Kyoukai no Rinne Deck Tech – 2nd at 2016 NA WGP Regionals – Columbus


Welcome to the 9th CX’s deck techs! We have a tournament report coming to you from Columbus, where you can find our partner store, Card Academy!

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Today’s deck is from the series Kyoukai no Rinne, and Travis has gone bravely to retrieve the many reports of fellow qualifiers. Special thanks to him for today’s article! The deck list and report are brought to you buy N. Wang.

Onto the list!

Rinne Time(Kyoukai no Rinne)

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 17

4 “Calm Lunch” Rinne (KR/SE30-04)

3 Sakura in Her Youth (KR/SE30-05)

3 “Work of Shinigami” Rinne (KR/SE30-09)

3 Sakura in Maid Uniform (KR/SE30-14)

2 “Cleanse Completed” Tsubasa (KR/SE30-15)

2 “Support Role” Rokumon (KR/SE30-54)


Level 1 -13

4 “Calm Lunch” Sakura (KR/SE30-01)

3 “Stream of Thousand Winds” Rinne (KR/SE30-12)

2 Tsubasa Jumonji  (KR/SE30-10)

2 “Monster of the Club Building” Rokumon (KR/SE30-37)

2 “Strong Assistance” Sakura (KR/SE30-12)


Level 2 – 5

1  Sakura in Swimsuits(KR/SE30-07)

1  “Rinne’s Grandmother” Tamako (KR/SE30-27)

3  Hoop of Judgement (KR/SE30-19)


Level 3 – 7

3  “Spiritual Vision Experience” Sakura (KR/SE30-02)

4  “Guide to Cycle of Resurrection” Rinne (KR/SE30-03)


CX – 8

4  Two’s Incredulous After School Time (KR/SE30-20a)

4  It’s Shinigami’s Work From Now!! (KR/SE30-21a)


At level 0 we have 17 characters.


“Calm Lunch” Rinne is a clock reverser. When it attacks, if you control 1 or fewer other characters, you may put the top card of your deck into your waiting room. If that card is a level 0 or lower character, you put that character into any slot of your back stage. (The slot can be occupied or empty. If your back stage is full, you can still place the character into a slot; it’ll just kick the old character off the stage.)


Sakura in Her Youth has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock + rest: for each CX revealed, tutor for up to 1 character that is green and/or [Black Cat By Contract]. When you refresh your deck, you reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a level 0 or lower character, you may put this card into your stock. (The reveal is a mandatory ability, and it only triggers when you actually refresh via the game rules, not via card ability.)


“Work of Shinigami” Rinne is a 500 assist to [Black Cat by Contract] and GREEN characters in front of him. He also has a startup: Pay 1, discard a CX to choose a card in clock, return it to your hand, clock the top card of your deck, then choose one of your characters to get +1 level for the turn.


Sakura in Maid Uniform is a standard searcher for green and [Black Cat By Contract] characters. (Pay 1, discard a card, tutor)


“Cleanse Completed” Tsubasa on play reveals the top card of your deck, if it’s a level 0 or lower character, he becomes rested.


“Support Role” Rokumon on play you may discard a CX to salvage a RED or [Shinigami] trait character.


At Level 1 we have 13 characters.


“Calm Lunch” Sakura gets +1000 power if you have 3 or more other green characters or [Black Cat By Contract]. If this card reverses its battle opponent with the CX “Two’s Incredulous After-School Time” in play, you can look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck and add a green character or a [Black Cat By Contract] to your hand, and choose 1 of your characters to get +2000 power until end of turn.


“Stream of Thousand Winds” Rinne is on play you can pay 1 stock and discard a CX to choose a CX from your waiting room and add it to hand. When another green character or [Black Cat By Contract] you control attacks, this gets +1500 power for the turn.


Tsubasa Jumonji is a level 1 clock “kicker”: when he reverses a character in battle, you may put the top card of your opponent’s clock into the waiting room, and if you do, put the reversed character into clock. Once per turn, when you use an [S] (ACT) ability, he gets +X power for the turn, where X is equal to 500 times the number of green characters you control.


