[email protected] CG Deck Tech – 2nd at 2016 BWC PH

Welcome to a 9th CX deck tech! For today’s article, we have a doozy of a list brought to you by the runner up of the 2016 BWC in PH – Idolmaster CG! This list is brought to you by Jaime C. Special thanks to Travis for article prep. Due to the deck’s incredible variety, we are going to skip immediately to the interview for this time.

Let’s get to the deck!

Level 0 – 15

2 Miria Akagi (IMC/W41-E002)

2 Rika Jougasaki (IMC/W41-E003)

2 Kanako Mimura (IMC/W41-E041)

2 Uzuki Shimamura (IMC/W41-E042)

2 Riina Tada (IMC/W41-E077)

1 Haruna Kamijo (IMC/W41-E100)

1 The First Step, Rin (IMC/W41-TE41)

1 Rin Shibuya (IMC/W41-E078)

1 Bad at Smiling? Producer (IMC/W41-E023)

1 Mio Honda (IMC/W41-E001)

Level 1 – 12

4 Minami Nitta (IMC/W41-E079)

2 My First Star, Kanako (IMC/W41-E054)

2 *(Asterisk), Riina (IMC/W41-E083)

2 My First Star, Minami (IMC/W41-E087)

1 Mizuki Kawashima (IMC/W41-E088)

1 CANDY ISLAND, Chieri  (IMC/W41-E048)

Level 2 – 6

1 Our Lyrics, Miku (IMC/W41-E051)

1 Our Lyrics, Riina (IMC/W41-E095)

1 Mayu Sakuma (IMC/W41-E058)

1 Nao Kamiya (IMC/W41-E097)

2 Mismatched Pair (IMC/W41-E108)

Level 3 – 9

3 Miku Maekawa (IMC/W41-E044)

2 Anzu Futaba (IMC/W41-E043)

1 Chieri Ogata (IMC/W41-E045)

1 Anastasia (IMC/W41-E081)

1 Kaede Takagaki (IMC/W41-E089)

1 Hanako (IMC/W41-TE55)

CX – 8

4 Everyone’s Leader (IMC/W41-E112)

4 OwOver!! (IMC/W41-E073)


M: Why did you choose [email protected]?

J: Aside from the obvious fandom of the series, I chose [email protected] because I was really amused with a lot of the gimmicks and abilities the set had to offer. Right off the bat, my favorite would have to be the whole Asterisk interaction namely the level 3 Miku Maekawa and her ability to salvage her own CX and the 1/0 Asterisk Riina and her CX combo of being able to arrange the top 3 cards of the deck just before attacking – I’ll get to that later.

There are quite a lot of 1 and 2-ofs in this list! I’m sure that many fans of consistency are scratching their heads right now, but would you take us through how you wanted each level structured? Level 0 has a wide range of utility as is kind of the expectation, but our first and only non-CX 4-ofs are in level 1, which should allay concerns there.

Ah yes, the 1-ofs. Let me be the first to say that this build should not be taken seriously; rather, the build is the product of personal deck building ‘tryhardery’. To put things into perspective real quick allow me to share with you my experience pre-Nationals while the deck was still in the brewing process. Like with most theorycrafting a build would (in your eyes) look absolutely phenomenal on paper, but in actual usage against other people, that’s not always the case. Before the final build which you see before you the brew I used to run was the exact opposite and was heavy on the consistency side in terms of card quantity. Core cards were at 4, tech cards were at 2 and basically the only 1-ofs I had were Kaede and Mayu.

So why the sudden deck building philosophy switch? After many nights of brewing I finally decided to just “go nuts” if you will – on what cards to put in. The goal was to make it as complex and as difficult to use as possible just prove that even the most convoluted builds can make it to top table. Just so people don’t have to point it out, I am a huge tryhard when it comes to Weiss.

Now with that out of the way, allow me to breakdown the general flow of the build from level 0 onwards.

Level 0

As you can see the level 0 lineup looks like a mess at first glance. But I like to believe that it still follows the same practice of what a regular build looks like – The 2/2 split on runners is something me and my buddy Lawrence came up with. They both serve the purpose of being a runner and keeping up in board. Although I’m not a huge fan of the Uzuki runner simply because there will be games in which she’s not gonna attack for the turn. However, the command mil 2 is something I find useful whether it be for deck thinning or procing Anzu’s early play condition.

The 2/2 split on brainstorms however is simply because I had 2 copies of the Riina SP LOL and plussing on search is always something good to have.

