Card Academy First Annual Sakura Fest – Tournament Report

Hello! This is Melanie here from 9th CX with a tournament report. We held our first annual Sakura Fest for Japanese Weiss Schwarz at The Card Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We had 23 players come out from New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois to play in the event today. We had 4 rounds that cut to a clear Top 8 who played out their matches for playmats and store credit prizes.


And now for the tournament entry break down!

Here is the breakdown of all of the sets that participated today:

2 Accel World
1 Clannad
1 Dog Days
1 GirlFriend Beta
1 [email protected] Cinderella Girls
1 Is the Order a Rabbit??
1 Kantai Collection
1 Kiznaiver
3 Konosuba
1 Log Horizon
2 Puyo Puyo
1 Rewrite
2 Re:Zero
1 Rinne
1 Symphogear
1 To Love Ru Darkness
1 Vivid Strike

Here is the series placement for places 9-23:

9th: Accel World (Kuroyukihime)
10th: Re:Zero (Emilia/Blue Focused with other cards splashed)
11th:  GirlFriend Beta (3 color)
12th: Rinne (Mono Green)
13th: Konosuba (Mono Red Magic)
14th: Puyo Puyo (Red Puyos with Yellow)
15th: Rewrite (Gaia Build)
16th: Dog Days (Yellow Green)
17th: Log Horizon (With Power Up Set)
18th: Kiznaiver (Yellow Green Focus)
19th: Konosuba (Mono Red Magic)
20th: Is the Order a Rabbit?? (Mono Blue)
21st: Clannad (Yellow Power Up Set Focus)
22nd: Re:Zero (Yellow/Red Focus)
23rd: Vivid Strike

And here are the decklists, sets, and notes for the top 8!

First Place: SAO
Decklist Provided By: Travis Engle

Level 0:

2 x Kirito, Temporal Alliance (SAO/SE23-20)
2 x Kirito, Temporal Alliance (SAO/S47-077)
3 x Silica, Gathering Materials (SAO/SE23-07)
2 x Yuuki, Undefeated Super Swordsman (SAO/S47-026)
2 x “Sleeping Knights” Talken & Nori & Jun (SAO/S47-027)
1 x Silica, Straightforward Trust (SAO/S47-058)
1 x Kirito, After the Battle (SAO/S47-113)
3 x Sinon, Mission at Dusk (SAO/S47-122)

Level 1:

4 x “Zekken” Yuuki (SAO/S47-028)
2 x Sinon, Temporal Alliance (SAO/SE23-21)
2 x Sinon, Temporal Alliance (SAO/S47-078)
2 x Asuna, Vice Guild Leader (SAO/S47-007)
1 x Sinon, Challenge to the Strong (SAO/S47-123)

Level 2:

2 x Leafa, Gathering Materials (SAO/SE23-06)
2 x Sinon, Adventuring with Everyone (SAO/S47-119R)
1 x Sinon, Strong Being (SAO/SE23-22)
1 x “Machine of Ice” Sinon (SAO/S47-079)
1 x “Dicey Cafe” Gilbert (SAO/S47-118)

Level 3:

3 x Sinon, the Last Strike (SAO/SE23-24)
1 x Sinon, the Last Strike (SAO/S47-076)
2 x Leafa, Pure Wish (SAO/S47-029)
2 x Leafa, Adventuring with Everyone (SAO/S47-107)


4 x “Mother’s Rosario” (SAO/S47-048)
3 x Phantom Bullet (SAO/SE23-35)
1 x Phantom Bullet (SAO/S47-098SP)


Second Place: [email protected] Cinderella Girls
Decklist Provided By: Kit King (Video can be found here)

Level 0:

1 x Yuki, Team KBYD (IMC/W41-006)
1 x Yuki, Team KBYD (IMC/W41-006PR)
4 x Kanako Mimura (IMC/W41-041)
2 x  Momoka Sakurai (IMC/W43-046)
1 x Miku, the Best Team (IMC/W43-055)
1 x Arisu, Project:Krone (IMC/W43-082)
3 x Kaede, Important Place (IMC/W43-083)
1 x Kaede, Important Place (IMC/W43-083R)
2 x Koume, Loves Horror (IMC/W43-086)
1 x Riina, Do What You Should Do Now (IMC/W43-097)

Level 1:

2 x Kanako, My First Star (IMC/W41-054)
4 x Minami Nitta (IMC/W41-079)
4 x Minami, My First Star (IMC/W41-087)

Level 2:

1 x Mayu Sakuma (IMC/W41-058)
1 x Chieri Being Too Nervous (IMC/W43-061)

Level 3:

2 x Anzu Futaba (IMC/W41-043)
4 x Ranko Kanzaki (IMC/W41-080)
2 x Anastasia (IMC/W41-081)
1 x Rin, Trancing Pulse (IMC/W43-080)
1 x Rin, Trancing Pulse (IMC/W43-080SP)
1 x Minami, New Challenge (IMC/W43-089)


2 x Unfitting Pair (IMC/W41-108)


4 x -LEGNE- Sword of Hatred, Melody of Light (IMC/W41-110)
4 x Everyone’s Leader (IMC/W41-112)


Third Place: To Love Ru Darkness 2nd
Decklist Provided By: Forrest Green

Level 0:

3 x “Yaiyaki of Memories” Yami (TL/W37-T01)
3 x “Sitting” Mikan (TL/W37-031)
4 x “Cute Pajama” Mikan (TL/W37-035)
3 x “Pure White Wings” Yami (TL/W42-001)
2 x “China Dress” Mea (TL/W42-006)

Level 1:

2 x “Ribbon-Wrapped” Mea (TL/W37-010)
3 x “Memory Connecting the Future” Yami (TL/W37-011)
2 x “Heart-Thumping Bath Time” Mea (TL/W37-012)
3 x “Sleepy Time” Mikan (TL/W37-039)
4 x “Organizing Clothes” Mikan (TL/W37-040)

Level 2:

1 x “Good at Cooking” Mikan (TL/W37-044)

Level 3:

4 x Golden Darkness (TL/W37-001)
1 x Mea Kurosaki (TL/W37-002)
2 x Mikan Yuuki (TL/W37-032)


2 x Calming Warmth (TL/W37-026)
3 x Darkness Plan (TL/W37-027)


4 x Taiyaki-Shaped Keyholder (TL/W377-053)
4 x Kind Time (TL/W37-028)

4th Place: Accel World Nox Clone
Decklist Provided By: Steven Pidcock

Level 0:

2 x Rin, Calm Feelings of Love (AW/S43-032)
4 x Ash Roller From Shibuya (AW/S43-041)
4 x Circular-Shaped Enemy (AW/S43-042)
4 x White Duel Avatar (AW/S43-043)
2 x Utai, Summer Festival (AW/S43-057)

Level 1:

18 x Nox Core (AW/S43-044)

Level 2:

4 x Nyx & Risa (AW/S43-039)

Level 3:

4 x Nyx, Goddess of Night (AW/S43-040)


4 x Citron Call (AW/S43-052)
4 x Big Brother’s Punishment (AW/S43-053)

Fifth Place: Puyo Puyo
Decklist Provided By: Ragnorok64
Note from Provider: Please take a look at my Twitch Channel for Weiss Games and Deck Techs!

Level 0:

2 x “Hentai” Schezo (PY/S38-004)
4 x Ringo, Lost in Mystery (PY/S38-090)
4 x Ringo, Student of the Suzuran Middle School (PY/S38-093)
3 x Sig, Student of the Primp Magic School (PY/S38-066)
3 x “KO’d” Amitie (PY/S38-073)
3 x Carbuncle (PY/S38-012)

Level 1:

4 x “Bayoe~n” Amitie (PY/S38-064)
2 x Kikimora (PY/S38-095)
4 x Maguro, Horrible Fashion and Weird (PY/S38-096)

Level 2:

2 x Carbuncle Being Whimsical (PY/S38-008)
1 x Schezo, Going After the Power of the Magic (PY/S38-007)
2 x Amitie, Student of the Primp Magic Schoo (PY/S38-075)l

Level 3:

4 x “Bayoe~n” Arle (PY/S38-003)
2 x Amitie, Very Good! (PY/S38-065)
1 x Amitie, Very Good! (PY/S38-065S)
1 x Risukuma-senpai (PY/S38-091)


2 x Bayoe~ n (PY/S38-86)
2 x Bayoe~ n (PY/S38-27)
4 x I Won~ (PY/S38-118)

Sixth Place: Konosuba
Decklist Provided By: Julian Washington

Level 0:

3 x “Guide to Obtaining Skills” Megumin (KS/W49-038)
3 x “Kind Goddess” Eris (KS/W49-074)
4 x “Here’s Where the Adventure Starts…?” Aqua (KS/W49-087)
4 x “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua (KS/W49-075)
4 x “Board Game” Megumin (KS/W49-037)

Level 1:

1 x “Shaken” Megumin (KS/W49-047)
4 x “Kind Smile” Eris (KS/W49-076)
2 x “Demanding Apology” Aqua (KS/W49-093)
4 x “Sacred Create Water” Aqua (KS/W49-077)

Level 2:

2 x “Pride of the Goddess” Aqua (KS/W49-T17)
1 x “Striking a Pose with Arms Open” Darkness (KS/W49-013)
1 x “Calling for Sensei” Megumin (KS/W49-051)

Level 3:

4 x Megumin (KS/W49-035)
2 x “May You Be Blessed with Kind Encounters” Eris (KS/W49-072)
1 x “May You Be Blessed with Kind Encounters” Eris (KS/W49-072R)
1 x Aqua (KS/W49-073)
1 x Aqua (KS/W49-073SP)


4 x Revive (KS/W49-099)
4 x Real Explosion Magic (KS/W49-067)

Seventh Place: Kantai Collection
Decklist Provided By: Audri Sampson
Note from Provider: Shoutout to Benjamin Schiffli for the original decklist that was tweaked by me for this final deck version.

Level 0:

3 x Tokitsukaze, 10th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S31-003)
3 x Tanikaze, 14th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S31-023)
4 x Akatsuki, A Moment in Winter (KC/S31-040)
3 x Murasame Kai, Command Ship of the Second Destroyer Squadron (KC/S31-80)
3 x Z3, 3rd Z1-class Destroyer (KC/S42-037)

Level 1:

2 x Tahoukai, Taihou-class Armored Carrier (KC/S42-002)
1 x Tahoukai, Taihou-class Armored Carrier (KC/S42-002SP)
4 x Prinz Eugen, 3rd Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S42-030)
3 x Maya Kai-Ni, 3rd Takao-Class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S42-039)
3 x Ashigara, 3rd Myoukou-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S25-158)
3 x Z3 Zwei, 3rd Z1-class Destroyer (KC/S42-049)

Level 2

3 x Ro-500, Ro-class Submarine (KC/S42-035)
2 x Bismarck Zwei, 1st Bismarck-class Battleship (KC/S42-040)

Level 3:

2 x Musashi, 2nd Yamato-class Battleship (KC/S25-002)
3 x Prinz Eugen Kai, 3rd Admiral HIpper-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S42-036)


4 x Aim Well ……… Feuer! (KC/S42-056)
4 x Ro-class Submarine, Deploying! (KC/S42-057)

Eighth Place: Symphogear
Decklist Provided By: Nick Pipkin
Note from Provider: This build was inspired and influenced by another topping Symphogear list.

Level 0:

4 x Hibiki, Full Power Punch (SG/W19-001)
2 x Hibiki, Gathered Power (SG/W27-001)
1 x Chris, Own Role (SG/W27-055)
2 x Hibiki & Elfnein, Special Training by the Beachside (SG/W39-078)
3 x Chris & Hibiki & Miku, Swimming Time (SG/W39-063)
2 x Miku, Understanding Hibiki (SG/W39-003)
2 x Kiraka, Fluttering (SG/W39-038)

Level 1:

4 x Hibiki, Fight to Protect (SG/W39-005)
1 x Tsubasa, Collaboration of Songstresses (SG/W39-085)
2 x Hibiki & Miku, Preparing for a Day Nap (SG/W39-010)
4 x “Gathered Miracle” Hibiki (SG/W39-001)

Level 2:

1 x Chris, Fear of Losing (SG/W39-056)

Level 3:

3 x Shirabe, the Conclusion Reached (SG/W39-026)
3 x Kiraka, the Conclusion Reached (SG/W39-027)
1 x Kiraka, the Conclusion Reached (SG/W39-027SP)
2 x “Self Brilliance” Maria (SG/W39-052)


3 x Fusion with Relic (SG/W19-022)
2 x Ignite Module (SG/W39-070)


4 x Unison of Two (SG/W39-048)
4 x Gungnir, Again (SG//W39-023)

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event today and participated! It was a fun event with a lot of diversity and great players!

Ko-No-Su-Ba! Part 2! – Explosions!

It’s another week of KonoSuba deck lists here at 9th CX! Michael and Melanie have put a couple of lists together for your enjoyment. For those who enjoy the world class tanking ability of LALATINA Darkness, a mono-yellow list, and for the other thousands of players who want to use EXPLOOOOOOOSIONS, we have a mono-red list! Onto the lists!

Michael’s List

Deck Name: Tank ALL The Things

Level 0 – 18

3 Kazuma (KS/W49-003)
1 “Shameful Abuse” Darkness (KS/W49-004)
3 “Hardcore Pervert” Darkness (KS/W49-006)
4 “Specialty: Delusion” Darkness (KS/W49-007)
4 “Decide How Much Your Own Panties Are Worth” Chris (KS/W49-009)
3 “Rescue Successful!” Darkness (KS/W49-010)

Level 1 – 10

2 “Somehow Happy” Darkness (KS/W49-025)
4 “Skill Lecture” Chris (KS/W49-008)
4 “Skill Obtaining Completed” Kazuma (KS/W49-022)

Level 2 – 6

3 “Something You Must Protect” Darkness (KS/W49-014)
3 “Striking a Pose wWith Arms Open” Darkness (KS/W49-013)

Level 3 – 8

4 Darkness (KS/W49-001)
4 “Steal Successful…?” Chris (KS/W49-002)

CX – 8

4 Masochist Crusader (KS/W49-032)
4 Thievery Skill (KS/W49-030)

Melanie’s List

Level 0 – 18:

4 “Board Game” Megumin (KS/W49-037)
3 “Guide to Obtaining Skills” Megumin (KS/W49-038)
3 “Proper Manner” Yunyun (KS/W49-039)
4 “Problematic Act” Megumin (KS/W49-040)
2 “Parents’ Names” Megumin (KS/W49-T02)
2 “Proud of Explosion Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T03)

Level 1 – 14:

4 “Cannot Spit It Out” Yunyun (KS/W49-043)
2 “Good Explosion!” Megumin (KS/W49-042)
4 “Quiet Today” Megumin (KS/W49-048
4 Explosions Magic Everyday! (KS/W49-064)

Level 2 – 4:

3 “Simultaneous Fire!!” Wiz (KS/W49-044)
1 “Calling for Sensei” Megumin (KS/W49-051)

Level 3 – 6:

4 Megumin (KS/W49-035)
2 “Lich” Wiz (KS/W49-036)


CX – 8:

4 Real Explosion Magic (KS/W49-067)
4 Megumin’s Rival (KS/W49-068)

When Kazuma is placed to the stage from hand, you may pay 1 and ditch 1 to look at up to the top 3 cards of your deck, add any card to your hand, then ditch the rest.

