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It’s article time again at 9th CX and we are going to give this one our BEST SHOT! GochiUsa is back as promised, this time featuring the new Best Shot deck theme from the extra booster.

Special thanks to Travis for article prep and for the list.

Let’s look at the deck!

Level 0 – 20

4 Syaro, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-003
3 Syaro, Fun Time is Best Shot GU/WE26-006
4 Chiya, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-012
3 Chiya, Precious Best Shot GU/WE26-014
4 Maya, Treasure Hunting GU/WE26-043
2 Meg, Treasure Hunting GU/WE26-044

Level 1 – 18

4 Cocoa, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-024
4 Rize, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-025
3 Cocoa, Summer Best Shot GU/WE26-028
3 Rize, Best Shot Even While Taking Break GU/WE26-029
4 Chino, Every Day is Best Shot GU/WE26-037

Level 2 – 4

4 Rize, Club Helper! GU/WE26-030


3 Pillow Fight GU/WE26-032
2 Talking in Sleep GU/WE26-048
3 Full of Best Shot GU/WE26-050a

At level 0, we have 20 characters:

If Syaro, Every Day is Best Shot sees a “Chiya, Every Day is Best Shot” on the field, she becomes a global 500. She is also a Pay 1 Rest 2 search brainstorm for “Best Shot” or “Treasure” characters.

Syaro, Fun Time is Best Shot reveals the top card of your deck on attack. If it’s a character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in it’s name, this gets +1 soul for the turn.

Chiya, Every Day is Best gives your center slot character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in its name hand encore. If she sees another “Syaro, Every Day is Best Shot“, she becomes a global +500.

Chiya, Precious Best Shot lets you rearrange the top 2 cards of your deck when played.

Maya, Treasure Hunting is a Pay 1 Ditch 1 search for “Best Shot” or “Treasure”.

Meg, Treasure Hunting has hand encore.


At Level 1, we have 18 characters:

When Cocoa, Every Day is Best Shot is placed to the stage, you may mill the top card of your deck. If you do, give +1 soul to a character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in its name for each soul trigger on the milled card.

When Rize, Every Day is Best Shot attacks, you may mill the top card of your deck. This card gets +1 soul for each soul trigger on the card milled this way.

When Cocoa, Summer Best Shot is placed to the stage, you may mill the top card of your deck. If it has a soul trigger, draw 1 ditch 1

Rize, Best Shot Even While Taking Break lets you salvage a character with “Best Shot” or “Treasure” in its name, then discard a card if she reverses her battle opponent.

Chino, Every Day is Best Shot has a CX combo with Full of Best Shot. On CX play, if you have another Syaro, Every Day is Best ShotChiya, Every Day is Best ShotCocoa, Every Day is Best Shot, and Rize, Everyday is Best Shot, you may pay 1 and send the CX to memory. If you do, draw 3 cards.


At Level 2, we have 1 character:

Rize, Club Helper! is a 2500 power back up. When you use her backup, you may pay 2 to burn 1.

The CX Spread looks like this:

3 Gate(Pillow Fight/1k1), 2 Pants(Talking in Sleep/1k1), 3 Memory/2Soul(Full of Best Shot/While in memory, gives +4k to characters w/ Best Shot or Treasure in name)

Note: The Full of Best Shot does not have any ability when played and only functions in memory.

Because this deck is mostly for fun (i.e. use at your own peril if in a competitive environment), we’ll be giving only a brief snapshot of how this deck might be used.

T: Best Shot can be a very tricky build to play around, especially since you need 5 characters just to have the ability to give your board a giant power boost. Level 0 should be spent looking for as many pieces of the Best Shot combo, while also building stock. Syaro’s on attack ability can help make up some soul damage, since 3 of the 8 CXs in the deck offer no soul or power advantage when played directly. You shouldn’t have any issues at all keeping a board presence, since the back row gives a global 1000 to the deck. With the lowest attack you’ll have at level 0 being 3k, the only thing you’d have to worry about is level 0 reversers. Chiya’s on play ability can help you anywhere in the game, whether it’s setting up top check/mill abilities or checking to see if it’s safe to use a brainstorm.

Level 1 you want to drop the 3 remaining pieces of Exodia the Best Shot combo and start building hand, and keep it there. Sending one copy of the Full of Best Shot CX to memory lets your board sit at 9k on defense, which again, is still at the mercy of level reversers or overextending to reverse your field. Since you won’t have to replace your field often, you can afford to just draw for turn and then attack. Don’t use unnecessary stock at this point of the gameWhen you use the Best Shot combo, you lose a decent amount of compression to boost your board since you are taking a CX out of your deck permanently. Pay out your CX triggers if need be, or brainstorm to pull damage out of your deck, and that should be the extent of using stock at this point. Using a 1k1 here and there will help push more damage.

By level 2 it wouldn’t hurt to have a second Full of Best Shot in memory, if you haven’t done that already. 13k level 1s are nearly invincible until your opponent hits level 3, or uses a level 1 reverserRize, Club Helper! is your form of a “Level 3” game because of her other ability when you use her backup effect. Once you get that second Full of Best Shot in memory, you’ll want to finish the game quickly. Rize becomes a high priority target since getting hit with any form of CX attack will hurt drastically. The Rize, Every Day is Best Shot will become useful for her on attack ability so you can mill through your deck faster and keep CXs in deck. This game plan extends into Level 3 as well, since this deck runs zero level 3s.

M: Let’s look at the deck with a different view (if only for a second). Since the card pool for GochiUsa is limited to two sets (and a TD), improving the list is very difficult. However, that does not mean that there is no room for it.

Level 3s are certainly missing from this deck for a reason, but let’s say that someone wanted to play something with more oomph or more finishing power. Could someone fit in the level 3 CocoChino combo and just do a 4/4 split of CXs?

T: It’s possible, yes. I suggest taking the 1/1 Rize out and 1 of the Rize backups to run a full playset, or just take out the 1/1 Rize and run 3 CocoChino instead. However, a 4/4 split probably wouldn’t be the best idea for the build as it will make half the deck’s CXs useless outside of triggers, and CocoChino does not benefit from having the Best Shot CX in memory. I suggest keeping the current split of CXs even if you ran the CocoChino.

And that’s all for this time! Best Shot is a deck with a unique take on CX use, and we can’t really give it a “competitive” endorsement, but we hope you have fun with the list!

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