As for hand fixing, I have 3 types – a drop search, a (bad) akatsuki, and a pseudo Sayaka looks up to Mami. Since they all fill the role of being hand fixers, I decided to just put in 1 of each. Odd, yes, but I was able to make it work. Also, I hated the akatsuki on [email protected] which only lets you grab a blue character (you guys have no idea how many time I’ve -1 because I can’t topcheck a blue character to save my life) but I can’t deny that it’s still a command mil 4 and a discard outlet so that’s why it’s there.

The Riki at 2 might raise an eyebrow, but on my end I somewhat had enough cards to tutor out whatever tech I may have needed during the situation. Also, past level 1 Miria’s effect doesn’t really see much usage anymore aside from the sometimes useful +500 to a character on attack.

The 1-of Mio is there to deal with other runners should I draw into her but the main reason I ran her was because I came up with a little combo with her and the level 3 Anastasia basically the idea is to put Mio in front of a small bodied character at around level 2 just before the opponent hits 3 just so I can guarantee a reverse on Anastasia seeing as Mio’s effect locks down a row.

Lastly, the 1-of Haruna is there as an extra pump to ensure Minami snowballs at 1.

Level 1

I’m sure most of you are familiar with how the Minami engine works so I won’t go into detail with that anymore.

What I will talk about however is the Asterisk Riina and how much I love that card. The main reason why I think this is such a neat card is the amount of control it gives you both on offense and defense. Obviously for offense being able to control your triggers makes attack patterns easier to determine. On defense let’s say you topcheck 3 and one of the cards is a CX. Simply attack twice and end your turn which guarantees that your opponent’s first swing would always cancel. My favorite part about it is that it catches the uninitiated off guard (the amount of times people have misplayed and attacked with their highest soul attacker first – oh man the smug on my face).

No Sae Backup? My L1 lineup isn’t really the largest of walls, 2000 does not save anyone at L1 I know this because I used to run Sae and it was always the deadest of draws because none of my small bodied characters benefit the 2k punch. Instead, I went with the Mizuki backup. Not for the power but because of the 2nd effect that has come in clutch I’ll tell you that much.

(Oh and while we’re in the subject of counters, can I just say that I REALLY dislike this counter – why couldn’t they have just made it into like a Leafa counter? I know I said this card saved me at times but even I have to admit that the scry into bottom deck is pretty lackluster especially when you know there’s zero CXs left in deck)

Level 2

I have a bunch of options here. The go-to play would be to early drop level 3 Miku via the “change” the Our Lyrics cards do. There’s also level 3 Anzu, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t prioritize her as the play, simply because I’m not the biggest fan of the “5 or less cards in deck” condition. It adds more cards to the deck  just before refresh, thus messing up compression but does act as a pseudo “freefresh” due to her heal on play in that regard. Luckily, there’s a card in set 2 that has the “2 or less climax” early play condition COUGH SET 2 WHEN BSR? COUGH but for now my alternative to that is the level 2 Nao in a sense that I pay 2 stock for a 2 soul beater AFTER refresh.

Level 3

Unlike most people that use Miku as their finisher, I tend to use Miku as more of a set up in an unconventional way of holding out. What I mean by this is at L3 I tend to be more conservative and prolong the L3 game if I’m not confident in winning that turn. Obviously that doesn’t apply in most matchups but the main gameplay is still to abuse the topcheck 3 effect and protecting myself with a guaranteed cancel and the Mismatched Pair event or “tap counter” as I like to call it.

As for actually ending the game, Miku is able to adjust with whatever “side finisher” I pair her up with. If I play Chieri I can easily set up burns in order to pick off my opponent’s cancels before the actual swing for soul damage. If I play Anastasia, I could easily set up my triggers so that the “assassin” Anya calls out from waiting room can also swing for 2 soul.

The 1-of “doggo counter” Hanako is there for the unexpected heal but I mostly used it to pump Anastasia for the “restand” insurance. (and also just to show off that I run a 2/1 split on event counters whereas a normal deck would probably just run 3 of the tap counters. Again, unnecessary tryhardery)

Take us through your event. What did you play each round, and how did the game pan out?

Round 1 vs LL mono Kotori (W)

Pretty straightforward, but I did get kinda nervous every time he slapped down a +2 soul.

Round 2 vs ?? (W) 

I knew the guy and he mains Project Diva, so with that in mind I decided to forgo the Minami combo at L1 thinking I might lose due to the amount of backups a PDf player runs. I played the beater game early on and ended up spamming stock souls and keeping up in hand cards thanks to brainstorms. Pretty clutch late game actually – I cancelled the deciding attack on the last card phew.

