Re:Zero Dech Techs; 3 Best Girls, 3 Decks

Welcome to another 9th CX Deck Tech! Re:Zero has arrived, and we have gathered a trio of deck lists for your consideration. Special thanks to Travis for article prep and the heavy lifting. Let’s get to the lists right away!

T. Pruett’s List
Deck Name: Rem/Ram

Level 0 – 17

3 Ram, Power of Clairvoyance (RZ/S46-033)
4 Ram, the Maid Saw It! (RZ/S46-034)
4 Rem & Ram Under the Sunlight Through the Leaves (RZ/S46-035)
3 Rem & Ram, Uniform Look (RZ/S46-070)
3 Ram, Vicious Maid (RZ/S46-T02)

Level 1 – 11

1 Reinhard, Felt’s Knight (RZ/S46-011)
4 Ram, Maid of Roswal’s Mansion (RZ/S46-032)
3 Ram, Flanked by Pretty Women (RZ/S46-049)
3 Rem, Flanked by Pretty Women (RZ/S46-088)

Level 2 – 5

2 Ram, Praising Herself (RZ/S46-044)
1 Ram, Enemy of Her Little Sister (RZ/S46-051)
2 Rem, Faint Light Seen By Those Eyes (RZ/S46-079)

Level 3 – 9

3 Ram, Pink-Haired Maid (RZ/S46-030)
3 Rem & Ram, Bath Time! (RZ/S46-038)
3 Rem, Modest Wish (RZ/S46-069)

CX – 8

4 Natsuki Subaru Decoy Operation (RZ/S46-054)
4 As a Big Sister (RZ/S46-055)

N. Wang’s List
Deck Name: Blue/Yellow

Level 0 – 18

4 Wilhelm, Young Swordsman (RZ/S46-004)
4 Theresia, Previous Sword Saint (RZ/S46-002)
3 Subaru with Puck (RZ/S46-039)
3 Rem, Stable Normal Life (RZ/S46-058)
2 Rem, Happy Dream(RZ/S46-063)
2 Ram, the Maid Saw It! (RZ/S46-034)

Level 1 – 9

4 Emilia, Silver-Haired Bishoujo (RZ/S46-059)
3 Crusch, Fighting White Whale (RZ/S46-010)
2 Reinhard, Felt’s Knight (RZ/S46-011)

Level 2 – 6

3 Felt, Pride of Slums (RZ/S46-013)
2 Emilia, Bath Time (RZ/S46-066)
1 Emilia, Not Being True to Herself (RZ/S46-078)

Level 3 – 9

4 Rem, Blue-Haired Maid(RZ/S46-060)
2 Reinhard, Sword Saint(RZ/S46-007)
3 Felt, Candidate for Royal Election (RZ/S46-001)

CXs – 8

4 Girl of Gale (RZ/S46-028)
4 Starting Life in Another World From Scratch (RZ/S46-096)

D. Young’s List
Deck Name: I Love Emilia

Level 0 – 17

3 – Felt, Declaration of War (RZ/S46-005)
4 – Rem & Ram Under the Sunlight Through the Leaves (RZ/S46-035)
4 – Emilia, Smile of an Angel (RZ/S46-062)
3 – Emilia, Innocent Bishoujo (RZ/S46-064)
3 – Rem, Pure White Bride (RZ/S46-T11)

Level 1 – 10

2 – Reinhard, Felt’s Knight (RZ/S46-011)
4 – Emilia, Silver-Haired Bishoujo (RZ/S46-059)
4 – Puck, Great Spirit (RZ/S46-075)

Level 2 – 3

1 – Emilia, Not Being True to Herself (RZ/S46-078)
2 – Emilia, Bath Time! (RZ/S46-066)

Level 3 – 12

4 – Rem, Blue-Haired Maid (RZ/S46-060)
4 – Emilia, Half-Elf Girl (RZ/S46-061)
4 – Emilia, Spirit User (RZ/S46-T19)

CXs – 8

4 – Starting Life in Another World From Scratch (RZ/S46-096)
4 – Converse with Spirits (RZ/S46-T21)

Card Intros! Once again, these will be listed in order as they appear in the set!

