Nisekoi EN Deck Tech – 3rd at 2016 BWC PH


Welcome back to another 9th CX deck tech! Today we have Tobie Ramos with us to give us his Nisekoi deck list that took 3rd at the BWC located in the PH BWC. Special thanks to Travis for article prep and sample hand production.

Now onto the deck list!

Level 0 – 16

2 Draw of the Shop, Kosaki (NK/W30-E033)

2 Kosaki in Yukata (NK/W30-E040)

2 Aggressive Girl, Marika (NK/W30-E054)

3 Surprising Side, Chitoge (NK/W30-E053)

2 Swimsuit Marika (NK/W30-E078)

2 At the Secret Place, Kosaki (NK/W30-E091)

3 Two of a Kind, Raku (NK/W30-E084)

Level 1 – 14

2 Fateful Lottery, Kosaki (NK/W30-E035)

2 Swimsuit Kosaki (NK/W30-E030)

3 Marika’s Ordeal (NK/W30-E056)

2 Head Tilt Marika (NK/W30-E059)

1 Infatuation, Marika (NK/W30-E079)

3 Promised Pendant (NK/W30-E071)

1 Promised Pendant (NK/W30-E097)

Level 2 – 5

2 Brilliant Smile, Kosaki (NK/W30-E031)

1 Chitoge as a Ghost (NK/W30-E068)

2 Angel in White, Kosaki (NK/W30-E081)

Level 3 – 7

3 After School Date, Kosaki (NK/W30-E027)

2 The One, Marika (NK/W30-E052)

2 The One, Kosaki (NK/W30-E076)

CX – 8

4 Your Only Juliet (NK/W30-E050)

4 Feelings for the Last 10 Years (NK/W30-E073)

We have covered Nisekoi enough that we aren’t going to introduce you to the cards in this deck list, but we will cover the two cards in this deck that did receive nerfed effects when Nisekoi was brought to English.


When you play The One, Marika  from hand to the stage, you reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a [Key] character, burn 1. She also has a revenge trigger: when one of your other [Key] characters is reversed, you may give one of your other characters +1000 power.


The One, Kosaki gets -1 level in hand as long as you have 6 or more CXs in your waiting room. When she comes onto the stage you may draw up to 2 cards, then discard a card. She also gets +1000 power if you have 2 or more other [Key] characters.

With those cards introductions out of the way, lets get on to the interview!

M: You said you played this in Springfest as well, to the same result. Did anything change in the deck, why or why not?

T: I didn’t change anything. I tried, like, I was considering using the Weapon/Heiress build because Nisekoi EB was released here. I was playtesting with my friends, and realized I sucked at using it (maybe because of the +2 souls and the +2k1 climaxes that I really hate when they trigger). So a week or two before BWC, I changed back to my old build.

M: How much would you say the game has changed in those months between events?

T: I think the release of SAO II EB 2 changed the meta in those months between the events, like during the Springfest, the meta is all about KC, then after SAO II EB 2 was released, fewer people used KC anymore. I actually also won Team Tournament here using SAO with only a day to practice it. All I can say is SAO is OP.

M: If you had to point out some major differences in play style between BSF and BWC, were there any adjustments you made?

T: I think I minimize my misplays during BWC.

M: Why Nisekoi? Some players have suggested that the series is not viable.

T: Nisekoi is one of my favorite series. Actually, the reason why I play Weiss Schwarz is because of Nisekoi. I was originally a Yu-Gi-Oh! player. I heard from my friends that there was a Nisekoi set back when it was only in JP. So I started with Love Live! (never watched the series before though), then they announced Nisekoi’s release in EN, and the nerfs to the level 3’s. I said to myself that even with the nerfs, I’ll still use it, even if it makes me lose tournaments. All I want is the fun of using it. I never really expected that this set will bring me to lot of victories in lots of tournaments.

M: What would you consider your luckiest moment in the event?

T: Round 2 against a Log Horizon. I have 3 cards in my clock, and 4 cards in my deck with no CXs. He attacked for 5. I refreshed my deck and the last card that would have been damage was a CX.

M: What would you say was the best start you had in a game?

T: I think it’s that game against a mono Chitoge where he didn’t cancel the entire game. I really don’t know what happened to him there.

M: Worst start? (If you won, how did you navigate out of it?)

T: Worst start was during the Top 8 (quarterfinals) where I was cancelling too early, and I was drawing CXs during every clock phase. I managed to refresh my deck quickly by brainstorming every turn during that level 0 game, and using the climaxes with 3 characters attacking. That helped me even out the game and win.

Moving on from the interview, here are some sample hands we generated from your list. What would you do with these, going either first or second?

Hand 1:


T: I will drop everything, except for the Feeling For the Last 10 Years. I always keep a CX or 2, depending on if I already have level 0 characters in my hand. I’m always looking for the Chitoge runner, and At the Secret Place, Kosaki, cause they’re the characters that most of the time stays longer during the level 0 play. If none of them are drawn after mulligan, the 2nd best option is Aggressive Girl, Marika and Kosaki in Yukata. If I’m going first, I’ll just put Kosaki in Yukata at the back, and pass the turn. If none of all these cards are drawn after mulligan, I will start praying to RNGsus to give me a level 0 character, but in my experience, I never had that situation of no level 0 characters in my hand.

M: Although the deck has a ton of salvage options, would you consider keeping an “Angel in White, Kosaki” in hand despite knowing there may be better options in your waiting room when you use a salvage ability?

T: I never really thought of that. I might try it sometime. Though what I’m always thinking is that these types of cards are just dead hand cards. Sure they can be discarded by Raku or the red Pendant or use for clocking, but I’d rather focus on a mulligan that will make a play during the level 0 and level 1 games, rather than keep cards that will just stay most of the time in my hand and not really doing anything. Also, I always consider that there will be times that I cannot really use the card. I always try to set up my hand just in case the card is possible to use.

Hand 2:


T: This is one of the best opening hands I can imagine haha. I’d probably just drop the 2 non-level 0 characters. Though, I wish I draw the red CX for the level 1 combo.

Hand 3:


T: I’d drop one Pendant, hoping to get a decent level 0 character. If after mulligan Raku is the only level 0, I’d just play him and ditch a card that cannot be played yet for the Pendant I dropped, and attack with it.

M: Since you do have the Raku in hand, wouldn’t dropping both Pendants be a better option since you want to dig for 0s to play? Or even use the undropped Pendant as clock fodder?

T: In the situation, I really need to mulligan to get that good opening, but I don’t really want to drop all the Pendants. Reason is I still need that Pendant as a clock fodder if I get a good opening after mulligan and draw phase. Since I have a Pendant in my waiting room, and Raku in my hand, I can still get that Pendant. I also don’t like wasting Raku’s effect, especially in these kind of situations that there will be a chance that he’ll be the only opening. It helps me remove those dead cards in my hands too.

Congratulation again to Tobie for the repeat performance!

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