant Smile is a 1 stock, +2500 power backup. When you use its backup ability, you may pay 2 stock and sacrifice a character to anti-change. (Choose a character your opponent controls with a level higher than your opponent and put it in the waiting room.)


Horrible at Horror is an Anti-Damage counter. (Choose a character in battle your opponent controls. Until end of turn, that character gains “Until end of turn, this card cannot deal damage”)

At level 3, we have 9 characters.


Noeri, Wanting to Grow gets +500 power for each other [Southern Island] character you control. Once per turn during the turn she is placed, if she reverses her battle opponent, mill the top card of your deck. If it has a soul trigger, restand this.


Io, Morning Accident gets +1000 power if you have 2 or more [Southern Island] characters in memory. When she comes into play, draw up to 2, and discard a card. She also has a CX combo with The Daughter of the Demon King Rises: on CX play, you may pay 1, choose this and one other [Southern Island] character to give +2500 power and the following ability until the end of turn: “When this card reverses its battle opponent, mill the top 3 cards of your deck and burn X, where X is the number of CXs put into waiting room this way”


Ame, Welcome to the Paradise gets -1 level in hand if you have 4 or more [Southern Island] characters and heals on play. On attack, choose one of your other [Southern Island] characters and it gains +X power where X is 500 times the number of your other [Southern Island] characters.


The CX spread is 8 1k1s; 4 wind (bounce), 4 pants (gate).


Onto the interview!

M: Congratulations on the win! Let’s get into the questions right away. Why did you choose to play this series for the event?

S: I just wanted to play the newest cool set after I lost some confidence with my KC (KanColle) deck when I placed 6th at the Rochester regionals. To be honest, I have not played the DS visual novel yet, and I have not watched or played anything DC related. I bought the set because of the art and card effects.

What is the overall game plan for the deck you built?

Level 0s are mostly utilities that setup for level 1. The most important card is Hat, in case I don’t open with an experience target. At level 1 there are 3 goals: plus, wall, compress. Plus with combo; the search priority is usually 1/0 backup > early play > 2/1 Noeri. Wall with 7k Hats, with backup and support combined, they can hit 10k. Last, searching the deck gives immediate compression. I also personally value early game searches quite a bit.

At level 2, the deck wants to keep the lead from level 1. Usually I clock draw 2 then early play heal. The early play dies quite easily, so you want to maintain hand and not float on evel 2 forever like Idolmaster TP and Monogatari. In preparation for level 3, Io is the go-to card if I’m low on cards in hand. Noeri is the better finisher if I’m ahead. The card has very low risk, even without setup. The deck also feels like it has a lot of soul triggers with the amount of level 2s..

Editor’s Note: The deck in fact, has 22 soul triggers.

How did you arrive at this build?

The deck is basically built around 2/1 hat girl into 3/2 early play robot girl. The current version is only 5 cards off from my original draft. DS doesn’t have a very big card pool even though it is neo-standard with DC. The only cards I splashed were the runners and events.

What are the effects you like most in a card, and how did those things play into how you decided on the deck?

DS is cool set where it gives you four level 1 combos to pick from. I chose hat girl because it doesn’t require reverse and it searches to compress deck. Early play heals are favored in today’s meta. Lastly, Creek gives a unique way to manipulate the deck.

What did you play against during the event?

Round 1: Idolmaster 765 (I Want + Haruka gate) (1st) (W)

Round 2: Da Capo Dal Segno (RGB) (2nd) (W)

Round 3: To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd (GY) (W)

Round 4: KanColle (Abyssal, Hoppo bar + pants) (1st) (L)

Round 5: Idolmaster CG (RB Trancing Pulse) (1st) (W)

Top 16 – Single Elimination

Round of 16: SAO (YGB Yuuki + Sinon) (2nd)

Quarterfinals: Nisekoi (Weapon/Heiress + Pendants) (2nd)

Semifinals: Osomatsu (2nd)

Finals: Osomatsu (2nd)

What was the worst start you had in a game, and how did you manage to come back from the deficit?

Two stories:

I went second against Mike (Osomatsu) in the semifinal. I had Hat in front row and Kazuki at the back, but Mike killed both of them with the -500 power effect. Luckily, I drew the 2/1 to combo afterwards and Mike didn’t draw his gate to combo.

In the game against Abyssal in round 4, I went first and didn’t open with my experience target. So I played Hat, hoping that he wouldn’t bottom deck it. Then, the exact opposite happen and I couldn’t recover from missing experience. In hindsight, I should have just played 2 characters in front row turn 1 and taken the minus one.

What was the best start you had in a game?

Any game that I get experience is a good start. It doesn’t really matter what I open with because most of the level 0s are utility. Opening runner or Hat is nice just because they plus.

What was the biggest ‘lucky break’ you got during the tournament? (A miracle cancel for game, etc)

This one was also against Mike in the semi. In my last turn, I didn’t even think that I had lethal. He had 4 or 5 CXs in deck, and a rest counter in hand. I somehow milled a CX with Io combo and swung for 3 by triggering a soul trigger on the last attack for game.

Next, it’s time for some sample hands!

Note: Steve has written a short hand guide (no pun intended) for this deck’s hands:

General Deck Rules

If experience is NOT in the opening 5:

  • Drop all cards that are not level 0s, wind, or experience target
  • Exception 1: Keep a copy of 2/1 hat girl, 1/0 backup, and wind if opened with more than 1
  • Exception 2: Drop a copy of runner if there are 2 and going first

If experience is in the opening 5:

  • Drop all cards that are not level 0s, wind, experience target, or 2/1 hat girl


The opening turns boil down to three objectives. One, look for experience target. Two, find level 0s to attack with and to build stock. (Worst case scenario, it’s OK to attack with a support or brainstorm). Three, keep important level 1 pieces: wind CX, 2/1 Himari, 1/0 backup.

Sample Hands!

(Editor’s Note: “Drop 1” is meant as “discard card #1”, etc)

Sample Hand 1:


Drop 3 5.

Keep a backup for level 1 in case the last one goes to WR/stock/clock. Runner is a good opening play. Try to find experience and other pieces for level 1.

Sample Hand 2:


Drop 2. Look for more playable level 0s while keeping the key level 1 pieces. If you’re going second, Hazuki can grab more things from clock if needed.

Sample Hand 3:


Drop 1 4 5.

Try to draw experience, if not, open with Hat.

Sample Hand 4:


Drop 5.

Nice hand, Hat can search 2/1 Himari.

Sample Hand 5:


Drop 3 4.

Try to draw experience.

Sample Hand 6:


Drop 3 4 5.

No good opening play, so drop the extra 1/0.

Sample Hand 7:


Drop 1 3.

OK hand; would look for a better opening play.

Sample Hand 8:


Drop 1 2 3.

The deck has 17 level 0s, so discarding 3 cards is safe enough.

Sample Hand 9:


Drop 2 3 4 5.

