A message from Michael, owner of 9th CX:

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting 9th CX! The site was started in an effort to learn more about the game of Weiss Schwarz, and also to spread that knowledge worldwide. Of course, we like having fun with some silly things here and there, and there will be hits and misses. Still, we are happy making content for you to enjoy, and we thank our sponsors for helping us run our giveaways every month!

Running the website isn’t free, and because of Bushiroad’s free-use policy, we have and will always continue to pay for hosting the site out-of-pocket, completely ad-free. I want to personally thank our donors for their generosity in keeping the 9th CX project afloat, our contributors for their hours helping us produce great content, and the duo that have formed the core of the team, Felix and Sam.

And if you’re reading this, thank you for your support! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitch for the latest articles, news, and streams!



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