Felt, Candidate for Royal Election gets +2000 power if you have 3 or more other [Magic] or [Weapon] characters. On attack, you can search your deck for a [Magic] or [Weapon] character, and put it in your stock. Also on attack, you may pay 2 to give a character punish burn.

Theresia, Previous Sword Saint globally gives your other “Wilhelm, Young Swordsman” +1 level and +500 power. When you level up, you can pay 1 and sent this to memory to look at the top 4 cards of your deck for a [Weapon] character, and discard the rest.

Wilhelm, Young Swordsman gets +1500 power if he is alone in the front row. He also runs to combat (in front of characters).

Felt, Declaration of War is a mill runner for [Magic] or [Weapon]

Reinhard, Giant Wall of Text Sword Saint has Bodyguard. He also has Experience 6: if you have no other characters on the stage, he gets +10000 power and the following abilities: Hexproof and can’t be reversed by Auto abilities; Opponent can’t use Events or Backups during his battle; When he reverses his battle opponent, you may send it to memory; When he reverses his battle opponent; you may discard a card to burn 1; and a free runner to an open slot in the front row. (Note, if he runs from the middle slot on your center stage, his bodyguard ability will no longer be active.)

Crusch, Fighting White Whale gets +4000 if all your characters are [Magic] or [Weapon]. On attack, look at the top 2 cards of your deck, put 1 on top of your deck, and discard the rest if you have 3 or more [Magic] or [Weapon] characters. She also has a CX Combo with Hundred Man Sword Strikewhere on attack, you may discard a card to put the top card of your library into stock, then look at the top 2 cards of your deck, add 1 card to hand, the ditch the rest.

Reinhard, Felt’s Knight is a conditional 2000 power backup.

When Felt, Pride of Slums is placed to the stage from hand,  if you have 5 or less cards in deck, you may discard Girl of Gale and send her to waiting room to freefresh, then search your deck for a character with “Felt”, “Old-man Rom”, or “Reinhard” and add it to your hand, then search your deck for one Felt, Candidate for Royal Election and put it in the slot this was in. That character gets +1000 power for the turn.

When Ram, Pink-Haired Maid is placed to the stage from hand, look at the top 3 cards of your deck and add 1 to hand. She has a CX Combo with Natsuki Subaru Decoy Operation to return 2 cards to from your opponent’s waiting room to their deck, shuffle, and this gets +3000 until end of turn. On attack, you may pay 2 and discard a card to burn 1.

If all your characters are “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”, Ram, Maid of Roswaal’s Mansion gets +1000 power. When this reverses its battle opponent with As a Big Sister in the CX Zone, if all your characters are “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”, you may pay 1 to salvage 2.

Ram, Power of Clairvoyance gives +500 power to all other “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”. When another “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal” is played to the stage, scry and leave it on top of deck. You can also pay 1 and ditch a CX to salvage a “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”.

Ram, the Maid Saw It! is a discard bond for Ram, Faint Light Seen By Those Eyes. She is also a salvage brainstormer and gives all other “Subaru” the name “Barusu”.

Rem & Ram, Under the Sunlight Through the Leaves is a Level 0 reverser. You can also send this to waiting room and discard a card to salvage a [Magic] or [Weapon] character.

Rem & Ram, Bath Time gets +1000 power if all your characters are “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”. On attack, reveal top, if it is a “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”, burn X, where X is the card’s level. When this card reverses its battle opponent, you can pay 1 to top deck a card from your opponent’s waiting room.

When Subaru with Puck becomes reversed, you may pay , ditch 1, and send this to memory salvage for [Magic] or [Weapon]. On play, you can also discard a card to salvage Forbidden Library.

Ram, Praising Herself gets +4500 power if she is facing a level 3. On play, if you have 4 or more other [Magic] or [Weapon] characters, you may put the top card of your deck into stock.