“Shameful Abuse” Darkness mills 2 from your deck on attack, if there was a CX among the cards milled, she gets +1 soul for the turn. She also has an on play ability to pay 1 and ditch 2 to search 2 [Worries] or [Rogue] from deck.

“Hardcore Pervert” Darkness gets +4000 power times the level of the character facing her. She also runs to combat at the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase.

“Specialy: Delusion” Darkness can give one of your characters +1000 power when you play a CX. You can also hit yourself pay 1, clock yourself from top of deck, and rest this to tutor for a [Adventurer].

When “Decide How Much Your Own Panties Are Worth” Chris enters the stage from hand, your opponent calls 0, 1, or 2, then you put the top card of your deck into waiting room. If the level of the card milled this way is the same as the number your opponent called, you draw up that number plus 1 cards.

“Rescue Successful!” Darkness lets you discard a card on attack to bounce one of your YELLOW characters to hand from stage.

“Somehow Happy” Darkness gets +500 for each other [Adventurer] in the back row and has a ‘zombie’ effect(When this gets reversed, hit yourself you put the top card of your deck into clock and rest this).

“Skill Lecture” Chris gets +1500 power on play. She also has a CX combo with Thievery Skill. On attack, you mill the top card of your deck. If it is a level 0 or lower character, your opponent gets a blind stock from top of their deck. Otherwise, you get 2 blind stock from the top of your deck.

“Skill Obtaining Completed” Kazuma gets the following ability as long as you have Experience 2 or higher “When this attacks, choose the character facing this, it loses 1000 power and this gets +1000 power for the turn”

“Something You Must Protect” Darkness is a level assist. She has a CX combo with Masochist Crusader where on CX play, you may rest this and put a [Worries] character in your WR under this as a marker. If one of your characters is sent to the WR, you may put a marker from under this to the WR and return that character rested to its previous slot.

“Striking a Pose With Arms Open” Darkness is a +2500 power backup. When you use this card’s BACKUP, if you have another [Adventurer] character, choose a character in battle, and give it +1000 power.

Darkness gets -1 level in hand if your opponent has a level 3 character. If you have 2 or more other [Adventurer] characters, this gets hexproof and +1500 power. At the start of your opponent’s draw phase, you can give one of your characters +4000 power if this is in the front row. When your opponent hits you successfully deals damage to you in battles involving this, you can pay 2 and discard 1 to deal the same amount of damage back to your opponent. (You can’t do this if you are dealt lethal damage because the game will have already ended.)

“Steal Successful…?” Chris heals on play. On attack, choose one of your other [Adventurer] characters to give power equal to 500 times the number of [Adventurer] characters. Also when this attacks, you may pay 1 and ditch two to look at the top 3 cards of your opponent’s deck, discard as many of them as you want, return the rest to their deck and shuffle.


When “Board Game” Megumin is placed to the stage from hand, you may ditch a CX to salvage an [Adventurer] or [Magic]. She is also a free runner.

“Guide to Obtaining Skills” Megumin gives all level 0 or lower characters in front of this +1000 power. She is also a pay 1 rest 2 salvage brainstorm.

“Proper Manner” Yunyun gets +2000 power if you have no other characters and is a pay 1 bond for Megumin(The level 3 Megumin, not any Megumin)

When “Problematic Act” Megumin is placed to the waiting room from stage, you may ditch a card to look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck for a [Magic] character, then discard the rest.

“Parents’ Names” Megumin is a level 0 reverser. When this gets sent to the WR from stage, you may pay 2 to salvage [Adventurer] or [Magic].

“Proud of Explosion Magic” Megumin gives one of your other [Adventurer] or [Magic] characters +1000 power and +1 level for the turn on attack.

“Cannot Spit It Out” Yunyun has a CX combo with Megumin’s Rival where on attack, if you have another Megumin character on the stage, you may look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck for a [Magic] character, then ditch the rest.


Good Nice Explosion!” Megumin is a level 1 or lower reverser with hand encore.

“Quiet Today” Megumin gets +2000 power and +1 soul if Explosion Magic Everyday! is in your level zone. She also lets you discard a card on play to salvage her experience target.

Explosions Magic Everyday! cannot be played if you are higher than level 2 and your opponent is higher than level 1. When you play this event, you may ditch a [Magic] character from hand. If you do, put this in your level zone and explode your opponent perform the following action 6 times: “Deal 1 damage to your opponent.”

“Simultaneous Fire!!” Wiz gives all your level 3 or higher characters in front of this +2000 power. She has a CX Combo with Real Explosion Magic where if you have another Megumin(The actual card name, not a character with Megumin in name) you may pay 1 and ditch two cards to burn 5.

When “Calling for Sensei” Megumin attacks, if she is facing a level 3 or higher, she gains +6000 power. If she reverses her battle opponent and it’s level 2 or higher, you may pay 1 to salvage a character.

When Megumin is placed to the stage from hand,  look at the up to the top 3 cards of your deck, add one to your hand, then ditch the rest. She has a CX Combo with Real Explosion Magic where if this is in the front row, you may pay 1 to burn 4, then choose a level 3 or lower in front of this card, send it to your opponent’s clock, then rest this. (This means that Megumin will not attack.)

“Lich” Wiz gets -1 level in hand if you have 2 or less CX in WR. On play, you may heal. Also on play, your opponent may put a cost 0 or lower character from their WR onto the stage in any slot.

The CXs for the deck are Masochist Crusader(1k1 w/Shot Trigger) Thievery Skill(1k1 w/Bounce trigger) Real Explosion Magic(Red stock soul) Megumin’s Rival(Split 2k1)


Other cards that might be considered for this build, with the limitation of keeping it to mono-red and ::Magic:: trait.


“Serving Tea” Wiz (KS/W49-041),
“Super Archwizard” Wiz (KS/W49-045),
“Shaken” Megumin (KS/W49-047),
“Doll Horror” Megumin (KS/W49-050),
“Insufficient Mana” Wiz (KS/W49-052),
“Spell Chanting” Megumin (KS/W49-059).
“My Name Is” Yunyun (KS/W49-061),
– a
nd –
“Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin (KS/W49-T06)

It should also be noted that a variant of this deck could be built with the below card, but it is off trait and would probably want to warrant a look at choosing a different Level 1 climax combo.

Cabbage (KS/W49-057)

How to Play this Deck:

This deck’s main goal is to push damage at every level of the game and ending it with an explosive finish. Tools have been put in to allow this deck to mill through its own damage and search for setting up your end game, while including runners and many cost 0 characters to help build stock that is much needed for the deck’s end game.

This deck’s Level 1 game may seem a bit controversial, especially looking at the Level 1 event included. In exchange for 6 single instances of damage you Level yourself with it. The goal is to deal your opponent as much damage possible before their first refresh. The event, while it does level you, does give you 6 single instances of damage to help you with this goal and creates a +2 soul powerful beater in “Quiet Today” Megumin. (Did I mention she bonds for the event?!?)

The Level 2 game for this deck is very sparse, and only for certain match ups where the event was missed or soul damage rush just didn’t happen. Two early drop heal Wiz’s are included for healing off damage at Level 2, as well as a Level 3 slayer Megumin as a tech 1 to help maintain hand and power over things. Most games, though, you are simply going to be swinging with 1/0 characters for either climax combo plusses or extra damage, and then hanging on or looking to set up the Level 3 game.

The Level 3 game in this deck falls in the line of “Go big, or go home.” Your goal is 3 of the 3/2 Megumin and 1 2/1 Wiz assist, and enough stock and hand to light the finisher climax combo. The stock soul helps recoup a stock for the Megumin’s ability. The dream end game, of course, is an additional 2/1 Wiz assist added in the back row, but a bit unrealistic from a stock/hand perspective. The hope is to stick at least one burn out of the 4, and utilize the 3 psuedo “clock kick” abilities on the 3/2 Megumin to secure game. If it fails, the game is probably done, due to the fact that Megumin’s power level isn’t that great on defense and the lack of stock generated in that final turn to replay/relight anything on the next. It should be noted this finisher has a bad match up against decks that run a strong “hexproof” defense. In those games, players should seek to light Megumin and the 2/1 Wiz where there is no “hexproof” opponent, and then use the 3/2 Wiz’s to heal and attack as normal in those slots where Megumin can’t “clock kick”.


This deck is super greedy in terms of stock and damage dealt to you as the player. To this end, I’ve attempted to slim down my stock costs as much as possible, mostly focusing on 0 cost characters and characters with utility abilities that cost little to no stock. Also avoided have been counters, due to most of the counters being heavy on hand or spending a stock that just is better reserved for the end game. Even though there is a Wiz that has a pay 1, deal yourself a damage to retrieve a Level 1 or lower character from waiting room to help level you for lighting the event, I have avoided it due to not wanting to deal myself anymore damage than necessary.

While there are probably more viable builds in the series from a competitive standpoint, this deck is a soul rush deck that will upset a lot of decks out there in the meta. There are several sets that have a hard time coming back from a ton of damage being slung at them, especially if you push at Level 0 with 2 or 3 attackers early game. Use the hand plus/mill combo to maintain and filter your hand for your end game, and then swing for game with as many Explosions as you can light. Feel free to try teching in and exchanging some of the other cards considered for this build above to find the right fit for your playstyle.


Now if you are the type who just has to hit themselves as much as possible in a game, Darkness certainly can help you out with that. When I was looking through the yellow cards for the set, I noticed a few things:

  1. Darkness really loves to get hit. A lot.
  2. Chris, at level 0, offers a unique opportunity for card advantage that has little to do with the user’s skill.
  3. There are very few opportunities for card advantage, unless you are willing to hit yourself. A lot.

With these things in mind, I built the deck to go all in while also deliberately ignoring the Freeze card. I thought that Kazuma and his spread of cards did not quite contribute enough. However, his exclusion from the list here doesn’t mean that he isn’t viable. Freeze is probably a fun card, but with this deck, it doesn’t belong.

How to use this deck:

At level 0, instead of kiting opponents, the deck can throw a Darkness in front of any character. Hilariously, the power she gets from facing down a higher level character is significant and can actually prevent some damage. In practice, it’s not likely to, but it’s a fun thought.

Fans of GirlFriend Beta will recognize the character-recycling Darkness at level 0, but the real odd duck is “Decide How Much Your Own Panties Are Worth” Chris. This card is strange, because rarely do cards test the opponent’s skill as intensely as this card. Magic players may recognize this kind of effect as similar to Fact or Fiction. As the user, one hopes that it trades with a reverser or gets good damage in, and if one is lucky, the opponent calls for a 0, and then a 0 is milled. The issue here is that individual familiarity can actually make this card better or worse. At worst, it’s a vanilla that mills a card on play. At its worst, its viability is questionable. At best, it could be an Ancestral Recall. The card would be considered broken if its favorable outcomes appeared much more than its unfavorable outcomes. To that end, the card is balanced by its own randomness.

At level 1, the deck wants to pile on as much stock as it can, even if it means giving the opponent some stock once in a while.

At level 2, Darkness can come down early!

Wait wait, there’s no Model Knight Darkness in this list. Wow.

For those who are uncomfortable using the Panties Chris, a 4-for-4 swap with “Model Knight?” Darkness here is reasonable. There are a couple of reasons that she isn’t in this list:

  • The deck does not have overwhelming power at level 1, and doesn’t have many characters worth defending as a result
  • Players usually have early play level 3 characters anyway

So yes, at level 2, Darkness can come down early and begin the damage trades. Trading damage at level 2 is particularly crushing because as long as you haven’t lost (and have the resources), you can burn your opponent right back. This can create a scenario where you don’t need an extra turn to make up for lost damage.

At level 3, the plan remains trading damage with Darkness and healing if need be with Chris.

The deck is gimmicky, fragile, and aggressive, with a distinct lack of brainstorm abilities. There are plenty of effects to help you search things out, and very obscure ways to gain card advantage. Only a player truly dedicated to tanking damage would use something crazy like this! (Something like that)

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Ko-No-Su-Ba! Deck Techs (EXPLOSIONS & Useless Blue)

Welcome to another 9th CX deck tech! We are excited for KonoSuba, and Travis and Arin have shared with us a couple of deck lists in progress! These lists are going to be tested soon, and we hope for favorable results! Next week, we have Melanie and Michael weighing in on their takes. But for this time, let’s get to the lists!