The only time that I would keep 2 CX is hand is when I have Creek.

Bonus Section: Questions from Reddit

Q: What do you do if the level 1 Himari doesn’t get in your level zone at level 1?

Really good question. I’m not too sure myself because I haven’t play enough games where that happens.

Best case scenario: play a bunch of 1/0 hat girl, try to plus with backrow, and hope to hit level 2 the turn after to combo. But what’s more likely is experience fails to go online at level 1, meaning no searches and no counters and any setup for level 2. Everything just goes downhill from there.

Out of my 9 games, I only missed experience once against Abyssal, and you can see how that ended up. In the end, it is just really scary going second. I’m surprised that it worked out in all 4 top 16 games.

What are some of the matchups that you prepared for for Nationals?

The two decks that I expected to see were Trancing Pulse, and Monogatari. TP and MG just want to sit at level 2 forever. This deck can beat both at level 1, but if you let TP early play, refresh, and early play again, this deck is in a really bad situation. I still think my level 1 game can push enough damage to prevent that, but sometimes their cancels can just snowball out of control. Luckily, I did not encounter a MG deck in this event.

What are some of the bad matchups for the deck?

It’s hard to say with only 2 weeks of testing, but I imagined that Milky Holmes and Kantai and some pretty hard matchups. Both of those decks have bigger walls than DS.

Are there any changes to the deck that you would like to make after Nationals?

I think the only change that I would try without changing the core of the deck is drop anti-damage counter to 1. There wasn’t a single game in the event where I felt that, “Yeah, money counter is the card that won me the game.” Out of the games that I won, I either didn’t have it, or won before opponent had lethal.

What are some tricks that you can do with Playing in the Creek?

  • Put CXs on top then brainstorm to guarantee plus and discard CXs
  • Put CXs on top then play 2/1 hat combo to shuffle to get cancels back into deck
  • Setup for Noeri restand or Chuuni combo
  • Draw through refresh to put a certain color into clock


Is there anything else you’d like to say, comment on, give a shoutout to, etc?

I feel like me topping (winning) with a DS deck just contributes more to the “NA is a meme” meme. Last year was YR To Love-Ru, now this. I never thought I would have made it this far with this deck, and I took many people by surprise. But this is just what Weiss Schwarz is, and this is why we love the game. Special shoutout to Nicholas who was there since the beginning to help me test the deck for 2 weeks straight. I probably played about 40 games against TP. Now to worry about what deck to play for Worlds.

And that’s the D.C., fine(Sorry)

Congratulations again to Steve on the major victory, and best of luck to him representing NA at Worlds!

If you have questions, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to sign up for our seasonal giveaway, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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[email protected] CG Deck Tech – 1st at 2016 NA WGP Regionals – Indy


Welcome to a 9th CX deck tech and tournament report! For this article, we have a list that took the top spot in the 2016 NA WGP Regionals in Indy! Our friend Audri (#1 Honoka fan NA) was the pilot behind this list – special thanks to her for the content!

As usual, translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. In the event inaccurate or missing translations are present, in-house translations will be used. Let’s get to the list!

Editor’s Note: We are including our own justifications for each card’s inclusion as our best shot at analysis. For those who are familiar with the series, many (if not all) of these cards will probably look intuitive or obvious.

Rin’s Replacement Friends

Level 0 – 16

2 Miku, the Best Team (IMC/W43-055)
3 Rin Shibuya (IMC/W41-078)
4 Nao, Trancing Pulse (IMC/W43-081)
3 Arisu, Project:Krone (IMC/W43-082)
4 Kaedae, Important Place (IMC/W43-083)

Level 1 – 17

3 Sae Kobayakawa (IMC/W41-083)
4 Nao, Encounter of the Three (IMC/W43-088)
4 Rin, Troubled Feelings (IMC/W43-100)
2 Rin, Stern Gaze (IMC/W41-105)
4 Karen, Trancing Pulse (IMC/W43-084)

Level 2 – 2

2 Nao, as an Idol (IMC/W43-104)

Level 3 – 7

3 Rin, Trancing Pulse (IMC/W43-080)
4 Rin, Power of Smile (IMC/W43-090)

CX – 8

4 Triad Primus (IMC/W43-122)
4 Trancing Pulse (IMC/W43-126)

At level 0, we have 16 cards.


When you play Miku, the Best Team, you may discard a CX to salvage a character. If damage dealt by her is canceled, you may send her to stock.

Many a-deck can appreciate a way to filter CXs and turn them into other cards. CXs for characters is always a nice way to go, and being able to potentially net an additional stock off an attack provides so much awesome incidental value.


Rin Shibuya is an ‘Akatsuki’ clone for blue characters. (On play, you may discard a card. If you do, you look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck and tutor up to 1 blue character.)

Azusa Rin needs almost no introduction; the recent toning down of this type of effect in recent sets (including this card!) suggests correctly that these effects are very powerful.


Nao, Trancing Pulse gives your other “Rin”, “Nao”, and/or “Karen” in the middle slot of your center stage +1000 power, and has a very specific brainstorm ability: pay 1 stock and rest 2 characters you control to brainstorm 5. For each “Trancing Pulse” or “Triad Primus” (i.e. for each CX) revealed this way, tutor for up to 1 [Music] character.

One more card? One more card is huge! Normally, brainstorm effects are 4 cards at a time, so just getting that one extra card makes this card a big value magnet.


Arisu, Project:Krone has two on-play abilities (which can be used in any order): 1. Reveal the top card of your deck. If it’s a [Music] character, put it into your hand and discard a card. 2. You may discard a [Music] character. If you do, draw a card.

Two effects, both on-play, but both very useful. There is actually a small skill test with this card in choosing the order of effects. If you are diving for CXs, you’ll want to use the filter ability first before drawing a card. The loot is optional as well, so autopilot is not recommended!


Kaede, Important Place is a runner (can go to middle slot on center stage) without a condition, and gets +1500 power as long as you have 2 or less stock.

Run and beat down? Sign us up!

At level 1, we have 17 cards.


Sae Kobayakawa has a(n effectively) 0 stock +2000 power backup ability.


Nao, Encounter of the Three cannot declare a frontal attack against a character with a higher level.


Rin, Troubled Feelings gets +1000 power as long as you control 3 or more other [Music] characters. When reversed in battle, she runs away and hides goes to the bottom of your deck.

As if Rin or Nao could be considered fragile with a powerful and free 2000 power backup being threatened every turn! Everything here so far costs 0 stock, which can only mean that that stock is freed up for brainstorming or saving, or anything else, really.


Rin, Stern Gaze = vanilla!

Before wielding a pitchfork, we should consider some specific upsides this kind of vanilla character can offer to the deck. We can think of a couple: she’s a stock sink in case a CX just needs to get out of there and you’ve already used a brainstorm, and her power level is not awful if she picks up support from Nao.

However, we should also say that while Audri has expressed that she isn’t sold on using this card, she’s not sure yet what should go in its place.


