A New Year’s Open Letter to English Bushiroad

9th CX is starting off 2018 with Melanie’s open letter to Bushiroad!

Happy New Years to Everyone!

I’m here with a bit of a direct way to start off the New Year that perhaps not everyone will agree with, but I nonetheless feel is important. Many of you who know me have been aware that I’ve been somewhat disappointed in the state of the English side of the Weiss Schwarz game over the past year. Maybe some others can relate, but after 3 rounds in a row of Sword Art Online at an English-only shop a year or so ago I was pretty bored and frustrated with the English side of the game. Add on top that frustrations with two of my favorite anime receiving the “Version E” treatment and lack of support for other favorite series, I have kind of taken a break from the English Edition recently as I have enjoyed the diversity of the Japanese format a bit more.

Before launching into a new year, though, Bushiroad posted a series of Weekly Giveaway posts on their Facebook homepage to gather information for the next year. The English side of the game has been slow and steady on releases this year, but hesitant to announce their plans for the English game in 2018. (A New Year’s video featuring development staff was released just this morning giving us Bang Dream! Girl’s Band Party (Vol. 2) and Love Live! Sunshine EB and Happy Party Train TD+ leaks for sometime this spring, but no dates.) I am hoping it is because they are collecting and using the data from their first giveaway post of the holiday season. In the post, the Facebook community was asked to respond to “The Title I want to see in Weiss Schwarz English Edition next year is ________.” Over 900 responses were shared on the long thread, many of which painted an exuberant picture of the road we would like to see built through this new year on the English side of the game.

Collecting numbers from a super long Facebook post was somewhat of a daunting task, so I feel it is important before launching into my open letter to Bushiroad to share how I collected the data. Firstly, I am not a computer. Please assume up to a +/- 5 margin of error when looking at the collected results shared below, as this will allow for anything I missed or perhaps double counted while sifting through over 900 comments on Facebook. Secondly, charts can be misleading albeit much nicer to look at. All raw numbers that I collected can be found here in this Google Sheet if that is important to you. Thirdly, the data would have been somewhat easier to collect had every person simply shared one anime, but we all know that is something that is sometimes impossible to do. If someone listed multiple series I went ahead and counted them all simply because, at the end of the day, if that set came to Weiss Schwarz English Edition they would most likely buy it. I did not, however, count thumbs up or other emoji expression likes on comments (although perhaps I should have). Lastly, I do not work or have any connections whatsoever with Bushiroad besides being a passionate player and supporter of their card games. If Bushiroad hasn’t had a chance to compile this data, though, they are free to make use of it if it will help them in this new year.

Now onto the letter!

Dear Bushiroad,

I was excited in December when I saw your Holiday Weekly Giveaway for Week #1 pose to Weiss Schwarz players the question: “The Title I want to see in Weiss Schwarz English Edition next year is ________.” I know I and many others responded on this post excited to share with you what anime series we are most passionate about and would love to see come to Weiss Schwarz English Edition. I’m sure you probably have a computer or someone perhaps already on this, but if not, I was excited to see what the community results were for the recommended series on the post and have compiled the results. The raw numbers can be accessed here in a view only Google Form, and some charts summarizing the final results below.  Please assume a +/- 5 human margin of error win looking over these results for any votes I may have missed or double counted. If people shared multiple series they would like to see, I have gone ahead and counted them here since that is a series they would likely support.

Here is a chart showing all of the series voted for in alphabetical order and the number of votes they received. Weiss Schwarz players voted for 229 unique series at least one time.

Here are the series that received 5 to 9 votes from players. (Link viewable here.)

And here are the series that received 10 or more votes from players: (Link viewable here.)

By an overwhelming majority, the top 3 series that Weiss Schwarz players would like to see come to the English Edition of the game this year are Gurren Lagann (75 votes), Re:Zero (68 votes), and Monogatari Second Season (53 votes).

Besides sharing these collected numbers, I wanted to point out some things that perhaps you already see, but wanted to emphasize as a player. Despite the diversity of anime series shared, there were some things in common if you look at the series that landed in the top 30 requested. 15 out of the 30 (50%) are continued support for series that are in the English Edition of the game. Breaking it out even further, 7 out of the top 10 are requests for continued support, as well as 11 out of the top 20.

There are many series on the English side of the game that are missing their support currently, and while I understand there are license and packaging difficulties surrounding some of them I hope you will continue to pursue them as a company in the 2018 year. As a player I believe it will do amazing things for diversity at both a local and regional level. Please don’t avoid them because they may cause you to have to adapt a restriction/ban list for the English side of the game. Please don’t alter them because they may need a restriction/ban list to be added as support. Anime fans have been always erred on the side of loyalty. We want to continue to support anime sets we already have in Weiss Schwarz English Edition, and I feel that these wishes on this Facebook reflect this.

As much as I am excited for other English players at the prospect of potentially Gurren Lagann and Re:Zero perhaps making their way as new series to the Weiss Schwarz English Edition in 2018, I hope that you will remember to continue supporting the other anime that already have support out in the English Edition of the game. Please use these numbers to help you make what decisions you can moving forward in 2018.

Yours Sincerely,


Melanie Strock

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