GochiUsa Deck Tech – 3rd at 2016 NA WGP Regionals – Indy


Welcome to another 9th CX deck tech and tournament report! Our teammate Travis went to Indy and surged through 5 rounds to qualify for the 2016 NA WGP Nationals! We have here his report, analysis, and a lot more. He’ll be taking up the pen for most of this article, so special thanks to him for doing the work!

As always, translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. In the event of inaccuracies or unavailable translations, in-house translations will be used.

Now let’s get to the CAWFEE!


Is the Order a Jail Cell??

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 17 cards

4 “Uniform of Rabbit House” Megu (GU/W44-068)
4 “Good Sense” Maya (GU/W44-073)
4 “Drawing Practice” Megu (GU/W44-080)
3 “Cheering” Chino (GU/W44-072)
2 Chino, Middle School Student (GU/W44-074)

Level 1 – 11 cards

4 “Uniform of Rabbit House” Maya (GU/W44-069)
4 “True Feelings” Maya (GU/W44-075)
3 “Great at Ballet” Megu (GU/W44-081)

Level 2 – 6 cards

2 ”My Body is Moving on It’s Own” Megu (GU/W44-077)
1 Aoyama Blue Mountain, New Career at Rabbit House!? (GU/W44-078)
1 Chino in Maid Outfit (GU/W44-085)
2 Chino, Running Errands (GU/W44-086)

Level 3 – 7 cards

4 “Rabbit Ear Parka” Chino (GU/W44-071)
3 “The Anti-Sister Battle Corps” Chimame Corps (GU/W44-070)
1 “One Step at a Time” Chino (GU/W44-079)

CX – 8 cards

4 The Friend Group of Three (GU/W44-097)
4 Errands on a Snowy Night (GU/W44-098)

At level 0, we have 17 character cards:


“Uniform of Rabbit House” Megu gives your front row center position character +500, and has a “Pay 1, Rest this, Search” Brainstorm for BLUE characters.

Tutoring for any character in the deck is great. Especially since it’s a rest herself instead of two characters to activate her brainstorm, leaving me space to use another rest ability in my back row. Not to mention the small power boost she gives can make it easier to trigger on reverse effects.




“Good Sense” Maya has 2 on play effects. On play she can give a BLUE character +1000 power and +1 level. The other effect is reveal the top card of your deck, if it is a BLUE character, add it to your hand then discard  a card from hand.

The level pump this Maya offers definitely gives an impact against decks that have level 0 reversers, not to mention her top check can filter out your hand or give you information on using Megu to brainstorm. With the level boost you could burn for more than just 3 or 4 damage if you want to be greedy with the burn combo.



“Drawing Practice” Megu has a on play scry ability and a Pay 1 bond to “True Feelings” Maya.

The biggest use of this card is the scry ability. You can use this first to see what Maya will reveal, or check to see if a CX is on top of your deck and use Megu to brainstorm a guaranteed hit, or just send the card to the bottom of your deck if it doesn’t provide use at the given time. Her bond ability is useful if you are trying to get enough characters on stage to use the Level 1 Maya combo.



“Cheering” Chino is a +500 assist and has a Pay 2 Rest this to search for one of the Chimame Squad characters(Chino, Maya, or Megu in the card name)

The ability to grab any of the cards (with the exception of CXs, Chimame Corps, and Aoyama) just by paying 2 and resting this card makes it a great asset to the deck. If your scrys and top checks don’t reveal anything useful, just use Chino to grab what you want anyways. Not to mention if you bottom deck CXs due to the lack of a brainstormer, it will just shuffle them back around in your deck.



Chino, Middle School Student has the ability to rest another BLUE character and move it to the back row when she reverses her battle opponent.

This card is probably the funniest card in the deck. If I need to build stock and have the ability to reverse her battle opponent, I can just move up one of my back row cards, attack with it and then send it back to the back row after this Chino reverses her battle opponent. I can also use this as a sort of free encore to one of my characters if I were to have a full back row.