Karen, Trancing Pulse gives all other “Rin, Trancing Pulse” you control +1000 power. If you control a “Nao, Trancing Pulse”, all other [Music] characters gain a power boost based on level (500 x level). When you play a “Triad Primus” CX, if you control another [Music] character, choose another character you control, and it gains: “When this reverses a character in battle, tutor for up to 1 [Music] character, then shuffle your deck.” (The search is actually mandatory, so even if you decline to find something, you’ll have to shuffle your deck.)

Shimakaze has gone behind the scenes and now appears on demand, it seems. Being able to dole out on-reverse effects to your most favorable battles is no joke. The only major difference here is that Karen costs 1 stock, but calling the cost a downside is very difficult to defend.

At level 2, we have 2 5 cards!


Nao, as an Idol has a ‘slayer’ ability: when she attacks, if her opponent is level 3 or higher, she gets +4500 power and “when this reverses a character in battle, you may put that character on the bottom of its owner’s deck” until end of turn. She also has a CX combo with “Trancing Pulse”: on attack, she gets +2000 power and “when this reverses a character in battle, you may draw a card” until end of turn.

Need cards nao? Need pesky early plays gone? Why not both? Clearly with Nao, it’s not about winning the battle against early level 3s, it’s about sending a message, and man, can she send one.

At level 3, we have 6 4 cards.


Rin, Trancing Pulse can be played at level 2 if you have 2 or fewer CXs in your waiting room. She has a heal ability when played, and if she’s in the middle slot of your center stage, she gives all other [Music] characters you control +500 power and your opponent cannot play events or backups during her battles.

Next in the exhibit, we see an idol who can lock your opponent out of freefreshes or inconvenient events, at least, for one battle. Did we mention she heals? As we visualize this walk through this museum of idol art, please also imagine the trail of salt and bitter tears that follow Rin, as we get to our final exhibit-


When Rin, Power of Smile is played, you draw up to 2 cards, discard 2 cards, and then put up to 1 card from the top of your deck into stock. When you play a CX, she gets +1500 power until end of turn. She has a CX combo with “Triad Primus”: up to once per turn, on attack, she gains the ability: “This triggers up to once per turn. When another character you control attacks, if you control 3 or other blue characters, you may pay 3 stock and discard a card. If you do, stand this card”. 

If at first you don’t succeed, attack and attack again! Rin needs no fancy tricks like burn and such, she just gets in there for 3+, over and over and …

One of the most powerful (or perhaps, unsettling) aspects of this card is that it has an optional stock refund attached to it. Without it, the card would be fine; it would still see play but it probably wouldn’t be considered particularly powerful because the restand is rather expensive. With it though, we get a very potent package of effects with a much more accessible ability.

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between stock/soul +2 soul and 1k1 + gate (pants).



How do we use this deck?

From turn 1, the deck wants to build stock and sculpt a hand for its level 1. Unfortunately, the deck cannot fire its search combo without stock like some other decks might because Karen, Trancing Pulse demands her stock upfront. The deck does not have a way to accelerate its journey to level 1 and in this case, it’s probably for the better.

Being able to use a slightly better brainstorm than most decks is an incredible but subtle advantage. The deck can cycle through itself more quickly and setup earlier refreshes. Its stock demands are generally low throughout, and its level 2 game is mostly an extension of level 1, with options to kick out early level 3 characters and heal.

In the endgame, at least one Rin, Power of Smile should be center stage to take up a second attack. Just keep the ‘once per turn’ trigger in mind. For instance, if you attack with Rin 1 followed by Rin 2, if you don’t pay for Rin 1’s ability when Rin 2 attacks, Rin 1 will not be able to stand again during the turn.

(While not allowed in any official tournament setting, we recommend using a small visual aid like a die or coin to show that Rin still has an available trigger when playing her. This can greatly help prevent confusion in games.)


What are some potential options that players might have to customize the deck? Were there any inclusions that were made based on your play style/ personal preferences?

A: I would say Miku, the 1/1 Rin and TP Arisu could be taken out to make the deck your own.

M: Swapping out a CX-salvage effect in the deck could be risky, we might add (re: Miku).


Sample Hands!

For this fun section, Audri’s offered her thoughts on an ideal hand, and a nightmarish hand:

Hand 1


A: Perfect hand! You have a setup in the back row and can get to work milling out the deck right away. I would use the level 3 Rin as my clock for the first turn.

M: I took a second to think about why one might not want to ditch the Rin, and I thought of a couple of reasons. It might be advantageous to not immediately reveal the deck to the opponent (if, at the time your deck is completely unknown), but also because Audri’s right; Rin’s excellent clock fodder here. Going through an additional card is almost like tempting fate because you are already slightly favored to see a CX in your opening hand to begin with. (Roughly 60% to see at least 1 CX in the first 5 cards you draw)

Hand 2


A: Hold onto 1 Triad Primus and drop everything else. The deck mills itself quickly, so you should be able to dig your way out of this mess before hitting level 3. The one Triad in hand should help with pushing early damage, since your opponent will probably be rushing you.

M: If this statistical anomaly ever should happen to you (Travis can attest), the key is to not panic. Remember as Audri said, the deck mills through itself very quickly, and has ways to do it without stock too. Build up as much of a board as you can, and sprint for the first refresh if you can right before or upon hitting level 1.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? Is it viable in the JP meta?


A: 6. The stock usage in the deck is nearly all in the endgame.  Triad Primus also makes it very easy.

M: 2. I must agree that the deck’s stock is all for its endgame, but I must also point out that the deck has a ton of ways to stockpile (…literally) and is only 1 color. Its combos are not particularly elaborate nor difficult to execute in terms of cards, player decisions notwithstanding.

Power Range

A: 6. I find outside of the level 3 Rin, counters are needed a lot to keep your early game alive.

M: 6 – 9+. The deck does indeed have a potentially fragile game at levels 1 and 2. Reversers and anti-change effects can still prey upon the deck’s idols. However, Rin at level 3 becomes a terrifying force. I can’t justify calling the deck a 10 in terms of top-end power because the CX combo requires a lot of practice to ensure consistent accuracy in use, and the deck does not have any ways to try to deal extra damage outside of Rin.


A: 6. The deck has a few tough judgement calls, but overall the deck can be run on autopilot for a lot of the time.

M: 나도

Now onto the tournament report!

Round 1 Monogatari Series

I always seem to have to start a regional against a good friend. He brought Y/R Monogatari. Both decks were running rather awkwardly, and neither of us could reliably retain any stage presence. He was able to get a Shinobu early play down, but that was countered by using the Trancing Pulse/Nao CX combo to bottom deck it. Once that happened, things went much better for me as TP Rin locked down the center stage, and the game ended on several restands from the Power of Smile Rin.