Ram, Flanked by Pretty Women is a global 1k to your other Rem, Flanked by Pretty Women. On play, you can look at the top 2 cards of your deck for a Rem, Flanked by Pretty Women, and place it to the stage. She also gets +2000 power on attack if you have a Rem, Flanked by Pretty Women.

When you use Ram, Enemy of Her Little Sister‘s backup, if all your characters are “Rem”, “Ram”, or “Roswaal”, blind stock 1. 2500 Backup.

Rem, Stable Normal Life is a Riki searcher. On attack, you may mill 1. If it’s a CX, draw 1 then discard a card.

Emilia, Silver-Haired Bushoujo has an on attack CX combo with Starting Life in Another World from Scratch, if your have 3 or more other [Magic] or [Weapon], you may look at the top 4 cards for your deck for a [Magic] or [Weapon] character to add to your hand, then this card gets +1000 power for the turn.

Rem, Blue-Haired Maid gets -1 level in hand if you have 2 or less CX in Waiting Room and heals on play. She gets +1000 power per marker under her and when she reverses her battle opponent, you can put a [Magic] or [Weapon] character from your waiting room face down under her as a marker .

Emilia, Half-Elf Girl gets +1500 power and can send her reversed battle opponents to memory if you have 3 or more other [Magic] or [Weapon] characters. Once per turn, during the turn she is played, you can pay 2, ditch 1, and sacrifice a character from stage to play a “Puck, Great Spirit” from waiting room to stage.

Emilia, Smile of an Angel gives a global 500 on defense (during your opponent’s turn). Her brainstorm effect can put a cost 0 or lower on the stage from waiting room per CX hit.

Rem, Happy Dream is a global +500 to all other [Magic] or [Weapon] characters. On play, mill the top 2, if there is a CX among them, rest this. When you play a CX, choose a character you control and it gets +500 until the end of your opponent’s turn.

Emilia, Innocent Bishoujo filters the top card of your deck for [Magic] or [Weapon] characters. On attack, if you have 1 or fewer other characters, you may mill 1. If it is a level 0 or lower character, place it on your back stage.

Emilia, Bath Time! is a +2k to Level 3 or higher assist, with a brainstorm ability to freeze your opponent’s characters. On play, draw 1 ditch 1.

Rem. Modest Wish gives “Ram”, “Rem”, and “Subaru” characters in from of this +2000 power and hexproof. On play from hand or the Auto ability of Rem, Oni Form, draw 2 ditch 2 and blind stock 1. At the end of turn, you may discard a character card and put Smile of an Oni to the waiting room from the CX zone to heal to hand.

On play, Rem & Ram,Uniform Look gives one other [Magic] or [Weapon] character +1000 power for the turn. There is also a Pay 1 bond for Ram, Praising Herself

Puck, Great Spirit gets +1 Level and +2500 power if you have an “Emilia” on the stage. On reverse, he goes to the bottom of your deck.

Emilia, Not Being True to Herself is a 2500 back up with a Pay 1 Ditch 1 Sac 1 anti-change to bottom deck ability when you use her backup.

When Rem, Faint Light Seen By Those Eyes becomes reversed, you can bottom deck her battle opponent if its level is higher than your opponents. On play, you can discard a True From of the Oni to tutor for 2 [Magic] or [Weapon] characters.

Rem, Flanked by Pretty Women gets +2000 power on defense if you have another Ram, Flanked by Pretty Women. She also gives all other Ram, Flanked By Pretty Women +1000 power, and at the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, you can stand this and another Ram, Flanked by Pretty Women and swap their positions.

Ram, Vicious Maid gives another one of your other characters +1500 power on attack.

Rem, Pure White Bride gives a [Magic] or [Weapon] character +1500 power for the turn when she is played. On attack, she filters for [Magic] or [Weapon] characters.