Round 3 vs AoT (W)

spoilers this dude and I would eventually bump into each other again during the final match

But during swiss our match was pretty favorable on my end. Let’s just say that it was a field day for [email protected] – I was cancelling like a don mid game thus giving me the upperhand in damage. I ended up winning the game at level 2 with a bunch of early drops.

Round 4 vs Kancolle (W)

A friend of mine. Decided to use the Sendai variant of Kancolle (“side attack for 6”) pretty heated early game with each one not allowing the other to level up first. But then came level 1 and he decided to drop 2 copies of Sendai on combo. Level skipped from 0 to level 2 and oh my goodness was I shaking. Luckily, I was able to stay alive and push him to 3 thanks to Anzu and Kaede holding out long enough. The deciding moment was him misplaying and not side attacking on the first swing thus allowing me to use the “tap counter” and denying him another attack that cost him the match.  

Round 5 vs Madoka Magica (W)

Luckily, not the Sayaka variant. Miku burning off climaxes on attack was what made this game so much easier at the end because early to mid game my opponent was just not having it and kept on cancelling.

Round 6 vs Sword Art Online (W)

Asterisk Riina yet again making cancels much more doable on a whim. I nearly choked away the game though. Probably the fatigue of playing all day but for some reason on my last swing I decided to mil 2 via Miku’s CXC when there was no need to – I triggered for 5 wherein my opponent was already at 3/4 and that if I hadn’t used the effect I would swing for an exact 3. Luckily though he took 5 and I ended up winning.

Round 7 vs Sword Art Online yet again (W)

Another friend of mine. The match was pretty neck and neck but in the end I was able to get the one up due to him running out of CXs in deck before me. What else can I say? Yuuki still annoying with the whole search 2 thing that she does.


Round 8 vs AoT The Big One! The Match to Decide it All! The One I Lost

Ah yes. If you were to permit me to also include this match as my most unlucky moment. Not because I’m salty or anything but because of the crucial moment wherein my deck ran out of triggers. So here’s how the match went – [email protected] needs hand cards, like most sets do. But with [email protected] once you lose in card advantage, you’re gone. At 1, things just fell apart. 2 attackers, brainstorms were whiffing, I was barely holding on. Surprisingly enough though I was able to rummage through whatever hand cards I can get and keep up in damage. My opponent was at 3/5 and I triggered my last climax, on my last swing I needed a trigger to seal the deal. I looked through my clock, level, hand, and waiting room. Sure enough, I had no more triggers and with that he lives at 3/6 knowing I had no more climaxes and just swings for game. Good game. Well played, Joseph.

What would you consider your luckiest moment in the event?

It may seem as a cop out, but making it as far as top 8 was something of a lucky moment for me.

Luckiest start?

Opening 5 – L1 Minami, Minami CX, 2 Rikka Runners, Miria – No Drop!

Worst start?

Let’s just say that opening with 4 climaxes in hand isn’t really a trip to Disneyland if you know what I mean.

Here are some sample hands we’ve generated from your list. What would you do with these hands, and why?

(Editor’s Note: We were not able to get super awesome sample hand graphics this time around due to Life™. Sorry!)

Sample Hand 1:

Miria Akagi, Miku Maekawa, Hanako, Mio Honda, The First Step, Rin

Pretty safe opening from the looks of it. I’d mulligan both Miku and Hanako just to bump my chances of drawing into Minami or her CX. The Mio bomb and Rin I think are more than enough to keep up in board til I hit level 1.

Sample Hand 2:

Minami Nitta, Minami Nitta, Riina Tada, Kanako Mimura, Anzu Futaba

A bit of an awkward one here. I suppose it would depend on who goes first in this scenario. What I mean by this is if I go turn zero I’d probably drop the extra Minami just so I can draw into a more suitable front row character. But if the tempo looks to be in my favor and I go second I might just play it greedy and keep both Minamis and praying that I draw a runner or something on the following turn LOL

Sample Hand 3:

Hanako, OwOver!!, CANDY ISLAND, Chieri, Miria Akagi, Mizuki Kawashima

Oh boy I would not want to see this as my opening in tournament. The safest play would be to drop all 4 cards and bank on something pretty. As much as possible I wouldn’t wanna waste the riki just so I can swing for the turn. Another “ballsy” play is to just drop all 5 and maybe I can grab a more ideal set up. Buuut on a serious game I would probably just go with the first and more safe option.

Congratulations again to Jaime on the finish!

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