Konosuba Deck Tech – 2nd at 2017 WGP Regionals – San Jose

Welcome to another 9th CX Deck Tech and Tournament Report! Today, we have a Konosuba deck that went all the way to the finals of the 2017 WGP Regionals held at Hidden Leaf Games in San Jose, California. The list and report are brought to you by Kole C.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Though the set was printed in EN without functional changes, we will be using the HotC translated names.


Let’s take a look at the deck!

The list can be found on WSDecks here.

Level 0 – 16

3 “Full of Concerns” Kazuma (KS/W49-005)
3 “Specialty: Delusion” Darkness (KS/W49-007)
3 “Board Game” Megumin (KS/W49-037)
4 “Problematic Act” Megumin (KS/W49-040)
3 “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua (KS/W49-075)

Level 1 – 13

3 “Good Explosion!” Megumin (KS/W49-042)
3 “Trouble” Megumin (KS/W49-P07)
4 “Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T05)
3 “Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin (KS/W49-T06)

Level 2 – 4

1 “Calling for Sensei” Megumin (KS/W49-051)
1 “We Are the Presents~” Megumin & Aqua (KS/W49-P04)
2 “Pride of the Goddess” Aqua (KS/W49-T17)

Level 3 – 9

4 “Crimson Demon” Megumin (KS/W49-034)
3 “May You Be Blessed With Kind Encounters” Eris (KS/W49-072)
2 Aqua (KS/W49-073)

CX – 8

2 Explosion Magic (KS/W49-069)
2 Resurrection (KS/W49-098)
4 Explosion (KS/W49-T10)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.

“Full of Concerns” Kazuma has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock and resting 2 characters you control: for each CX revealed, you may tutor for up to 1 [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character. He also has a CX combo that is not used in this deck. He is also part of the level 3 Megumin’s CX combo.

“Specialty: Delusion” Darkness gives a character you control +1000 power until end of turn when you play a CX. You can also pay 1 stock, rest her, and put the top card of your deck into clock to tutor for up to 1 [Adventurer] character.

“Board Game” Megumin is a free runner. (At the start of your opponent’s attack phase, you can move her to any open slot in your front row.) On play, you can discard a CX to salvage an [Adventurer] or [Magic] character.

“Problematic Act” Megumin is an Akatsuki-like clone for [Magic] characters upon being sent to the waiting room. (When sent from the stage to waiting room, you may discard a card. If you do, look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck, tutor for up to 1 [Magic] character, reveal it, put it into your hand, and the rest of the cards into your waiting room.)

When you play “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua, you may put a card in your hand into clock. If you do, tutor for up to 1 [Goddess] character.

At level 1, we have 13 characters.

“Good Explosion!” Megumin is a level reverser with character (hand) encore.

When “Trouble” Megumin is played, she gets +500 power until end of turn for each [Adventurer]/[Magic] character you control (including herself).

“Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin cannot side attack, and has a CX combo with Explosion: when she reverses a character in battle, you may salvage a character.

“Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin has clock encore and gains +500 power for each other [Adventurer]/[Magic] character you control.

At level 2, we have 4 characters.

“Calling for Sensei” Megumin gets +6000 power on attack if the character across from her is level 3 or higher. When she reverses a level 2 or higher character in battle, you may pay 1 stock. If you do, you salvage 1 character. (If you pay for the ability, you must return a character. The Japanese text for the card lacks the ’まで’ which would otherwise let up to 1 card be chosen.)

“We Are the Presents~” Megumin & Aqua has a 1 stock +2500 power backup ability. When you use the backup, you reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a [Adventurer] or [Magic] character, you put it into your hand and discard a card.

“Pride of the Goddess” Aqua is a level assist. She has an on play Akatsuki effect for [Adventurer]/[Goddess] characters.

At level 3, we have 9 cards.

When “Crimson Demon” Megumin is played, you mill the top card of your deck, then choose a character your opponent controls with the same or lower level of the milled card, and send it to the waiting room. (CX cards are considered level 0.) She has a CX combo with “Explosion Magic”: at the start of your encore step,  if the CX is in play, this is in your front row, and you control a “Full of Concerns” Kazuma (anywhere on your stage), you may discard a card. If you do, burn 5.

