Dog Days Deck Tech – 2016 9th CX PH Cup Champion!


Welcome to a 9th CX Cup deck tech! We’re going a little out of order here (sorry!) to bring us a less-seen deck, Dog Days! The 9th CX Cup is an annual tournament in PH under JP banlist regulation. Special thanks to Sebastian and Johnny for article prep. Translations for cards can be found on Heart of the Cards. If a translation is inaccurate or missing, an in-house translation may be used.

This deck and interview are brought to you by the champion, Hyuga Miki.

Let’s get to the list!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 15

3 Couvert, Beloved Lord (DD/WE23-01)
3 Vert, Leaf’s Relative (DD/WE23-17)
2 Farine the Priestess (DD/WE23-45)
2 Gaol, Searching for Hero (DD/WE23-18)
2 Nanami, Naive And Romantic (DD/WE23-13)
2 “Reminiscence” Fi (DD/WE23-03)
1 Nanami, One Summer Adventure (DD/WE17-22)

Level 1 – 13

3 Leaf Lang de Shar Harva (DD/WE23-15)
3 Nanami, Hero’s Rest (DD/WE23-19)
2 Rebecca, Hero’s Rest (DD/WE23-05)
2 Sharu, Visit From the Sky (DD/WE23-46)
1 Fi the Hero Princess (DD/WE23-07)
2 Legend of Hero Summoning (DD/WE23-10)

Level 2 – 6

1 Couvert, Descendent of Hero King (DD/WE23-09)
1 Adel, Gun of Hero Princess (DD/WE23-08)
4 Hero Crystal (DD/WE23-49)

Level 3 – 8

3 Rebecca, Hero of Pastillage (DD/WE23-02)
3 Leo, Young Lion Princess (DD/WE23-14)
2 Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage (DD/WE17-05)

CX – 8

3 Demon God Crystal (DD/WE23-11)
3 Guidance (DD/WE23-24)
2 Story of Hero and Princess (DD/WE23-12)


At Level 0, we have 15 characters.


Couvert, Beloved Lord is a global +500 power to all your [Hero] and/or [Royalty] characters. She also has a level 0 shift ability, and you can pay 1 stock and rest her to choose one yellow card from your clock and add it to your hand, and afterwards clock the top 2 cards of your deck.

dd-we23-17When Vert, Leaf’s Relative is played from hand to stage you can discard 1 card to choose a [Hero] and/or [Animal] character from your clock and add it to your hand, and if you do, clock the top card of your deck. Her second ability is whenever you play an event you can give 1 of your characters +1000 power until the end of turn.

dd-we23-45When Farine the Priestess is placed from stage to waiting room, you can pay 1 stock and clock yourself to draw 1 card.

dd-we23-18Gaol, Searching for Hero has a level 0 shift ability and his second ability is a pay 1 stock rest this card brainstorm: for every CX revealed take 1 card from your clock and add it to your hand and then clock the top card of your deck.

dd-we23-13Nanami, Naive And Romantic is a runner and if you are lvl 1 or higher she gains the ability: at the start of your CX phase you can swap her with a “Nanami, Hero’s Rest” in your clock.

dd-we23-03When “Reminiscence” Fi is played from hand to stage you may mill the top 3 cards of your deck. When she is reversed in battle, you can pay 1 and discard 1 card to search your deck for an [Animal] and/or [Hero] character and add it to hand.

dd-we17-22Nanami, One Summer Adventure is a +500 power assist to front and when she is played from hand to stage you can take the bottom card of your clock and swap it with an [Animal] and/or [Hero] character from your waiting room.

At Level 1, we have 11 characters and 2 events.


dd-we23-15For every one of your character that attacks before Leaf Lang de Shar Harva, she gets +1500 power until the end of turn. And if she reverses her battle opponent while the CX “Guidance” is in play you may choose 1 card from your clock and add it to your hand. If you do, clock the top card of your deck.

dd-we23-19When Nanami, Hero’s Rest is played from hand to stage, reveal the top card of your deck and if that card is a CX then she rests. Then she has an encore where you choose 1 [Animal] and/or [Hero] character from your waiting room and put it on the bottom of your clock.

dd-we23-05Rebecca, Hero’s Rest is a level assist to [Hero] and/or [Royalty] characters in front, and gives the character in the middle position of your center stage hexproof.  Lastly, she has a level 1 shift ability.

dd-we23-46Sharu, Visit From the Sky is a generic cost 0 1500 power backup.

dd-we23-07When Fi the Hero Princess is an assassin. When she is played from hand to stage she gets +X power until end of turn, where X is equal to 500 times the number of [Animal] and/or [Hero] characters you control.

dd-we23-10Legend of Hero Summoning lets you search your deck for up to 1 [Animal] character and up to 1 [Hero] character and add them to your hand. Then, discard 1 card and send this event to clock.

