Hello 2017! (Part 2)

Happy 2017! We survived last year, and so far so good! As promised, we have some thoughts here about this coming year from Johnny and Melanie, as well as some other announcements.


The thing I’m looking forward to the most in Weiss in 2017 is probably the Star Wars set that has been forgotten by Bushi. Also being an avid fan of the low tier trash anime Sword Art Online, the announcement of a re:edit with new cards has also got me excited. So basically what I’m saying I look forward to is spending money on cardboard. Hopefully this will add more competitive decks to my arsenal and I’ll actually try really hard this year. But that might take a lot of calories so that goal is pending at the moment along with my payments to Card Academy.


Weiss Schwarz 2016 has been very interesting to watch unfold on the Japanese side of the game. I feel like the game this year has really leveled out it into some amazing design balance. While, in my opinion, losing some set flavor has hurt diversity a little bit giving each set staple things such as plus combos and finishers has gone a long way in making sets playable at a competitive level. Also,the new design pattern of making sets playable within themselves has also helped newer players get into series they love, even if they don’t own all of the older cards. Power Up Packs rekindled some my favorite anime, Clannad, into something playable which was amazingly exciting. Putting the salt on the side here and noting power creep will always be a thing in the game, I really hope the design notes from 2016 continue into the new year.

Regionals and Nationals this year was somewhat of a grueling experience, due to a ban list in August destroying 6 months of my playtesting and prep with a set (Monogatari). Thoroughly done with ban lists and trying to build around them, I tabled the set for now. I missed making top cut by 2 seats at the first regional, and then due to a non-played out tiebreaker situation created by a bye at the second regional with my Little Busters! Deck. I swapped over to Rabbit House and was able to get into Nationals for the 3rd year in the row via Last Chance. Even though the season was somewhat frustrating and the year has had some big changes and things to deal with, sitting down for some games and hanging out with friends over Chinese food and hot pot was a fun and memorable experience. It was a good way to put the year and the game back into perspective!
I am looking forward to Rewrite in 2017 as a huge Key fan and continuing to see the game grow. Hoping for more Power Up Sets to update older sets, looking forward to more animes coming to Weiss, and some things to come off ban lists in August too. (I can keep dreaming at least!) With things have calmed down I hope to have more article work done soon to actually post and publish! Happy 2017 everyone! Thank you for your support!

Other Announcements

We are moving to a Friday content posting schedule starting next week!

Reasons: Easier for us to write on Fridays, Fridays are more relaxing anyway… something like that.

We are also working on a WS-related panel to take to various anime conventions. While we have yet to iron out the specifics, we are working on something that is newbie-friendly and full of giveaway action. If you know of a convention in your area you’d like to see more WS at, let us know!

Our AMA will be held near the middle or end of January as time permits. We’ll post a link for you to send in your questions and will do our best to answer all that we can!

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