Round 2 Accel World

This match really took me by surprise. The deck was mono red and really good. At level 1, my opponent setup 3 1/1 7500 characters with a +1000 assist that top decked anything they reversed. This really hurt me at level 1 as Rin and Nao could not compete with out backup. It took out a lot from my hand. At level 3 though, my opponent missed on a top deck check for a burn that proved critical; he attempted to knock me from 2/6 to 4, but I survived and won.


Round 3 Charlotte

Neither of us seemed to be able to cancel and I took him from level 0 to 1 very quickly and he followed up by taking me from level 0 to level 2. I was able to hit him to level 2 as well on the following turn, and that’s when the game really began. I got really lucky when he used the level 3 Nao to force me to side attack with a restander and got a Triad Primus +2 soul trigger on the trigger check. The other restanders followed up, and it was a win.


Round 4 Mono Blue Rabbits (Travis)

If things could go wrong for a player, they certainly did for him. He had tons of CXs in hand, and when he refreshed the first time, they were still there while his deck refreshed with nearly 40 cards. This let me just slam through damage for the win.


Round 5 Triad Primus

Kit and I joked all day that neither of us really wanted to play this match up till the finals, and it happened. Picture this match like a shootout in an old western film where the first person who blinked was going to get shot and lose. From his face and comment about a weird hand, that blink happened in the final 5. I was able to get a quick lead and ride it despite several restanders coming at me and hold on to end the wild ride of a day.


I was once told by a very important person that the people around you, make you who you are.  Thankfully I have greatness around me. Let’s start with Ben Schiffli who keeps me looking forward and on the right path while I’m freaking out or about to do something dumb.  Next, I would have to give credit to Forrest G., David Y., Aubrey P., Andrew C. and the rest of Illiana who are the best playtesters a player could want, as well as great friends.  Facebook has also connected me with some great friends like Devon Mesunchuk and Bren Olit, who I know cheer for me all the way from Vancouver.

Next in the 2D world, I need to give credit to Rin, Karen and Nao.  Those three girls busted their butt and had to put up with me producing them…
Lastly, I need to give a shoutout to the most wonderful waifu that could ever exist, Honoka Kosaka.  Her smile keeps me going and her determination is an inspiration as I continue to work with Illiana and her beauty mesmerizes me and enchants me like a goddess.


Congratulations again to Audri on qualifying for the 2016 NA WGP Nationals!

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2016 9th CX PH Cup Winner’s Interview


Welcome to the 2016 9th CX PH Cup Winner’s Interview! Shimakaze is a little unhappy with how late this article is, but, well… Other things came up! (BIGSORRY)

Zaccheus Liwanag was the winner of the 2016 9th CX PH Cup, and he took down the competition with EN KanColle!

Now, we have had many, many, many looks at KanColle, especially in English.

Because we have to, here is the deck list for those who are interested:


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 15

1 Hardworking, Ikaduchi (KC/S25-E057)
4 Clumsy Girl, Inaduma (KC/S25-E061)
4 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki (KC/S25-056)
3 A Winter Moment, Akatsuki (KC/S31-E040)
3 7th Kagero-class Destroyer, Hatsukaze (KC/S25-E006)

Level 1 – 17

3 “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный (KC/S25-E038)
4 Shimakaze-class Destroyer, Shimakaze (KC/S25-003)
2 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser, Yahagi (KC/S25-E010)
2 3rd Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Ashigara (KC/S25-E158)
3 Yubari-class Light Cruiser, Yubari (KC/S25-E037)
3 Compass (KC/S25-E031)

Level 2 – 3

2 2nd Shoho-class Light Aircraft Carrier, Zuiho (KC/S25-E134)
1 2nd Shokaku-class Aircraft Carrier, Zuikaku (KC/S25-E004)

Level 3 – 7

3 2nd Yamato-class Battleship, Musashi (KC/S25-E002)
4 Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier, Akagi-Kai (KC/S25-E035)

CX – 8

4 Fast like Shimakaze (KC/S25-E034)
3 Akagi of the First Carrier Division is up next! (KC/S25-E075)
1 All planes, take off! (KC/S25-E033)



What we imagine readers’ faces to be like right about now

Juuuust kidding.

There’s no way we could analyze the set again in good conscience.

So instead, we decided to provide the most troll interview possible.

If you really, really, really want to hear about how to use this deck (or something like it), we have many other articles on it.


Here we go, question 1:

A trolley is heading towards 5 people tied on the tracks. you have the power to flip a lever to divert the trolley to a path with 1 person on it. However, the diverted track leads to another person with the exact same dilemma. Do you pull the lever?

Editor’s Note: Felix, in full troll form, decided that when asked for a troll or ‘trolly’ question, he would provide the most trolley question possible. Unlike previous presentations of dank memes, we have decided to allow this.

Z: Yes, if I understand it clearly 5 is greater than 1, hahaha.


How glad were you to not have to play against Soundless Voice over and over again?

Z: Haven’t actually encountered one on my whole life playing Weiss lolol

So y no blu?

Z: I have blue but they are just backups.




On a scale from 0 to free, how easy was your last match? 

Z: 0 not that easy 😉

Michael (again):

What’s your favorite deck to play?

Z: Fate – Saber bias! I have a Fate yellow green deck that revolves around Saber because she’s my favorite character in the series.

Let’s dive deeper into this unhealthy obsession with Saber. If you were alone in a room with her and only had 5 minutes, what would you order to eat?

Z: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


KIDDING I would order a hot dog or something easy to make. Maybe ice cream.

Melanie 先生:

What series would you like to see brought to Weiss Schwarz?

Z: I think One Punch Man with their level 3’s having the effect similar to their corresponding hero’s power like bounce effects? Most of the series I like are already in the game as it is lol

Special thanks again to Zaccheus for his patience with this whole thing, and to the greater PH WS community for their continued support!

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9th Hour – BSF 2016 Origins Winner Interview – SAO II Vol. 2

Welcome back to the 9th Hour cast! Today we have a video featuring an interview with Clinton Chan, the current reigning EN World Champ, who defended his title at BSF Origins!

If you have questions, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to sign up for our monthly giveaway, follow us on Twitch and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Dog Days Deck Tech – 2016 9th CX PH Cup Champion!


Welcome to a 9th CX Cup deck tech! We’re going a little out of order here (sorry!) to bring us a less-seen deck, Dog Days! The 9th CX Cup is an annual tournament in PH under JP banlist regulation. Special thanks to Sebastian and Johnny for article prep. Translations for cards can be found on Heart of the Cards. If a translation is inaccurate or missing, an in-house translation may be used.

This deck and interview are brought to you by the champion, Hyuga Miki.

