Preview Practice – Kyoukai no Rinne

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Welcome to a 9th CX Preview Practice! This column is a kind of a continuation of our old video on how to read previews/spoilers.

If you haven’t seen it, we’ve put it here for your convenience!

If you’ve seen the video, you’ll see that every set that we’ve been over in it has been released, and hindsight is only so useful.

For this practice, we’ll use some cards that are coming to the JP game in EB form: Kyoukai no Rinne.

As we’ve said before, when the set is fully spoiled and/or released, card evaluations will likely change, and this article will change from speculative analysis to instructive.



Basically – if you’re reading this before the set is released, we’re still not sure about everything, we’ll probably be wrong about things, and we might be right about others.

If you’re reading this and the set has been out, just look at how we applied the process to the cards we dealt with.

Now let’s look at the first card!

Rinne PV 1

When this card is played from your hand, look at up to the top X cards of your deck, choose up to 1 card, put it into your hand, and the rest into your waiting room. X is the number of red and/or [Shinigami] characters you control.

When this card attacks, if you have [CX] in your CX area, you may pay 1 stock. If you do, deal X damage to your opponent where X is the cost of the character facing this card. (If the character facing this has no cost or is not there, this ability will deal 0 damage)

Rinne PV 2

+Stock (red card from waiting room) + 1 Soul

That’s two.

(It’s a CX combo, chill)

So, let’s try this. What would a more knee-jerk reaction be if someone saw this card with no context?

“This card has a fair cost for what it does at level 3; it has a unique burn ability and a decent CX combo. 10/10.”

What else could we hear?


Right. So here’s the thing; both of these assessments are potentially correct even if they might not seem like it. However, they may also be (likely) incomplete.

Let’s take a look at some factors we might be missing (or using).

  • Prior Set(s)?
    • This set is a standalone so far; it has no predecessor and no known set to follow.
  • Language?
    • This set is JP-only for now.
  • Set Size?
    • This set is an EB, meaning that its card pool will be smaller than usual. Its options for variations will be much more limited compared to other BP (booster pack) sets.
  • Color?
    • The set may be missing some colors due to it being an EB. The abilities the card has are common for red cards.
  • Common Effects?
    • Red characters at level 3 tend to have some kind of filter ability as well as some kind of burn ability, though not necessarily on the same card. The combination of the two abilities on the single card is notable.
  • Unique Effects?
    • The ability to fine-tune the damage being dealt by the CX combo is based on the opponent’s character’s cost. This can be a double-edged sword, because an open slot and most characters from levels 0 to 1 will have a cost of 0. The combo can potentially deal 1-2 damage (and rarely, more).
  • Standalone?
    • This card requires a CX to be used with it for maximum effectiveness.
  • Color/Trait-locked?
    • Yes, for both; red & [Shinigami]. This card would perform less well in a deck without other red or on-trait characters.
  • Number? Number? Number?
    • Probably a 3.5/5 in the dark; the number of level 3 characters in EBs, particularly standalone sets, tends to be lower. It is possible that there will not be a heal option in this color or that can be paired with it. If there is no heal option to supplement the card, it might be a 4.
      • To clarify, the card would be “better” (or more valuable) in the sense that it would be potentially one of the only finishing options in the absence of a heal effect. However, it is also very fair to say that the card would be much worse because without a supporting heal effect, as it would lose a lot of time to be relevant.
  • Any personal bias?
    • Yes, I like burn. I think that most decks that have access to it should consider running it, unless it’s impractical to use.

Let’s introduce another card to see what it looks like, and after, we can look at how it might affect this card.


Whenever you use an ACT [A] (activated) ability, this card gets +X power until end of turn, where X is 500 times the number of green characters you control.

On the turn that this card is played from hand, up to once per turn, if this reverses a character in battle, you may pay 3, discard a [Book] character and sacrifice another [Book] character you control. If you do, choose a copy of [this card] in your waiting room, put it onto any slot of your stage, and it gets +1000 power until end of turn. (You can choose to move it to a slot that’s already occupied by a character; it will simply replace the character there and the old one will be sent to the waiting room.)

What does the hype say?


And that notwithstanding, let’s look at this card through the same scope as before.

  • Color?
    • The set may be missing some colors due to it being an EB. The ability this card has pertaining to getting + power is typical in green, but its other ability is less common.
  • Common Effects?
    • Getting + X power until end of turn is seen in almost every color.
  • Unique Effects?
    • Indeed, if someone has a lot of stock, they could in theory, attack an abnormal number of times in a single turn.
  • Standalone?
    • This card does not require a CX to be effective. However, because it can only bring another copy of itself to the stage, it would need to be run as a 4-of for maximum effectiveness and consistency. 3 would be OK if one is only hoping to ever use the effect once in a given turn.
  • Color/Trait-locked?
    • No, and somewhat; the character is green and gains additional power if it’s around more green characters, but the most relevant part is the [Book] trait. A deck that uses this character will need to use [Book] characters to get its second ability to resolve more, and will need green characters to ensure that the second ability goes off more often.
  • Number? Number? Number?
    • If we are ignoring the previous card, this card would probably be a 2.5. It is expensive and has no other function other than getting big and multiplying. It has no other utility, and because it would need to use 4 slots at level 3, the other level 3s that it is accompanied by would need to be carrying the bulk of the defense and utility needed.
  • And considering the other card?
    • The score would probably be the same, and the previous card may even be bumped up in terms of value.
  • Personal bias?
    • I don’t like cards that require narrow conditions and high costs to work. The narrow condition of having another copy in the waiting room is probably not unreasonable. Only being able to use the ability once is still somewhat reasonable as well, because a fourth attack is another chance that you get to win the game. However, 3 stock, a card in hand and a character on stage is still a steep investment, so unless you’re sitting on a massive stockpile (pun intended), it may be impractical to use this character. Now, once other level 1 cards or potential CX symbols are revealed, paying such a cost may not be such a tall order. If other cards can make it happen, this card may become more viable.
    • Because the card only ‘works’ when played from hand though, there is a ceiling for its effectiveness. And there is definitely a fondly-remembered card that any kind of “restand” might find itself compared to…

Who Me Idk What You Mean

Now that we’ve tried it here for ourselves, give it a try! These questions are applicable even to spoilers from existing series, and can give you some valuable insights into what to expect from a set and how you might want to try building a deck from it, or improving upon a deck you already have.

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