Arin’s List
Deck Name: RIP Yunyun

Level 0 – 18:

3 “Specialty: Delusion” Darkness (KS/W39-007)
4 “Board Game” Megumin (KS/W49-037)
3 “Guide to Obtaining Skills” Megumin (KS/W39-038)
3 “Problematic Act” Megumin (KS/W49-040)
2 “Kind Goddess” Eris (KS/W46-074)
3 “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua (KS/W49-075)

Level 1 – 12

3 “Good Explosion!” Megumin (KS/W49-042)
3 “Sacred Create Water” Aqua (KS/W49-077)
4 “Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T05)
2 “Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin (KS/W49-T06)

Level 2 – 3

2 “Simultaneous Fire!!” Wiz (KS/W49-044)
1 “Calling for Sensei” Megumin (KS/W49-051)

Level 3 – 9

4 Megumin (KS/W49-035)
2 “Lich” Wiz (KS/W49-036)
2 “May You Be Blessed with Kind Encounters” Eris (KS/W49-072)
1 Aqua (KS/W49-073)

CX Spread

4 Explosion (KS/W49-T10)
4 Real Explosion Magic (KS/W49-067)

Travis’ List
Deck Name: Water Temple

Level 0 – 17:

4 “Kind Goddess” Eris (KS/W46-074)
4 “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua (KS/W49-075)
3 “Troublemaker” Aqua (KS/W49-071)
3 “Covered in Slime” Aqua (KS/W49-080)
3 “Typical Thing in This Kind of World” Aqua (KS/W49-R13)

Level 1 – 11:

4 “Kind Smile” Eris (KS/W49-076)
4 “Sacred Create Water” Aqua (KS/W49-077)
3 “Sacred Turn Undead” Aqua (KS/W49-078)

Level 2 – 6:

2 “Embarrassed” Eris (KS/W49-079)
2 “Pride of the Goddess” Aqua (KS/W49-T17)
2 Senpai Appears (KS/W49-097)

Level 3 – 8:

4 “May You Be Blessed with Kind Encounters” Eris (KS/W49-072)
4 Aqua (KS/W49-073)

CX Spread:

4 Resurrection (KS/W49-098)
4 Revive (KS/W49-099)

At level 0, these decks have the following characters:

“Specialy: Delusion” Darkness can give one of your characters +1000 power when you play a CX. You can also hit yourself pay 1, clock yourself from top of deck, and rest this to tutor for a [Adventurer].

When “Board Game” Megumin is placed to the stage from hand, you may ditch a CX to salvage an [Adventurer] or [Magic]. She is also a free runner.

“Guide to Obtaining Skills” Megumin gives all level 0 or lower characters in front of this +1000 power. She is also a pay 1 rest 2 salvage brainstorm.

When “Problematic Act” Megumin is placed to the waiting room from stage, you may ditch a card to look at the top 4 cards of your deck for a [Magic] character, then discard the rest.

When “Kind Goddess” Eris is placed to the stage from hand, you may give one other [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character +1000 power for the turn. When you play a CX, you may return her to hand to draw 1 ditch 1.

When “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua is placed to the stage from hand, you may put a card from hand into clock to tutor for up to one [Goddess] character.

“Troublemaker” Aqua gives your center slot hand encore. She also is a pay 1 rest this brainstorm to pull cost 0 or lower characters from WR to stage per CX.

When “Covered in Slime” Aqua becomes reversed in battle, you mill 2. If there was a level 2 or higher card among them, you may send this to stock.

“Typical Thing in This Kind of World” Aqua is a +500 assist to front and can give a character +1000 power when you play a CX.

At level 1, these decks have the following characters:

“Good Explosion!” Megumin is a level 1 or lower reverser with hand encore.

“Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin cannot side attack. She has a CX Combo with Explosion where on opponent reverse, you may salvage a character.

“Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin gets +500 for each of your other [Adventurer] or [Magic] characters and has clock encore.

“Kind Smile” Eris gets +1500 power when you play a CX. She has a CX combo with Revive where on CX play, if you control another [Goddess] character, you can put a cost 0 or lower character from WR to stage in any slot.

When “Sacred Create Water” Aqua is sent to WR from the stage, you may reveal the top 3 cards from your deck. If one or more is revealed this way, choose a [Goddess] character from them, add it to hand, ditch the rest of the revealed cards, then ditch a card from hand.

“Sacred Turn Undead” Aqua can’t front attack if she is facing a character with a higher level than her. She also sends her reversed battle opponents to memory. (This is a mandatory effect.)

At level 2, these decks have the following characters and events:

“Simultaneous Fire!!” Wiz gives all your level 3 or higher characters in front of this +2000 power. She has a CX Combo with Real Explosion Magic where if you have another Megumin(The actual card name, not a character with Megumin in name) you may pay 1 and ditch two cards to burn 5.

When “Calling for Sensei” Megumin attacks, if she is facing a level 3 or higher, she gains +6000 power. If she reverses her battle opponent and it’s level 2 or higher, you may pay 1 to salvage a character.

When “Embarrassed” Eris becomes reversed, if her battle opponent is a higher level than your opponent, you may send this card’s battle opponent to the bottom of your opponent’s deck. Also on play, you may pay 1 and discard two to put a character from WR onto the stage that is equal or lower than your level. 

“Pride of the Goddess” Aqua is a level assist. On play you may discard a card to look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck and add a [Goddess] character, then discard the rest.

Senpai Appears cannot be played if you don’t control a [Goddess] character. You may choose up to two [Goddess] or [Adventurer] characters and give them free encore.

At level 3, these decks have the following characters:

When Megumin is placed to the stage from hand,  look at the up to the top 3 cards of your deck, add one to your hand, then ditch the rest. She has a CX Combo with Real Explosion Magic where if this is in the front row, you may pay 1 to burn 4, then choose a level 3 or lower in front of this card, send it to your opponent’s clock, then rest this. (This means that Megumin will not attack.)

“Lich” Wiz gets -1 level in hand if you have 2 or less CX in WR. On play, you may heal. Also on play, your opponent may put a cost 0 or lower character from their WR onto the stage in any slot.

“May You Be Blessed with Kind Encounters” Eris gets -1 level in hand if you have “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites” Aqua in your clock. On play you may salvage a [Adventurer] or [Goddess]. Once per turn, when your center slot attacks, you pay pay 1 and discard 2 cards from hand. If you do, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is an [Adventurer] or [Goddess], stand this.

When Aqua is placed to the stage from hand, you may pay 1. If you do, your opponent chooses 2 CXs in their waiting room, then shuffles the rest of their waiting room into their deck. Your opponent cannot use BACKUP during this card’s battle. She also has a CX combo with Ressurection where on CX play, you may discard a card to put a [Goddess] or [Adventurer] from clock onto the stage in any slot.

CX Spread:

Red Stock Soul(Real Explosion Magic), 1k1 Pants(Ressurection), 1k1 Book(Revive), and Red Stock Soul(Explosion)

Note: Because these decks are works in progress, analysis will be kept to a minimum. We’ll only be providing our thoughts on the decks until a greater consensus has been established on the most viable deck configurations.

How do we play these decks?

Travis: At level 0, my deck wants to mill through a good portion of it using the Aqua brainstorm and on-reverse ability of the other level 0 Aqua. If I happen to benefit from those effects then it’s a bonus, but it’s primarily to get cost 0 characters into my waiting room for Level 1. The added hand encore to center can also let me discard combo targets that I would like to put onto the stage. Level 1 it’s a rinse and repeat of the Eris level 1 combo to pull cost 0 characters from stage to WR, while filtering using her level 0 bounce card and the level 1 Aqua that looks at top 3 when it gets sent from stage to waiting room. Level 2 is just utility, using the Eris to kill off early plays and the event to keep characters alive if needed. Level 3 I want to use the Aqua to pseudo-refresh my opponent’s deck and pair it with the Eris restand combo to seriously damage my opponent with a double god blow, and play cards for free from clock.

Arin: I have not tested this yet, so I don’t know if there are too many non-Magic targets in the deck. If this deck gets wrecked too hard at level 1, I’ll swap into the Yunyun combo for more power and replace the level 0 Eris with either reverses or Wiz salvage Rikis.

M: But as for running the deck, it looks like a pretty aggressive list. You have all the makings of hand sculpting as early as level 0, which is a plus, and the Megumin CX salvager isn’t level-locked. One of the potential downsides of the deck is that it needs to build its hand early on and maintain it. No free encore effects and an expensive level 3 means that the user will probably want to avoid using the 3-stock encore like the plague. (In this case, the 1/1 Megumin can’t really be counted as free because it takes a 1-stock investment.)

Having a reverser with hand encore can also be a trap. Yes, having a repeatable reverser is nice, but knowing when to use the effect is more important. Auto-encoring it every turn can be dangerous, especially if facing a deck that has on-reverse effects (of which there are many).

When playing the Megumin combo, you get the unique advantage of sidestepping attacking altogether. The most common things that will get around that are characters that can rearrange the board (e.g. Monogatari, Attack on Titan) and characters with hexproof (e.g. TLR). The one big downside to it is that it doesn’t generate stock. The amount of damage it deals can also make some players uncomfortable. After all, 3 is much more likely to hit than 4, but when one is trying to go for an EXPLOOOOOSION, one has to go big. Besides, there are plenty of other ridiculous cards in the set that we haven’t covered here this time around (Cabbage.dec anyone?), and there’s plenty of room to tinker.

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New Article Type – Decks Built Around A Single Card


Hey guys, I’m (Felix) here to share with you today the best deck that you clearly aren’t playing right now.

Literally the best deck.dek


1x Patches the Pirate

3x Small-Time Buccaneer

1x Black Lotus

4x Time Walk

3x Albert, Levin Saber

3x Pot of Greed

4x Marika, Maiden’s Heart

1x Dr. Boom

4x Mox Emerald

4x Mox Jet

4x Mox Ruby

4x Mox Sapphire

4x Mox Pearl

4x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

3x Bellringer Angel

3x Lord Atomy

4x Pendant of Promise

3x Babbling Book

3x Miyuki, Completionist General


Alright so now I’m going to go over exactly why these cards are in the deck even though like 99% of them need no introduction.

First off, the keystone of the deck, we have 1x Patches the Pirate.

This little fellow is like ok. He does 1 damage the turn he gets played and 1 every turn he doesn’t die afterwards. You kind of need to play a pirate to get value from him even if the 1 card deck thinning isn’t the most value. However, this entire deck is built around Patches. So I guess that makes him like, above average or something. Methinks.

If you’re not very lucky you will draw into Patches. But that is ok because he is cheap to play and still does basically the same thing as if you played him from your deck. However, If you do not wish to draw him I have a solution for you.

If you’re lucky, you can get like 2-3 damage from him over the course of the game which is like a Lightning Bolt or Crimson Sorcery’s worth of damage.

T: Felix, don’t play Patches the Pirate. Calling him good is a joke in itself. Just a swarm ability and haste? Where’s my stock generation? Mana dork abilities? Can this even break a life cloth with it’s low power? It doesn’t even do anything when it rides or is strided on. This is nowhere close to a 4 mana 7/7 that people would rather play to prevent Emrakul from wiping your field on turn 3. I’d rather get banished to the shadow realm from a Master Ball being thrown at my Gachamon than play this card. And if I was blind enough to play this card, My opponent wouldn’t even need to access cards in their bench to get all their prize cards. Give me something else other than that patchy garbage.

Actually, you know what? Just take him out of your deck. Put a Lightning Bolt in there instead.



Moving on we have 3x Small-Time Buccaneer.

Get it? Small-Time? Nevermind.

So this guy is supposed to get the Patches that we took out and then you slap a weapon on yourself and this little guy becomes a 3/2 which is amazing for 1 mana….what? Wait he was nerfed? Huh? Oh…. This card is really mediocre or something now? Well then….

Ok take this out of your deck as well. Put 3 more Lightning Bolts in your deck to replace it. They’re both 3 damage either way. MOVING ON!!!


Next we have 1x Black Lotus.

Why not a playset you ask? How many players can actually afford a playset of these? If you are the 1% of WS players who can afford a set of these then good for you, slap a playset of them in your deck. I want my list to be as accessible as possible to as many players as possible. I’m pretty sure most people have the money laying around for 1 of these, but not 4.

Anyways, there is no reason this card should not be in your deck. 3 mana on potential turn 1 is amazing. This combined with the other Moxen, shown later, can give you a 8 drop creature on turn 1. That’s like busted. Play this card.


Next up we have 4x Time Walk.

Wait… Hold On!

Uhh…. well this does the same thing technically.

There we go! I can do the thing! Anyways about this card. It clearly has worse art compared to DShift above. But Time Walk is much cheaper to cast. Honestly, you might be able to get away with running DShift in your deck since Moxen are non-creature spells. Up to you really. But extra turns is fun. At least when your opponent isn’t taking extra turns.


Next we have 3x Albert, Levin Saber.

Yes he’s pretty good looking. He is also 10 face damage. Face damage good. Albert good. Perfectly balanced card. Especially since there’s cards with ward. See, countered, problem solved. For those times there’s no ward, bam 10 face damage, or you could play him like turn 2 or 3 off some Moxen and Lotus and be even more degenerate.


Next we have 3x Pot of Greed

Draw 2 cards. For free. I’m in. I don’t know about you but I like to plus hand size. Also if you play this card, it helps you feel happy like that pot. Who doesn’t want to be a happy pot? Plus it helps you keep cards in hand for a certain card we all know and love.


Next we have 4x Marika, Maiden’s Heart

Everyone knows what this card does. Hint: a lot of damage.







Next we have 1x Dr. Boom

So this card is like pretty good. He makes 2 1/1s that deal 1-4 damage to a random target when they die. And by random I mean they deal 1 damage to the worse target possible when you play Dr. Boom and they deal 4 damage to the best target when your opponent plays Dr. Boom. If you want to keep part of your sanity, feel free to replace this with something like Nat Pagle.


Next we have 4x of Mox Emerald, Mox Ruby, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire.

I’m grouping these 5 cards together because they all do similar things. All 5 of them are free to play and they add 1 mana of their color to your mana pool. I have 4 of them here for each of these because they are more affordable than Black Lotuses. If you can’t buy all of them then just make do with what you have and toss in your favorite cards/waifus to replace them. But if you do have them you can easily play cards super ahead of curve. This way you can shift your curve up and not be punished too hard. Except when you flood out of these like land flooding, which sucks and will happen to you from time to time.


Next we have 4x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

Why is this card on the list? Because she’s my favorite.

So can you replace her with your favorite card? No.


Next we have 3x Bellringer Angel.



Next we have 3x Lord Atomy.

So this card wants you to have 4 cards out to play him for free. Easy, 4 Moxen and done. Or you can have a lotus, 6 Moxen as your starting hand, then draw him and play him on turn 1 on the draw or turn 2 on the play. Seems good enough for me. Until he gets removed. Then you’re just sad and should probably concede the game.


Next we have 4x Pendant of Promise.

Yes I know there are 4 versions. No, you only play this one. This one has Marika, aka best girl. And we need this for the other Marika card to be op.


Next we have 3x Babbling Book.

