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Hey guys, I’m (Felix) here to share with you today the best deck that you clearly aren’t playing right now.

Literally the best deck.dek


1x Patches the Pirate

3x Small-Time Buccaneer

1x Black Lotus

4x Time Walk

3x Albert, Levin Saber

3x Pot of Greed

4x Marika, Maiden’s Heart

1x Dr. Boom

4x Mox Emerald

4x Mox Jet

4x Mox Ruby

4x Mox Sapphire

4x Mox Pearl

4x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

3x Bellringer Angel

3x Lord Atomy

4x Pendant of Promise

3x Babbling Book

3x Miyuki, Completionist General


Alright so now I’m going to go over exactly why these cards are in the deck even though like 99% of them need no introduction.

First off, the keystone of the deck, we have 1x Patches the Pirate.

This little fellow is like ok. He does 1 damage the turn he gets played and 1 every turn he doesn’t die afterwards. You kind of need to play a pirate to get value from him even if the 1 card deck thinning isn’t the most value. However, this entire deck is built around Patches. So I guess that makes him like, above average or something. Methinks.

If you’re not very lucky you will draw into Patches. But that is ok because he is cheap to play and still does basically the same thing as if you played him from your deck. However, If you do not wish to draw him I have a solution for you.

If you’re lucky, you can get like 2-3 damage from him over the course of the game which is like a Lightning Bolt or Crimson Sorcery’s worth of damage.

T: Felix, don’t play Patches the Pirate. Calling him good is a joke in itself. Just a swarm ability and haste? Where’s my stock generation? Mana dork abilities? Can this even break a life cloth with it’s low power? It doesn’t even do anything when it rides or is strided on. This is nowhere close to a 4 mana 7/7 that people would rather play to prevent Emrakul from wiping your field on turn 3. I’d rather get banished to the shadow realm from a Master Ball being thrown at my Gachamon than play this card. And if I was blind enough to play this card, My opponent wouldn’t even need to access cards in their bench to get all their prize cards. Give me something else other than that patchy garbage.

Actually, you know what? Just take him out of your deck. Put a Lightning Bolt in there instead.



Moving on we have 3x Small-Time Buccaneer.

Get it? Small-Time? Nevermind.

So this guy is supposed to get the Patches that we took out and then you slap a weapon on yourself and this little guy becomes a 3/2 which is amazing for 1 mana….what? Wait he was nerfed? Huh? Oh…. This card is really mediocre or something now? Well then….

Ok take this out of your deck as well. Put 3 more Lightning Bolts in your deck to replace it. They’re both 3 damage either way. MOVING ON!!!


Next we have 1x Black Lotus.

Why not a playset you ask? How many players can actually afford a playset of these? If you are the 1% of WS players who can afford a set of these then good for you, slap a playset of them in your deck. I want my list to be as accessible as possible to as many players as possible. I’m pretty sure most people have the money laying around for 1 of these, but not 4.

Anyways, there is no reason this card should not be in your deck. 3 mana on potential turn 1 is amazing. This combined with the other Moxen, shown later, can give you a 8 drop creature on turn 1. That’s like busted. Play this card.


Next up we have 4x Time Walk.

Wait… Hold On!

Uhh…. well this does the same thing technically.

There we go! I can do the thing! Anyways about this card. It clearly has worse art compared to DShift above. But Time Walk is much cheaper to cast. Honestly, you might be able to get away with running DShift in your deck since Moxen are non-creature spells. Up to you really. But extra turns is fun. At least when your opponent isn’t taking extra turns.


Next we have 3x Albert, Levin Saber.

Yes he’s pretty good looking. He is also 10 face damage. Face damage good. Albert good. Perfectly balanced card. Especially since there’s cards with ward. See, countered, problem solved. For those times there’s no ward, bam 10 face damage, or you could play him like turn 2 or 3 off some Moxen and Lotus and be even more degenerate.


Next we have 3x Pot of Greed

Draw 2 cards. For free. I’m in. I don’t know about you but I like to plus hand size. Also if you play this card, it helps you feel happy like that pot. Who doesn’t want to be a happy pot? Plus it helps you keep cards in hand for a certain card we all know and love.


Next we have 4x Marika, Maiden’s Heart

Everyone knows what this card does. Hint: a lot of damage.







Next we have 1x Dr. Boom

So this card is like pretty good. He makes 2 1/1s that deal 1-4 damage to a random target when they die. And by random I mean they deal 1 damage to the worse target possible when you play Dr. Boom and they deal 4 damage to the best target when your opponent plays Dr. Boom. If you want to keep part of your sanity, feel free to replace this with something like Nat Pagle.


Next we have 4x of Mox Emerald, Mox Ruby, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire.

I’m grouping these 5 cards together because they all do similar things. All 5 of them are free to play and they add 1 mana of their color to your mana pool. I have 4 of them here for each of these because they are more affordable than Black Lotuses. If you can’t buy all of them then just make do with what you have and toss in your favorite cards/waifus to replace them. But if you do have them you can easily play cards super ahead of curve. This way you can shift your curve up and not be punished too hard. Except when you flood out of these like land flooding, which sucks and will happen to you from time to time.


Next we have 4x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

Why is this card on the list? Because she’s my favorite.

So can you replace her with your favorite card? No.


Next we have 3x Bellringer Angel.



Next we have 3x Lord Atomy.

So this card wants you to have 4 cards out to play him for free. Easy, 4 Moxen and done. Or you can have a lotus, 6 Moxen as your starting hand, then draw him and play him on turn 1 on the draw or turn 2 on the play. Seems good enough for me. Until he gets removed. Then you’re just sad and should probably concede the game.


Next we have 4x Pendant of Promise.

Yes I know there are 4 versions. No, you only play this one. This one has Marika, aka best girl. And we need this for the other Marika card to be op.


Next we have 3x Babbling Book.

So the card reads add a random Mage spell. But really it adds a very timely Polymorth and Firelands Portal to your hand. Kek.


Finally we have 3x Miyuki, Completionist General.

+50 soul. Seems good to me. All you have to do is make sure your opponent won’t cancel. Then you insta win. Easy.


Now for the deck analysis.


Well you play OP cards and win the game. I don’t know what else to tell you. Oh! There is 1 thing that is super important. If your opponent tries to play a counter, like Counterspell or Force of Will, just tell them that you won’t allow it and they can’t cast it. Make sure to do this because otherwise your cards will get countered and then you don’t get to have fun. Fun is good. Make sure to have fun.



Hi Arin

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