At Level 2, we have 2 characters and 4 events.

dd-we23-08Adel, Gun of Hero Princess is a cost 1 +3000 power backup, and when you use her backup you can send 1 “‘Reminiscence’ Fi” from your memory to your waiting room to give all your [Animal] and/or [Hero] characters hand encore.

dd-we23-09Couvert, Descendent of Hero King gets +500 power for each other [Royalty] and/or [Hero] character you control. And when she is played from hand to stage if you control 4 or more other [Royalty] and/or [Hero] characters you may blind stock 1.

dd-we23-49Hero Crystal is an anti-damage event backup. When you play Hero Crystal you can discard a Hero Crystal (yes the same card) from your hand to choose 1 character and that character cannot deal damage this turn.

At Level 3, we have 8 characters.


dd-we23-02Rebecca, Hero of Pastillage has trespass if “Couvert, Beloved Lord” is in your clock. When she attacks, you can choose 1 of your characters and that character gets +4000 power until the end of turn. And if she reverses her battle opponent with the CX “Demon God Crystal” in play you can burn 1 and send her to memory. Then at the beginning of your next draw phase choose 1 “Rebecca, Hero of Pastillage” from your memory and play it to stage and that character gets +3500 power until the end of turn.

dd-we23-14Leo, Young Lion Princess gets +500 power for each of your other [Hero] and/or [Animal] characters. When she is played from hand to stage you can pay 2 stock and add 1 character from your clock to your hand. If you do clock the top card of your deck. And finally when she reverses her battle opponent on the turn she is played from hand to stage you can pay 1 stock and clock kick.

dd-we17-05If you have 3 or more other [Hero] and/or [Royalty] characters Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage gets +1000 power.  And she heals 1 on play.

The climax spread is a 3/3/2 split between 1k1 | Bounce , 1k1 | Gold Bar and Stock Soul | 2 Soul effects and triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck?

H: The level 0 play of this deck is pretty much different from the usual level 0 line up. In this deck you’ll only have utility at level 0. Now, how do we play this one? Simple, you just have to deny and ignore your opponent’s play and focus on getting your Level 1 combo pieces in hand as early as possible. You can also use Couvert 0/0 to clock yourself an additional damage to level up first before your opponent, you also use this card to gain hand advantage. Farine also does the same thing, she’s just a bait to gain hand advantage and level up yourself easily.

At level 1 you can easily set up your late game using Leaf’s CX combo; take note that Leaf’s ability can get a card (can also get climax and event). Other option for the level 1 play is to make a good defensive wall using Nanami 1/1 7k clock encore that can also be played for no cost using her changer.

I usually level up myself using Couvert 0/0 and place yellow in my level area, play Legend of Hero Summoning to search Nanami 0/0 that removes the bottom clock changing it into another character from waiting room. Since the 1/0 event will get inside the clock, I can always change that card into something else like Nanami 1/1 to make my green cards available and ready to play. She also gives Nanami 0/0 runner the target for her change.

Level 2, you have to make sure you have Couvert level 0 in your clock to early play Rebecca level 3 and gain field advantage. Usually, you just have to encore Nanami using her ability to clock yourself Couvert or use that Nanami 0/0 that can swap the bottom card of the clock. You also do want the level assist Rebecca to protect the level 3 from anti-change backup effects because she gives hexproof in the middle slot of center stage. Playing them together at level 2 is one of the key in this deck. Imagine having a 11k level 3 beater in the middle, with hexproof, swinging and giving 4k to one of your characters- it just feels so good.

For the level 3, you do want to have two copies of the Hero Crystal (Damage Counter) already. This will help you to have extra turn and negate damage (just don’t do this over Yami lol). Lastly use Leo to clock kick and Rebecca’s CX combo to deal 1 damage. To make Leo clock kick your opponent’s characters, you can always use Rebecca’s ability that gives 4k and give it to Leo.

What does this deck not do well? What would you say are some of its key weaknesses?

H: The deck lacks something really important but I do think it’s because of the card pool. The set doesn’t have good brainstorm like Umi 1/0 brainstorm search. Level 1 play is limited to Leaf’s combo (because he is the only one who can plus 1 when he reversed something). Can’t also splash in the Sharu 1/0 searcher because she can only search red or blue character which is kinda sad.

For the weakness of the deck is obviously when you get to level up into level 2 from level 0 without any time to setup (yup, soul rush). It’s very hard to fight back because the level 2 play of the deck requires a lot of stocks to early play the Rebecca 3/2 together with the 1/1 level assist.

What are some of the risks the list takes? Are there any other cards that may warrant consideration?