Let’s get to the list!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 15

3 Couvert, Beloved Lord (DD/WE23-01)
3 Vert, Leaf’s Relative (DD/WE23-17)
2 Farine the Priestess (DD/WE23-45)
2 Gaol, Searching for Hero (DD/WE23-18)
2 Nanami, Naive And Romantic (DD/WE23-13)
2 “Reminiscence” Fi (DD/WE23-03)
1 Nanami, One Summer Adventure (DD/WE17-22)

Level 1 – 13

3 Leaf Lang de Shar Harva (DD/WE23-15)
3 Nanami, Hero’s Rest (DD/WE23-19)
2 Rebecca, Hero’s Rest (DD/WE23-05)
2 Sharu, Visit From the Sky (DD/WE23-46)
1 Fi the Hero Princess (DD/WE23-07)
2 Legend of Hero Summoning (DD/WE23-10)

Level 2 – 6

1 Couvert, Descendent of Hero King (DD/WE23-09)
1 Adel, Gun of Hero Princess (DD/WE23-08)
4 Hero Crystal (DD/WE23-49)

Level 3 – 8

3 Rebecca, Hero of Pastillage (DD/WE23-02)
3 Leo, Young Lion Princess (DD/WE23-14)
2 Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage (DD/WE17-05)

CX – 8

3 Demon God Crystal (DD/WE23-11)
3 Guidance (DD/WE23-24)
2 Story of Hero and Princess (DD/WE23-12)


At Level 0, we have 15 characters.


Couvert, Beloved Lord is a global +500 power to all your [Hero] and/or [Royalty] characters. She also has a level 0 shift ability, and you can pay 1 stock and rest her to choose one yellow card from your clock and add it to your hand, and afterwards clock the top 2 cards of your deck.

dd-we23-17When Vert, Leaf’s Relative is played from hand to stage you can discard 1 card to choose a [Hero] and/or [Animal] character from your clock and add it to your hand, and if you do, clock the top card of your deck. Her second ability is whenever you play an event you can give 1 of your characters +1000 power until the end of turn.

dd-we23-45When Farine the Priestess is placed from stage to waiting room, you can pay 1 stock and clock yourself to draw 1 card.

dd-we23-18Gaol, Searching for Hero has a level 0 shift ability and his second ability is a pay 1 stock rest this card brainstorm: for every CX revealed take 1 card from your clock and add it to your hand and then clock the top card of your deck.

dd-we23-13Nanami, Naive And Romantic is a runner and if you are lvl 1 or higher she gains the ability: at the start of your CX phase you can swap her with a “Nanami, Hero’s Rest” in your clock.

dd-we23-03When “Reminiscence” Fi is played from hand to stage you may mill the top 3 cards of your deck. When she is reversed in battle, you can pay 1 and discard 1 card to search your deck for an [Animal] and/or [Hero] character and add it to hand.

dd-we17-22Nanami, One Summer Adventure is a +500 power assist to front and when she is played from hand to stage you can take the bottom card of your clock and swap it with an [Animal] and/or [Hero] character from your waiting room.

At Level 1, we have 11 characters and 2 events.


dd-we23-15For every one of your character that attacks before Leaf Lang de Shar Harva, she gets +1500 power until the end of turn. And if she reverses her battle opponent while the CX “Guidance” is in play you may choose 1 card from your clock and add it to your hand. If you do, clock the top card of your deck.

dd-we23-19When Nanami, Hero’s Rest is played from hand to stage, reveal the top card of your deck and if that card is a CX then she rests. Then she has an encore where you choose 1 [Animal] and/or [Hero] character from your waiting room and put it on the bottom of your clock.

dd-we23-05Rebecca, Hero’s Rest is a level assist to [Hero] and/or [Royalty] characters in front, and gives the character in the middle position of your center stage hexproof.  Lastly, she has a level 1 shift ability.

dd-we23-46Sharu, Visit From the Sky is a generic cost 0 1500 power backup.

dd-we23-07When Fi the Hero Princess is an assassin. When she is played from hand to stage she gets +X power until end of turn, where X is equal to 500 times the number of [Animal] and/or [Hero] characters you control.

dd-we23-10Legend of Hero Summoning lets you search your deck for up to 1 [Animal] character and up to 1 [Hero] character and add them to your hand. Then, discard 1 card and send this event to clock.

At Level 2, we have 2 characters and 4 events.

dd-we23-08Adel, Gun of Hero Princess is a cost 1 +3000 power backup, and when you use her backup you can send 1 “‘Reminiscence’ Fi” from your memory to your waiting room to give all your [Animal] and/or [Hero] characters hand encore.

dd-we23-09Couvert, Descendent of Hero King gets +500 power for each other [Royalty] and/or [Hero] character you control. And when she is played from hand to stage if you control 4 or more other [Royalty] and/or [Hero] characters you may blind stock 1.

dd-we23-49Hero Crystal is an anti-damage event backup. When you play Hero Crystal you can discard a Hero Crystal (yes the same card) from your hand to choose 1 character and that character cannot deal damage this turn.

At Level 3, we have 8 characters.


dd-we23-02Rebecca, Hero of Pastillage has trespass if “Couvert, Beloved Lord” is in your clock. When she attacks, you can choose 1 of your characters and that character gets +4000 power until the end of turn. And if she reverses her battle opponent with the CX “Demon God Crystal” in play you can burn 1 and send her to memory. Then at the beginning of your next draw phase choose 1 “Rebecca, Hero of Pastillage” from your memory and play it to stage and that character gets +3500 power until the end of turn.

dd-we23-14Leo, Young Lion Princess gets +500 power for each of your other [Hero] and/or [Animal] characters. When she is played from hand to stage you can pay 2 stock and add 1 character from your clock to your hand. If you do clock the top card of your deck. And finally when she reverses her battle opponent on the turn she is played from hand to stage you can pay 1 stock and clock kick.

dd-we17-05If you have 3 or more other [Hero] and/or [Royalty] characters Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage gets +1000 power.  And she heals 1 on play.

The climax spread is a 3/3/2 split between 1k1 | Bounce , 1k1 | Gold Bar and Stock Soul | 2 Soul effects and triggers respectively.

dd-we23-11dd-we23-24 dd-we23-12


How do we use this deck?

H: The level 0 play of this deck is pretty much different from the usual level 0 line up. In this deck you’ll only have utility at level 0. Now, how do we play this one? Simple, you just have to deny and ignore your opponent’s play and focus on getting your Level 1 combo pieces in hand as early as possible. You can also use Couvert 0/0 to clock yourself an additional damage to level up first before your opponent, you also use this card to gain hand advantage. Farine also does the same thing, she’s just a bait to gain hand advantage and level up yourself easily.

At level 1 you can easily set up your late game using Leaf’s CX combo; take note that Leaf’s ability can get a card (can also get climax and event). Other option for the level 1 play is to make a good defensive wall using Nanami 1/1 7k clock encore that can also be played for no cost using her changer.

I usually level up myself using Couvert 0/0 and place yellow in my level area, play Legend of Hero Summoning to search Nanami 0/0 that removes the bottom clock changing it into another character from waiting room. Since the 1/0 event will get inside the clock, I can always change that card into something else like Nanami 1/1 to make my green cards available and ready to play. She also gives Nanami 0/0 runner the target for her change.