At level 1, we have 11 character cards:


“Uniform of Rabbit House” Maya gains +2000 power if you control 3 or more other BLUE characters and combos with The Friend Group of Three: on attack, if you have 4 or more other BLUE characters, you may discard a card to draw 2, and give a character you control +1000 power for the turn.

Netting cards without having to pay stock? Milling through your deck to get rid of damage pockets?! And on attack?!? Being able to turn redundant cards into potentially useful cards without paying stock or having to reverse something is a huge asset to this deck. If she is already big enough to reverse her battle opponent, you can just pump one of your other characters +1000 power instead. The only downside is needing a full field in order to use her CX combo, but meeting that condition shouldn’t be too difficult if you can play an attacker and bond for another attacker.



“True Feelings” Maya gains +1000 power if you control 3 or more other BLUE characters, but cannot attack if you have 1 or fewer back row characters.

A 6.5k+ beater with the only downside(?) of needing a full back row? This is probably one of the best options you can have in terms of attackers at level 1.



“Great at Ballet” Megu is a 1000 power back up, and if you control 1 other BLUE character, you may choose a battling character to give +1000 power to.

Free 2k backups are free. Enough said.


At level 2, we have 6.5 character cards:


”My Body is Moving on It’s Own” Megu is a level assist to characters in front of it, and can rest herself to choose any character and allow you to early play One Step at a Time Chino  give it +1 Level. She has a combo with The Friend Group of Three to give all BLUE characters +1500 on CX play.

Increase burn damage? Check. Play your early plays? Check. Get rid of opponent’s cards by turning them into early plays? Check. This assist lets you tango with some of the more higher level cards by giving a completely free power boost just by playing her CX Combo. She also lets you pirouette around cards by activating an early play condition for a Chino level 3, then will have a wonderful pas de deux with your opponent’s “early play” by letting you have the ability to bottom deck it with Aoyama.

TL;DR Dancing with Rabbits


Aoyama Blue Mountain, New Career at Rabbit House!? When she is reversed, she can bottom deck her battle opponent if it is a higher level than the opponent’s current level.

The only downside of this card is that whatever it bottom decks can potentially come back, but a plus is that it can set up future damage.



Chino in Maid Outfit is a 2500 power backup with the ability to Pay 2 and freefresh your deck when you use the Backup.

This card can save you in some sticky situations if you are able to pay out CX cards when using her free-fresh ability, especially if previous CX Combos, Brainstorms, etc.etc leave your deck low and dry on CX count.



Chino, Running Errands on play you look at the top 2 cards of your deck, add one card to hand, discard the rest, then discard a card. She has a CX combo with Errands on a Snowy Night where on CX play you may send her to waiting room and change into Rabbit Ear Parka, Chino from your hand.

A “change” card that pays for itself? And lets you filter to find a copy of her change target or CX combo?? Yes please! Just being able to free play a healer from hand alone is amazing, plus she turns into an incredibly powerful beater as well.


At level 3, we have 6.5 character cards:


“Rabbit Ear Parka” Chino heals on play and gets +1000 power if cawfee is served at Rabbit House all your characters are BLUE. On attack, she gets +500 power for each BLUE character you control.


A healer with a on attack assassin ability makes this card a really solid attacker. Not to mention the things that could happen if she comes out with the Level 2 Chino CX Combo, she can keep you at a lower level just a little longer.



“The Anti-Sister Battle Corps” Chimame Corps on play, you may look at up to the top 3 cards of your deck, add one to hand, then discard the rest. The Squad gets +500 power per other BLUE character and has a CX Combo with The Friend Group of Three where on attack you may Pay 3 and deal damage equal to the highest level character you control, then gains +1000 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

With the power of Cawfee, Fangs, and Dancing, you can burn your opponent for 3+ damage while giving the squad a defensive power boost for your opponent’s next turn if your opponent doesn’t die from all the adorableness in the rest of the deck. Plus, the squad digs for their respective CX The Friend Group of Three, but since none of the combos really cost a whole lot of stock, paying the cost for her burn ability isn’t hard to achieve. Be careful of anti-change abilities if you do somehow boost a character to Level 4+ because at worst, you may just lose an entire attack.



