Persona 5 Deck Tech – 2nd at 2017 WGP Regionals – Columbus

What’s that? Persona 5 also qualified in Columbus? Why yes it did!

9th CX is back with another deck tech, brought to you by Vincent B., and another special thanks to Travis for article prep.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards.

Let’s get to the list!

Level 0 – 15:

3x Soul of Betrayer, Protagonist (P5/S45-003)
4x Deal Made, Ryuji (P5/S45-011)
2x Deal Made, Makoto (P5/S45-042)
4x Guide of the Phantom Thieves, Morgana – MONA (P5/S45-054)
1x Calm Anger, Ann – PANTHER (P5/S45-059)
1x Futaba Sakura (P5/S45-079)

Level 1 – 12:

1x Nanako in the Food Court (P4/SE12-03)
4x Ryuji Sakamoto (P5/S45-005)
2x Deal Made, Morgana – MONA (P5/S45-061)
1x Protagonist (P5) (P5/S45-T03)
4x Advanced Notice (P5/S45-021)

Level 2 – 8:

3x “All-Out Attack” Protagonist – JOKER (P5/S45-006)
1x Ryuji & Captain Kid – SKULL (P5/S45-007)
1x Fated “Imprisonment”, Protagonist (P5/S45-012)
3x Yusuke Kitagawa (P5/S45-082)

Level 3 – 7:

3x Protagonist & Arsene – JOKER (P5/S45-001)
2x Navigation Role, Futaba – NAVI (P5/S45-076)
2x Yusuke & Goemon – FOX (P5/S45-077)


4x THE SHOW’S OVER (P5/S45-023)
4x You Think I’ll Forgive You!? (P5/S45-100)

At level 0, we have 15 characters;

Soul of Betrayer, Protagonist can give +500 power to a character once per turn when you use a startup ability. He is also a pay 1 rest 2 search brainstorm for [Phantom Thief] characters.

Deal Made, Ryuji on play you may discard a card to get an Advanced Notice from waiting room to hand.

Deal Made, Makoto is a global +500 to your other [Phantom Thief] characters. You can rest this to give one of your characters the following ability “When this reverses it’s batlle opponent, you may put the top card of your opponent’s clock into waiting room and send this card’s battle opponent to clock.”

Guide of the Phantom Thieves, Morgana – MONA is a free runner.

Calm Anger, Ann – PANTHER is a global +500 power to all [Phantom Thief] characters. When one of your character’s direct attack damage doesn’t cancel, send a face down card in your opponent’s memory to waiting room. If you do, you can pay 1 to salvage.

Futaba Sakura reveals the top card of your deck on play. If it is a [Phantom Thief] character, you may put it under this as a marker. While this has a marker, this card gets +1500 power and  +1 level.

At level 1, we have 8 characters and 4 events;

Nanako in the Food Court gives all your “Yu” or “Protagonist” characters hexproof. This also gives +500 power times the number of Assist characters you have to characters in front of this.


Ryuji Sakamoto gets +500 power for each other [Phantom Thief] you control.

Deal Made, Morgana – MONA is a 1k backup, where you can give an additional +1000 power to a battling character if you control a [Phantom Thief].


Protagonist (P5) on attack can give one of your other [Phantom Thief] characters +500 times the number of your other [Phantom Thief] characters.

Advanced Notice has your opponent put a card from their hand face down into memory. They may draw a card. You may then look at the top 4 cards of your deck for a [Phantom Thief] character and add it to hand. You may then bounce a cost 0 from your opponent’s stage to their hand.

At level 2 we have 8 characters;

“All-Out Attack” Protagonist – JOKER gets -1 level in hand if you control 4 or more other [Phantom Thief] characters. CX Combo with THE SHOW’S OVER where on opponent reverse, draw a card then tutor for a level 1 or lower [Phantom Thief] character.

Ryuji & Captain Kid – SKULL gets +6000 power on attack if this is facing a level 3 or higher character. When the battle opponent of this becomes reversed when You Really Made Me Wait is in the CX zone, choose up to one of yours and your opponent’s characters and return them to hand.


Fated “Imprisonment”, Protagonist is a level assist for +1000 per level on your turn. He also gives all your Protagonist & Arsene – JOKER +500 power, and during your turn, on-reverse scry.

Yusuke Kitagawa lets you draw and discard a card, then put the top card of your deck into stock on play if you control another [Phantom Thief] character. At the start of your CX phase, you may pay 1 and discard 2 [Phantom Thief] characters and return him to hand to put a Yusuke & Goemon – FOX from your waiting room to the slot this was in.

At level 3 we have 7 characters;

Protagonist & Arsene – JOKER gets +500 power for each other [Phantom Thief] character you control. On play, you may heal. At the beginning of your encore step, if your opponent’s front row is either gone and/or reversed, you may pay 3 and discard 1 [Phantom Thief] to perform the following action for each [Phantom Thief] character on your front row “Reveal the top card of your deck and deal X damage to your opponent, where X is that card’s level,  put it at the bottom of your deck, then shuffle.”

Navigation Role, Futaba – NAVI gives all your other [Phantom Thief] or [Coffee] characters +1500 power. When your other character is attacked, if you have 3 or more other [Phantom Thief] or [Coffee] characters, you may pay 1 and discard a You think I’ll Forgive You!?   If you do, choose one of your opponent’s characters in battle, and that character cannot deal damage during this turn. (If your opponent has effects that trigger on attack, those will resolve first. e.g. On attack burn X will not be prevented by this ability, but an on-reverse burn X can be.)