Emilia, Spirit User heals on play. When Converse with Spirits is placed in the CX Zone, if all your characters are [Magic] or [Weapon], search for a [Magic] or [Weapon], and this gets +2500 power until end of opponent’s turn.

Climaxes are a Yellow Stock Soul, 1k1(Gate, Book, Pants), and a 2k1

T(9thCX): How do you play these decks? What are the goals for each level?


I play this deck in a weird way. My goal is to start building board presence with level 1 Ram and Rem that can switch spots, in doing that I start to build my hand size off of the level 1 Ram climax combo and to start building stock for the end game. At level 0 your goal is to find your level 1  game and to find your backrow which is your brainstormer and global. Once you get to level 1 to you want to start building your hand size and stock to go into level 3. Your level 2 game is mainly to counter early play level 3s. At level 3 you want to play the Rem level 3s to find the climax for the Ram level 3 so that you can put 4-6 non-climax cards back into your opponent’s deck.


Level 0, play the Wilhelm/Theresia combo to make a big 4.5k level 2 that runs to combat. When close to level up, pull the Theresia up and push for damage. Level 1 is for the Emilia level 1 combo if i need to hand plus, or play Crusch to wall a little and gain clean stock. Level 2, just play either the Felt early play, or the Rem, or both. It just depends on what is given to me at the time. Both the early plays will help compress the deck to allow for greater chances of canceling in the future. Level 3, play either felts/rems OR the backup plan of Reinhard bodyguard.


At level 0, I want to see at least 1 – Emilia, Smile of an Angel, to try to get an early level 1 game out, particularly the Puck, Great Spirit, or Emilia, Silver-Haired Girl if I can use the CX combo, and start building stock towards level 2 game. At level 1, I want to try to have a Puck, Great Spirit “wall” & get a couple Rem, Blue-Haired Maid in my hand and push for a refresh so I can meet the entry condition when hitting level 2. At Level 2 play the Rem,and start compressing deck with clean markers.  If I can’t get the early play start getting the Level 3 Emilias for level 3 plays.  Depending on the Opponent opt to play the level 3 assist/brainstorm to lock down cards that can be troublesome. At level 3, use Emilia, Half-Elf Girl to get some extra attacks in to push for game.


T(9thCX): What are other cards or combos have you tried, or want to try?

T.P.: I would like to try the following cards, Rem, Pure White Bride (RZ/S46-T11), Rem, Stable Normal Life (RZ/S46-058), and Rem, Blue-Haired Maid (RZ/S46-060).

N.W.: I’ve tried out the Puck and Emilia level 3 restander for a bit. I think though that Crusch’s ability to get clean non-climax triggers, especially on the first attack is really good. It also mills the deck in case you’re climax screwed, and it doesn’t get bottom decked. I think Crusch, even without the climax combo is fairly good and definitely worth a shot for anyone with Re:Zero. The level 0, I’ve tried some hand filters. I think the Rem one from the TD is probably the best one, however I felt I needed more ways to pay out stock at level 0 in case I triggered any climaxes, so I went with a more stock heavy level 0 game. There is also a Emilia level 1 that allows you to look at top 2, add one, ditch the rest, ditch a card. That card is really good in the fact that, hand is not an issue in this deck. But being able to look for climaxes or other cards might make that a worthy edition into the list.

D.Y.: Thinking about taking out the Felt, Declaration of War.  It hasn’t seen too much play in most of the games I have played, but it does help to go through the deck faster.  


T(9thCX): On a scale of 1 to 10;


T.P.: In my opinion it all depends on your situation. I play it very greedy so I say 6-7.

N.W.: Hand size is not too much of an issue since you don’t have to play many level 0s, a runner and a Theresia is quite sufficient. Usually, I have so much hand that I don’t have to play Emilias at level 1 and can wait an extra turn to play those out and instead some Crusch or some more level 0s. I give my build a 3.

D.Y.: The deck needs to brainstorm almost every turn to keep hand size before I hit level 1. Not to mention I’ll need to get enough stock for my later game, so in terms of greed, the deck gets a 8.