“One Step at a Time” Chino gets -1 level in hand if your opponent has a level 3 character. She gives all your other BLUE characters +1500 power and at the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, you may discard a card to boost her +2500 power for the turn.

This is why I say Level 2 and Level 3 have 6.5 cards each. If your opponent has a level 3 (or you create one for your opponent because you just want to spread the love of cawfee) she can come down a level early. She doesn’t heal, but her global assist ability with the option of oversizing her at  the beginning of your opponent’s attack step makes her a very valuable tech option.


Climax Spread


The Friend Group of Three

Pants + 1k1


Errands on a Snowy Night

BLUE Stock Soul +2 soul

M: We hit on an interesting point in our deck discussion. For those that may recognize most of the cards, we did present most of them in our previous blue GochiUsa deck tech. However, not in the deck is the TD Chino that loots. (On play, draw and discard a card, not optional) My questions here are only for the purposes of analysis and are not personal attacks (in case they are misinterpreted).


M: Topcheck > loot? Please elaborate.

T: I’d rather leave a CX on the top of my deck instead of looting it off. With the top checks and scry, If I see a CX, I’d rather just pay the 1 to brainstorm a guaranteed hit and possibly hit more instead of ending up taking just a CX off my deck. Plus, in the case I do not have a brainstorm, I can just send the CX to the bottom of my deck with the Megu scry ability. Another point I can make here on top checks is that they operate almost the same way as the loot ability with the downside of your opponent knowing what is (potentially) going into your hand. If I reveal or scry to see a CX, I’d rather just pay the 1 to brainstorm a guaranteed hit and possibly hit more. The loot ability of the TD Chino is all it really does.

M: But, the TD Chino burns a CX off the top.

T: Which I wouldn’t want to happen to be honest.

M: You would rather keep a CX on the top, regardless of the trigger quality?

T: If I can brainstorm it off or bury it, yes.

M: What’s your opinion on burying CXs versus burning them?

T: I’m more okay burying a CX, because if I really need to, I can activate the Cheering Chino search ability and just shuffle it around. Or hit a brainstorm as well.

M: That’s a good point! If you had to redo the level 0 spread for your deck, if you had access to everything, would you change it at all?

T: As of right now, the only change I would make for the deck is removing 1 of the Megu Scry/Bond and both “Chino Middle School Student” adding in the WGP Promo that is being given out this year:


Chino, “Hobbit” at the Place of Rest has a on play pay 1 ditch 1 search for BLUE and on attack, choose a character and give it +1000 power and +1 level.

This promo is way too good for the deck. It gives me another filter outlet and I can actually search things in the case I do not have a brainstorm or Chino assist in the back row.

M: You wouldn’t use the Clock Draw promo?

T: Nope, If I’m going to deal myself a damage to hand plus, I’d rather be able to search out a card with a restriction that take a blind go.

M: So the flexibility in terms of a ‘blind pick’ doesn’t appeal to you at all?

T: Not really. Granted one of the CX Combos in this deck is a more glorified version of the PR, I just don’t have to take a damage to do so.

M: So what does an ideal or ‘dream’ hand look like for the opener?

T: A dream hand for me to have is either one of the climaxes, and at least one of my back row(Cheering Chino/Uniform of Rabbit House Megu) and one of the top checkers(Good Sense Maya/Drawing Practice Megu) and at least one copy of Uniform of Rabbit House, Maya.

Moving on from that, we have some sample hands! We brainstormed some opening draws and Travis has provided his thoughts on what he’d do with the hand.

Sample Hand #1


T: Out of this hand, I would discard the Chino in Maid Outfit, and Rabbit Ear Parka Chino, Depending on my draw for turn and clock draw two I would use the Good Sense Maya to filter out one copy of The Friend Group of Three.

M: Some people tend to hold freefreshes in the opening hand because it’s a unique and powerful effect. With this hand, we have 2 CXs and so we’ll only have a maximum of 6 cancels before our next refresh. With that in mind, we might get hit to level 2 sooner than usual. Is this enough to make you want to hold onto it any more, or does that not change your thinking?