Level 2, you have to make sure you have Couvert level 0 in your clock to early play Rebecca level 3 and gain field advantage. Usually, you just have to encore Nanami using her ability to clock yourself Couvert or use that Nanami 0/0 that can swap the bottom card of the clock. You also do want the level assist Rebecca to protect the level 3 from anti-change backup effects because she gives hexproof in the middle slot of center stage. Playing them together at level 2 is one of the key in this deck. Imagine having a 11k level 3 beater in the middle, with hexproof, swinging and giving 4k to one of your characters- it just feels so good.

For the level 3, you do want to have two copies of the Hero Crystal (Damage Counter) already. This will help you to have extra turn and negate damage (just don’t do this over Yami lol). Lastly use Leo to clock kick and Rebecca’s CX combo to deal 1 damage. To make Leo clock kick your opponent’s characters, you can always use Rebecca’s ability that gives 4k and give it to Leo.

What does this deck not do well? What would you say are some of its key weaknesses?

H: The deck lacks something really important but I do think it’s because of the card pool. The set doesn’t have good brainstorm like Umi 1/0 brainstorm search. Level 1 play is limited to Leaf’s combo (because he is the only one who can plus 1 when he reversed something). Can’t also splash in the Sharu 1/0 searcher because she can only search red or blue character which is kinda sad.

For the weakness of the deck is obviously when you get to level up into level 2 from level 0 without any time to setup (yup, soul rush). It’s very hard to fight back because the level 2 play of the deck requires a lot of stocks to early play the Rebecca 3/2 together with the 1/1 level assist.

What are some of the risks the list takes? Are there any other cards that may warrant consideration?

H: The biggest risk the list takes is its blind clocking from your characters’ abilities. Even Leaf’s combo can backfire by clocking yourself some CXs. Also the damage counter can clog the hand because it doesn’t do anything until in your hand in multiples.

How did you go about building this list? (Where did you get the numbers, etc)

H: Upon building the list, I considered to play 3 copies of Vert level 0 to ditch CXs from my hand and convert that card into something important. For the level 1 line up, I usually play 4 copies of Leaf and 4 copies of Nanami but since I’ll be playing anti-damage counter, I reduced the count to 3 for both of them; 3 copies of each works really fine with me.

4 copies of the anti-damage counter because you really need to have 2 of that in your hand to make it playable. Level 3 lineup, basically 3 clock kicker, 3 early play and 2 healer. For the CX spread as you can see I only use 3/3/2. The reason why is because I don’t really like bar triggers because it keeps on going to my hand plus this deck does only have Vert level 0 who can ditch 1 card from hand to waiting.

On a scale of 1-10, how greedy is the deck and why?

H: 6

H: The deck uses 3 colors but you’ll only be needing blue for the damage counter. It’s really not that hard to get some blue in your clock even if the list only runs 8 blue because there’s this Nanami 1/1 that can always clock yourself an [Animal] or [Hero] character from waiting room.

M: I think this deck is about there in terms of greediness. I think I would give it a 7 just because missing the early game, as Hyuga said before, can be even more punishing than other decks. On top of that, the deck is running a counter that needs to show in multiples before it’s useful.

On a scale of 1-10, how powerful is the deck and why?

H: 8

H: The deck is pretty powerful when it goes off at every level. There’s Leaf’s CX combo to plus 1, 1/1 Nanami to gain field advantage, a powerful event that can search combo pieces, and a level 3 that can come down early, with a level assist to give her hexproof. We also have clock kicker in late game to deal 1 sure damage and anti-damage counter to shut down some of your opponent’s finishers.

On a scale of 1-10, how difficult to use is the deck and why?

H: 7

H: Well, the hardest part of playing this deck is that the deck itself is clock dependent. You can’t just use Leaf while you are on 1/0 because you can’t get anything in your clock. Also unlike Shimakaze or Marika, you can’t search or salvage the card that you really need for the game. Search and salvage is very limited in this deck since you’re only allowed to pick whatever is in your clock.

Would you consider this deck viable in the JP metagame?

H: It works really fine with the JP meta. You have that event that can nullify damage, level one play also works fine, late game also works fine. I do think the deck will always be fine in JP meta.

Onto the interview!

How was the event overall?

H: The event was fine. A lot them use JP decks which is quite exciting for me. 4-1 in Swiss and 3-0 in top cut. Taking home 1 sealed box of Charlotte (Thanks 9th CX!).

Did you have any particularly lucky moments during the tournament?

H: When I am battling Angel Beats, my opponent has 2 back row, 1 Kanade Sending Everyone Off and another 1 with a power assist. I triggered bounce in my 1st attack and bounced the power assist (then I realized I should have bounce the hand encore assist instead) triggered the 2nd attack, blank, then 3rd attack triggered another bounce to bounce the encore assist. Just. Lucky.

How about unlucky?

H: While at 2-6, I thought I was going to win the fight, I do have 6 CX left in deck, he attacks for 3 and take, then direct attack for 5 souls. Guess what? Take. Unlucky.

Any incredible comebacks?

H: When my opponent counted my CX in waiting room and it’s already 6 (I was holding 2 CX). He frontal attacks using his last attacker for 3 while I am at 3/4 and use Hero Crystal (Anti damage). On my turn he is 3/4. Played Leo (clock kicker) with a level assist and Rebecca swing for 2 and gives 4k to Leo and he took the damage. Leo is at 17.5k with clock kick frontal attack to his L3 11.5k. He surrendered and showed me his hand; he did have a backup, but it was only 3k.

How did your final match go?

H: The only thing I can remember in this fight is when Rebecca swings for 4 while he had 5 cards left in his deck with 1 CX and he takes the damage, allowing me to win the game. (PS, that’s a 60% chance success rate! -M)

How did you prepare for the event? Did you do anything special the day of or night before?

H: We practice WS night before the event but eventually we end up playing Exploding Kittens instead. LOL

Did anything really funny happen?

H: 3rd game where I play Leaf’s combo. I triggered bar CX then I choose to get the bounce CX in my clock then take another bounce CX from the top of my deck. I hate Leaf.

Any shoutouts or other things you’d like to say?

H: I would like to thank my Teammates, Metabois and Friends for supporting and playing WS with me. Team Alien for sponsoring my deck name. Miu for being my inspiration. Isla for being my center marker during the event. Thank you guys. Nyhessss~ ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Also thank you 9th CX and Courtside for having such a great tournament! Will probably look forward for the next one! v(^∀^*)


If you have questions or comments, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to sign up for our monthly giveaway, follow us on Twitch and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Girlfriend Beta Deck Tech – 2nd at LCQ EGP and 3rd/4th EGP Final


And another report from this year’s EGP! Welcome to the 9th CX’s deck techs!
This time it’s about Sven L. from Germany and his Girlfriend Beta Deck with which he placed 2nd in the LCQ and 3rd/4th in the EGP Finals losing both times to J.P. Champy with his Fate Deck, previously featured. Special thanks to Sebastian for doing the interviews, and putting the article together.