So the card reads add a random Mage spell. But really it adds a very timely Polymorth and Firelands Portal to your hand. Kek.


Finally we have 3x Miyuki, Completionist General.

+50 soul. Seems good to me. All you have to do is make sure your opponent won’t cancel. Then you insta win. Easy.


Now for the deck analysis.


Well you play OP cards and win the game. I don’t know what else to tell you. Oh! There is 1 thing that is super important. If your opponent tries to play a counter, like Counterspell or Force of Will, just tell them that you won’t allow it and they can’t cast it. Make sure to do this because otherwise your cards will get countered and then you don’t get to have fun. Fun is good. Make sure to have fun.



Hi Arin

If you have questions, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com stay calm and keep memeing. Be sure to sign up for our seasonal giveaway, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Konosuba TD+ Review

Welcome to a 9th CX TD review! We’re taking the TD+ from Konosuba, one of the first TD+s to come to WS!

Card images will be added later.

Here are the descriptions of the cards in the TD itself.

“Choosing the Goddess” Kazuma is a global 1000 to all other “Forced Along” Aqua and has a pay 1 bond for “Forced Along” Aqua.
“Parents’ Names” Megumin is a level 0 reverser that has an alternate pay 2 salvage when sent to waiting room.

Proud of Explosion Magic” Megumin gives +1 level and +1000 power to another [Adventurer] or [Magic] character on attack.

“Reason to Reject” Megumin is a pay 1 ditch 1 searcher for [Adventurer] or [Magic].
“Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin” cannot side attack and has a CX combo with “Explosion” where on opponent reverse, salvage a character.

“Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin gets +500 power for each other [Adventurer] or [Magic] and has clock encore.

“Ultimate Attack Magic” Megumin on play gets +1000 power for each of your [Adventurer] or [Magic] characters.

“Ostracized Forbidden Power” Megumin lets you take a blond stock on opponent reverse when you play a CX.

My Name Is Megumin salvages on play and gets +500 times the number of [Adventurer] or [Magic] characters you control on play.

“Immediate Openning for Party Member” Aqua gives your center slot +1500 power on defense and is a pay 1 rest this draw brainstorm.

“Typical Thing in This Kind of World” Aqua is a +500 assist and on CX play, you can give a character +1000 power.

“Thoughtless and Carefree” Aqua gets +1500 power if you have 6 or more cards in hand.

“Forced Along” Aqua is a useless goddess vanilla.

“Is Heaven a Wonderful Place” Aqua is a 3000 power backup.

“Pride of the Goddess” Aqua is a level assist with an on play Asuza ability for [Adventurer] or [Goddess]

“Goddess of Water” Aqua heals on play and gets 500 for each other [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character].

Sympathy of Believer of Eris searches for up to 2 [Adventurer] or [Goddess] characters.


CXs in the TD+ are:

Explosion(Red Stock Soul)

Kill Quest Start(1K1 w/Salvage Trigger)

Bonus for Transferring to an Alien World(+2 Soul)

The list itself is:

Level 0 – 18

2 “Choosing the Goddess” Kazuma (KS/W49-T01)

2 “Parents’ Names” Megumin (KS/W49-T02)
4 “Proud of Explosion Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T03)
2 “Reason to Reject” Megumin (KS/W49-T04)
4 “Immediate Openning for Party Member” Aqua (KS/W49-T12)
2 “Typical Thing in This Kind of World” Aqua (KS/W49-T13)
2 “Thoughtless and Carefree” Aqua (KS/W49-T14)

Level 1 – 10

4 “Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin” (KS/W49-T05)
2 “Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin (KS/W49-T06)
4 “Forced Along” Aqua (KS/W49-T15)

Level 2 – 10

2 “Ultimate Attack Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T07)
2 “Ostracized Forbidden Power” Megumin(KS/W49-T08)
2 “Is Heaven a Wonderful Place?” Aqua (KS/W49-T16)
2 “Pride of the Goddess” Aqua (KS/W49-T17)
2 Sympathy of Believer of Eris (KS/W49-T19)

Level 3 – 4

2 My Name Is Megumin (KS/W49-T09)
2 “Goddess of Water” Aqua (KS/W49-T18)

CX – 8

4 Explosion (KS/W49-T10)
2 Kill Quest Start (KS/W49-T11)
2 Bonus for Transferring to an Alien World (KS/W49-T20)


Deck Review (Short version)

M: Level-by-Level

Level 0 is a typical showing of a TD, with a mix of vanilla characters. However, the inclusion of Aqua’s Married Life (i.e. anything with support that gives power on CX play, a reference to the SAO card Asuna’s Married Life) shows the general increase in power. In the past, TDs have had vanilla supports, +500 to characters in front, with no other abilities. However, these vanilla supports have since been phased out because cards at that low power level are obsolete; even humble vanilla characters now can be seen with various interactions and combos.

At level 1, it’s Apples all around, looks like. (Reference: The original Madoka set contained a pair of cards, 2nd Year Sayaka and Kyoko Sharing an Apple, with the same effects.) It creates a solid level 1 power-oriented plan without being overpowered. It’s nothing to go nuts over, but it does set the tone for the power level of the TD. The best part about this seemingly ho-hum level 1 is that it has a combo at the same level to gain an advantage.

There are only a few things separating this TD+ from resembling a competitive deck:

  • A level 3 that does anything other than heal
  • Additional utility and stock advantage at level 0
  • A different source of card advantage, with or without a CX combo, either to gain cards in hand or stock

Granted, the set is going to have a lot more than what this TD has to offer. With TD+s no longer having 1-ofs that kill wallets and make Bushiroad sad with abandoned TDs, it’s possible that future TDs will have nothing or more to give to a set’s competitive build(s). Some cards to keep an eye on would be the double search event, the searcher, and the Married Life support.

T: The level 0 game looks like what a standard constructed deck may show, a brainstormer, assist, reversers, hand-filter, and a conditional beater. However, we also see an apples-type bond/assist effect that can wall up at level 1, and at least net you some stock generation until your opponent hits level 2. Having the hand plus combo in the same level can set up for an explosive level 2 game with assassin characters and gaining blind stock on reverse. All of this looks really good until you hit level 3. The deck has a set up for a competitive deck, but falters at the crucial moment where you want damage to stick the most. Just combining two of these decks together and taking a few things from the booster such as;

  • Search/Salvage brainstorm
  • A finisher
  • Early play
  • Early play remover(outside of the on play +1k per specific traited character(s) in this deck)
  • More hand filters

…can make this TD+ more solid than it looks now.

This TD+ looks cool, but the set looks even more promising. Are you looking forward to building a deck full of EXPLOOOOOSION?

If you have questions, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to sign up for our seasonal giveaway, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Persona 5 Deck Tech – G/B

Welcome to another 9th CX Deck Tech! Today we’re bringing you a take on a Green/Blue build for Persona 5. Special thanks to Jason S. for providing the list, and Travis for putting the article together.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards, but if needed, we will use in-house translations.

Onto the list!

Deck List:

Level 0 – 16:
4 Deal Made, Haru (P5/S45-041)
4 Futaba in Swimsuits (P5/S45-084)
4 Haru Okumura (P5/S45-029)
4 Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Makoto (P5/S45-106)

Level 1 – 8:
4 Artist of the Phantom Thieves, Yusuke – FOX (P5/S45-080)
2 Advance Notice (P5/S45-096)
1 “Owner” of Velvet Room, Igor (P5/S45-094)
1 “Card Copy” Yusuke (P5/S45-093)

Level 2 – 8:
4 “All-Out Attack” Haru – NOIR (P5/S45-032)
1 Champion Senpai of the End of the Century, Makoto – QUEEN (P5/S45-038)
1 Genius Hacker of the Phantom Thieves, Futaba – NAVI (P5/S45-086)
2 Advance Notice (P5/S45-046)

Level 3 – 10:
3 Navigation Role, Futaba – NAVI (P5/S45-076)
3 Haru & Milady – NOIR (P5/S45-027)
4 Makoto & Johanna – QUEEN (P5/S45-026)
CX Spread:
4 Adieu. (P5/S45-049)
4 You Think I’ll Forgive You!? (P5/S45-100)

At level 0, we have 16 characters:

Haru Okumura reveals the top card of your deck when you play a CX. If it is a [Phantom Thief] character, choose a character to give +1000 power until the end of your opponent’s turn. She also is a Clock Brainstorm(For each CX, choose a card in your clock, add it to your hand, the clock the top card of your deck)

Deal Made, Haru gets +2000 power if your control 1 or fewer characters in the front row. On attack, if you have 1 or fewr other characters, you may mill the top card of your deck. If it is a level 0 character, put it in the back row and that character gets [Coffee] until end of turn.

Futaba in Swimsuits is a global 500 to [Phantom Thief] and [Coffee]. If your opponent has a face down card in memory and damage dealt by a direct attack is not cancelled, you may pay and ditch 1 to heal.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Makoto goes to waiting room when your opponent plays a CX.

At level 1, we have 6 characters and 2 events:

Artist of the Phantom Thieves, Yusuke – FOX gets +2000 power once per turn when you play an event, and has a on play discard ability to put an “Advance Notice” from waiting room to hand.

“Card Copy” Yusuke gives a [Phantom Thief] character in the middle slot +2000 power. On play you may pay 2 to search (tutor) for a CX that you have a copy of in the waiting room.

If “Owner” of Velvet Room, Igor is the top card of your clock at the beginning of your main phase, you can look at your opponent’s hand.

When Advance Notice(Blue) is used, if your opponent does not have a face down card in memory, they choose a card in their hand, and place it face down in their memory. Then they may draw a card. It also gives 2500 power to a [Phantom Thief] character and “On opponent reverse, you may bottom deck this card’s battle opponent.”

At level 2, we have 6 characters and 2 events:

“All-Out Attack” Haru – Noir gets -1 level in hand if you have “Haru & Milady – NOIR” in your clock. She has a CX combo with “Adieu”: on CX play, if this is in the front row (center stage), put the top card of your deck into stock and this gets +1500 power until the end of your opponent’s turn.

Champion Senpai of the End of the Century, Makoto is a level assist. When damage dealt by an attacking character is not cancelled, if you have 3 or more other [Phantom Thief], [Student Council], or [Prosecution] character, you may pay 1 and ditch 1 to put a face down card in your opponent’s memory to clock.

Genius Hackre of the Phantom Thieves, Futaba – NAVI is a 2500 power back up with a pay 2 freefresh ability.

When Advance Notice(Green) is used, if your opponent does not have a face down card in memory, they choose a card in their hand, and place it face down in their memory. Then they may draw a card. This also gives of of your characters clock kick when it is played. After it is played, it is sent to memory.

At level 3, we have 10 characters;

During the turn Makoto & Johanna – QUEEN is played, you may discard a card to clock kick her battle opponent if it gets reversed. When this becomes reversed, you may pay 1 and reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a [Phantom Thief], [Student Council], or [Prosecutor], return this to your hand.

Haru & Milady – NOIR heals on play. When this is front attacked, you may pay 2 and discard 1 to give this the following ability for the turn; “Character facing this gets -2 soul”

Navigation Role, Futaba – NAVI is a global +1500 to other [Phantom Thief] or [Coffee] characters. When on of your other characters is attacked and you have 3 or more other [Phantom Thief] or [Coffee] characters, you may pay 1 and discard “You Think I’ll Forgive You?” to choose an opponent’s battling character, and that character cannot deal damage for the turn. This card also lets you scry when damage you take isn’t cancelled.

Climax Spread is split between green stock soul and pants(1k1):

T: What were your goals on building this deck?

J: Playtesting the set. My goals were to go through all the possible color combinations and climax combos while retaining the builds for further tweaking and improvement later on. This deck build was one of the first I attempted with the Persona set since the colors were not the same as the
Bushiroad-given deck (yellow/red). So in building this, the main goals were to playtest with the 2/1 green level 1 stock gen combo as well as a combination of the level 3 clock kick for finish and the level three anti damage back row.

T: How is this deck played?

J: At level zero your goal is the green clock brainstorms and playing the 0/0 that mills top to play more 0/0’s without depleting hand terribly. Another goal at level zero is to get the 3/2 green in clock early drop condition, to set up your clock upon hitting level one assuming you aren’t sent directly to level 2.

At level 1 you want to put blue in the level zone and clock the 3/2 early drop condition, if possible, to play some of your early drop 2/1’s the other option is to drop the 1/0 blue event salvager and pull the blue event into hand to get him power. The other goal is to light the 2/1 combo as many times as possible to compress your deck. This is where your 2/1’s staying on the board will generate not only stock but also hand.

At level 2 if you can continue to ride the 2/1 combo or play 1/0 if needed you can also play the 2/1 clock kick event to get increase damage.

At level 3 you want to drop your 3/2 green clock kicks and the 3/2 anti damage back row if possible. Also of note if the clock kicks get reversed you reveal top and if it’s a phantom thief they jump back to hand (although one of the problems with them in this build is they don’t hit super high powers; 13k without event/CX)


T: Are there any cards that you have wanted to try out and this build, and for what reasons?
J: I eventually plan to run through all the iterations of climax combos as well as cards for this color combination.

T: On a scale of 1-10:

T: How greedy is the deck, and why?
J: 8, because stock-wise the deck isn’t too greedy if it hits its combo and if it doesn’t it run into issues with both stock and hand due to the main pluses being clocking and brainstorming.

T: How difficult is the deck, and why?
J: 6, See above

T: How powerful is the deck, and why?
J: 6, clock kicks lack in finishing power in the current game state and due to the power issue on the clock kick. When the 2/1 combo goes off it compresses hard enough to raise the power of the deck substantially but with some consistency issues this lowers the power again.

If you have questions, please send us a message via Facebook or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com. Be sure to sign up for our seasonal giveaway, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Re: Visiting SAO; SAO Deck Tech G/B

Welcome to another 9th CX Deck Tech! SAO has gotten a Re:Edit version, and the deck is more accessible than ever! With new cards come more options, and Travis has been doing some crafting.

Special thanks to Travis for putting the article together. Translations can be found in the usual spots on Heart of the Cards, and in the case of inaccurate or unavailable translations, in-house translations will be used.

Let’s check out the list!

