Konosuba TD+ Review

Welcome to a 9th CX TD review! We’re taking the TD+ from Konosuba, one of the first TD+s to come to WS!

Card images will be added later.

Here are the descriptions of the cards in the TD itself.

“Choosing the Goddess” Kazuma is a global 1000 to all other “Forced Along” Aqua and has a pay 1 bond for “Forced Along” Aqua.
“Parents’ Names” Megumin is a level 0 reverser that has an alternate pay 2 salvage when sent to waiting room.

Proud of Explosion Magic” Megumin gives +1 level and +1000 power to another [Adventurer] or [Magic] character on attack.

“Reason to Reject” Megumin is a pay 1 ditch 1 searcher for [Adventurer] or [Magic].
“Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin” cannot side attack and has a CX combo with “Explosion” where on opponent reverse, salvage a character.

“Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin gets +500 power for each other [Adventurer] or [Magic] and has clock encore.

“Ultimate Attack Magic” Megumin on play gets +1000 power for each of your [Adventurer] or [Magic] characters.

“Ostracized Forbidden Power” Megumin lets you take a blond stock on opponent reverse when you play a CX.

My Name Is Megumin salvages on play and gets +500 times the number of [Adventurer] or [Magic] characters you control on play.

“Immediate Openning for Party Member” Aqua gives your center slot +1500 power on defense and is a pay 1 rest this draw brainstorm.

“Typical Thing in This Kind of World” Aqua is a +500 assist and on CX play, you can give a character +1000 power.

“Thoughtless and Carefree” Aqua gets +1500 power if you have 6 or more cards in hand.

“Forced Along” Aqua is a useless goddess vanilla.

“Is Heaven a Wonderful Place” Aqua is a 3000 power backup.

“Pride of the Goddess” Aqua is a level assist with an on play Asuza ability for [Adventurer] or [Goddess]

“Goddess of Water” Aqua heals on play and gets 500 for each other [Adventurer] or [Goddess] character].

Sympathy of Believer of Eris searches for up to 2 [Adventurer] or [Goddess] characters.


CXs in the TD+ are:

Explosion(Red Stock Soul)

Kill Quest Start(1K1 w/Salvage Trigger)

Bonus for Transferring to an Alien World(+2 Soul)

The list itself is:

Level 0 – 18

2 “Choosing the Goddess” Kazuma (KS/W49-T01)

2 “Parents’ Names” Megumin (KS/W49-T02)
4 “Proud of Explosion Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T03)
2 “Reason to Reject” Megumin (KS/W49-T04)
4 “Immediate Openning for Party Member” Aqua (KS/W49-T12)
2 “Typical Thing in This Kind of World” Aqua (KS/W49-T13)
2 “Thoughtless and Carefree” Aqua (KS/W49-T14)

Level 1 – 10

4 “Preparation for Explosion Magic” Megumin” (KS/W49-T05)
2 “Crimson Demon Girl” Megumin (KS/W49-T06)
4 “Forced Along” Aqua (KS/W49-T15)

Level 2 – 10

2 “Ultimate Attack Magic” Megumin (KS/W49-T07)
2 “Ostracized Forbidden Power” Megumin(KS/W49-T08)
2 “Is Heaven a Wonderful Place?” Aqua (KS/W49-T16)
2 “Pride of the Goddess” Aqua (KS/W49-T17)
2 Sympathy of Believer of Eris (KS/W49-T19)

Level 3 – 4

2 My Name Is Megumin (KS/W49-T09)
2 “Goddess of Water” Aqua (KS/W49-T18)

CX – 8

4 Explosion (KS/W49-T10)
2 Kill Quest Start (KS/W49-T11)
2 Bonus for Transferring to an Alien World (KS/W49-T20)


Deck Review (Short version)

M: Level-by-Level

Level 0 is a typical showing of a TD, with a mix of vanilla characters. However, the inclusion of Aqua’s Married Life (i.e. anything with support that gives power on CX play, a reference to the SAO card Asuna’s Married Life) shows the general increase in power. In the past, TDs have had vanilla supports, +500 to characters in front, with no other abilities. However, these vanilla supports have since been phased out because cards at that low power level are obsolete; even humble vanilla characters now can be seen with various interactions and combos.

At level 1, it’s Apples all around, looks like. (Reference: The original Madoka set contained a pair of cards, 2nd Year Sayaka and Kyoko Sharing an Apple, with the same effects.) It creates a solid level 1 power-oriented plan without being overpowered. It’s nothing to go nuts over, but it does set the tone for the power level of the TD. The best part about this seemingly ho-hum level 1 is that it has a combo at the same level to gain an advantage.

There are only a few things separating this TD+ from resembling a competitive deck:

  • A level 3 that does anything other than heal
  • Additional utility and stock advantage at level 0
  • A different source of card advantage, with or without a CX combo, either to gain cards in hand or stock

Granted, the set is going to have a lot more than what this TD has to offer. With TD+s no longer having 1-ofs that kill wallets and make Bushiroad sad with abandoned TDs, it’s possible that future TDs will have nothing or more to give to a set’s competitive build(s). Some cards to keep an eye on would be the double search event, the searcher, and the Married Life support.

T: The level 0 game looks like what a standard constructed deck may show, a brainstormer, assist, reversers, hand-filter, and a conditional beater. However, we also see an apples-type bond/assist effect that can wall up at level 1, and at least net you some stock generation until your opponent hits level 2. Having the hand plus combo in the same level can set up for an explosive level 2 game with assassin characters and gaining blind stock on reverse. All of this looks really good until you hit level 3. The deck has a set up for a competitive deck, but falters at the crucial moment where you want damage to stick the most. Just combining two of these decks together and taking a few things from the booster such as;

  • Search/Salvage brainstorm
  • A finisher
  • Early play
  • Early play remover(outside of the on play +1k per specific traited character(s) in this deck)
  • More hand filters

…can make this TD+ more solid than it looks now.

This TD+ looks cool, but the set looks even more promising. Are you looking forward to building a deck full of EXPLOOOOOSION?

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