Is the Order a Decklist? – GochiUsa Deck Tech (G/Y, Beta)


Welcome back to the 9th CX deck techs! Last time we had some coffee, but today, it’s time for some GREEN TEA! It’s Chiya and Syaro’s turn!

Special thanks to Melanie for taking the lead on and writing this article! This deck tech is a beta test of the options in Yellow and Green. There is a lot of room for playing around with this list, especially in the realm of counters and Level 0-1 tech. Still, it’s a fun deck to pilot, and should be a good base list for those looking for a point of reference.

As always, translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. If translations therein are unavailable or found to be inaccurate, in-house translations will be used. We will be using “Syaro” as the spelling for our caffeine enthusiast.

To the list!


Level 0 – 16 cards

4 “Rabbit Ear Parka” Syaro (GU/W44-001)

4 Syaro Feeling Happy (GU/W44-005)

2 Chiya in the Wood-Framed Town (GU/W44-018)

3 Elegant Chiya (GU/W44-019)

3 “Appealing to Be a Smart Big Sister” Chiya (GU/W44-025)


Level 1 – 15 cards

4 “Volleyball” Syaro (GU/W44-002)

3 Syaro, Cleaing Complete! (GU/W44-006)

4 “My Pace” Chiya (GU/W44-020)

4 “Mascot Girl of Ama Usa An” Chiya (GU/W44-022a) (Alternate Arts: GU/W44-022b, GU/W44-022c, GU/W44-022d)


Level 2 – 2 cards

2 Syaro, Humble Girl (GU/W44-003)


Level 3 – 9 cards

2 Syaro, Ladylike Aura (GU/W44-004)

4 “Rabbit Ear Parka” Chiya (GU/W44-017)

3 Fleur’s Flyer (GU/W44-029)


CX – 8

4 I~Luv~Valleyball~ (GU/W44-015)

4 The Two Childhood Friends (GU/W44-030)


At level 0, we have 16 cards.


“Rabbit Eared Park” Syaro is a runner that gets +1000 power during your turn. She has no condition to run. Did I mention she also gets +1000 power on your turn? An awesome way to build stock for this deck.


Syaro Feeling Happy is a global +500 support with a useful loot ability: pay 1, discard 1, and rest this card to look at up to the top 2 cards of your deck, choose 1 to keep, and then discard the rest. Specifically, she gives all characters with [Syaro] and [Chiya] in the name +500 power. Her loot ability is very helpful for fishing out a climax combo or an event, or ditching extra gold bar triggers in this build.


Chiya in the Wood-Framed Town is the brainstorm for this deck with a secondary assist ability. This Chiya has a clock swap brainstorm. Pay 1, rest this card, reveal the top 4 of the deck: for each CX revealed, you choose a card in your clock, add it to your hand, and then put the top card of your deck into your clock. (These resolve one at a time. If you reveal one or more CXs with no cards in your clock, you will end up with 1 card in your clock.) Her assist activates with the use of her own ability, or another [S] (EN: [A], or activated ability), once per turn to give +1000 power to a character with [Syaro] or [Chiya] in name until end of turn.


Elegant Chiya is a clock level reverserWhen she becomes reversed, your opponent “heals” and sends the opposing character to clock in its place. (This never triggers heal tax abilities.) When used on your turn, she can shut off some on-reverse Level 0 tech options.


“Appealing to Be a Smart Big Sister” Chiya is a standard searcher. Pay 1, discard 1 on play to search a character with [Syaro] or [Chiya] in name and then shuffle your deck.

Level 1 has 15 cards.


“Volleyball” Syaro is our Level 1 hand plus combo in this deck. Her abilities are in separate instances, which makes her more playable even if you don’t have the climax. On attack with the climax “I~ Luv~Valleyball~” you reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a character with [Syaro] or [Chiya] in the name you add it to your hand, otherwise put it back (and then reveal it for the trigger step). Her second ability is, on attack, if you have 3 or more other characters with [Syaro] and/or [Chiya] in the name, she gets +2000 power for the turn.


Syaro, Cleaning Complete! is a Level 1 power attacker for your turn. She gets +2000 power and becomes a 1/0 7000 if all of your characters have either [Syaro] or [Chiya] in their name.