“Monster of the Club Building” Rokumon is a 0-stock, 1500 power backup.


“Strong Assistance” Sakura is a global +500 power to other green characters and [Black Cat By Contract]. If she does not have a marker, you can rest her to choose a green character  or [Black Cat By Contract] from your waiting room and put it under her as a marker.  Once she has that marker, you can rest her to put the marker in stock.


At Level 2 we have 2 characters and 3 events.


Sakura in Swimsuits gives all your level 3 or higher characters in front of her +2000 power. You can rest 2 characters you control to scry 1.


“Rinne’s Grandmother” Tamako has a 1 stock +2500 power Backup ability. When you use the Backup ability, you may pay 2 stock. If you do, choose a character your opponent controls with a level higher than theirs and put it into the waiting room. (If this puts an attacking character into the waiting room, the attacking character will not deal any damage.)


Hoop of Judgment on play, you tutor for up to 1 “Guide to Cycle of Resurrection” Rinne’ and send the event to memory. While in memory, it gives your “Guide to Cycle of Resurrection” 2 abilities: when you play a CX, it gets +1500 power for the turn, and during battles involving that Rinne, you take no damage from your opponent’s Auto abilities.


At Level 3 we have 7 characters.


“Spiritual Vision Experience” Sakura gets -1 level in hand if you control 4 or more green characters or [Black Cat By Contract]. She heals on play. If you control 3 or more other green or [Black Cat By Contract] characters, she gets +1500 power and the ability: when she attacks you scry 1.


“Guide to Cycle of Resurrection” Rinne on play, you draw up to 1 card and he gets +2000 power for the turn. When he reverses a character with the CX “It’s Shinigami’s Work From Now!!” in play, reveal the top 5 cards of your opponent’s deck, choose a character with the same name as the reversed character, put it in your opponent’s clock, shuffle your opponent’s deck and you may send the reversed character to clock.


The CX split is between Bags and Bars (both are 1k1s).


T: So for our readers, you may notice that this deck is similar to a deck list we crafted recently, why were some of the changes made, like the inclusion of the red salvager and backup?

N: The salvage for Shinigami character was essentially a free salvage for the deck since running gold bars leads to triggering them to hand, or drawing into all of your climaxes. Having the climax filter option for the deck gives you characters you need while putting climaxes back into your waiting room for refresh or gives “Stream of 1000 Winds, Rinne” a salvage target for his on play ability.

As for the 1.5k back up, I feel people just underestimate the power of just having a backup. I typically don’t use it, but the threat of having one in hand seems to make my opponent play differently knowing that I may have one due to having one in my waiting room.

T: What are potential changes would you make for the deck?

N: I’ve considered the Level 1/1 promo that has Clock Encore and cannot side attack. The deck seems to fail when I can’t get anything on the board, so having a character with Clock encore can keep me some board presence, plus with a backup alone it becomes 8.5k before back rows, 9k+ with. Plus, it give some sort of stock dump to get gold bags out of my stock, and I can just regenerate the stock with Strong Assistance Sakura. Having the 1/1 promo also gives the threat of preventing on reverse effects.

T: What is the ideal starting hand for your deck?



Having 1 brainstormer is always convenient. And having two of the clock reversers allows me to hopefully at least one of the two attack ability. The level 1 Sakura is also pretty important to have in hand.


Sample Hand #1


N: So something I like to do is keep one card I call the “clock card”, a card that I just keep to clock and draw 2. However, since this hand is so bad that I don’t even have a level 0 game, I would get rid of everything. I would have a chance to get some level 0 game, while also having a chance to get the level 1 Sakura to my hand. I would still also have 4 gold bags in my deck that I can potentially get or draw into. I will likely draw into a clock card that I can clock into at the beginning of my turn.


T: So you wouldn’t hold onto the Event that searches for Level 3 Rinne?


N: Now this really depends on what deck I play against. During my To Love Ru game that I played in the tournament, I kept the event in my starting hand the entire game till level 2, because I know that is my only way of playing around the punish burns. Another example would be like Arle or Kashima in which I would definitely keep in my hand. Most of the time, this deck has enough searches to get three Guide to Salvation Rinne when I hit level 3. Most of the time though, if the opponent doesn’t have a character that burns when it battles, I don’t keep it because it’s not worth potentially losing out on the early game.


