Monogatari Series Deck Tech Part 2


Melanie’s back with the second look at the Monogatari 2nd season! (Kinda redundant-sounding, huh?) If you missed the first part, you can find it here, complete with video guide.

As always, translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. In the event that something is missing or inaccurate, we use in-house translations. And without further ado, here’s Melanie!

Here we are back with a second look a different Monogatari build. This build is green/red and utilizing an interesting marker game for Levels 1 and 2. While not what you will probably see for most green/red builds from the series, this is a fun build utilizing cards from the new set and playing off of a thematic combo introduced. It should also be noted as part of me getting used to the various strong cards available in the set, that I have completely limited myself almost completely to green and red in this build with the exception of a Level 0 Assist. Many cards in the series other colors (yellow and blue) would make this deck much stronger with more tech options at Level 0 and 1 respectively.


Build #2: G/R


Level 0: 16 cards

3 Hitagi Senjougahara, Words of Gratitude MG/S39-026

1 Koyomi Araragi, Serious Face MG/S39-028

4 Suruga Kanbaru, Fibbing with Words MG/S39-053

4 Mayoi Hachikuji, Kid Within the Storm MG/S39-054

4 Tsubasa Hanekawa, Temporary Farewell MG/S39-078


Level 1: 12 cards

4 “Devil-Sama” Rouka Numachi MG/S39-038

4 Hitagi Senjougahara, Doing Things for Future’s Sake MG/S39-056

4 Parts of Devil MG/S39-047 (Event)


Level 2: 4 cards

4 Rouka Numachi MG/S39-042


Level 3: 10 cards

4 Tsubasa Hanekawa, Girl Stared at by the Tiger MG/S39-027

4 Hitagi Senjougahara, Serious Face MG/S39-052

2 Clown Glasses MG/S39-072 (Event)


CX: 8 cards

4 Separate from Youth MG/S39-050

4 A Certain Winter Day MG/S39-073


Level 0:


Hitagi Senjougahara, Words of Gratitude  is a continuous assist of +500 power to the middle position of your front stage. Her second ability is a pay 1, rest two characters brainstorm that tutors for up to 1 [Strange] character per CX revealed.


Koyomi Araragi, Serious Face on play is an optional mill 3 off the top of your deck. His second ability allows you to choose to send him to stock when your opponent plays a climax.


Suruga Kanbaru, Fibbing with Words is a level 0 Reverser with a second useful effect: on play she can choose a character with experience and give that character +2000 power for the turn. (You yourself do not need to have a certain amount of Experience for the ability to work; only the character being chosen.)


Mayoi Hachikuji, Kid Within the Storm has the ability at the start of your opponent’s attack phase you may choose to move a character in your opponent’s front row to an empty slot. If you choose not to, or if you are unable to, this card goes to the Waiting Room.

mg-s39-078 (1)

Tsubasa Hanekawa, Temporary Farewell is a +500 assist with a second ability that activates when you get Experience 3: up to once per turn when your other [Strange] character enters the field, you may scry 1, then choose that character and give it +500 power for the turn.

Level 1: 


“Devil-Sama” Rouka Numachi gets +1 Level and +1500 power for each marker underneath it. If this card reverses its battle opponent, you may choose a “Parts of Devil” (1/1 Event below) from your Waiting Room and put it underneath this as a marker face down.


Hitagi Senjougahara, Doing Things for Future’s Sake as a variant of the “Akatsuki effect” from Kantai Collection on a 1/0 instead of a 0/0:  if you have Experience 2 or higher in Level Zone when this is played to the stage, you may discard a card, look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck, choose 1 [Strange] character, reveal it, add it to hand, and then send the rest of the cards to the waiting room.


Parts of Devil is a 1/1 Event Counter that gives a [Strange] character you control +3500 power for the turn. It’s also used as a marker for “Devil-Sama” Rouka Numachi’s effect.

Level 2:


Rouka Numachi is a global +1000 assist to all [Strange] characters that also has the ability to rest this card and choose a character with a marker to receive +1000 power for the turn. On play, she allows you to choose a “Devil-Sama” Rouka Numachi and a “Parts of Devil” event and call the character to the stage with the event underneath it as a marker on play.

