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Welcome to another 9th CX Preview Practice!

We are going to be doing a bit of content on the upcoming GochiUsa (Is the Order a Rabbit?) set, but before that, we wanted to address some of the challenges that players may run into when looking at a set through the scope of only a few cards.

While we have done a fairly deep dive on previews before, we didn’t cover the topic exhaustively. Doing so would be very difficult, but in the spirit of doing things as well as we can, we want to follow up and add a couple things to the pot.

Special thanks to Clinton for lending his opinions for this piece.

So what did you miss?

A couple things, and probably more.

For those who need to catch up, here’s what we’ve already laid out:

CotD Spoilers Tips

But where might we need a little more information?

Let’s look at the first point: standalone viability et al.

By itself, (no meta joke intended) standalone viability refers to whether a card(s) can be played alone in order to work. As soon as a card requires a CX, for example, its viability alone decreases dramatically.

But what about if the card doesn’t require a CX? What if it requires a different kind of combination of conditions to be fulfilled?

If we go down the list, we can see quickly that we did not account for cards that might require cards of a certain quality present on stage in order to work. For example, there could be a card that requires 2 blue characters and 2 red characters to be on the stage before it can be played a level early, or before it gets an on-attack effect. This kind of card is technically a standalone card (because even though we need X characters, they could be any characters that are X), and is also not truly color locked. We should make sure we don’t immediately pursue nor dismiss these kinds of cards at first.

There is also a very large hint that we missed out on during our first pass: SHIPS.

Ships? Like…


Or… wait… you mean…

Ohhh yeah.

Like this kind of ship:



KyoSaya Yeeeeee

…But… But!


Yes, but not in the card world!

We really could have done better by showing that there was a major clue we overlooked – in-universe ships!

It boils down to this:

If a series is in or coming to WSif characters are together and/or shipped somehow, then their cards will likely have some kind of interaction and/or synergy.


Before we start jumping to conclusions about the purity of character relationships and spark discussions about various series (definitelynotNisekoiorKiznaiverohnono) we can look at some of these ships in action.

For example, in Madoka, where the previously used Hitomi meme comes from, it’s heavily implied (and later somewhat confirmed) that Sayaka + Kyoko = Yes.

When the set was brand new, red blue decks were popular and useful. Now, players could have come to the conclusion of using red (Kyoko) + blue (Sayaka) from a number of methods. One was that they could have looked for the set’s most powerful effects and gone from the top down; after all, Sayaka Miki was a pretty solid attacker and beater. Another was that a player could have looked at the combo synergies, such as Kyoko’s Apples + 2nd Year Sayaka. A third way (that we again, previously overlooked), was that they may have been a very big fan of Kyoko X Sayaka and ended up with a deck that worked because of waifu/shipping bias.

Isn’t building based on ships a kind of bias?

Not exactly, because we’re using our knowledge from a given series as a guide to see how decks might build themselves. This is pretty different from waifu-oriented building, where we simply channel our love for a character into a deck without the kind of competitive regard that others may seek.

There are limits to this of course. Just because a particular ship may be canon, it does not necessarily mean that it will be viable or powerful. On top of that, not every series has a ship that will be ‘officially recognized’ through the cards.

We’ll be adding these two methods to future preview practice articles and casts!

That’s all for today! We’ll be back later this week with our panel discussion about the latest spoilers from GochiUsa.

Did we miss something? Is there another method you use? Let us know!

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