SAO Post Re:Edit v1.2

Level 0 – 18 cards:

4 Silica, Gathering Materials (SAO/SE23-07 -or- SAO/S47-051)
4 Kirito, Temporary Alliance (SAO/SE23-20 -or- SAO/S47-077)
4 Yuuki, Undefeated Super Swordsman (SAO/SE26-07 -or- SAO/S47-026)
3 Kirito, After the Battle(SAO/S47-113)
3 Sinon, Mission at Dusk(SAO/SE23-P01 -or- SAO/S47-122)

Level 1 – 11 cards:

4 Sinon, Temporary Alliance (SAO/SE23-21 -or- SAO/S47-078)
4 “Zekken” Yuuki (SAP/SE26-10 -or- SAO/S47-028)
2 Asuna, Vice Guild Leader(SAO/S20-010 -or- SAO/S47-007)
1 Sinon, Challenge to the Strong (SAO/SE23-P08 -or- SAO/S47-123)

Level 2 – 5 cards:

2 “Machine of Ice” Sinon (SAO/SE23-T15 -or- SAO/S47-079)
1 Leafa, Gathering Materials (SAO/SE23-06 -or- SAO/S47-041)
1 “Dicey Cafe” Gilbert(SAO/S47-118)
1 Sinon, Adventuring with Everyone(SAO/S47-119)

Level 3 – 8 cards:

4 Sinon, the Last Strike(SAO/SE23-24 -or- SAO/S47-076)
2 Kirito, to Obtain the Holy Sword (SAO/SE26-29 -or- SAO/S47-080)
2 Leafa, Adventuring with Everyone(SAO/S47-107)

CX Spread:

4 Phantom Bullet (SAO/SE23-35 -or- SAO/S47-098)
4 Mother’s Rosario (SAO/SE26-20 -or- SAO/S47-048)

Since the new Re: Edit booster features cards from previous boosters, i’m going to ignore the cards that have been reprinted and introduce the new cards in this deck that have been released in this set;

Kirito, After the Battle once per turn can give on of your characters +500 power whenever you use a startup ability. He also has a new type of brainstorm ability where for each CX you hit, you may draw up to 2 cards, and then discard 1.
Probably one of the strongest brainstormers in this set, aside from the previous Sleeping Knights brainstorm released in the Mother’s Rosario EB. It fixes one of the biggest problems I’ve had with this deck before Re: Edit of having 2-3 CXs in my hand almost every turn with the only discard outlet being this Sinon brainstorm from the GGO EB. He can hand fix, and plus your hand in the same sentence. Not to mention the extra +500 power he gives when you use a startup once per turn give back ups in the set a little extra boost.

“Dicey Cafe” Gilbert
 is a 2.5k backup. When you use his backup, you may pay 2 and discard an [Avatar] or [Net] character to bottom deck a character on your opponent’s field with a higher level than your opponent’s.
Finally, SAO gets an anti-change backup. It doesn’t sac a character like other anti-change backups do, but it still gets the job done of getting an early play off your opponent’s field. Plus with the Kirito brainstorm, this backup becomes a 3k backup.

Sinon, Adventuring with Everyone gets +1k  per other [Avatar] or [Net] character on attack for the turn if she is facing a level 3 or higher character. On play, you can also pay 1 and ditch a CX to salvage a CX.
Check Six got an upgrade in this set, with the added ability of salvaging a CX so you can set up Sinon at level 3. Considering a main CX in the deck is a gold bar, having a CX in hand for her on play ability is a walk in the park.

Leafa, Adventuring with Everyone
gets +500 power per other [Avatar] or [Net] character. On entry, you can look at the top X cards of your deck, where X is the number of [Avatar] or [Net]  characters you control, select a card to add to your hand, then ditch the rest. During both players turns, when she reverses her battle opponent you can discard 2 characters from your hand and clock kick her battle opponent.
Cross-turn clock kick is leagues above the previous level 3 clock kick Yuuki from the Mother’s Rosario EB. Her condition is stockless so you can save your stock to pay for backups, or perform more instances of Sinon’s burn combo. Added in with Machine of Ice and the Kirito Brainstorm, this card is a force to be reckoned with and makes your opponent have some tough decisions whether to front attack her or not.

Cards I have considered for this build:
Note: Cards that are new will have translation text, reprinted  cards will not.
Silica, Straightforward Trust (SAO/S20-051 -or- SAO/S47-058)
Considering how much I would be milling through my deck, I pondered adding this card in as a consideration so I can grab back characters I may need at the current moment. She could also double as another attacker since her brainstorm ability doesn’t need her to rest, only two other characters.

Sinon, in the Midst of Sunlight Through the Leaves(SAO/SE23-19 -or- SAO/S47-083)
A viable option for a brainstormer, considering her defensive buff as well as a spammable search/hand filter brainstorm. I don’t think this will make an appearance in future builds of this deck since it doesn’t plus, but I would love to be proved wrong.Sinon, Angered(SAO/SE23-31 -or- SAO/S47-094)
A costed 2k back up lets me pay out any blind stock or CX I may have triggered in my previous attack. Plus if I am close to refresh and know I’m out all 8 from my deck, it wouldn’t hurt me that bad to use this to force a refresh and possibly cancel an oncoming attack. It also could help me with damage pockets as well.

“Sleeping Knights” Talken & Nori & Jun (SAO/SE26-09 -or- SAO/S47-27)
A search brainstorm may benefit the deck, so this card will always be in consideration when brewing with SAO, but since in this current build I don’t run many Yuuki or Asuna cards for the first effect to benefit from, I decided to give the Kirito brainstorm a shot over this one for now.

Leafa, Time Limit(SAO/SE26-15 -or- SAO/S47-34)
Her global assist ability is always helpful, but I couldn’t use this and brainstorm in the same turn without playing over some backrow cards to do so. Her search ability is nice, but I have Zekken to give me that ability instead.

Sinon, “Cait Sith” Archer (SAO/SE26-34)
Her defensive global ability can offer some serious defensive power, especially with the new clock kick Leafa. Plus her on play ability can help filter out unwanted CXs in hand for more useful cards.

Kirito, Life-Risking Seriousness (SAO/S47-114)  On play top checks for [Avatar] or [Net] to get +2k for the turn. When he is sent to the waiting room, you may reveal up to the top 3 cards of your deck. If one or more is revealed in this fashion, add up to 1 [Avatar] or [Net] card from them to your hand, send the rest of the revealed cards to the waiting room, then ditch a card.
This Kirito offers more milling power for my deck, and yet another filter option. His reveal top ability may give me some decent information on whether to brainstorm or not, and can sub in for a decent beater. His on death ability also works really well to filter out unwanted CXs from hand with one of the revealed cards. Defensive presence he doesn’t offer much, but may be ran in future builds as a tech 2-of.

Sinon, Fear in Her Eyes (SAO/S47-116) prevents the use of events or backups for her controller.
It’s a beater yes, but I would need to get her off my field ASAP before my opponent hits level 1, otherwise decks that have on reverse abilities don’t even need to worry about backups.

Deck breakdown:

At level 0, the deck does need to rely on clocking each turn to replenish hand size, with the use of  Kirito, Temporary Alliance to keep a board presence and use both Silica, Gathering Materials and Yuuki, Undefeated Super Swordsman to take care of any beaters or walls your opponent. Silica also is used to filter out your hand to grab level 1 pieces and the ability to get a guaranteed brainstorm as well. Kirito, After the Battle can be used to hand plus, but should be used only if you can successfully hit 1 knowingly.

Level 1 things start to pick up with “Zekken” Yuuki‘s hand plus combo. A good target to look for at the start is Sinon, Challenge to the Strong since the Yuuki plus combo can provide hand encore fodder in the case she gets reversed. Kirito, After the Battle makes more of an appearance here, since on defense he can give an extra 500 boost to backups and keep your field alive without using encore effects.  Plus, since you’ll be pulling out damage with the Zekken combo, using his brainstorm ability to filter out possible CX triggers and mill through your deck will benefit more here.

Level 2 is mainly using level 1 attackers to deal damage. “Dicey Cafe” Gilbert is there to take care of early plays on your opponent’s end, in case Sinon, Adventuring with Everyone isn’t in hand. Again, since a gold bar is a primary trigger in the deck, she can also switch out any gold bar in hand with Phantom Bullet, in case it is not in hand already. “Machine of Ice” Sinon is there for providing assist power, while also denying your opponent events or backups on selected characters.

Level 3 is giant shots of damage, with a clock kick to keep board pressure. Leafa, Adventuring with Everyone is used as a final attack, or whenever you can guarantee the final point of damage with her clock kick. Sinon, the Last Strike is the primary damage dealer here while Kirito, to Obtain the Holy Sword is your defensive power. Sinon, you’d want to discard a CX for her cost unless you have enough characters to still use Leafa’s clock kick. Ideally, a full hand size has been kept up with the use of Kirito, After the Battle coupled with the fact that Leafa and Kirito replace themselves when they are played. Leafa, Gathering Materials can be used on defense mainly here to filter out a CX to give you 2 character cards for if you get a reverse with the Leafa level 3.

Question Time!

M: Some sets (e.g. Re:Zero) have now begun to feature these more punishing level 0 4000 power beaters. They can crush almost anything in the way, and they offer some potential card advantage for the early game. What do you think about running both the 4k Sinon level 0 alongside the Kirito runner? There are probably cuts that could be made, like going down to 3 of each reverser as a start.

T: The idea has crossed my mind to try and implement the Sinon beater in a version of the build, but with this current build I’d have to go with dropping a Silica and Kirito runner. I run just enough green to see it in my clock when I hit level 1 and taking out one of each reverser would be pushing my luck on that.

M: That seems fair. There is also a small case to be made about varying the brainstormers to give some degree of flexibility. Past winning decks within this series have been known to run 1-of brainstorm variants – would it be too much of a risk to do a 1 for 1 swap with a Sleeping Knights brainstorm? (as an example)

T: A variant I have thought would be 2 search brainstorms, 1 draw/ditch, and 1 salvage.

M: And some would call you a little crazy for inviting such inconsistency.

T: Having both a one of the salvage and draw brainstorm give me a little more flexibility if a situation were to arise that I need to search a secondary brainstorm with Zekken. Since all the brainstorms in that variant require any two characters to be rested, I could just use one of the unneeded brainstorms as a body to throw damage at my opponent.

M: A fair point, but I’m not sure fans of consistency will exactly agree.

Editor’s Note: Real life has gotten in the way of finishing this article properly, so if we have more, we will add it here after!

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2k1 Theory

Good evening! Melanie here from 9th CX with a reflection and some playtesting on two decks to share with you.


It’s become apparent that decks that have climax combos with the following effect:

“When you play this climax, draw a card, and choose a character receive +2000 power and +1 soul for the turn.”

a.k.a, 2k1, have seen a decline in playability.

A photo of a 2k1 in the wild being denied

Earlier in the game, they were seen as a decent climax type because 1.) they replaced themselves in hand with a card draw, and 2.) they helped power up a character to get over an opponent. This type of climax is starting to show its age. Firstly, the lack of a global +1 soul to all characters on the board is a huge concern due to the need to push damage. Soul damage, i.e. damage dealt to players, is how you win in Weiss Schwarz, and while denying hand or field advantage can play a role in game victories, pushing damage and getting it to stick is the true goal. Secondly, the two soul trigger is less desirable in many deck types, especially those that run some type of global soul climax at Level 3 (such as the many variants of “+1000 power and +1 soul to all characters”) because of the tendency to over swing. Even decks that capitalize on the newer “Card of X color from waiting room to stock and +1 soul to everyone” are wary of this problem occurring since that climax runs the same type of trigger.

Oh Nao you tell us

Recent set design has actually been avoiding this climax, relegating it the Climax Common (CC) slot and comboing it with less powerful, but still playable, cards. Series such as Rewrite Anime that are getting continued support, have seen them not printed at all again due to the fact that they already exist in earlier sets. Some other recent series, such as Is the Order a Rabbit??, have seen them printed in TDs in some colors only. This is speculation, and the shift is more likely due to incorporating new climax types that are seeing play at the competitive level, there has been some judging and avoiding of some card combos because they do combo off of a 2k1. Also, some climaxes that have alternate types per climax name available have seen a slight spike in price if they are a limited promo (PR) that gives global soul damage.


While global soul damage may always be ideal, there are ways to make cards that have good climax combos with 2k1’s playable and competitive viable today. Taking some research from two recent deck builds that I have play testing throughout the previous summer and fall, I have found that there are ways to make this climax type at least mid-range competitive today. Let’s take a look at two decks that, in theory, shouldn’t work but have tournament records that prove otherwise.


Mono-Red Rabbit House (Pre-Extra Booster)

Tournament Record: 20 wins out of 23 games

Notable Losses: [email protected] CG Trancing Pulse and Card Game Shiyoko

Notable Wins: Persona 5 (Y/R focus), Rinne, and Kantai Collection (updated with set 3 card, G/R focus)


Level 0 – 17

4 “Rabbit Ear Parka” Cocoa (GU/W44-032)

3 “Dignified” Rize (GU/W44-034)

4 “Report that Brings a Smile” Cocoa (GU/W44-036)

4 Pitcher Rize (GU/W44-053)

2 “A Little Cool” Chino (GU/W44-T13)


Level 1- 13

4 Cocoa Very Drunk (GU/W44-037)

4 “Pretty Look” Rize (GU/W44-038)

2 “Invitation” Rize (GU/W44-043)

1 “Twintail Girl” Rize (GU/W44-T05)

2 “Greeting” Rize (GU/W44-P05)


Level 2- 4

1 “Guardian of Roses and Explosions” Rize (GU/W44-045)

2 “Suspicious” Rize (GU/W44-047)

1 Chino in a Maid Outfit (GU/W44-085)


Level 3- 8

4 “Rabbit Ear Parka” Rize (GU/W44-033)

2 “For My Little Sister” Cocoa (GU/W44-039)

2 Cocoa in the Wood-Framed Town (GU/W44-T10)


Events- 0


Climaxes- 8

4 Fluffy Hunter (GU/W44-065)

4 Helper, Wild Black Horse (GU/W44-067)


Older cards that were considered for this build:

Rize in the Wood-Framed Town (GU/W44-035)

Puppy Cocoa (GU/W44-044) * If you do not like clock encore or don’t have access to the 1/1 Rize PR *


New cards that should be considered for this build:

Rize, Being Herself (GU/WE26-020)

Cocoa, Going Together (GU/WE26-021)

Rize, Club Helper! (GU/WE26-030)



Some of the new cards in this set at first glance seem like they should be ‘gold starred’ for this build. In reality, they don’t have any synergy with the concept of this deck and in playtesting didn’t work out. Feel free to try them out, as they may work out for you and your playstyle/preferences.