Sample Hand #2



N: Get rid of the gold bar, because most likely if I do need another gold bar, I will trigger or draw into it. Also, since none of my cards in my starting hand has one of the ditch a CX, get something ability, it’s not worth risking to keep it my hand. The Tamoko I keep only again as the clock card that I would use to keep to clock myself.

About the List:


N: 2 – 3

There’s a lot of ways to build stock so there isn’t a need to conserve stock to reach the deck’s endgame.

Power Range

N: 5 – 7

The deck doesn’t have the necessary means to meet levels on defense, but the double clock kick gives this deck a very menacing threat, especially if it does happen to hit. Or if your opponent reveals a lot of CXs on the check for the second kick, it forces them to be shuffled around in deck.


N: 5

The biggest thing on this is how greedy do you want be with your gold bars, whether it’s playing the only one that has hit your hand or holding onto multiple copies, same goes for using CX combos.

Match Report

Round 1: Win vs. To Love Ru Animals:

This match was fairly slow mostly because as players, both my opponent and I love to play slow. As for the game, starting from both our level 1 game, I started canceling fairly consistently while my opponent was having the damage stick most of the time. I never really saw any misplays from my opponent, just really unlucky with the CX placements from his deck. Once I started getting low on CXs, I use my Calm Lunch Sakura to basically just mill through most of my deck to refresh back with 8 climaxes in the deck. I think our damage ended where he was at 3/6 while I was a 2/3.


Round 2: Win vs. TP Cinderella Girls:

This game was kinda lucky for me. He never got the right set of cards this game. Never got his level 1 back row because I got him from 0/0 to 1 straight up. Then, basically the entire game, he was putting cards down and swinging with them with no hand plus and hitting nothing on his brainstorms. Basically, he died really quickly without even me having to play my finishers. Although I wish I did because in that game for two turns in a row, I had 4 of the Guide to Salvation Rinne in my hand. I really did wish I could try out this deck against the full might of TP Cinderella Girls, but oh well.


Round 3: Win vs. To Love Ru (YamiKan YG):

This is a pretty terrible matchup for To Love ru since Yami kinda gets countered by the Hoop of Judgement event if I hit level 3 first. I actually had Hoop on my first draw and kept it in my hand for about 5 to 6 turns to play it on level 2. Starting from level 0, I think I was never able to keep more than 2 level 0 cards, which led to some limitations on my opponent’s gold bar combo. Afterwards, I came back having the 3 Sakura combo straight back at him. Surprisingly afterwards though, he ran out of cards to play at level 2 which lead to him to be able to only kill 1-2 Sakura next turn. Thus, a second round of Sakura allowed me to get all 4 Guide to Salvation Rinne in my hand.

He got to level 3 first, so he played 2 Yamis and 1 of the level 3 Mikan and got me from 2/1 to 3/1. Next turn, I put down 3 of my Guide to Salvation Rinne, played the CX, and hoped for game. He canceled all three attacks, but I got pretty lucky with my double clock kick and landed 2, one of which there were only 2 cards left in the deck. So I got from his 3/0 to 3/6 with two double clock kicks and refresh damage. He tried to shove everything at me for damage, but I could feel that the game was over when the top card of my deck was a CX.


Round 4: Loss vs Puyo Puyo:

I think this is where I wished I knew what deck he was playing. He had a soul rush deck, and I could have played better. At level 1, I didn’t cancel two of his attacks which caused me to get to level 2 before I was ready. He also got 4 heals off with his level 3 early play and because of that, by the time I played all my Guide to Salvation Rinne, I was way too far behind to start catching up. I should have probably been searching for my healers more then my Rinne finisher that game because I really needed to scry out all of my climaxes to the bottom so that I could survive the soul rush in the later game. Hindsight is 20/20 though and it was a fun match anyway.

Congratulations again to N. Wang for qualifying for 2016 NA WGP Nationals!

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