Level 3:


Tsubasa Hanekawa, Girl Stared at by the Tiger receives +1000 power if you have two or more other [Strange] characters on the stage. On play, you may look at the top card of your deck, leave it on top or put it on the bottom. Her last ability is, on play, to reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a [Strange] character if she reverses her battle opponent you can choose to send that opponent to clock.


Hitagi Senjougahara, Serious Face on play draws two cards, and then discards 1 from hand. She gets a continuous +1500 power if you have Experience 6 or higher active in your Level Zone. Her final ability is, on attack, deal a damage if the climax “A Certain Winter Day” is in the climax zone.


Clown Glasses is a counter that, if you have 5 or more cards in your deck,  choose up to 2 cards in your waiting room, return them to your deck, and shuffle. This event then goes to Memory.


mg-s39-050 mg-s39-073

The climax spread in this deck is 4 Separate from Youth (which the climax combo is not used in this deck build) and 4 A Certain Winter Day. (+stock + soul, 1k1 + door)


How does this deck play?

Level 0 offers a very utility driven game that seeks to build stock and attempts to force the opponent to overcommit on the board. The deck features 5 anti-Shimakaze cards in the four copies of the 0/0 Mayoi that flavorfully forces your opponent to become “lost” by either swapping character spots, or moving them away from her if they leave open slots. If you don’t move an opponent’s character, she goes to waiting room. I am running 1 copy of the 0/0 2000 Koyomi Araragi, who, on play may mill the top 3 cards of your deck to Waiting Room and if your opponent plays a climax, you may choose to send him to stock. He not only builds clean stock, but gets around on reverse abilities as well.  The Suruga Level Reverser may only have 1000 base power, but on play gives a character with Experience +2000 power, making her a nice free power up to Experience characters late game, as well as taking care of walls at Level 0. While the set offers many Level 0 assists both old and new, I have again opted for the Hanekawa +500 in front assist that can scry when Experience 3 is active (hopefully at Level 1 most times). This effect keeps climaxes from triggering to stock late game and sends them to the bottom for search abilities. Finally, this deck wants targets in its Waiting Room, so I am running 3 of the new 0/0 Hitagi +500 to center, rest two pay 1, brainstorm to search on climax hit. The goal is to get events in waiting room and to hit one or two searches to set up for the game early on.


Level 1 has a lot of sneaky ways to put up walls. The 1/1 “Devil-Sama” Rouka is a 6500 power base that reads when it reverses its battle opponent, choose the 1/1 “Parts of Devil” (+3500 power back up event to a strange character) and put it underneath it as a marker. This card is then gets +1500 power and +1 Level for each marker underneath it. Firstly, in most cases with one assist in the back row she will be a 7000, and it is possible to get her higher by playing a 1k1. Secondly, her markers are always ‘clean’. Finally, you don’t have to have an event in waiting room to play her.

If you have a marker in hand you can opt to play the event as a counter on your opponent’s turn (giving her +3500 power for the turn), then when she reverses her battle opponent put that same event underneath her as a marker. You do have to be careful with this tactic against sets with Level 1 reversers, as well as sets like Love Live! and Nisekoi that have anti-change counters at Level 1, but mostly you will have a pretty big wall for your opponent to deal with. (Note, you have to be wary of level reversers on your opponent’s turn because the turn player’s ability will resolve first. If your Rouka reverses a level reverser on your turn and you put the marker under it, you will be safe because Rouka’s ability resolves first.)

I will note that to help with the stock required for this combo, I am running a stock/soul in this deck for the main purpose of playing it at Level 1 to rebuild back the stock her cards cost. The series has multiple stock souls in both colors it can run to help fill this role in both red and green.


Level 1 also features a new type of “Akatsuki” effect in the 1/0 Hitagi with experience 2 or higher allows you to ditch a card, look at up to top 4, add a strange character to hand. This slot could easily feature the new Level Reverser Kanbaru, or switch up the Level 3 game to feature the early drop Kanbaru and the 1/0 power attacker, but so far in testing this card has been great to mill through damage and add potential end game cards to hand. Because she has experience, it makes her a great target for play the 0/0 Level reverser Kanbaru to give her an additional +2000, making her a 7000 before assists.


