Rewrite Deck Tech – 3rd at 2016 NA WGP Regionals – Columbus


Welcome to a 9th CX Deck Tech! For this week, we have the deck list that took 3rd at the WGP Regionals in Columbus – Rewrite! Special thanks to Travis for conducting the interview and preparing the article.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. In case of missing or inaccurate translations, in-house translations will be used. The deck list is brought to you by C. Jepson.

Onto the list!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 19

3 “President of the Occult Research Club” Akane (RW/W15-003)

1 “Clumsy Girl” Chihaya (RW/W15-004)

3 “Unsociable Girl” Akane (RW/W15-051)

3 Akane, After A Bath (RW/W20-041)

4 “Under the Bright Moonlight” Kotarou & Kagari (RW/W15-074)

3 “Fate of the Scattered Cherry Blossom” Sakuya (RW/W15-079)

2 “Fumbling in the Dark” Kagari (RW/W15-080)

Level 1 – 10

4 Chihaya in Swimsuit (RW/W15-053)

4 “Under the Brilliant Blue Sky” Chihaya (RW/W20-047)

2 “For Whom” Shizuru (RW/W15-083)

Level 2 – 5

1 “Charismatic Witch-sama” Akane (RW/W20-004)

4 “Path to Walk Together” Chihaya (RW/W20-044)

Level 3 – 8

4 “Mischievous Kiss” Chihaya (RW/W20-002)

4 Chihaya Ohtori (RW/W15-052)

CX – 8:

4 Retaliation (RW/W15-070)

4 Someone to Protect (RW/W20-054)

At level 0, we have 19 characters.


“President of the Occult Research Club” Akane is a Riki clone. (On play pay 1 and clock the top card of your deck to tutor for a Level 1 or lower character)


“Clumsy Girl” Chihaya on play has you reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a Level 2 or higher, this card becomes rested.


“Unsociable Girl” Akane is a level 0 reverser with the bonus effect of on opponent reverse, you may pay 1 and discard a card to salvage.


Akane, After A Bath has a revenge trigger: when another character you control is reversed, give a character you control +1000 power until end of turn. It also has a spammable salvage brainstorm. (For each CX revealed, salvage 1 character, then discard a card.)


“Under the Bright Moonlight” Kotarou & Kagari on play gives a level 1 or lower character you control +500 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn. This card is also a free runner. (At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, you may move this to an empty front row slot)


“Fate of the Scattered Cherry Blossom” Sakuya lets you send him to waiting room to “encore” one of your characters sent from stage to waiting room. You can also rest him to give either  Kotarou or Chihaya character +1000 power and a Level.


“Fumbling in the Dark” Kagari gives one of your other characters hand encore at the beginning of your opponent’s Encore step.


Ar level 1, we have 10 characters


Chihaya in Swimsuit is a Level 1 reverser that cannot side attack.


“Under the Brilliant Blue Sky” Chihaya has an encore phase change: if rested, you may pay 1 and send it to clock to change into “Path to Walk Together, Chihaya” from your waiting room.


“For Whom” Shizuru is a 1 stock +1500 power backup. When you use the backup you may Scry 1.


At level 2, we have 5 characters.


“Charismatic Witch-sama” Akane is a 1000 power assist with a global heal tax ability. (When either player has a card move from their clock to waiting room from an effect they control, that player may put 2 stock into their waiting room. If they cannot, that player puts the top card of their deck into clock.)


“Path to Walk Together” Chihaya puts the top card of your deck into clock when played from hand and has a CX combo with Someone to Protect where on attack, you may salvage a character.


At level 3, we have 8 characters.



When “Mischievous Kiss” Chihaya attacks, you may pay 1 and discard a card to give all your characters +500 power and +1 soul. It gets cancel burn until end of turn when played from hand. 


Chihaya Ohtori heals on play. At the beginning of your climax phase, put all your stock into waiting room and this gains +3000 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn.


Our CX spread is 8 gates, both being 1k1s.


And now to the interview!

T: Rewrite huh? This is a surprising deck to see, and a deck that runs heal and its hate effect. Can you explain why you used both in the same deck?

C: The anti-heal isn’t very necessary. It’s there if I have a decent lead against my opponent and want to prevent them from healing off some damage dealt, or to preserve damage state at level 3. Otherwise, I tend to keep the Kagari that gives hand encore on opponent’s encore phase. Or if I really need to, keep a form of Sakuya loop going and saving the characters I really need on the field.

T: Since it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Rewrite deck tech, would you walk us through how the deck runs?

C: Certainly. At level 0, I want to use the Kotarou & Kagari to build as much stock as I possibly can by running to open or winning slots so I hit level 1 sooner. I also want to use the Akane Riki clone to start searching for my Blue Sky Chihaya’s so as soon as I hit Level 1, I can drop a field of them and proceed to have a wall that is near impenetrable. The Level 0 reverser and salvage brainstormer Akane are really good at accessing the cards needed for my Level 1, as well as filtering out my hand.

At level 1, I either want to control my opponent’s board state with the level reverser Chihaya, or as stated before, play 3 of the Blue Sky Chihaya and encore change into Path to Walk Together Chihaya, The change might damage you with one card, but if you happen to level up while changing, it will prevent the Path Chihaya from being anti-changed on your next turn. Along the way, I want to take advantage of any salvage trigger I hit to start grabbing either the free encore Sakuya or start looking for the Mischievous Kiss Chihaya.

Level 2 is just a rinse and repeat of the on-attack salvage combo that Path to Walk Together Chihaya has and keeping a decent hand size. Also, I want to play as few of these as possible since they damage me on play, and I would rather be at level 2 as long as possible. I also want to be using Kagari’s hand encore ability if needed to keep my field alive and preserve the board state if Sakuya is absent from the field.

Finally at level 3, I want to deal as much damage with Mischievous Kiss Chihaya as I can, and use Chihaya Ohtori as a last resort if I need to power boost to get over a character, or have a defensive wall. Around here I would play a Witch Akane to preserve as much damage as possible.

T: What are some changes that you would make to this deck?

C: I would drop the Clumsy Girl Chihaya for another copy of In the Dark Kagari, I value that Kagari way more than I value the Chihaya.

T: What would you consider a perfect starting hand?

C: The main cards I want in hand is a copy of Something to Protect, Kotarou & Kagari, Riki Akane, and In the Dark Kagari. The 5th card could be anything.

T: Okay, now we have some sample hands for you to look at.

Hand 1


C: I would ditch everything except the Clumsy Girl Chihaya. I normally would keep something to clock with on my turn, but seeing as I only have 1 Level 0 in my hand, I want to give myself more chances to put more Level 0s in my hand.

Hand 2



C: I would keep all but 1 Chihaya in Swimsuit. I would use the other as clock fodder to dig for the cards I prefer at Level 0 or 1.

Hand 3


C: I would keep this hand and use Path Chihaya as clock fodder. Since I have the spammable brainstorm, getting it back in my hand isn’t that hard to achieve. I may also ditch the Shizuru back up, but that is entirely dependent on the set I am facing.

Congratulations again to C. Jepson on the finish!

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