GochiUsa Deck Tech – 2nd at WGP Regionals – Santa Clara

Not enough coffee in your life? 9th CX has you covered with this deck that took 2nd at the WGP Regionals in Santa Clara!

The Regionals was hosted by yours truly, with a big shoutout to Legends Comics and Games in Santa Clara for housing the event.

This deck is brought to you by Alan L., and a special thanks to Travis for putting the article together.

Now onto the list!

Level 0 – 19:

2x “Dignified” Rize (GU/W44-034)
2x Rize in the Wood-Framed Town (GU/W44-035)
4x Artist Cocoa (GU/W44-052)
3x “Present Exchange” Cocoa (GU/WE26-017)
4x Rize, Being Herself (GU/WE26-20)
4x Chino, Being Playful (GU/WE26-035)

Level 1 – 10:

2x Cocoa, Very Drunk (GU/W44-037)
2x Chino, Miko-san (GU/W44-076)
4x “Present Exchange” Chino (GU/WE26-034)
2x Chino, Serious Match on the Board (GU/WE26-041)

Level 2 – 6:

2x “Guardian of Roses and Explosives” Rize (GU/W44-045)
1x “Suspicious” Rize (GU/W44-047)
1x Chino in a Maid Outfit (GU/W44-085)
2x Cocoa, Get Well Visit (GU/WE26-023)

Level 3 – 7:

3x Chino & Cocoa, Good to Have Met (GU/WE26-018)
4x “Present Exchange” Rize (GU/WE26-019)


4x Pillow Fight (GU/WE26-032)
4x Talking in Sleep (GU/WE26-048)

At level 0, we have 19 characters;

“Dignified” Rize is a global 500 to all other [Rabbit House] characters. She can also snipe: pay 1 to send one of your opponent’s Level 0 or lower characters on center stage to the waiting room.

When Rize in the Wood-Framed Town is placed to the stage, choose a [Rabbit House] character you control to give +1500 power until end of turn.

Artist Cocoa gets +1 level and +1000 power if you have 2 or less stock.

When “Present Exchange” Cocoa is played, you may pay 1 and put the top card of your deck into clock to salvage a [Rabbit House] character. Also, on attack, you can give a character you control +500 power until end of turn.

When Rize, Being Herself is placed to the stage, you may reveal up to the top 3 cards of your deck. If 1 or more is revealed in this fashion, choose up to one [Rabbit House] character from among them, add it to your hand, send the rest of the revealed cards to waiting room, then discard a card. (If you have the misfortune of revealing 3 CXs, or you don’t choose a character to add to your hand, you still need to discard.)

Chino, Being Playful is a “Pay 1 Rest this” brainstorm that searches for [Rabbit House] characters. At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, you may choose another [Rabbit House] character you control and give it +500 power until end of turn.

At level 1, we have 10 characters;

Cocoa, Very Drunk is a Level 1 reverser. When she is placed to the stage, you may discard a CX to salvage a [Rabbit House] or [Bread] character.

Chino, Miko-san can’t front attack when facing a character with a higher level than this.

“Present Exchange” Chino gets +1000 power if all your characters are [Rabbit House]. When this card reverses its battle opponent, if “Sleep Talking” is in your climax slot, you may tutor for up to 1 [Rabbit House] character.

Chino, Serious Match on the Board gets +500 per other [Rabbit House] character. When she reverses her battle opponent, she also is considered to have the name “Chino, Big Sister” until end of turn.

At level 2, we have 6 characters;

“Guardian of Roses and Explosives” Rize is a 2500 power backup. When you use this backup, you may reveal the top card of your deck and add it to your hand if it is a [Rabbit House] character, then discard a card.

“Suspicious” Rize is an early play reverser. (When reversed, if the character that she battled was a level higher than your opponent, you may reverse that character.)

Chino in a Maid Outfit is a 2500 power backup. You can also pay 2 when you use her backup to freefresh.

When Cocoa, Get Well Visit is placed to the stage from hand, give one of your [Rabbit House] characters +1000 power until end of turn. She is also a +2000 assist to Level 3 or higher characters in front of her.

