To Love Ru Deck Tech – 4th at 2016 NA WGP Regionals – Columbus


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The pic says it all

Interviewee: B. Schwartz

Turn Yami Sideways(To Love Ru Darkness 2nd)

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 “Sitting” Mea (TL/W37-004)

3 “Pure White Wings” Yami (TL/W40-001)

3 “Sitting” Mikan (TL/W37-031)

3 “Sitting” Yui (TL/W37-034)

4 “Cute Pajama” Mikan(TL/W37-035)

Level 1 – 15

3 “Ribbon-Wrapped” Mea(TL/W37-010)

4 “Sleepy Time” Mikan (TL/W37-039)

4 “Organizing Clothes” Mikan (TL/W37-040)

2 “Memory Connecting the Future” Yami (TL/W37-011)

2 Calming Warmth (TL/W37-026)

Level 2 – 2

2 “Own Feelings” Yami (TL/W37-006)

Level 3 – 9

4 Golden Darkness (TL/W37-001)

2 Mikan Yuuki (TL/W37-032)

3 Darkness Plan (TL/W37-027)

CX – 8

4 Kind Time (TL/W37-028)

4 Taiyaki-Shaped Keyholder (TL/W37-053)

Since everyone knows what To Love Ru does in a nutshell, we’re going to skip card introductions and go straight to the interview.

T: So how does-

B: Turn Yami Sideways

T: But isn’t there some-

B: Yami. Sideways. Turn.

T: Are you sure there isn’t a-

B: Take Golden Darkness. Rotate her 90 degrees.

T: But…

B: TL/W37-001, Rested, but during attacks.


B: Yami. Horizontal.

…anyways, here are some test hands

Hand 1


B: Ditch the 2/1, ditch the 3/2, and use the 1/0 as clock fodder. “Sitting” Mikan can help us mill through the deck if we hit climaxes off of the mulligan or clock, and “Sitting” Mea can help us establish a board and look for our level 1.

M: But why fodder at all when the 1/0 could be another card? If we ditch it now, we are a “free” card deeper.

B: We can always utilize “Cute Pajamas” Mikan to retrieve the card from our clock if necessary, which is why it is a fairly safe play to clock this card here. Of course, ditching this card in opening hand is always an option, but I like to keep my options open in the case where I don’t acquire a gold bar between level 0 and 1.

Hand 2


B: Mulligan everything except for the 1/1 and hope for attackers, using the 1/1 as clock fodder if we need to dig deeper.

Hand 3


B: Dropping the 2/1 and the Darkness Plan would be the first plan of action. If I’m going second, I probably also drop the wind (bounce) trigger. Having two of these Mikans in our hand really opens up our options, especially if any of our level 0 OR level 1 components get hit into stock.

Hand 4


B: I would drop one of the bounce triggers and the 1/0 here. Dropping both wind triggers gives our opponent too much information. We can use “Sitting” Mikan to rip through our deck and hopefully refresh in a better situation climax wise, and use the brainstormer to discard the other wind trigger later on.

Hand 5


B: Discarding “Sleepy Time” Mikan and Darkness Plan would be the play here. If necessary, we can clock one of the “Organizing Clothes” Mikan and grab it right back using “Cute Pajamas” Mikan, which will allow us to go into level 1 with a really great power play.

Hand 6


B: Discarding the 1/0, 3/2, and possibly even the event here. I would probably keep the event in most situations, since it provides me with a reliable means of grabbing my level 1 game, and if I don’t need to use it, I can either clock the event, or discard it using “Cute Pajamas” Mikan later on.

Hand 7


B: Discard the counter and CX. We already have our level 1 components minus the CX, so all we really need are attackers to build stock and push damage early.

Hand 8


B: I would discard ALL of these Yami cards, leaving just “Sitting” Mikan and hope for the best. Worst case scenario, we have to use the Mikan to attack.

Hand 9


B: Drop one of the gold bars and the Darkness Plan here. Ideally we want to use the brainstormer to look mill our deck and open up our options for the late game and save the early game. If necessary, we can use the brainstormer’s first ability to discard the second gold bar and replace it with something else to save the game. The rest will be up to having good cancels and maintaining board so we don’t have to clock to retain hand size.

Hand 10


B: Discarding the 3/2, 2/1, and one wind trigger is ideal here. We don’t want to give our opponent too much information on how many climaxes we are out, so discarding the second wind trigger here can give our opponent the green light to soul rush us.

We are currently testing a new article format where we pit decks against one another and evaluate board states. This kind of article takes a long time to prepare and requires a higher level of game knowledge not usually addressed in our articles. Here is a teaser of the things to come – please let us know if you like this kind of thing! – Michael

Finally, a scenario to see what our TLR player would do against the deck to beat this season, Triad Primus.





(For this scenario, the TP player is assumed to have the stock needed to use “Power of Smile, Rin” twice, and the TLR player assumed to have enough stock to use a Darkness Plan and Sitting Mea ability. Both players are assumed to be Level 3. The Waiting Room CX count of the TLR Player is 4, with a 21 card deck left. There is also one copy of Darkness Plan in the TLR player’s waiting room. The first attack of the TP player is with the “Power of Smile, Rin” in front of Sitting Mea)

B: Best play here is to use the “Sitting, Mea” ability as long as using the ability would not kill me. This does two things for me, it rips damage off the top of my deck, and helps me dig for Darkness Plan to hopefully prevent the second restander from dealing damage. At this point, we’re at the mercy of cancelling the center’s damage.

M: Something to note is that if Mea goes to clock, that’ll be one more point of potential damage to cancel if the opponent does stand again.


(We know the picture is a little small; rest assured that in the future the pictures contained in the article will be more readable! – M)

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