Chino & Cocoa, Good to Have Met (GU/WE26-018) and Pillow Fight (GU/WE26-032): This is a very powerful finish combo that has seen play in the newer competitive decks of this series. In attempting to slot it into this build, I found that it’s finish had a likely chance of failing due to the ditch 2 cards from hand cost requirement. This deck cycles its hand, and while it can build an excess, it usually does not. This combo didn’t fit the playstyle of this deck for me personally and I feel is a better fit with the Chino “Shimakaze” clone.

“Present Exchange” Rize (GU/WE26-019), Cocoa Get Well Visit (GU/WE26-023), and Chino Being Playful (GU/WE26-035): It would seem that this pairing would be more optimal as an early drop trio than the old 3/2 early drop Cocoa salvage combo, but not for this deck. This pair eats too much stock (3 to early drop Rize), despite the benefit of the heal, and even though some assist power on the brainstorm would be nice the search brainstorm Chino works counter to what this deck does. This deck mills and salvages so much that it wants to turn our waiting room into an extension of our hand. While the search brainstorm is a compression search on hit that still mills, the reality is that this deck mills so much that half the time my search targets were in the waiting room and I was sitting there wishing I had my salvage brainstorm. The scry effect on the 1/1 Rize assist is also needed to help set up and make the chances higher for hitting the 3/2 Rize’s on play burn ability.

Rize Being Ladylike (GU/WE26-022), Rize, Big Transformation! (GU/WE26-026), and Liberal Interpretation of Phantom of the Opera (GU/WE26-033): As much as I like the idea of the swap for power and plus combo these two Rize’s can pull off, as well as the potential for a plus off of the stock soul salvage combo, these cards didn’t perform as well as I wanted in playtesting. They monopolized tech spots at Level 1 and had difficulty pulling off initial chain swap unless I went to Level 1 first with a very precise hand. The combo itself isn’t bad at all, just didn’t fit the synergy of this build. Definitely worth considering for Rize waifu and other deck builds for this series.*

Mocha, Big News (GU/WE26-027): This is a great Level Assist that pumps all Level 3’s in front of her, turns our healer from the TD into a big wall, and hand filters to get the healer back. A solid card. While she can be salvaged by many effects in the deck, she still causes problems with not having [Rabbit House] trait by interfering with the 0/0 Rize’s mill combo and the top check to burn Rize. Too risky to run with any consistency.*


How to Play This Deck:

This deck does take some hefty risks on both its plus combo and it’s end game finisher, but interestingly enough it ends up working out. This deck is a mill deck that seeks to turn your waiting room into an extension of your hand. This allows late game some interesting teching of Level 2 counters, and allows you to filter through your hand pretty easily if you get climaxes stuck in your hand before your multiple refreshes. In playtesting this deck, in 7 games the deck had refreshed at the end of turn 2, and in 10 additional games had refreshed by the end of it’s first turn. The deck seeks to compress by milling and hopefully plussing through your mills, refreshing early which naturally leads to a more compressed deck no matter what you do, and then repeating the cycle.

At Level 0 this deck pushes soul damage early game by committing heavily to the field. Most times any higher level cards that are not Level 0’s will be discarded from the opening hand as there is a chance they can be salvaged back early in the game. Optimal turn one plays are either the TD draw/ditch a card Chino or the mill Level Reverser RR Cocoa. Turn two at Level 0, if it happens, ideally sees the 0/0 Rize’s climax combo in hand coupled with at least one brainstorm Cocoa. I try to get as many of the 0/0 Rize’s as possible so that I can mill through the deck and potentially plus off of it. The 2k1 at Level 0 lets me get over wall characters, replaces itself in hand, and allows me to mill through the deck at any Level for either a chance at plus, milling through damage, or milling through climaxes I don’t want to trigger.

Level 1 this deck seeks to wipe its opponent’s board capitalizing the on the 1/0 Level Reverser Cocoa with hand filter, the 1/0 6500 Rize that usually can be a 7000 with the global 0/0 Rize assist in the back row, and the 1/1 clock encore PR Rize that on attack usually hits at 8500 with back row. I usually try to play any extra climaxes I get in hand, and also use the brainstormer to keep hand up. The clock encore Rize allows me to preserve hand with a decent size attacker if she becomes reversed on defense, although some players will prefer to swap this out for a hand encore character if they don’t like the clock encore dealing them damage. For my play style I found that the hand encore didn’t work in this deck as it hurt hand too much.

Level 2 can run two ways. With the right combo pieces, it is possible to early drop the 3/2 Cocoa that on play salvages a Rabbit House or Bread Character and then also has the climax combo with the new climax type “Draw a card. Choose two of your characters and give them +1 soul for the turn” (i.e. split soul) that allows for a hand filter to salvage 2. Sometimes, though, depending on how the game has gone you may not want to commit the stock to this. At this point I fall back on the 2/1 Rize that can take out early drop Level 3’s and preserve stock by using the 1/0 Rize’s and clock encored 1/1 Rize’s from the previous level. It is also possible, against “on reverse” decks to take advantage of the Level 0 tech in this deck, play a bunch of tech cards, crash your board, and cause your opponent to overswing (though this is a risky option).

Level 3 in this deck will pinpoint heal with the TD Cocoa, tech salvage back what you need with the 3/2 Cocoa if you didn’t drop her early at Level 2, and play as many of the 3/2 Rize finisher as possible. Even though her 2nd ability is very iffy to pull off, the on play burn effect that can be set up with the 1/1 Rize Level assist for a higher chance to hit. Building enough stock in this deck is tricky, but in 8 games I was able to pull of the on attack, pay 6 to burn 5. For most games, though, the on play reveal top to burn was enough of a finish to push the game to a close.

Little Busters! Y/B

Tournament Record: 32 wins out of 38 games

Note: 14 of these tournament games took place during the 2016 Nationals Qualifying Regional Season. This deck placed 9th at a 28 player regional in Indianapolis, and 5th at a 4 seat available regional in Columbus of about 19 players. At a regional in North Carolina, however, it did pretty poorly, finding bad match ups against the Monogatari series and To Love Ru.

Notable Losses: Monogatari Series (Several Variants), To Love Ru (Animals/Spirit Build), and Railgun (Post-Restriction List Lift, Pre-Power Up: Although it should be noted that with Power Up it will also probably still make this deck cry.)

Notable Wins: [email protected] CG Trancing Pulse (Several Wins), To Love Ru Aliens, Mono-Blue Rabbit House (Pre-Extra Booster), and Puyo Puyo (Several Build Variants)


Level 0- 18

2 “Costumed Mascot” Sasami (LB/W06-003)

2 “Optimistic Magic” Komari (LB/W02-E03)

3 Komari, Heart-thumping Donuts (LB/WE21-04)

3 Haruka, Water Shot (LB/W06-051)

4 “Shadowless Girl” Midori (LB/W06-082)

4 “Little Busters” Riki (LB/W21-065)


Level 1- 10

4 “Sunset-colored Feelings” Rin (LB/WE18-03)

2 “Pleasantly Cute” Komari (LB/W02-079)

4 “Away from this Life” Mio (LB/W06-091)


Level 2- 2

2 Yuiko in Maid Uniform (LB/W06-011)


Level 3- 10

4 “Step to Courage” Rin (LB/W21-001)

2 Kyousuke, Stage On! (LB/WE21-03)

4 Mio in Maid Uniform (LB/W06-081)


Events- 2

2 Farewell Yukichi!! (LB/W21-078)


Climaxes- 8

4 My Best Puppet Show (LB/W21-018)

4 We Should Date (LB/WE18-15)


Cards that probably should be in this build but aren’t:

“Godly Poor Control” Rin (LB/W02-017)

We Should Date (LB/W02-101)

“Little Busters” Rin (LB/W21-005)

“New Bond” Rin (LB/W21-009)

“Good Friends” Komari & Rin (LB/W21-032)

Kud, Playing Catch With Pillows (LB/WE21-13)

Mio, Unchanged Song, Unchanged Sky (LB/WE21-24)


How to Play This Deck:

At first glance, this deck probably shouldn’t have won any games. The reality is though, that while there are some definite tech options to deal with other decks and anti-heal would make this deck cry, this deck flat out doesn’t care what your opponent does half the time. It runs its own compress game engine and seeks to just keep using tech to either search out cards to play late game or to filter through the hand. Also, it turns out that while crashing your board most turns is playing a dangerous game of “Pray to Cancel”, it can also deny the plethora of on reverse abilities in the playing field.

Level 0 is where you want to capitalize on pushing soul damage with early attacks, taking out your opponent’s board (this is one of the few levels you can do that!), and using all of the various tech options Little Busters has available for hand plussing. The 0/0 Komari stock reverser is great against runners and Yuu from Charlotte, and her stock bomb effect can punish players for leaving Hibiki from Kantai or Yuu from Charlotte out on the board instead of crashing them. Riki is can search for either the 1/0 plus combo Rin, the 0/0 Mio bond, or the 0/0 Haruka Brainstormer for hand filter. If stock is clean, though, in some games I will wait to capitalize on some of these effects until later as this deck does eat a ton of stock. The 0/0 Komari assist is for certain match ups, like Railgun and Kiznaiver, that want to blow up your board. It allows you to keep your front row late game against these decks to use the anti-damage counter in at least two slots.

Level 1 is a mix of old and new Little Busters. The 1/0 Rin plus combo that on attack with the 2k1 or the +2 soul PR searches for a Level 2 or higher is a staple in many deck variants. The 1/0 Mio though is a bit of an older card that saw limited play in some variants of the old Stardust Himuro heal loop deck. She’s a 1/0 5000 that has the ability if she has [Glasses] trait, on reverse, send her to Memory. The 0/0 Midori that has a pay 1 to bond for her gives all characters with “Mio” in the name [Glasses] trait. Essentially, depending on your hand situation or how you Leveled, you can either light the 1/0 combo search Rin or can bond back the 1/0 Mio’s so that on reverse they go to memory.

Level 2 in this deck is super awkward until this set gets a power up set (unlikely, but I can hope!). Most times the deck has already refreshed, but if you haven’t and have 6 climaxes or more in waiting room you can early drop the 3/2 Kyosuke that has Musashi burn. Otherwise, I usually like to preserve stock if I can for Level 3 and will either relight the search Rin combo if I have the pieces, or crash 1/0 Mio’s into my opponent’s board so that they go to memory and help compress. It is also an option to drop the 2/1 Maid Yukiho and the 0/0 Sasami that gives +3000 to Level 2’s or higher to get over things.

Level 3 is very stock intensive, but essentially everything heals and/or compresses. Firstly, I will use the 3/2 Maid Mio to not only heal, but send her to memory to pull out maid traits (herself, the 2/1 Yukiho, or ideally the 1/0 Komari). If I have the climax, I will play the 3/2 Rin’s that heal on play, that become 14000 on their own with the punish burn climax combo. It’s possible to use the 0/0 Sasami to make her or the Maid Mio’s larger, but as this is a tech card, I typically don’t worry about it. No on reverse is necessary for the finisher in this deck, and we really only leave characters on the board at this level to use the anti-damage counter to prevent damage. Hopefully the deck is compressed enough at this point that you are able to repeat this cycle to a small extent. As this deck eats a lot of stock, though, the final turns of this game sometimes end up being playing a healer Mio, searching free play 1/0 Komari’s or another healer, and then crashing the board for pinpoint damage.

I’m going to mention it now: Yes, I probably ought to be running the +2 soul PR “We Should Date” climax in this build. There are plenty of decent Level 0 and 1 green cards that can be teched in to splash the green necessary and this would enable siding for more pinpoint damage, or fronting for more soul damage push.  I do own the climax, so it wasn’t the cost of it that was preventing me from running it. This build eats through it’s hand pretty fast with all of the crashing due to power creep recently, so the 2k1 being able to replace themselves in hand help. The siding tactic really isn’t so great because it allows people to relight their on reverse combos for plusses. This set has Level 1 counters, but many of the better ones cost stock better spent on other things and the only 1/0 +2000 counter in the set is looking for a [Sports] trait character on stage (primarily Sasami and Kengo in this set) to activate. There is also a color issue, as the +2 soul is green and the Rin is yellow. I have been finding, more and more lately, that I prefer mono-colored Level 1 games. Yes I lose some tech options, but more often than not I do have to level myself to Level 1 and am stuck with missing a turn on my plus combo.


How these Decks are Winning Games:

These decks both have three things in common that are allowing them to still push enough soul damage to win games. Firstly, it should be noted that the 2k1 climax combos are at early Levels in the game (0 and 1 respectively) that are not ideal. However, there are some things these two deck builds are doing that allow this to not be a problem.

These decks are both running a slightly larger Level 0 tech game that encourages attacking more at Level 0. This pushes soul damage early, and helps combat the problem that both decks have in needing more stock build to do what they want to do.

Count the number of triggers on cards including climaxes. These decks are running a larger than normal number of cards that have soul triggers. Honestly, this is the secret success to these decks. The Mono-Red Rabbit House deck is running 14 soul triggers on characters plus 8 +2 soul triggers to equal out to 22 triggers. That means that 44% of the deck has some type of additional soul trigger. The Little Busters deck is running 12 triggers, 4 single triggers on the punish burn climax, and 4 +2 soul triggers on the 2k1 climax for a total of 20 triggers, or 40% of the deck. These triggers in both builds, especially the Rabbit House deck, are getting put back into the deck to trigger after refresh. The punish burn trigger is especially effective in Little Busters because that gives us another finish option for triggering an additional soul.