T.P.: This specific builds power level is along the lines of 5-6, it does what the series really good at but sometimes the game finisher for this deck doesn’t go off correctly.

N.W.: Fairly powerful early plays, Kind of lame finishers in the set as a whole. But most likely, as you hit level 2, your early plays will allow you to control the board fairly well. The deck itself compresses fairly well, your getting Theresia’s in memory that are used mill and search cards out, the Subaru goes to memory when it gets reverses to hand fix. Felt can search out damage from your deck into stock. So this is a rather defensive deck that will rely a lot on board and canceling. My build is a solid 6.

D.Y.:  If I can get a Puck, Great Spirit out at level 0, its going to sit on the board for a couple of turns.  The same can happen with Rem, Blue-Haired Maid.  However, having Rem out can prevent Emilia, Half-Elf Girl from getting extra attacks. This build gets a 7.


T.P.: This deck can be very difficult to play because it has a lot of cards that interact with each other such as the global that top checks each time you play a Rem, Ram or Roswald. Or the various bonders that help you find your mid-range. I would give this 6-8 difficulty honestly.

N.W.: Kinda of a heavy deck manipulative deck. And with that kind of deck, you are bound to make some misplays. And I’ve had plenty, from maybe milling out too much, or getting too greedy with climaxes. It’s a deck that might take some time getting use to. A lot of thoughts on your future turns will come into play like if you can get felt freefresh off, or how many climaxes are in my deck that needs to be milled through, stuff like that. At most, the deck is 7.

D.Y.: The deck itself isn’t to terribly complicated. Most of the deck is straightforward in what it needs to do. Overall, I would say the build’s a 5.

Sample Hands!

T.P. 1

I’ve seen worse, but for this hand I would discard all three of the level 3s. Right off the bat, they aren’t of any help to start the game. This is to also find your level 1 cx combo and some more level 0s to start the game off.

T.P. 2

I would discard the level 3 Ram, and then use the level 3 Rem as clock fodder. Compared to the last hand, I can afford to keep at least 1 level 3 to use for something else instead of discarding it.

T.P. 3

This hand is a keeper, but I would start the game off by clocking the level 0 RemRam. That card serves no purpose for me at the start of the game, besides being a dead card in hand.


N.W. 1

Ditch the backup, 1 Rem level 0, and the Felt, keep the rest. You have Wilhelm which is a good stand alone card that will hopefully carry most of the level 0 game. After you attack with Wilhelm, you can play Rem next turn, to search out the Emilia level 1 game.

N.W. 2

Uh, no. Ditch everything but the draw climax. You’re going to just need to scrape by with whatever level 0s come flying your way. If you can get Wilhelm/Theresia, great. If you can’t, just prepare for the Emilia level 1 game.

N.W. 3

I do run the level 0 that gets to salvage. So ditch a draw trigger, don’t be greedy trying to get off 2. And Ditch Crusch. Level 0, play Wilhelm and Rem to get a 4k level 0 that runs to combat. Hopefully get Theresia, and start looking for Emilias.


D.Y. 1

I would discard the level 3s, and the level 1 Emilia.  The Level 3s won’t see play until I hit level 3, the level 1 Emilia I could possibly get out unto the field of a Brainstorm.  If that didn’t happen, I could just use the Rem & Ram to get it back later(if I didn’t use it for attacking).

D.Y. 2

I would discard the level 3 Rem, 2 Emilia, & the CX.  The level 2 & 3 aren’t helpful at the start, and I would rather have more options at this point, and those aren’t the options I’m looking for. I would hope to see a brainstormer so I can possibly get Emilia out early.

D.Y. 3

I would discard 1 level 3 Rem & Puck.  I can possibly get the Puck on the field from a Brainstorm. I don’t have a reliable way to get the Rem back from waiting room.  For this hand I would play the Emilia, Innocent Bishoujo by itself and try to get another level 0.

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