Michael – Owner & Editor

Michael is a player from the Bay Area in California. He picked up Weiss Schwarz in the winter of 2012 after hearing that there was a set for 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ , and has been playing ever since. In WS, his notable finishes include 1st at the 258-player 2015 BWC Regionals in Pomona, California, 1st at 22 the 2014 WGP Regionals at Legends in Cupertino, California, and 22 tournament wins from throughout the Bay Area (including the 2014 Fanime event), and several top 8 or better appearances.

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Felix – Co-owner & Writer

Felix is a player based in Northern California with his Weiss Schwarz roots from Kira Kira Cards in Southern California. In WS, his notable finishes 2nd place at the Legends Weekly WS Tournament 2013 (SAO 4-color Vanilla, 20+ players) and Quarterfinalist – Legends WS Regionals 2013 (60+ players). He claimed his first 1st place finish in July 2014, and qualified for Nationals in September 2014, finishing 5th, at the Sacramento WGP Regionals.

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Sam – Graphic Designer

Sam is a player from the Bay Area in California. She started the game as a collector in 2011, and then learned the game in the summer of 2012. She has made a few top cut appearances in Bay Area events.

[Sam here, as your friendly neighborhood artist, making everything colorful and beautiful.]