Kiznaiver Deck Tech – G/Y, Beta


Welcome to another 9th CX deck tech! Kiznaiver has just been released and minds are abuzz with new ideas.

We have come up with one deck idea that aims to combine the power of extra soul, level 3 burn CX combos, and early heals. The deck is not recommended for competitive play and is presented as a starting point for other builds. Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. In the event that translations are inaccurate or missing, in-house translations will be used.

Now to the list!



Level 0 – 20

4 Nico, One Who Can Self-Reflect (KI/S44-004)
3 “Cunning and Sly” Yuta (KI/S44-027)
4 “Friends” Honoka (KI/S44-029)
3 Yuta, Affected Action (KI/S44-034)
3 Tenga, Awkward Response (KI/S44-014)
2 “Annoyingly Self-Righteous” Chidori (KI/S44-T11)

Level 1 – 10

4 Nico, Peculiar One of the Class (KI/S44-005)
4 Honoka, Quiet Literary-Type Girl (KI/S44-030)
2 Summer Beyond Control (KI/S44-047)

Level 2 – 4

2 Nico, From Being Uncertain to Believing (KI/S44-006)
2 Yuta, Studying (KI/S44-032)

Level 3 – 8

4 “Incredulous and Crazy” Nico (KI/S44-002)
4 “High and Mighty” Honoka (KI/S44-028)

CX – 8

4 Because We Are Friends (KI/S44-025)
4 Isn’t It Nice Being Kiznaiver (KI/S44-049)

At level 0, we have 20 (??) characters.


Nico, One Who Can Self-Reflect has a 1 stock bond for Honoka, Quiet Literary-Type Girl. When you play a CX, you reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a [Kizuna] character, choose a character you control and it gets +1 soul until end of turn.

This card has a pair of relevant abilities: a bond for one of the deck’s level 1 characters, and a way to push for additional damage while also letting you see your next card. This deck makes use of the Tenga that gives your bond characters +1 soul, so later on, this Nico becomes attack fodder.


“Cunning and Sly” Yuta has an ability that triggers up to once per turn: when you play a character with Bond, you may discard a card and rest 2 standing characters you control. If you do, look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck, tutor for up to 1 [Kizuna] character from those cards, put the rest into your waiting room, then give a character you control +1500 power until end of turn. You can also sacrifice a character with Bond to give a character you control +2500 power until end of turn.

Akatsuki he’s not, but he’ll do. He’s one of the few ways the deck has to run through itself steadily, and that’s only if you have the Bonds to spare. The power boost is the booby prize for the inability to use him more than once (usually) per turn, but more power is not useless.


“Friends” Honoka is a global +500 support for [Kizunaiver] characters you control. It has a bond ability for Nico, Peculiar One of the Class for a card from hand.

A global support that bonds for a level 1 that can be tossed for extra damage later. While not terribly exciting, she can help you pitch extra CXs in a pinch.


When you play Yuta, Affected Action, you may put the top card of your opponent’s stock into their waiting room. If you do, you may choose a card in your opponent’s waiting room and put it into their stock. When Yuta, Affected Action is reversed in battle, you may pay 1 stock and send it to clock. If you do, look at up to the top 2 cards of your deck, choose up to 1 card, put it into your hand, and put the rest into your waiting room.

This is more like it! A card advantage engine for the early game, with a stock troll that can really get under your opponent’s skin for the very early or late game.


Tenga, Awkward Response gives all characters you control with Bond +1 soul. You can rest 2 [Kizuna] characters you control to give a character you control +1500 power until end of turn.

For this deck, Tenga is a different flavor of support. It makes a handful of other characters hurt a bit more than they should, but you can also use his ability to punch through tough characters. The effect will stack, so if you have multiples in play, your bond characters will hurt that much more.


When “Annoyingly Self-Righteous” Chidori is played, you may discard a CX to salvage a [Kizuna] character.

At level 1, we have 10 cards.


Nico, Peculiar One of the Class gets -1 level while on stage. When reversed, she goes to the bottom of your deck. (She is needed in hand for the deck’s level 3 CX combo.)

1/0 6500 characters with various downsides are seeing more print, and this Nico is no exception. One of the difficulties about this Nico is that she doesn’t go to the waiting room when reversed. Fortunately, using her at level 1 is not mandatory because Tenga + bond characters can fill that gap if needed.


Honoka, Quiet Literary-Type Girl makes all other characters you control unable to side attack. She has a CX combo with “Isn’t It Nice Being Kiznaiver”: when she reverses a character in battle, you can put a [Kizuna] character in your waiting room into stock, and give a character you control +3000 power until end of turn.

