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Welcome to the last article of 2016!

We’ve gathered a small selection of fun stories from the team to carry us into the next year. We’ll be releasing a part 2 with everyone else’s thoughts as well.

From all of us at 9th CX, we’d like to thank you for your support through these past years! We’re not going anywhere, and we look forward to bringing you more WS content!

Note: Felix asked for his portion to be presented completely unedited. We have honored this request. 


2016 is drawing to a close and so I can think of few better things than a story to sum up how interesting the year has been.

In November, I woke up at the crack of 10 AM on Friday to begin our adventure to Rochester. It was a crisp Silicon Valley autumn morning, and of course, no one else was completely awake. The three of us, David, Arin and I, piled into one truck to make the trek to SFO.

Our flight was to be divided into two legs. Our first stop was in Detroit, and our final destination, Rochester. The first leg of our journey went off without a hitch. At least for me, it did. There were piles of free peanuts, episodes of The Simpsons, and even Zootopia in Japanese. Four hours on a plane can be boring, but a movie can kill half of that time with ease.

When we landed, the three of us were feeling peckish, despite a slight pinch for time. We eyed the gate we were going to need to use later confidently as we began our quest for food. After a good five minutes of walking, we found ourselves at one end of the terminal in a Popeye’s. There, we discussed the merits of purchasing a family meal all together to split. Our sassy friend at the front had some other opinions though, and we were given a brief lecture that went something like “Oh, uh uh honey, ya’ll gotta get some individual meals and save some money. I tell you what, I’ll have you order individually…”

We had our food about ten minutes later, and when we returned to our gate, we discovered that our flight had left early.

Well (@*#.

Our options were to wait until morning for a flight and potentially miss the LCQ, or drive there. After pondering for a few seconds, we looked at one another, nodded, and headed to the rental car station.

What would happen for the next seven hours can only be described as a clown fiesta. Arin manned the wheel of our one-way rental and nearly crashed within the first mile. “It was too steep,” he said. “I couldn’t see the road,” he said.

After the first three hours of driving, it was 1 AM, and we found ourselves at the border of the US and Canada, unaware that we would need to take a route through the country to get to Rochester in time. Apparently, without the Canada route, we were looking at a 10+ hour drive. The border agents questioned us, and we responded honestly. But despite our honesty, we were pulled over for inspection.

We waited for some time as the agents looked through our many playmats and deck boxes. This was a deck check we didn’t want to fail, but there was one moment that about said it all for us. My backpack was one of the last to be inspected. One of the agents reached into my bag, pulled out my Love Live! Folder, and doubled over in laughter, pointing it out to the other agents.

Sure they were laughing, but I suppose that laughing is better than a stern look and a plastic evidence bag. …right?

And with that, our detention was complete. We were shooed out of the border and off to Canada. Fast forward through the US/Canada border a second time (it was very uneventful), and we rolled into our hotel at the very grim hour of 5 AM, about 7 hours later than we had intended to arrive. Even the hotel receptionist wondered if we were in the right place.

After I managed to struggle through a couple of hours of sleep, we were off to the store. I got to see some faces old and new, and play some games. The 9th CX team outside of CA- Johnny, Melanie, and Travis – were all in one store!

We broke off into various groups to test, and our trio inherited one Bren and Travis.  Bren and I tested our TLR brew until early in the morning, but not after playing a few rounds of AoA. I’ll cut the story short here, and just say that the trip was memorable and worthwhile, even if we did nearly get stuck in Detroit + Canada.

Other highlights from this trip include:

Getting hot pot

Going to a winery/bakery

Joining in on an impromptu whistling of Tokimeki Poporon

With that story told, I’ll shift to our plans for 2017.


Our team will hold an AMA in January 2017.

We are going to continue improving our content format in our articles and videos!

This probably sounds lame, but we really do have other things being planned that we will announce when finalized. The PV for our next project goes something like this: We want to bring WS to more people! We are working on another method of delivering content to more audiences.