Yusuke & Goemon – FOX on attack lets you pay 1 and discard a [Phantom Thief] character to heal. At the start of your opponent’s draw phase, you can give one of your characters +4000 power until end of turn.

CX Spread;

THE SHOW’S OVER (1k1 Wind)
You Think I’ll Forgive You! 
(1k1 Pants)

M: Multi-part question: What made you decide to play this deck for the event? Were you considering other series? Was your local meta a factor in your decision?

V: I’ve played Persona 5 since its release and had already played the previous releases in the series, so I was much more familiar with this than my other options. I felt the ability of the deck to mill through a significant portion of the deck each turn by spamming Advance Notice with Ryuji is huge, since I always seem to be out too many climaxes before refresh. As for other decks I was considering, I was thinking of playing other decks considered stronger such as Gochiusa or Vivid Strike, but decided against it due to not playing those decks nearly as much as Persona. Since I traveled out for this event, I went with what I was most familiar with since I wasn’t too sure on series I was gonna see outside of popular series like TLR/Gochiusa/Kemono/etc.

M: How did you approach building the deck you ran? If you had to make changes, what would you add or take out?

V: I wanted to always be able to mill though my deck, or have the option to if I am ever out a significant portion of CXs, so I built around running the full set of Deal Made, Ryuji and Advance Notice. Ideally, I’d like to play a second copy of the TD Progatonist 1/0 in place of a Ryuji 1/0, and play a second copy of the 2/1 Protagonist level support, but there isn’t too much room to work with in the list overall.

M: Describe your list. What does it do at each level? What’s it’s early, mid, and endgame like? In your mind, what makes this deck a good choice? Is there a time or a place where you think it would not be a good choice to play?

V: Level 0: We ideally want to open with the Morgana free runner and one of our back row cards – perferrably the Deal Made, Makoto. Most other cards are expendable in trying to get the 2/1 Protagonist CX combo off at this level, so everything can be mulliganed away.

Level 1-2: We’re trying to get a reverse off at level 1 with the 2/1 Protagonist, and keeping the Morgana runner alive makes it easier to meet the requirement of his early play condition without having to go too low on cards in hand. Usually we’ll search the 1/0 Morgana 2K counter out here to attempt to keep our 2/1 Protagonist around another turn to keep generating advantage with his combo.

Back to back turns of this combo alleviates the cost of using the 2/1 Yusuke change, which is important in winning a lane defensively late in the game to get meet the 3/2 Protagonist’s condition. 2/1 Ryuji and Deal Made, Makoto can remove Level 3 early plays your opponent gets out that are normally difficult to handle – such as the Fuuka from Vivid Strike.

Level 3: Between healing with the 3/2 Protagonist, using the 3/2 Yusuke’s heal on attack, and the 3/2 Futaba’s defensive options, it is really hard to just lose in 1 turn at level 3. The 3/2 Protagonist is a gamble as a finisher, but we do run a high count of level 2 cards to attempt to get some better rolls on damage.
A field full of Attack on Titan is probably the worst time to play this deck due to the Eren CX combo preventing our reverses in addition to Omni Gear and Mikasa 3/2 stopping our 3/2 Protagonist effect completely.

M: Tell us how the event went. What did you play every round, to the best of your memory? How did the matches go?

V: TLR, AW, KMN, VS in that order.
First three rounds went great outside of immediately being out 4 climaxes after refresh against AW, but we were able to recover due to our ability to mill through the deck quickly.
VS matchup was a bummer due to drawing incredibly poorly and not really having anything going on and suffering from a low hand size the entire game as a result.

M: What was the best play you made (or saw someone else make) during the event?

V: Playing the 1/1 Nanako backrow support from P4 Animation EB. Rest counters and Anti Damage counters suck, and preventing your Protagonists from being targeted is incredibly useful in matchups like TLR/KMN or other sets with those effects.

M: Give us an ideal opening hand. What makes it good, and how important are the cards in it?

V: Guide of the Phantom Thieves – Morgana and Deal Made, Makoto are great to start off with, especially in matchups where your opponent has effects that occur when their character gets reversed (Kemono anti-damage). Otherwise, we just need Level 0s and mulligan the rest away for the 2/1 Protagonist combo if possible.

M: What would a difficult opening hand look like for the deck? What would you mulligan?

V: High counts of level 2 and up in the initial opening hand that are not the 2/1 Protagonist or Wind CX can be rough. Pretty much everything in the opening hand outside of those and Level 0 characters are expendable to try to get to our combo quickly.

M: What are the deck’s best/worst matchups in your mind?

V: Attack on Titan is pretty rough, as are other decks that can avoid the Protagonist 2/1 climax combo to generate advantage. Decks that can fully wall up at level 3 that can prevent the Protagonist 3/2 from going off also are difficult to handle as it prevents any extra sources of damage or forces you to rely on lucky Wind CX triggers to get the reverse or open slot off.

Felix Question: Do you feel that it’s truly possible to tryhard in Weiss Schwarz, and why?

V: Yes, but it’s not a bad thing. When something is being played for anything, it should be expected that people are gonna “tryhard”.

Congratulations and thanks again to Vincent for the interview!

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