“My Pace” Chiya is another Level 1 power attacker. She gets a continuous +500 power for each other [Syaro] or [Chiya] character on your stage.

gu-w44-022a gu-w44-022b gu-w44-022cgu-w44-022d

“Mascot Girl of Ama Usa An” Chiya is a character with a defensive ability that may cause your opponent to second guess attacks. When she is front attacked, you may send her to the waiting room and play another of the same card from your hand to the stage as the defending character, giving her an additional +5000 power for the turn (making her a 1/0 10000 before assists!).

Level 2 has only 2 cards.


Syaro, Humble Girl has an assist ability that gives level 3 characters you control in front of her +2000 power.  Her second ability is very helpful late game in the deck. She grants all characters +1000 power when the climax “The Two Childhood Friends” is placed in your climax slot for free (and this ability is not name tied).

Level 3 has 9 cards.


Syaro, Ladylike Aura is a healer who shuts off backups during her battle step. She gets +1000 power if all of your characters have either [Syaro] or [Chiya] in name. Unfortunately, your opponent can still use events with counter step timing.


“Rabbit Ear Parka” Chiya is the main finishing attacker for this deck. If you have 3  or more other characters with [Syaro] or [Chiya] in the name, she gets an additional +2000 power. On play, you draw up to 2 cards and then discard a card. If she reverses her battle opponent and the climax ” The Two Childhood Friends” is in play, you may put that reversed character into your opponent’s clock.


Fleur’s Flyer is an event that helps out the finishing end game of this deck. If there are 4 or more CX cards in your Waiting Room, all of your “Syaro, Ladylike Aura” and “Rabbit Ear Parka” Chiya gain +3500 power. They also gain the auto ability on attack to mill the top two cards of your deck into the Waiting Room. If there’s a Yellow and a Green card among them, you may burn 1. (The damage can be canceled.)

There are 8 CXs in this deck split evenly 4 and 4 between 1k1 + Bounce and 1k1 + Bar.

gu-w44-015  gu-w44-030

How do we use this deck?

This deck runs a combination of soul rush and pushing damage early game with a lot of free characters. This is to aid in pushing towards an end game with stable damage in clock kicks and possible burn. The Level 0 game has a ton of utility to run around the board and build stock, as well as build hand or hand filter out unwanted cards. The Level 1 combo becomes very important to keep the hand stocked in order to keep attacking through Level 2. The deck doesn’t really care about preserving a board state through Level 2, even though there are some solid cards that the deck could run to fill these slots.

Ideally, once the deck has reached this point, it will be positioned to cancel often. Crashing your board leaves lower power characters as easy clock kick targets for Chiya in some match ups. Finally, the end game runs some tech heal for dying to refresh damage or to keep you at 3/0, as well as the clock kick Chiya and the event. The event can give you the extra power to get over some walls with Chiya, and the mill/burn chance can mill you through a 2nd refresh. Just be careful with it, because the mill is actually mandatory.

What are some of the risks the list takes? Are there any other cards that may warrant consideration?

Due to the play style of this deck, it does have to be super careful with its hand while pushing damage throughout. There are also some cards that some players will want to tech in and take out. The 1/0 U “Mascot Girl of Ama Usa An” Chiya is a personal tech choice to keep a costless game with some defensive power in response. The 3/2 event will not be attractive to everyone (Including me! -Michael), and may also be replaced. (To be fair, it’s one of the only ways that the color combination has to mise extra damage, so, take my intrusion here to express my dislike with a grain of… salt. -M) Missing from the deck are also two very strong box topper PRs that can round it out: a 2/1 vanilla +3000 power Back Up and a nice 0/0 3500 beater through the end of your opponent’s next turn on play. If box topper PRs are not an option, the set boasts a scaling 1/1 Chiya counter that gets up to +3000 power on defense by Level 3 (+2000 at Level 1 and +2500 at Level 2). Finally, if looking for a stronger Level 2 game, the 2/1 Syaro in the Wood-Framed Town that for one stock with the 2/1 Level 3 assist can get very big if you have 3 or more other characters with [Syaro] or [Chiya] in the name. The only downside to that is that it becomes vulnerable to anti-level effects.

Because this deck is “in beta”, we’ll skip the analysis portion for now while Melanie continues to hammer away at improving it.

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