Level 2 continues the Level 1 game even if you aren’t able to defend your 1/1’s with markers. Level 2 features the 2/1 global +1000 to all strange characters Rouka, whose on play ability allows you to call a 1/1 “Devil-Sama” Rouka with a marker underneath it to the field. Did I mention she also rests to give a character with a marker +1000 power? All for 1 stock. While an argument could be made for running additional Level 1 counters at 1 to defend the 1/1 walls, as long as you aren’t going to refresh, you can let these reverse and then just get them back for a stock if you’re holding two assists in hand. With the assists, on average, they can hit 10000 before resting to give out the rest of the power. True, early drop Level 3 walls get around it, and there are only so many marker targets in the deck, but for low cost attackers than can still be a threat and power over things these cards are super strong and allow you to build stock for Level 3.


Level 3 does require experience 6 to be active, but in all of my play testing I had little to no issue with this despite not running any type of Level swap. Getting a Green 3/2 and a Red 3/2 in level zone with running 10 Level 3’s has proven not to be an issue. Level 3 features the new Hitagi 3/2 who gets +1500 power for experience 6 (putting her at 11000 before assists) draws 2, ditches 1 on play, and combos with the 1k1 gate to on attack deal a damage. She’s a nice size wall in the deck with an on play ability that gives you a chance to filter and draw into the climax combo or other Level 3 attackers if need be. The finish combo combats top deck cancels or pushes for end game damage while not costing stock.

The other 3/2 the deck is running is the new Hanekawa clock kick. She, interestingly enough, does not have experience (meaning the Kanbaru 0/0 can’t power her up), but she does get an additional +1000 power for having 2 or more other strange characters in play make her an 11000 most times. She has you scry 1 then reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a [Strange] character, she becomes a clock kick for the turn if she reverses her battle opponent. While at most times the highest power level she will hit consistently in the deck is 14000 (two back row 2/1 assists plus the +1000 from Hitagi’s climax combo) there is the slim possibility that by playing an event you can make her 17500. She’s a great way to get rid of problems off the field. Another viable tech option if you would like a heal would also be combining the new Hitagi 3/2 with the Hitagi 3/2 from the very first Bakemonogatari set. While she doesn’t necessarily take care of huge issues in the front or back row, she can kill off some annoying assist characters in the back row with her ability (notably the 1/1 that gives Yami hand encore, or Kanti’s anti-salvage).

Card Options from earlier sets that can expand this build:

Level 0:



Koyomi Araragi, Tsukkomi BM/S15-053 A slightly expensive change into a viable 3/2, Hitagi Senjougahara, Girl Who Encountered a Crab. The damage he deals for the change in most cases will get healed off by Hitagi’s come into play heal effect, or can be a useful way to Level yourself to 3 if you need to. He also stays on the stage as a +500 global assist to all characters with “Hitagi” in the name and doesn’t go away do to the change cost. A little stock heavy, but not a terrible exchange if you are able to build enough stock early game to make this option viable. This is probably best used when you absolutely need to get rid of a problem character on the stage (Ryoko from Kill la Kill, for example).


Mayoi Hachikuji, Large Knapsack BM/S15-054 This series has been gifted with two very strong Level Reversers. Her other effect is that when she attacks she gives another character +500 power for the turn. Maybe not as strong of a power boost as the new experience character gets +2000 power on play Suruga, but still really strong in its  own right because it doesn’t have the experience restriction.


Hitagi Senjougahara, Hollow Girl BM/S15-055 This character gains +1500 power and hand encore if you have no other characters on the stage. She’s not a terrible first turn play with a nice power wall, and the hand encore ability if you need to keep her around after she is reversed. Because the set tends to run more Level 2’s and 3’s than most to balance out the heavy reliance on experience, having the ability to discard a higher level card to keep a lower level attacker is sometimes important.



Hitagi Senjougahara, Farewell to the Past NM/S24-048 This is a spammable brainstorm for 1 stock that if you hit a climax allows you to salvage and then discard a card from your hand to the waiting room. It is a hand filter option that doesn’t require you to rest a character, meaning that you can even still use it for an attacker after using her ability. Definitely worthy of consideration if you feel your deck needs more hand filter.