Compression happens in any game of Weiss naturally, and sometimes doesn’t work out the way we wish, but these decks do it decently well in most match ups. Rabbit House does it through milling and refreshing more times in a game than typical, while the Little Busters deck does it by sending non-trigger cards to memory early game. True, this can backfire and cause us to trigger our climaxes, but in most cases we won’t be overswinging in this deck. Yes, it can still happen. Both decks, though, pay out a lot of stock throughout the game for their effects. This makes it pretty easy to pay out triggered climaxes both early and late game to prevent them from getting stuck.
True, these builds aren’t going to stand up to some of the bigger meta decks all of the time and have match ups that are extreme disadvantages. Yes, there are stronger builds in these series that will continue to see competitive play. But these decks have proven through play that they are capable of holding their own in the competitive scene even with running 2k1 climaxes early game. While they many not always be ideal, keep in mind they can work out in your deck builds if they have decent combos even if they are early game.

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Rewrite the Methods of Brewing in Weiss


Terrible titling puns aside, Melanie from 9th CX is here with a slightly different type of article that will come back a few times in the next 6 months.

Tonight we’re going to take a look at brewing with a new set, and I would like to share several lists and how I handle building decks in Weiss. Deck building, or brewing, is a very personal process. The bottom line is that I am going to present the way I build with a new Weiss set, but realize there is no one way to approach building new decks. Every person goes about it a bit differently, and I believe no one is outright wrong. Some players, however, may be curious to see how I approach the process, while others may be looking for inspiration to develop their own skills as a player in this area.

I just purchased a case of Rewrite Anime, and as some readers will know, I am a huge Key Anime fan (alongside my obsession with Shaft Anime). I pretty slow at putting out deck techs because I go through an extended building and playtesting process before I like to share my builds. Of late I have been really bad about this, as I like to play and adjust most decks about 20 to 4o times before publishing. So this time, in the interest of getting some new lists out near the release date of the set I will be sharing my deck building and testing process of 6 different deck builds. These lists I will be sharing with you tonight are rough drafts. Typically what I do then is take these rough drafts and start playing games against a variety of decks, keeping track of various statistics and making notes of cards I like and don’t like synergies on.

This time, I’m going to share these rough drafts with you instead of waiting until the end of the process, as well as my statistics Google Doc for these builds. Over the next few months you’ll get to see the inputs on my statistics, changes I make to the builds as they evolve, and how I arrive at finalized builds. I’ll update with articles here too, but you can also follow the real time updates of all of my lists here.

(Note: We will be embedding the spreadsheets into the article at the bottom soon.)

Rules I Use for Brewing New Decks

Everyone does it differently, but I find it a lot easier when I begin building with a set to do the following things. Here are my personal rules for beginning to build decks with a set.

  1. When a set is announced begin looking at previous sets and making note of staple cards that may be useful in new builds. This can be a bit harder than it may first appear, but in the excitement of a new Weiss Schwarz set being announced I begin to review older cards from previous sets if the series is a sequel set like Rewrite Anime. I look for tech Level 0 and 1 cards like Riki clones, Brainstormers, Level Reversers, Runners, Vanilla +1500 1/0 counters, and cards that on play hand filter or pay 1, ditch 1 to search. I consider previous Level 3’s the set has had, and look for any plus (especially Level 1) combos a series may already have. A look is also made at the climax types available for the set already, and events that may come back into usable play. While it doesn’t always work because of popularity or demand for a set, or because Bushiroad prints something that updates a card’s usefulness out of nowhere, I typically attempt to pick up any missing cards from my collection that I think may be useful in future builds.

  2. I don’t start building anything until the entire set and box topper promos are spoiled with translations. This is a personal preference on my part, but I dislike building with a set until the entire 100 card list is spoiled with it’s box topper promos. Sometimes cards aren’t spoiled that change how we view whether a card is playable or not. As an example, the RR 3/2 Chino healer from the 1st Is the Order a Rabbit?? set that many, including myself, lamented not having an early play condition, had a very playable 2/1 climax combo that changed into it from hand at Level 2 that wasn’t revealed until the set launched. True, some players still didn’t like it because of it being a climax combo, but it did change how I viewed and play tested the card. Key cards sometimes just aren’t spoiled. The average number of officially spoiled cards for a set is usually between 50 and 70, with unofficial spoilers from Bushiroad Monthly Magazine and preview events filling in some of the gaps. Building with an incomplete knowledge of all of your options is something that is frustrating to me, but I realize for some players singling out decks release night this is a luxury they don’t have. Since I tend to reserve boxes, cases, or playsets of new sets that I am getting I find it easier just to wait so I don’t miss out.

  3. At some point in time, unless it is a vanilla with no other special bonds or combos, a card needs to see play in a deck at least once. For every player, some cards fit their play style and deck building needs, while others do not. To some players, some cards are obviously not ideal while to others they see it as an opportunity. The bottom line is, that if you make assumptions about a card, you may be missing out. It may seem like a waste of time in some cases, but playing with a card truly shows you whether it is actually playable or not. Most competitive “meta” decks in Weiss revolve around a solid core of Level 0 tech, Level 1 plus combos, and Level 3’s that early drop or help finish the game. Typically, though, when looking at several topping lists you will see variance in numbers of cards or various tech options. That is because Weiss decks can be customized to fit the player who is wielding the deck. Finding the cards that help fill out your competitive list mean playing with them to see how they work.

  4. When dealing with sets that are getting a sequel, try to incorporate newer cards in your builds at a larger majority at first. This is going to come up with my Rewrite deck list examples below tonight, especially with the new Gaia deck builds, but you really need to explore all of the new options that are out there. Consider it this way: We already know what the old meta build of a deck did (and how it got punished for doing it on a restriction list…ahem….). In the case of the Gaia builds, I am deliberately trying out two new Level 1 combos that were given in this set, even though I’m aware that, more than likely, the old 1/1 to 2/2 Chihaya change and gate plus combo may be staying in that deck. Even though I own the older cards for this set, I am going to make sure that most of my first builds incorporate the newer cards so I can get a chance to try them.

  5. Limiting your options can keep you from becoming overwhelmed. It really depends on the set, but some sets need you to set limits on what you are considering for a deck. Rewrite kind of does this for itself in this new set by locking cards to name groups (Lucia and Shizuru, or Akane, Chihaya, and Sakuya for examples). However, some cards, even though they are outside name groups are worthy of consideration in some builds. For example, Lucia and Shizuru’s Guardian build lacks a plussing brainstorm that isn’t tied to playing a climax, but Chihaya’s new brainstorm has the ability to salvage any character in the set regardless of name. True, she may die to the new 3/2 Lucia’s climax combo if you light it, but early game she is worth considering in a deck that’s hand plusses are limited to when you play a climax and choose to act on the new Lucia 0/0 RR’s ability. Because these are my very first drafts of these decks I am going to avoid using this off name tech option, even though I’m aware of the limitation I’m putting on the deck and that there is strong chance it will make it’s way into revisions of the list. By doing so I’m giving myself a chance to see the deck run purely on it’s limitations, and then look for the slots that need tech. With open trait sets that don’t have any apparent locking, I recommend limiting to 1 or 2 color combinations or character focuses, like waifu or otp (one true pairing).

  6. Don’t look at other people’s deck lists. This is a super personal preference that some people will flat out disapprove of or disagree with. I don’t like to look at other people’s lists until I have built and played with a set for a few months. I feel like I get overly influenced by what others do or present, and then I’m not playing and thinking about the cards on my own. I usually wait until a set has been out at least a month before looking at other people’s deck lists. As I get closer to regional season I usually gather statistics about decks that have made top cuts in Japan and other countries from a series I am considering playing, but I do this well after I have already explored and experimented with a set. Again, many will choose to ignore this rule I set for myself because they like to build or modify decks by starting with a pre-existing list. There is nothing wrong with this, I just choose to approach it differently.

Writing the Lists

At this point, after doing my homework, I’m ready to begin brewing. I gather my singles, start collecting or printing lists of translations, and begin putting them together into decks. I keep lists of cards I have considered for builds, and then narrow it down into a starting deck list. Below I’m going to share my six deck lists for Rewrite Anime. On the linked spreadsheet where I keep my data you can see my starting list of considered cards for each of the builds. This list will evolve as I review and consider more cards in the series, and as I begin to play more and more with the set. Since these decks are rough drafts, I am not going to present full deck techs or sample hands tonight. I will do this at the end of this sharing process. I will share a brief thought process on how the deck is supposed to work at this conceptualized phase, but since these lists are untested that will be reviewed throughout the data collection process.

Test Deck List #1: Kotori, Kagari, and Kotarou

Level 0- 17

3 “Under the Bright Moonlight” Kotarou & Kagari (RW/W15-074)

2 “Out of Feecof” Kagari (RW/W48-003)

4 Kagari-chan, or Rather “Key-chan” (RW/W48-004)

3 Kotori And B And L (RW/W48-005)

3 “Meteorite Falling” Kagari (RW/W48-076)

2 Kagari, Poltergeist? (RW/W48-083)

Level 1- 10

4 “Amnesia” Kagari (RW/W48-002)

3 “Favorite Thing is 55 Yen a Can” Kagari (RW/W48-007)

1 Kotori, Dream Adventure for Two (RW/W48-012)

2 Kotarou, Buying Canned Coffee (RW/W48-013)

Level 2- 3

1 Kotori, Big Dream (RW/W48-018)

2 “Barrier Preparation” Kotori (RW/W48-080)

Level 3- 8

4 “Kazamatsuri Academy High School” Kagari (RW/W48-008)

4 “Master of the Barrier” Kotori (RW/W48-073)

Events – 4

4 Feecof (RW/W48-031)

CX – 8

4 Self-Discovery (RW/W48-034)

4 Barrier in the Forest (RW/W48-097)

Initial Build Reflections before Playtesting:

There are several cards that need to end up in the final version of this build, most likely including a 4 runner, a few copies of the new 3/4 -2 soul to opponent’s front row event, and possibly teching in the old 2/1 +4000 event counter to help protect the early drop 3/2 Kotori and to light the +1000 when you play event ability late game on defense. Shizuru’s 3/2 finisher, even though it is off name/trait, would be another solid finisher for this deck. Kotarou’s finisher could fit a variation of this build as well, but I feel at this time requires its own separate build to maximize it’s effectiveness.

This deck is pretty straight forward. At Level 0 use tech to help maintain hand, mill through the deck, and gamble on early dropping and changing into the 1/0 Kagari plus mill combo. At Level 1, which with this deck we want to hit first in most match ups, we want to light the Kagari 1/0 mill combo. We can also use the 0/0 bond to get back the 1/0 Kotarou and hand filter for the mill event if reversing battle opponent’s isn’t an option. At Level 2 we early drop the marker Kotori, heal, and slow down soul damage reception if possible with her ability. Finally, at Level 3 we want to finish the game with using the new Kagari to burn on reverse and continue to light the Kotori 3/2 healer and markers.

Test Deck List #2: Guardian Deck Green Focus

Level 0- 18

4 “Don’t Get Carried Away~!” Lucia (RW/W48-038)

2 “Locked-On” Lucia (RW/W48-040)

3 “High-Speed Evasion” Shizuru (RW/W48-043)

4 “Curse” Lucia (RW/W48-046)

2 Shizuru, Rendezvous With Allies (RW/W48-075)

3 “Blades Drawn” Shizuru (RW/W48-082)

Level 1- 8

4 “Preparing for Tomorrow” Shizuru (RW/W48-039)

4 “No Longer Alone” Lucia (RW/W48-041)

Level 2- 4

2 “As the Chairman of Earth” Lucia (RW/W48-044)

2 “High-Speed Evasion” Shizuru (RW/W48-049)

Level 3- 8

4 “Just for the Sake of Friends” Lucia (RW/W48-042)

4 “New Memory” Shizuru (RW/W48-074)

Events – 4

4 Gloves (RW/W48-051)

CX – 8

4 Power of Asahi Haruka (RW/W48-053)

4 At the End of the Day (RW/W48-054)


Initial Build Reflections before Playtesting:

This deck is exclusively cards from the most recent set, even though there are some interesting options available from the previous 2 sets for Shizuru and Lucia. There are several tech Level 3 options, as well as the old clock kick combo that are worth considering as well. Also of note is that some other tech options like the Akane Riki clone searcher from the first set, the Chihaya brainstorm, and some of the other 1/0 attackers will need to be explored. More Level 2’s will need to be added also, including perhaps the Nishikujou-Sensei stock swapper and the bottom deck anti-early drop 2/1 Lucia.

This deck wants to push damage early game with a slightly higher 0 count by capitalizing on the 0/0 Shizuru runner or the top check and possibly call a Level 0 to the board Shizuru. This deck wants to play climaxes almost every turn after the first turn so that you can slowly build hand with the 0/0 Lucia’s ability. Level 1 wants to build as much stock with the 1/0 Shizuru’s and then wall up with the 1/0 gloves counter. At Level 2 hopefully Experience 6 has occurred, allowing you to early drop the 3/2 Lucia and wipe your opponent’s lower power stage characters with her climax combo. Level 3 sees the healer and finisher Shizuru to light and end the game. This deck is always going to be playing a precarious game of being light on hand. A lot of careful decisions about filtering cards may decide some games.

Test Deck Build # 3: Guardian Build Blue Focus

Level 0- 16

4 “Don’t Get Carried Away~!” Lucia (RW/W48-038)

2 “Locked-On” Lucia (RW/W48-040)

4 “High-Speed Evasion” Shizuru (RW/W48-043)

4 “Curse” Lucia (RW/W48-046)

2 Shizuru, Rendezvous With Allies (RW/W48-075)

Level 1- 8

4 “Class Representative” Lucia (RW/W48-078)

4 “Medication Creation” Shizuru (RW/W48-079)

Level 2- 4

4 “As the Chairman of Earth” Lucia (RW/W48-044)

Level 3- 8

4 “Just for the Sake of Friends” Lucia (RW/W48-042)

4 “New Memory” Shizuru (RW/W48-074)

Events- 4

4 Gloves (RW/W48-051)

2 Until That Day Returns (RW/W48-052)

CX – 8

4 Power of Asahi Haruka (RW/W48-053)

4 The Punch Shouldering the Earth (RW/W48-098)


Initial Build Reflections before Playtesting:

This deck has pretty much the same reflections as the other Guardian deck, but the hope was to test the new Level 1 Blue combo cards with Shizuru and Lucia. The same limitations and the need to consider tech options to help with hand and consistency exist with this build as with Build #2. Also, of note, the old +2 soul 1/0 Shizuru bottom deck combo may be more effective and warrant testing in this deck variant because of the larger soul damage push.