At level 3, we have 7 characters;

On play Chino & Cocoa, Good to Have Met is a draw 2 ditch 1. They also get +500 per [Rabbit House] character, and when they attack with Pillow Fight in the CX area, you may Pay 2 Discard 2 to deal two instances of burn 1, then this card gains +6000 power until the end of turn. (Damage may cancel) (As of publishing, this card is on the choose 1 list, with the anti-change level 1 Cocoa backup being the other)

“Present Exchange” Rize gets -1 level in hand if you have Cocoa, Get Well Visit and Chino, Being Playful on the stage. On play, heal 1. She also gets +2000 power on attack if you have 2 or more other [Rabbit House] characters.

CX Spread

Pillow Fight (1k1 Door)
Talking in Sleep (1k1 Pants)

M: Multi-part question: What made you decide to play this deck for the event? Were you considering other series? Was your local meta a factor in your decision?

A: I like cute grills…. I mean rabbits… I like to have an order of waifu onegai! I was considering running Love Live Sunshine but I got lazy switching deck and I lent it to my brother to play since he has no JP decks. Local meta was not a factor in my decision. This is a game of Dimension Shift (DS), I’m just playing against myself while my opponent loses in the end. (Editor’s Note: Dimension Shift being a Runecraft deck from Shadowverse that involves playing a bunch of spells, taking extra turns, and then ending the game with a big attack, etc)

M: How did you approach building the deck you ran? If you had to make changes, what would you add or take out?

A: This is one of the few decks where it’s so consistent that I only need 7 level 3s and play like 5 level 3 per game? (unless I don’t cancel, ouch). If I could make changes I’d bring the 2 anti change punch back into the deck, woohoo! (Editor’s Note: If only! The card is still on the choose one list though.)

M: Describe your list. What does it do at each level? What’s it’s early, mid, and endgame like? In your mind, what makes this deck a good choice? Is there a time or a place where you think it would not be a good choice to play?


At level 0: play a level 1 Cocoa beater, filter, pump power, brainstorm, global support while Rize bombs grills, and Riki salvage.

Level 1: free searcher, beaters, and ditch CX to find answers as needed

Level 2: all kinds of utility punches, early play support

Level 3: early play beater, ultimate quad pokes until you drop finisher.

At 0, don’t stress; unbrick yourself with list described above.

At level 1, search for early play and hope that you cancel.

Level 2, heal loop with Rize until opponent mental breaks.

Level 3, just normal swing with Rize and win. Finisher is hardly used in this deck. I want my anti-change Cocoa back!!

Strongest card that most other sets don’t have is Artist Cocoa 😀

M: Tell us how the event went. What did you play every round, to the best of your memory? How did the matches go?

A: Event went well. Each round was fairly fast like bam bam BAM. Next! You hardly got a breather. Shoot I forgot who i played against…

I remember Kantai, Persona 5, Symphogear, Love Live Sunshine, and Charlotte. Matches ended when opponent’s Dimension Shift bricked…

M: What was the best play you made (or saw someone else make) during the event?

A: When my opponent played Charlotte with anti burn… that game I played Rize heal 5 times and won. Asked my Kantai opponent which restricted he chose. He said power creep, so I resume to play my own dimension shift.

M: Give us an ideal opening hand. What makes it good, and how important are the cards in it?

A: Brainstorm Chino, Pantsu CX, and Artist Cocoa is all you need. Everything else will flow through your hand while you mystic ring (filter) and get to 2 more win con pieces…

M: What would a difficult opening hand look like for the deck? What would you mulligan? 

A: I mulligan anything that’s not a level 0 or Pantsu CX. On rare occasions, I may keep one level 1 CX combo Chino.

M: What are the deck’s best/worst matchups in your mind?

A: Anything that’s anti fun. Liza hurts my DS deck like a boss… (EN: anything that can prevent healing, burn effects, etc)

Felix Question: Do you feel that it’s truly possible to tryhard in Weiss Schwarz, and why?

A: As my friends say, if you’re playing this game in a “tournament” you’re a tryhard lol. Luck plays a fairly minor role in WS.

Congratulations and thanks again to Alan for the interview!

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