“May You Be Blessed With Kind Encounters” Eris gets -1 level in your hand if you have a “Meaning for Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua in your clock. On play, you may salvage an [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character. Its last ability triggers only up to once per turn: when the character in the middle slot of your front row attacks, you may pay 1 stock and discard 2 cards. If you do, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character, stand this character. (Even if Eris is reversed or padded, she will stand if you pay the cost and pass the check.)

When Aqua is in battle, your opponent cannot use Backup effects. (Events are OK.) On play, you may pay 1. If you do, your opponent chooses 2 CXs in their waiting room, then shuffles all the other cards in their waiting room into their deck. She has a CX combo with Resurrection: when the CX is played, if this card is in your front row, you may discard a card. If you do, choose an [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character in your clock and put it onto your stage in any slot.

Explosion Magic is a 1k1 + Door.

Resurrection is a 1k1 + Gate (Pants).

Explosion is a red waiting room stock/soul.

Onto the report and interview!

M: Congratulations on the finish! Multi-part question: What made you decide to play this deck for the event? Were you considering other series? Was your local meta a factor in your decision?

K: I love Megumin, so I played a consistent Konosuba deck (mostly) featuring best girl.

Best Girl™

M: How did you approach building the deck you ran? If you had to make changes, what would you add or take out?

K: After a 2 week test period, I found what seemed to be the best fit for what I wanted. Any changes I would make are maybe around level 2, though the level is pretty much skipped by early play Eris.

M: Describe your list. What does it do at each level? What’s it’s early, mid, and endgame like? In your mind, what makes this deck a good choice? Is there a time or a place where you think it would not be a good choice to play?

K: Early game level 0 you want to on-death Akatsuki to get targets and set up for level 1 game. If you’re able to get level 1 before your opponent, you have a higher chance of getting more cards off your level 1 CX combo. At level 1 is when you use your salvage CXC Megumin to get 2 Eris and 1 Aqua early play enabler. At level 2 clock Aqua if not already in clock, drop 2 Eris, and hope to not whiff the restand.

M: Seems solid. So tell us how the event went. What did you play every round, to the best of your memory? How did the matches go?

K: Round 1 vs Kancolle was hard. Had a hard time working around having back row popped by level 1 CX combos. Round 2 vs Rabbits choice anti-early play, I feel this game would have been rougher had the choice cocoa and chino finisher been played. Game 3 was vs Rewrite Guardians. This game I fought hard, as my record vs the deck isn’t great, but Eris restand prevailed. Game 4 was vs [email protected] CG (TP). The match was tense because I’d never played against the deck before. This tournament was my first WGP too, and I wasn’t expecting to be 3-0 by then. After toppling CG, I sat 4-0 vs Love Live! Sunshine where a misplay I made cost me the game.

M: What was the best play you made (or saw someone else make) during the event?

K: I turned cards sideways, and then top deck checked and turned card back standing. Then sideways again.

M: … Give us an ideal opening hand. What makes it good, and how important are the cards in it?

K: 1 level 1 Megumin, 1 CX for said Megumin, 1 “Riki/Item” Darkness, 1 Kazuma brainstormer and an Akatsuki on-death Megumin. Though the Kazuma isn’t super necessary and could be replaced by a runner Megumin, Riki is very key to search into level 1 plus combo.

M: What would a difficult opening hand look like for the deck? What would you mulligan?

K: Level 3 Aqua, level 3 Megumin, level 2 Akatsuki Aquas and an off CX.

M: Yuck, that sounds like that hand is one where you would just ditch everything, yes?

K: Actually, no, I’d ditch everything but the CX. I’d keep the CX just in case I get a Megumin runner.

M: Ah, good point. To you, what are this deck’s best and worst matchups?

K: Deck is best when I’m not being dumb. Deck is worst against lucksacks.

M: … So for our last question, we have Felix with his signature Question™:

F:  Do you feel that it’s truly possible to tryhard in Weiss Schwarz, and why?

K: Can’t tryhard in RNG and sacking.

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