And to you, our readers:

Thank you very much, as always, for sticking with us. We’ve been around for a while now, and we’re still going strong! Your support helps keep us going, and we are grateful for it. We hope we can do more to further the game of Weiss Schwarz and expand the global community. Let’s do our best in 2017! ファイト!


With 2016 ending in a few short moments, here are some of the things I learned this year:

  • I’m not allowed to have windows in my car, specifically passenger side windows
  • I’m also can’t even leave my car parked somewhere without someone hitting it
  • I fail at hot pot
  • Guard rails aren’t kissable
  • If people want specific signs in a case of a set, let me pick the case(Melanie can attest to this claim)

Anyways, this year has been a roller coaster from start to finish. I look forward to continue my work with the 9th CX team. As for our readers, I wish you the best of luck in your games and may the god cancels, clutch top decks, and lucky soul triggers head your way in 2017!


2016 has been one hell of a year for a lot of people. Many famous icons passed away, global tragedies, Trump and the fall from grace of Pepe the Frog…just to name a few. In light of all this negativity, people tend to forget what good things have happened. It doesn’t need to be some huge globally reported event for it to be good. It can simply be something small and personal to you like winning 100 dollars from a scratcher or seeing your favorite still alive icon in person, maybe shaking their hand and getting an autograph, witnessing the birth of a brand new meme. Many small good things happen to us, while not on a daily or even weekly basis, but many people fail to realize and acknowledge these events, resulting in many calling 2016 one of the worse years in recent history.

While it would be nice simply to discuss the good things that have happened this year, it is impossible to get a good overview of the year without discussing the bad. It is difficult to pinpoint various individual instances where this year has been less than ideal to people. Someone may have gotten evicted from their home, or they lost a job or a loved one, the list goes on. People say 2016 has been a terrible year because of all global events and the deaths of many famous icons, from the recent death of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds to the gorilla Harambe, who is remembered by all the diehard Chitoge fans out there with their decks out and ready. Sadly we cannot prevent death and it is bound to happen to everyone eventually, yet many lives were taken far too early. However, it is good that Ted Cruz is probably not the zodiac killer, which would have been even more tragic for American politics beyond what has transpired this year.

Politics itself can be a sensitive topic at the dinner table for many because of so many disagreeing views. One’s grandfather might be a die hard Trump supporter decked out in MAGA swag while the rest of the family are all Bernie-bros, or someone voted Britain out of the EU while their brother voted to stay. We simply need to look ahead towards a bi-partisan future where people can put their differences aside and work together for the general good of mankind, however Congress is probably just going to be gridlocked and filibustered till the end of time.

There has been a lot of somber talk thus far and instead something more lighthearted should be looked at to contrast. Some major things have happened in the world of video games which serves for a brighter contrast to all the depressing global events. Overwatch, Blizzard’s FPS game took the world by storm this year, rivaling the world’s largest eSport: League of Legends. However, that is not to say nothing happened in League this year. Albus Nox Luna became the first wildcard team to make it out of the group stage in the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. However they were no match for Europe’s H2K, who were no match for South Korea’s SSG, who put up a good fight but in the end were defeated in the finals by SKT Faker. Also FF XV was released.

Yet, while talking about good things from video games there is also the bad side that must be looked at in order to have a balanced look. However, there really only needs to be 3 words said: No Man’s Sky. Yes there are people out there who think NMS is a great game but when a company releases 1 of the most anticipated games of the year and it loses over 80% of its playerbase in 1 month something is seriously wrong. Pokemon Go suffered a similar fate with unstable servers, loss of tracking, and a huge botter/spoofing problem.

There’s probably more stuff to be said and analyzed, as well as an actual conclusion that should be written. But I’m lazy and hungry and I need to grind Granblue (Lucio/Shiva refundgate please :v) so I’m going to cut this short.
tl;dr 2016 probably sucked. Look forward to better things in 2017. Always remember the best emote on Twitch.tv is Kappa.

We’ll be back in 2017 with part 2, and our AMA will also be forthcoming!

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