Test Deck Build #4: Gaia Red Focus Akane Plus Combo

Level 0 – 16

4 “President of the Occult Research Club” Akane (RW/W15-003)

3 “Crimson-lit Night” Akane (RW/W20-046)

4 Akane, When the Sun Sets (RW/W48-001)

2 Chihaya of the Occult Club (RW/W48-024)

3 Chihaya, Going Out (RW/W48-057)

Level 1- 13

4 Chihaya Swimsuit (RW/W15-053)

2 Chibi Chihaya (RW/W15-109)

3 Chihaya, Transfer Student (RW/W48-059)

4 “Power” Akane (RW/W48-060)

Level 2- 7

2 Sakuya, Delivering Bento Boxes (RW/W48-029)

2 “High-Speed Evasion” Shizuru (RW/W48-049)

3 “Saint” Akane (RW/W48-068)

Level 3- 6

2 “Mischievous Kiss” Chihaya (RW/W48-002)

4 “Superhuman Strength” Chihaya (RW/W48-056)

CX – 8

4 I Have Good Strength (RW/W48-071)

4 Power (RW/W48-072)


Initial Build Reflections before Playtesting:

As noted on the test sheet for this deck, it is most likely that the old Chihaya 1/1 to 2/2 change that combos with the older gate will probably end up being the better plus combo to keep in this deck due to it’s walling potential despite how much stock it eats and damage it causes. The point of these two Gaia builds are to test some of the other alternatives that we received in this set.

Notably also missing from this build is the 0/0 Sakuya that can encore a front row character if it is sent to waiting room and one of the three runners that this deck could also still run. The 0/0 Sakuya will probably work it’s way back in, but was left out due to the lack of back row space for him due to running the 0/0 Akane back row to help increase the 1/1 combo’s consistency. The 0/0 Shizuru that can set up and change the order of the two cards on the top of your deck, or the old 0/0 Kagari PR that on play allows you to scry top and either leave it or bottom deck it may end up eventually taking the Akane assist’s spot. For now, I wanted to leave it on trait to help with consistency and allow the new Akane Akatsuki clone to grab it.

This deck is also missing several viable events it could be running. This is because I wanted to see what an all-character version looked like. Most likely the new 1/0 Chihaya event will make it in. If you want to test this build yourself, but lack the 1/0 Chibi Chihaya vanilla PR counter, a good substitute is the Chibi-Moth 1/0 vanilla from the first set since it is at least on-color.

This build wants to mill through the deck and leave plenty of options to grab with the 1/1 plus combo. The Level 1 plus combo in this deck is very chancy, but great when it actually goes off. It is weak to anti-salvage, but so is the old combo. The Level 3 game is very hand heavy to light the new Chihaya finisher, but it is very explosive and nicely paired on a new healer.

Test Deck Build #5: Gaia Yellow Focus Chihaya Calling Sakuya Combo

Level 0 – 16


2 “Unsociable Girl” Akane (RW/W15-051)

4 Akane, When the Sun Sets (RW/W48-001)

4 Chihaya of the Occult Club (RW/W48-024)

4 Chihaya, Going Out (RW/W48-057)

2 Chihaya, Catch! (RW/W48-058)

Level 1- 10

3 Chihaya, Member of Gaia (RW/W48-006)

4 “Knight” Sakuya (RW/W48-017)

3 Chihaya, Transfer Student (RW/W48-059)

Level 2- 4

2 Sakuya, Delivering Bento Boxes (RW/W48-029)

2 “Forgot Something” Chihaya (RW/W48-067)

Level 3- 6

2 “Mischievous Kiss” Chihaya (RW/W48-002)

4 “Superhuman Strength” Chihaya (RW/W48-056)

Events- 6

2 Chihaya Rolling (RW/W48-069)

4 Sakuya’s Special Training (RW/W48-070)

Climaxes- 8

4 Knight Has Arrived — (RW/W48-036)

4 I Have Good Strength (RW/W48-071)


Initial Build Reflections before Playtesting:

As noted on the test sheet for this deck, it is most likely that the old Chihaya 1/1 to 2/2 change that combos with the older gate will probably end up being the better plus combo to keep in this deck due to it’s walling potential despite how much stock it eats and damage it causes. The point of these two Gaia builds are to test some of the other alternatives that we received in this set.

This deck is serving to be the opposite of the previous build. Here we’re testing the 1/0 Chihaya that pulls the 1/1  Sakuya wall from the deck. He’s weak on defense to Level Reversers, but is also a solid wall that really stop some on-reverse combos. This deck is also going to test the two new events for this build, but there is also the old 1/1 Chihaya event from the first set that is worth considering as well in this build specifically. The 0/0 Sakuya that can encore something is something to seriously be considered in this build, but because of how the new search combo is worded it is hard to have the back row space for him (this was probably to balance this deck and force that decision).

Test Deck Build #6: Kotori Plant/Familiar Build

Level 0- 19

4 Kagari-chan, or Rather “Key-chan” (RW/W48-004)

4 Kotori And B And L (RW/W48-005)

3 Kagari, Encountering the Mistletoe (RW/W48-089)

8 “Made by Kotori-san” Monster (RW/W48-090)

Level 1- 9

9 “Made by Kotori-san” Monster (RW/W48-093)

Level 2- 6

3 “Barrier Preparation” Kotori (RW/W48-080)

3 “Made by Kotori-san” Giant Monster (RW/W48-084)

Level 3- 4

4 “Master of the Barrier” Kotori (RW/W48-073)

Event- 4

4 Power Spot (RW/W48-096)

Climaxes- 8

4 Barrier in the Forest (RW/W48-097)

4 Erasing Memories (RW/W48-099)


Initial Build Reflections before Playtesting:

This deck, while meant to be a little bit more of a casual deck, is actually probably going to end up as a very solid build. Kotori can actually build a couple of familiar/plant deck variants in this set. This one is the more obvious one with her plant clones, but there is another variant that could run the Chibi-Moth cards and change with variants of Yoshino, Kagari, and Kotarou. There is a pay 1, ditch 1 Plant trait search from Rewrite Harvest Festa! that could find it’s way into this deck, as well as some other 3/2 Kotori’s from the other two sets. In this case, I locked this deck to this set to see how the new cards synergized together.

There probably aren’t enough clone cards in this deck, as well as there is a lack of counters to protect the clones and the 3/2 early drop Kotori. The 1/0 rest counter, the 1/0 vanilla Chibi-Moth counter from the first set, and the 2/1 event counter from Harvest Festa! (even though that is a bit hard to run because it relies heavily on having two yellow characters on stage).  The memory kick Shizuru counter from the new set is also an option too. I’m looking forward to trying out multiple variants of this deck as I move forward.

Searching the Paths to find our Rewritten Decks

Over the next few months I will be testing these 6 decks and documenting data on how each game goes. I normally do this for decks I have built, but this is the first time I will be sharing this to a larger audience. For each sheet on the Google Sheet you can see the cards I am considering, the initial Test Deck Build, and the area to collect data on the build. The questions I have up now are the ones I always consider when testing decks, but I sometimes will adjust these data points if I notice something that crops up that I need to check data on. Typically I play a minimum of 20 to 30 games with a deck before making changes. For a deck that seems to be running well, I will leave it alone for up to 50 games before making changes. This is so I can get a statistically relevant amount of data before making decisions about a deck. If I see a huge flaw that is causing a deck to be unplayable, I will update it before this limit is up. In most cases, though, this isn’t necessary.

When testing your own deck builds it is important to find a place to keep track of information you gather, even if it is as simple as which set you played against and a win/loss record. My list is a bit more complicated, but it does help me see what little things a deck might be missing in tech. It also helps me identify and separate outlier matches that may not have been representative of an average game, and get a solid body of information to see  how a deck really is performing. There are a few decks that crop up in the competitive scene that don’t need this, but they are rare. Most sets are designed so that decks have more options for cards than there is available room. Finding the right combination takes some time to process and figure out which ones fit your own play style and build.

Keep watching the Google Sheet  for updates on play test outcomes of these Rough Draft decks. New builds will be updated and follow up articles will be coming soon. Thank you for reading!

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Is The Order a Best Shot? – GochiUsa Deck Tech

It’s article time again at 9th CX and we are going to give this one our BEST SHOT! GochiUsa is back as promised, this time featuring the new Best Shot deck theme from the extra booster.

Special thanks to Travis for article prep and for the list.

Let’s look at the deck!

Level 0 – 20

4 Syaro, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-003
3 Syaro, Fun Time is Best Shot GU/WE26-006
4 Chiya, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-012
3 Chiya, Precious Best Shot GU/WE26-014
4 Maya, Treasure Hunting GU/WE26-043
2 Meg, Treasure Hunting GU/WE26-044

Level 1 – 18

4 Cocoa, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-024
4 Rize, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-025
3 Cocoa, Summer Best Shot GU/WE26-028
3 Rize, Best Shot Even While Taking Break GU/WE26-029
4 Chino, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-037

Level 2 – 4

4 Rize, Club Helper! GU/WE26-030


3 Pillow Fight GU/WE26-032
2 Talking in Sleep GU/WE26-048
3 Full of Best Shot GU/WE26-050a

At level 0, we have 20 characters:

If Syaro, Every Day is Best Shot sees a “Chiya, Every Day is Best Shot” on the field, she becomes a global 500. She is also a Pay 1 Rest 2 search brainstorm for “Best Shot” or “Treasure” characters.

Syaro, Fun Time is Best Shot reveals the top card of your deck on attack. If it’s a character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in it’s name, this gets +1 soul for the turn.

Chiya, Every Day is Best gives your center slot character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in its name hand encore. If she sees another “Syaro, Every Day is Best Shot“, she becomes a global +500.

Chiya, Precious Best Shot lets you rearrange the top 2 cards of your deck when played.

Maya, Treasure Hunting is a Pay 1 Ditch 1 search for “Best Shot” or “Treasure”.

Meg, Treasure Hunting has hand encore.


At Level 1, we have 18 characters:

When Cocoa, Every Day is Best Shot is placed to the stage, you may mill the top card of your deck. If you do, give +1 soul to a character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in its name for each soul trigger on the milled card.

When Rize, Every Day is Best Shot attacks, you may mill the top card of your deck. This card gets +1 soul for each soul trigger on the card milled this way.

When Cocoa, Summer Best Shot is placed to the stage, you may mill the top card of your deck. If it has a soul trigger, draw 1 ditch 1

Rize, Best Shot Even While Taking Break lets you salvage a character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in its name, then discard a card if she reverses her battle opponent.

Chino, Every Day is Best Shot has a CX combo with Full of Best Shot. On CX play, if you have another Syaro, Every Day is Best ShotChiya, Every Day is Best ShotCocoa, Every Day is Best Shot, and Rize, Everyday is Best Shot, you may pay 1 and send the CX to memory. If you do, draw 3 cards.


At Level 2, we have 1 character:

Rize, Club Helper! is a 2500 power back up. When you use her backup, you may pay 2 to burn 1.

The CX Spread looks like this:

3 Gate(Pillow Fight/1k1), 2 Pants(Talking in Sleep/1k1), 3 Memory/2Soul(Full of Best Shot/While in memory, gives +4k to characters w/ Best Shot or Treasure in name)

Note: The Full of Best Shot does not have any ability when played and only functions in memory.

Because this deck is mostly for fun (i.e. use at your own peril if in a competitive environment), we’ll be giving only a brief snapshot of how this deck might be used.

T: Best Shot can be a very tricky build to play around, especially since you need 5 characters just to have the ability to give your board a giant power boost. Level 0 should be spent looking for as many pieces of the Best Shot combo, while also building stock. Syaro’s on attack ability can help make up some soul damage, since 3 of the 8 CXs in the deck offer no soul or power advantage when played directly. You shouldn’t have any issues at all keeping a board presence, since the back row gives a global 1000 to the deck. With the lowest attack you’ll have at level 0 being 3k, the only thing you’d have to worry about is level 0 reversers. Chiya’s on play ability can help you anywhere in the game, whether it’s setting up top check/mill abilities or checking to see if it’s safe to use a brainstorm.

Level 1 you want to drop the 3 remaining pieces of Exodia the Best Shot combo and start building hand, and keep it there. Sending one copy of the Full of Best Shot CX to memory lets your board sit at 9k on defense, which again, is still at the mercy of level reversers or overextending to reverse your field. Since you won’t have to replace your field often, you can afford to just draw for turn and then attack. Don’t use unnecessary stock at this point of the gameWhen you use the Best Shot combo, you lose a decent amount of compression to boost your board since you are taking a CX out of your deck permanently. Pay out your CX triggers if need be, or brainstorm to pull damage out of your deck, and that should be the extent of using stock at this point. Using a 1k1 here and there will help push more damage.

By level 2 it wouldn’t hurt to have a second Full of Best Shot in memory, if you haven’t done that already. 13k level 1s are nearly invincible until your opponent hits level 3, or uses a level 1 reverser. Rize, Club Helper! is your form of a “Level 3” game because of her other ability when you use her backup effect. Once you get that second Full of Best Shot in memory, you’ll want to finish the game quickly. Rize becomes a high priority target since getting hit with any form of CX attack will hurt drastically. The Rize, Every Day is Best Shot will become useful for her on attack ability so you can mill through your deck faster and keep CXs in deck. This game plan extends into Level 3 as well, since this deck runs zero level 3s.

M: Let’s look at the deck with a different view (if only for a second). Since the card pool for GochiUsa is limited to two sets (and a TD), improving the list is very difficult. However, that does not mean that there is no room for it.

Level 3s are certainly missing from this deck for a reason, but let’s say that someone wanted to play something with more oomph or more finishing power. Could someone fit in the level 3 CocoChino combo and just do a 4/4 split of CXs?

T: It’s possible, yes. I suggest taking the 1/1 Rize out and 1 of the Rize backups to run a full playset, or just take out the 1/1 Rize and run 3 CocoChino instead. However, a 4/4 split probably wouldn’t be the best idea for the build as it will make half the deck’s CXs useless outside of triggers, and CocoChino does not benefit from having the Best Shot CX in memory. I suggest keeping the current split of CXs even if you ran the CocoChino.

And that’s all for this time! Best Shot is a deck with a unique take on CX use, and we can’t really give it a “competitive” endorsement, but we hope you have fun with the list!

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