Let’s get to the deck!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

2 Yuzu Hazuki, White Shirt + Apron (GF/W33-007)
2 Nonoka Sasahara, Sunset Cool (GF/W33-070)
3 Matsuri Kagami, Exhilarating Heart (GF/W33-075)
2 Koruri Tokitani, Farm Experience (GF/W38-001)
4 Risa Shinomiya, Sound of Surprise (GF/W38-009)
1 Sumire Yomogida (GF/W38-010)
1 Haruko Yumesaki, Tropical (GF/W38-038)
1 Chloe Lemaire, Miss Contest (GF/W38-039)

Level 1 – 11

1 Raimu Nejikawa, Director on Site (GF/W33-009)
1 Nonoka Sasahara, Fitting Couple (GF/W33-055)
1 Matsuri Kagami, Well-Behaved (GF/W33-064)
2 Ichigo Kohinata, Flustered (GF/W38-042)
2 Matsuri Kagami, Study Session (GF/W38-043)
4 Kanata Amatsu, Culture Festival (GF/W38-053)

Level 2 – 6

1 Kinoko Himejima, Eyes of Mushrooms Also Have Tears (GF/W33-004)
1 Remi Tamai, Making Sweets (GF/W33-021)
3 Yurara Mishima, Skill Issues? (GF/W38-045)
1 Part-Time Job (GF/W38-066)

Level 3 – 9

3 Koruri Tokitani, Seeking Models (GF/W33-005)
2 Chloe Lemaire, Regular Brilliance (GF/W33-052)
4 Akari Amari, Cooking Contest (GF/W38-008)

CX – 8

4 Chihaya Something (GF/W33-109)
4 Good Friends “Akari & Yurara” (GF/W38-035)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


Yuzu Hazuki, White Shirt + Apron gives your other character in the center slot of front row +1000 power and has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock and rest 2 of your characters: for each CX revealed, tutor up to one yellow character.

When Nonoka Sasahara, Sunset Cool attacks you may give one of your other characters +1500 power for the turn and she has hand encore.


Matsuri Kagami, Exhilarating Heart cannot side attack.


Koruri Tokitani, Farm Experience is basic +500 power front assist. You can pay 2 stock and rest her to tutor up to one red and up to one yellow character.


Risa Shinomiya, Sound of Surprise gives all your other ‘Kanata Amatsu, Culture Festival’ +500 power and hand encore.
She also has a clock bond for ‘Kanata Amatsu, Culture Festival’ as well. (The bond cost is putting the top card of your deck into clock)


Sumire Yomogida is a [Girl] basic searcher.


Haruko Yumesaki, Tropical is a basic level reverser that also lets you salvage a character for 2 stock when sent to waiting room.

Chloe Lemaire, Miss Contest has a +1000 power revenge trigger.
She also has brainstorm ability for 1 stock: for each CX revealed you may salvage a [Girl] character from your waiting room and discard a card.

At Level 1 we have 11 characters.


Raimu Nejikawa, Director on Site has hexproof  and gets +1000 power for each other yellow character you control during your turn.
When she reverses her opponent you may send it to memory.


When Nonoka Sasahara, Fitting Couple is played you may pay 1 stock and discard a climax to return a climax back to your hand from your waiting room.
She also has a CX combo with ‘Yell’: when she attacks with the CX in play you may pay 1 stock to salvage a character. (The CX isn’t played in this deck)


When Matsuri Kagami, Well-Behaved attacks with a red CX in play you may discard a card to salvage a red character.


Ichigo Kohinata, Flustered has a 0 stock +1000 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability and you have 2 or more [Girl] characters, you can give a character an additional X power, where X is the total level of cards in your level zone times 500.

When Matsuri Kagami, Study Session comes into play you may discard a card and salvage a [Girl] character.


When Kanata Amatsu, Culture Festival comes into play and you don’t have another ‘Risa Shinomiya, Sound of Surprise’, you need to rest her.

At Level 2 we have 5 characters and 1 event.


Kinoko Himejima, Eyes of Mushrooms Also Have Tears has a freefresh ability: when she comes into play and you have 3 or more other yellow characters and 5 or less cards in your deck, you put all your cards from your waiting room to your deck and shuffle. Afterwards, you give one of your characters +2000 power and Burn 1.

Remi Tamai, Making Sweets has a 1 stock +2500 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability you may pay 2 stock and sacrifice a character and choose one of your opponent’s characters which is higher than their level and send it to stock.


Yurara Mishima, Skill Issues? has a 1 stock +3000 power Backup ability that also has a CX combo with ‘Good Friends “Akari & Yurara”‘: when the CX is played you may pay 1 stock and return this to your hand and choose one ‘Akari Amari, Cooking Contest’ from your hand and place it into the slot this was in.


Part-Time Job lets you salvage 2 characters.

At level 3 we have 9 characters.


Koruri Tokitani, Seeking Models has a Punish Burn trigger when is played from hand and if she reverses an opponent you may send it to memory.


Chloe Lemaire, Regular Brilliance has Heal trigger on play and a CX combo with ‘Chihaya Something’: when she reverses her opponent with the CX in play you may pay 2 stock to Burn X, where X is the number of CX in your waiting room.

Akari Amari, Cooking Contest has a heal trigger on play and a CX combo with ‘Good Friends “Akari & Yurara”‘: when she attacks with CX in play you tutor up to one [Girl] character and she gets +1500 power until the end of you opponent’s next turn.

The climax spread is a 4/4 split between 1k1 | Door and 1k1 | Bounce effects and triggers respectively.

How do we use this deck?
Sven: At level 0 you want to try build as much stock as possible without overcommitting. The 0/0 Nonoka paired with the 0/0 Matsuri (#070 and #075) allow you to run over almost anything at level 0 and given the great utility of the Nonoka, it can even be kept past level 0 if necessary. It is one of my favorite cards in the set, and in my opinion, is underestimated by a lot of people.

The other thing to do at level 0 is to start and prepare your level 1 game, which in this deck consists of your way oversized 1/1 Kanata, which coincidentally you can clock-bond onto with the 0/0 Risa. (#009 gf2 and #053 gf2).
Your other cards at level 0 are basically just utility cards such as searchers, supports, brainstorms, etc. It may look like a mess with all the 1-ofs but most of them are not really needed more than once which leaves spots for other valuable cards in the deck.

At level 1 you can finally start to !*@&$ I mean wall off your opponent with your oversized 1/1 Kanatas, which will most likely be sitting at 8.5k plus hand encore. Considering the current meta game and how almost every deck plays a Shimakaze clone, there are not very many decks that can easily and efficiently run over more than 1 of them, setting level 1 reversers aside.