Karen Araragi, Famous at Tsuganoki 2nd Junior High NM/S24-037 When this 0/0 2500 power base character attacks she gives a strange character 1000 power for the turn. A nice utility card to help give a character a power boost out of counter range at any point in the game.




Deishuu Kaiki, the Last Report MG/S39-039 This 0/0 has a low attack power of 1500, but two very good on play abilities. Firstly, he can swap the bottom card of your opponent’s stock on play (potential burying of climaxes or other key deck cards that have to be paid out), and secondly he also powers up a character by +1000 power for the turn (he can power up himself, if need be). Another nice utility card for decks that want this tech.


Hitagi Senjougahara, For Lover’s Sake MG/S39-055 When this 0/0 4000 is placed to the stage, put the top two cards of your deck in the Waiting Room, and if there are any climaxes among them, rest this card. I am not a big fan of these cards because, for me, often times I do trigger a climax and the character is rested, unable to attack, deal soul damage, or generate stock. This is fine if you have another character you can play to attack with (you can move it to the back row for the next turn). Also, it can mill through the deck and keep you from triggering climaxes potentially as well, but this set has other ways to do that (see the new Hanekawa 0/0 assist and 2000 attacker). Others will like this tech and want a larger attacker at 0 and this card fits both those roles.


Level 1:


Tsubasa Hanekawa, Family Issues BM/S15-026 This 1/1 support assist is a staple of many earlier decks of this series, being used mostly for it’s +500 global to all characters and the ability to rest other back row characters to give a character +1000 power for the turn (some early decks goal was to field two of these with the goal of being able to tap both (they give each other the effect) to power up Level 1’s and 2’s). The climax combo change is less often run for the 2/1 because the downside is it shuts off any type of encore on the stage. Still a decently strong assist, but in the interest of building some stock for late game I would be cautious in running this with the 1/1 Rouka.


The Girl that Bites, Mayoi Hachikuji BM/S15-051 This 1/0 combos with a blind  stock from top of deck, +1 soul to the entire field for a very fitting ability that causes an opponent’s character to get “lost” on top of the deck (and maybe into damage) on reverse. Did I mention she also gets +6000 power when she attacks? This is a nice way to get rid of hand/clock encore effect characters. An unintended plus is that she at the end of the turn gets shuffled back into the deck. True, you are putting a damage back in, but on the flip side you are avoiding leaving a lower power base on the field to be reversed by a “Shimakaze” or “Marika” effect. The blind stock soul is probably the harder part of running this combo, and the fact that it leaves an open hole on the stage for more soul damage to  go through. An interesting card worthy of playtesting in some cases.


Hitagi Senjougahara, Battle Situation BM/S15-061 This 1/0 5000 power base has a non-climax combo, but 1 stock costed variant of the above Mayoi’s ability. Pay 1, she gets +1000 power for the turn and if she reverses her battle opponent send them to the top of the deck. The set has plenty of ways to power her up, especially some of the new blue cards found in the Monogatari series, but the stock cost and lower starting power may prove to make her a little less effective in light of the recent power creep at Level 1.



“Fire Sisters” Karen Araragi NM/S24-021 A nice hand filter that can pull an “Experience” Character from your deck for the cost of discarding a climax. Very low on power and arguably probably a stronger effect at Level 0 rather than Level 1, but still worth considering if searching for an updated hand filter option.


Tsubasa Hanekawa, Advice as Benefactor NM/S24-024  This 1/0 5000 is has the  “Asuna Invites to Party” effect (Pay 1 on attack with the green stock from waiting room, +1 soul Climax “Girl Who Knows Everything” out and search for a Strange character). The green stock soul is nice because it does make up for the cost one on attack to search, combined with the ability to pay out triggered climaxes immediately. The 5000 power base is somewhat of a challenge, but combined with the Hanekawa assist (either the new 0/0 or the old 1/1 RR from Bakemonogatari) it can at least receive a power up for the turn that it is played. Perhaps a less attractive card now that the set has a “Shimakaze” clone in Shinobu, however dedicated green builds will still want to consider this nice search option.