T: To be honest, it wouldn’t influence my decision to discard it. Under the ideal condition that I will be able to draw into what I need or Good Sense Maya finds what I need, I won’t have a problem getting the freefresh backup back into my hand after refresh.

Sample Hand #2



T: I would actually keep this hand. and use the top checks of Good Sense Maya and try to turn one of the Chino, Middle School Student into one of my backrow cards

M: Would you not ditch a Chino because of the potential redundancy and upside of seeing an important character? Or is there no other important character that you could want over what’s already in this hand?

T: Given that thought, I would discard one copy of the Chino, but it also depends on what I’m playing against when making the decision to discard a copy. If the deck has a lot of level reversers, I would keep both because her ability can be activated on both turns, allowing me to give reversed characters free encores.

M: And I am going to guess that that’s only if you should happen to know what you are against (like during testing, for example).

Sample Hand #3


T: Without a doubt, Chimame Corps is being discarded. Depending on what I get out of that, I may clock Drawing Practice, Megu in an attempt to get something better.

M: How about the CX? There are 3 more left in the deck, and getting the combo is still plenty possible if you dig a card deeper. Or, is it not worth the extra 1-card risk?

T: Granted there are 3 more copies of it in my deck, I don’t want to give the knowledge to my opponent that I am already missing 1 CX in deck, plus in the case I find one of my brainstormers, I don’t want to risk brainstorming the other copies out of my deck. And if my opponent discards a CX or two from their starting hand, I may just play it to soul rush my opponent.

We’ll be skipping our typical number-oriented analysis to jump straight into the tournament report from here!


Round 1

Win vs Clannad (Mono Yellow):

This match up wasn’t particularly as annoying as I thought it would be.  My opponent was having a harder time trying to get his Ushio hand plus combo while I used Good Sense Maya and Drawing Practice Megu to keep my hand size up while looking for my combo pieces. The only combos I did not need to use that match was the Chimame Squad burn combo. I  managed to rush my opponent past Level 3 while he was out all 8 CXs and finished the game off after refresh.


Round 2

Win vs Accel World (Enemy Mono Green):

My match against this player wasn’t quite a walk in the park. When I’m out at least 8 and the deck has a way to change into a Level 3 that can potentially burn for 7, it’s a bit of a headache. Granted, my opponent was only able to attack me twice that turn. Rushing in with an influx of CX Combos with “Uniform of Rabbit House Maya”, I was able to keep a full field while keeping a full hand, at the same time giving my opponent a harder time to get their combo pieces out on the field.


Round 3

Win vs Cinderella Girls (Triad Primus):

I’m going to be honest here, I have never played against a Triad Primus build of Cinderella Girls before that day. I didn’t get to have much of a decent start as I wanted, since I was getting hit with a CX almost every turn and not able to get any into my hand as well. A good save for me was using Aoyama Blue Mountain’s higher-level reverser ability to bottom deck the Triad Primus Rin before my opponent hit level 3. However, the biggest MVP in this match was easily Chino in Maid Outfit. At the time of me using her backup, I was out all 8 CXs (6 in WR, 2 in hand) with around 10 cards in deck, level 2/4, and facing off against 2 Power of Smile, Rin with the CX in play. Using the backup let me refresh with 6 in my deck and I managed to cancel all the subsequent attacks.


Round 4

Loss vs Cinderella Girls (Audri’s CG Build):

This was my only sour match of the day. When I went into turn 2 with 4 CXs in hand, I knew it was just going to be a rough time. As I kept trying to rush damage playing every CX that hit my hand, my opponent used this knowledge to just swing back harder. After a certain point, I just couldn’t get any more damage to land and was put out of my misery before any restand combo could go off.


Round 5

Win vs Fate (Mono Yellow):
I’m just going to be simple here, my opponent went straight to Level 2 before seeing a CX card even leave the deck. My opponent did manage to push me to level 3, but Rabbit Parka Chino made things a little difficult to finish me off.

Congratulations again to Travis for qualifying for the 2016 NA WGP Nationals event!

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