By now, we can see that the deck does not have a strict hand advantage engine with its CX combo at level 1. Instead, we get a hybrid power/stock combo. While it isn’t the easy card advantage many players may be used to getting, it still helps generate some clean stock for future use. 3000 power is nothing to sneeze at either; it can easily keep other backups out of reach.


Summer Beyond Control has you tutor for up to 1 Honoka and 1 Yuta, then discard a card.

At level 2, we have 4 (or 8) characters.


Nico, From Being Uncertain to Believing is a stock slayer with an unused bond(When she is reversed by a character with a level higher than your opponent’s, you may send that character to stock, and if you do, put the bottom card of your opponent’s stock into their waiting room.)


Yuta, Studying gives level 3 characters you control in front of it +2000 power, and has a 1 stock bond for “High and Mighty” Honoka.

This Yuta hits a nice sweet spot of versatility in this deck. He can make your level 3 Nico/Honoka substantially bigger, he can attack for 2+ with a Tenga on board, and he bonds for the early play Honoka. What’s not to like?

At level 3, we have 8 (4) characters.


“Hight and Mighty” Honoka gets -1 level in hand if you have 2 or fewer CXs in your waiting room. She gets +1000 power as long as you are playing Weiss Schwarz all of your characters are [Kizuna], and she has a heal ability on play.


When “Incredulous and Crazy” Nico is played, you draw up to 2 cards then discard a card. She has a CX combo with “Because We Are Friends”: when the CX is played, you may pay 2 and discard a “Nico, Peculiar One of the Class” (the level 1). If you do, all characters you control on your center stage get +1000 power and a burn trigger until end of turn. (The ability triggers up to once per turn. When damage dealt by this character is canceled, you may burn 1.”

Who likes jumping through hoops to reap rewards? Apparently Nico does, because she’s the deck’s main finisher. Multiple instances will stack, so if you somehow manage to have 12 stock and 3 copies of the level 1 Nico in your hand with the CX at the end of the game, we urge you to not call 911 because “getting blown out” does not qualify as a medical emergency.

The CX spread for this deck is a 4/4 split between 1k1 + burn and 2k1.



This deck looks ______!

It probably is. We’ve made things very clear at the start – this is just one of our guesses for how to build a deck from the set! There are a lot of very powerful effects spread across all four colors, and that makes building a deck that much more difficult. Basically, it’s probably not going to be difficult to build a decent deck, but it’s definitely going to be substantially more difficult to build a great deck.

So then how do we use this deck?

This deck is kind of a glorified soul rush build. It has some tricks to get out of a CX flood throughout the game with hand filtering, and some ways to preserve its hand with bonds. At level 0, the deck should be building its hand with the two Yuta, and cashing its stock to setup its level 1. Almost any level 1 character and above can be safely mulliganed away in the opening hand.

Once level 1 rolls around, the deck can take on a couple modes of attack. It can use the Honoka CX combo to trounce a full board and reap stock rewards, or it can use Tenga, Awkward Response with leftover bond characters to go in for straight damage. If the deck is against an opponent with on-reverse combos, the Tenga can be used to minimize the chances of the opponent going off while also maximizing damage.

At level 2, Yuta should be able to pull Honoka onto the stage for an early heal, and the stock slayer Nico can punish opposing early level 3 characters. If backed up by a Tenga(s), what could just be a simple punish can turn into a 2+ damage attack. Be careful about this though, because if the opponent goes to level 3 as a result of her attack, she might not be able to knock that character into stock.

At level 3, Nico should have just had enough of everyone’s !(@*& be taking center stage and poised to end the game in a single swing. Like we said before, the dream is to have 3 level 1s in hand with 12 stock available to get all 3 CX combo triggers. While that scenario is very unlikely to ever be realized in a game, even having just one instance of Nico go off is decent.

Where do we go from here with this deck?

The answer for now is, probably away. If this is what an all-in, all-offense deck from the set looks like, quite frankly, other sets can do it better in many ways. (Insert a picture of TLR and Puyo Puyo here) Yes, you have a way to be efficient with damage and stock generation in the early game. And indeed, the deck can keep itself afloat in theory with bonds. The potential rewards that the deck can get, when compared to other sets, look lackluster, which suggests that there are better builds to be discovered.

With that in mind, the card “chain” of the level 0 Honoka, the level 1 Nico, the level 3 Nico and the CX are reasonably portable, as are the pair of Honoka and Yuta at levels 2 and 3. A player might want to use the Honoka + Nico combo and pair it with another color(s) to give it a nice (albeit somewhat difficult) burn finish, or play the Honoka and Yuta together, and expand the presence of green to include Yuta’s clock kick combo.

We will be back with more ideas about the set and potential decks!

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