“Forgery” Deishu Kaiki NM/S24-029 This 1/0 2500 has two useful abilities. First, on play, choose an opponent’s character and give it -500 power for the turn. Essentially, against some sets, it can easily take out 0/0 500 power base assists in the backrow of the field, or help give you an extra bit of an edge to get over something for the turn. His second ability is to rest himself to choose 1 of your Opponent’s characters and during the battle involving that character no events or backup can be played for the turn. It is a handy answer to some very close power battles, and can deny anti-damage counter effects on everything but “can’t be targeted” (hexproof) characters. The downside is he typically will sit in your backrow, but doesn’t lend any power to the front stage.



Suruga Kanbaru, Complete Defeat MG/S39-030 This 1/0 5500 gets +1500 if you have the 3/2 Suruga Kanbaru “Do It and Not Regret” in your Level Zone from Experience. Downside is that she shuts off any type of encore when she becomes reversed. I think in most green/red builds that would be okay as they typically don’t rely on any encore characters, but it does take out a finisher at Level 3 for a more defensive, early drop wall. There are options for Level swapping in the Level 3, if you decide to go this route, making it consistently a 1/0 7000.


Level 2:



Hitagi Senjougahara, Completely Armored BM/S15-057 This 2/2 7500 gets +500 for each other strange character on the stage, and combos with the “Hitagi Crab” Gate Salvage +1000 power/+1 soul from the set. If wanting to run 8 gates this isn’t a terrible option at 2, but the free salvage on attack sometimes just doesn’t happen due to being past refresh. Also of note is the fact that the 2 stock cost, while fair, does eat stock that could probably be better used at Level 3 in most cases. While the set boasts some nice stock generation, some of it isn’t as viable as it once used to be due to the recent power creep at Level 1. Still worth considering in decks that really want some salvage options.


Tsubasa Hanekawa, White and Transparent MG/S39-031 This 2/2 8000 gets +1500 if your Level Zone adds up to 5 or higher, and has a climax combo with the new gold bar that, on attack, choose up to two strange characters in your waiting room and put them in your stock in any order. Essentially, with the climax combo and before assists, she is a 2/0 10500 that can scale larger with the right back row support. I have play tested with this card in a different “Hanekawa-focused” build, and have found it to be so strong. Basically being able to clean out an dirty stock, replace it with clean stock for free, and to get a 9500 before assists isn’t a terrible exchange. Since she combos with a gold bar, I have found relighting this combo and doing more stock building another turn can happen. I have decided not to run her in this build because of running the 3/2 Hitagi gate combo, but in a build that doesn’t use a climax combo finisher she is definitely a strong Level 2 option to look at.


Black Hanekawa, Beginning of Oddity MG/S39-081 This 2/1 is a +2000 assist in front to all Level 3 characters, as well as a pay 1 on play Bond for the 3/2 conditional clock kick Hanekawa. Because I am running the Rouka marker combo and mostly green/red focused I opted not to splash enough blue for this card despite the fact that it is super strong. In a build running blue with early drop Level 3’s this card becomes not only an amazing support, but a great tech option.


Level 3:


Hitagi Senjougahara, The Girl Who Encountered a Crab BM/S15-052 This heal on play Level 3 is a staple of many Monogatari series decks. Her ability to get rid of a Level 1 or lower character if she reverses a Level 2 or higher is useful in getting rid of problems on the field, and the set now boasts 2 assists that can give her +2000 support from the backrow to help deal with the current power creep that would otherwise make her +500 for her ability not enough power. The other nice thing, is unlike some modern equivalents (Example: Chitoge, Deepened Friendship from Nisekoi) if you meet the Experience requirement you don’t have to pay for the ability until she actually reverses something. Still a very strong and viable card worthy of consideration in many deck builds.
“Do It and Not Regret” Suruga Kanbaru MG/S39-032 This 3/2 gets minus 1 level in hand if you have 2 or fewer climaxes in your waiting room, and when it is placed from hand to the stage she gets +4500 power and shuts off character counters in battle through the end of your opponent’s turn. This works well if you are running the new 1/1 +3500 to a strange character event counter because you can still back her up in some cases. She, however, can still be reversed by the new 2/1 Mayoi’s reverse effect and can still be anti-changed by a character counter in a battle with a different character, so you’ll want to watch for decks that are running that tech and plan accordingly. Probably best combined with the 1/0 that shuts off events and counters as well for another character battle, and is still a wall that will probably stick around through the next turn.

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