It’s a minor downside for the deck to not have a Shimakaze clone itself since it relies a bit more on draws and triggers that way, but being able to shut down most other level 1 games helps a lot.
The rest of the level 1 cards are purely utility cards in this deck. Both of the 1/0 Matsuri allow you to fix your hand and prepare better for the late game or allow you to salvage your counters to keep your level 1 game alive if needed.
The 1/0 Nonoka is splashed in to be able to swap climaxes if needed, while the 1/0 Raimu is in the deck solely for its hexproof effect since I expected a lot of TLR, Charlotte and KC, i.e. anything that would prevent damage or front attacks.

At level 2 you have the option to early play healers via the Yurara/Akari climax combo which also lets you prepare further for your endgame or help you sustain at level 2. However, I find myself using the climax combo less often than I probably should, since often I just opt to stick with my level 1 board until level 3, depending on the matchups. Other than that there are not many things left at level 2 aside from the refresher, which may seem difficult to play properly with this color distribution and I will admit, it is not always easy and sometimes requires an additional card from hand to be played over something on the field. Also there’s the usual anti-change backup and a 2/2 salvage 2 characters event.

At level 3 you have multiple different options. I opted for Akari, Chloe, and Koruri aka Musashi clone in my deck list. It is arguable which level 3 lineup is the best but I’ve felt most confident with this one, so it was mostly a preference choice for me.
Akari will still allow you to have a minor wall while letting you compress your deck more. Koruri will do the obvious Musashi things and eventually get rid of some threads with its sending opponents to memory effect which can be helpful in some matchups.
Chloe was the most debatable level 3 that I put into the deck. Nowadays, its climax combo is very expensive, it has trouble reversing opponents with this setup but I still felt that it was the proper choice without having to splash blue into the deck for Shiina and Nonoka Pumpkin.
It leaves me with more options against decks such as Charlotte where I can’t burn my opponent but am able to heal at least.
Also, at level 3 is where the 1/0 Raimu can become valuable with its hexproof effect to shut off things such as the level 3 Nao and anti-damage counters.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? What are some of the potential risks the list takes?

S: The deck has some issues with bounce triggers given that the main level 1 game consists of cost 1 characters. As mentioned before, the deck doesn’t run a Shimakaze clone itself, which is hindering its ability to get everything needed into the hand without a bit of luck on hitting brainstorms or triggering doors, etc.

I think the potential risks the deck takes is the early game. It needs some stock at level 1 to run at decent potential and sometimes you just have that one game where it just isn’t going well and you can maybe only build 1 stock before hitting level 1 or even worse, no stock at all because of really bad hands. I’ve experience this every now and then and it’s quite hard to recover from it.

Is there or are there specific key cards in the deck that make it work?
The key card(s) in this deck are definitely the 0/0 Risa clock bond and 1/1 Kanata oversize combo.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 4
S: I wouldn’t call it either conservative or greedy, more like a mix between the two. Considering Girlfriend has one of the better cardpools in the game, this deck has an above average power range. I wouldn’t necessarily put it above the blue/red deck or the TLR meta deck for example, but it definitely has its own way to be able to compete with those decks.

M: The number as always, is my own, but the sense that I get from this list is that its cards are accessible whether in deck or waiting room. Having a simple 2-color split is rewarded with Girl Friend’s expanded card pool, while still having some of the greedier mono-yellow aspects used in the early game.

Power Range: 6 – 9
M: GF Beta on the whole is known for its consistency. Based on the deck’s burn-heavy endgame, it can make it seem like it is aggressive. But, decks can certainly have multiple modes and faces at different parts of the game, so this will bear some clarification. This deck especially does not care about getting more cards in hand at level 1 through search effects. It aims to wall up at level 1, and sustain the wall through level 2. It has the option to delete characters with Raimu if key characters (no puns intended) show up. The deck also has 4 bounce triggers. The combination of these things actually make the deck a little more control-ish. Now, the deck does not have very many ways to reduce future damage to itself, or ‘compress’. But, it still has one way to do it, and several ways to heal. A steady hand can make this deck look anywhere from solid to insane, but the deck’s ability to snowball a game out of control early on is not as severe as something like YG TLR or soundless voice, and its finishing power is fairly predictable can be completely shut down by anti-burn.

Difficulty: 4+

S: The deck in general is not very difficult to use. However, I do feel that maximizing its potential to the fullest requires a lot more work and effort than just “playing” it, therefore making it more difficult in the end.

JP Meta Viability:
S: As for ENG metagame, I’d say people playing English WS should be happy that decks like this aren’t existing in their meta game.

M: Well, I’m not so sure if having a series like this in the English game would be so bad. After all, Haruhi is coming, Kantai is in full force with no restrictions (though no Junyou), and Attack on Titan is quite popular. But, the bit is about the deck’s viability in the JP metagame, and I think my analysis stays the same from before – GF Beta may not be as flashy as other series, but it has a lot of versatility and the consistency to take a player to a deep run in a large event.

Now onto the interview!

How was your event overall?
Sven: It was a very nice event. Unfortunately, I had to travel a lot during that time. Had to get from Sweden to Germany and then travel to Paris with friends. It was quite stressful but I was happy I could make it there. I met a lot of nice people and played against a good variety of new people I’ve never played against. It was nice to see all the different play styles and deck builds from people all over Europe.

What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?
There was actually only one lucky moment during the tournament, since most of the time I either had average luck or got quite unlucky.
During the 2nd round of the tournament, My opponent was at 3/5 damage and I had one attack left with 2 cards in deck. I counted every single soul trigger so I knew whether I need to front attack or side attack and when I thought I had 2 triggers left in my deck, I decided to side attack. I ended up hitting the trigger and won the game. However, I checked my last card afterwards and it was not a trigger because I miscounted because I forgot about my very bottom card in stock. I most certainly would have died next turn and the tournament would have been over for me.

What was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?
I had to play against one of my best friends, Gerrit, in the 4th round of the tournament, knowing that whoever loses this will most likely be out of the tournament. On top of that, he was playing TLR and we both knew each other’s decks in and out since we play ever so often.

Did you have any incredible comebacks?
Sadly, no. I was really close to one in the last round of Swiss against a GF mirror match but I ended up dying.

How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?
I played against Fate series. The match itself was really sad since I got super unlucky throughout the game. I was lucky enough that he did not pay full attention to all the things cause otherwise it would have been even more one sided. I guess since both of us were already qualified at that point, it didn’t matter too much for either of us.

How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?
It may sound weird, but I did not prepare at all. I was not home for a month and had not played WS in general for about 2 weeks prior to the event. The only game I played was to test a friends deck before we headed out to Paris.

Any funny stories from the event?
Nothing in particular that I recall.

Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?
I want to thank Carl G. in particular. Ever since I started back in 2013 he’s been helping me out with deck building and teaching me how to play this game, sharing everything he newly learned and always explaining the choices and things he taught me. I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have in this game without his help.
Thank you.

Gerrit K. for all the play testing we have done over the years and the time we hung out. I’m still sorry that you had to throw your deck at me for a second time.

And of course my girlfriend for supporting me, especially after I almost wasn’t able to make it to the event.

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