H: The biggest risk the list takes is its blind clocking from your characters’ abilities. Even Leaf’s combo can backfire by clocking yourself some CXs. Also the damage counter can clog the hand because it doesn’t do anything until in your hand in multiples.

How did you go about building this list? (Where did you get the numbers, etc)

H: Upon building the list, I considered to play 3 copies of Vert level 0 to ditch CXs from my hand and convert that card into something important. For the level 1 line up, I usually play 4 copies of Leaf and 4 copies of Nanami but since I’ll be playing anti-damage counter, I reduced the count to 3 for both of them; 3 copies of each works really fine with me.

4 copies of the anti-damage counter because you really need to have 2 of that in your hand to make it playable. Level 3 lineup, basically 3 clock kicker, 3 early play and 2 healer. For the CX spread as you can see I only use 3/3/2. The reason why is because I don’t really like bar triggers because it keeps on going to my hand plus this deck does only have Vert level 0 who can ditch 1 card from hand to waiting.

On a scale of 1-10, how greedy is the deck and why?

H: 6

H: The deck uses 3 colors but you’ll only be needing blue for the damage counter. It’s really not that hard to get some blue in your clock even if the list only runs 8 blue because there’s this Nanami 1/1 that can always clock yourself an [Animal] or [Hero] character from waiting room.

M: I think this deck is about there in terms of greediness. I think I would give it a 7 just because missing the early game, as Hyuga said before, can be even more punishing than other decks. On top of that, the deck is running a counter that needs to show in multiples before it’s useful.

On a scale of 1-10, how powerful is the deck and why?

H: 8

H: The deck is pretty powerful when it goes off at every level. There’s Leaf’s CX combo to plus 1, 1/1 Nanami to gain field advantage, a powerful event that can search combo pieces, and a level 3 that can come down early, with a level assist to give her hexproof. We also have clock kicker in late game to deal 1 sure damage and anti-damage counter to shut down some of your opponent’s finishers.

On a scale of 1-10, how difficult to use is the deck and why?

H: 7

H: Well, the hardest part of playing this deck is that the deck itself is clock dependent. You can’t just use Leaf while you are on 1/0 because you can’t get anything in your clock. Also unlike Shimakaze or Marika, you can’t search or salvage the card that you really need for the game. Search and salvage is very limited in this deck since you’re only allowed to pick whatever is in your clock.

Would you consider this deck viable in the JP metagame?

H: It works really fine with the JP meta. You have that event that can nullify damage, level one play also works fine, late game also works fine. I do think the deck will always be fine in JP meta.

Onto the interview!

How was the event overall?

H: The event was fine. A lot them use JP decks which is quite exciting for me. 4-1 in Swiss and 3-0 in top cut. Taking home 1 sealed box of Charlotte (Thanks 9th CX!).

Did you have any particularly lucky moments during the tournament?

H: When I am battling Angel Beats, my opponent has 2 back row, 1 Kanade Sending Everyone Off and another 1 with a power assist. I triggered bounce in my 1st attack and bounced the power assist (then I realized I should have bounce the hand encore assist instead) triggered the 2nd attack, blank, then 3rd attack triggered another bounce to bounce the encore assist. Just. Lucky.

How about unlucky?

H: While at 2-6, I thought I was going to win the fight, I do have 6 CX left in deck, he attacks for 3 and take, then direct attack for 5 souls. Guess what? Take. Unlucky.

Any incredible comebacks?

H: When my opponent counted my CX in waiting room and it’s already 6 (I was holding 2 CX). He frontal attacks using his last attacker for 3 while I am at 3/4 and use Hero Crystal (Anti damage). On my turn he is 3/4. Played Leo (clock kicker) with a level assist and Rebecca swing for 2 and gives 4k to Leo and he took the damage. Leo is at 17.5k with clock kick frontal attack to his L3 11.5k. He surrendered and showed me his hand; he did have a backup, but it was only 3k.

How did your final match go?

H: The only thing I can remember in this fight is when Rebecca swings for 4 while he had 5 cards left in his deck with 1 CX and he takes the damage, allowing me to win the game. (PS, that’s a 60% chance success rate! -M)

How did you prepare for the event? Did you do anything special the day of or night before?

H: We practice WS night before the event but eventually we end up playing Exploding Kittens instead. LOL

Did anything really funny happen?

H: 3rd game where I play Leaf’s combo. I triggered bar CX then I choose to get the bounce CX in my clock then take another bounce CX from the top of my deck. I hate Leaf.

Any shoutouts or other things you’d like to say?

H: I would like to thank my Teammates, Metabois and Friends for supporting and playing WS with me. Team Alien for sponsoring my deck name. Miu for being my inspiration. Isla for being my center marker during the event. Thank you guys. Nyhessss~ ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Also thank you 9th CX and Courtside for having such a great tournament! Will probably look forward for the next one! v(^∀^*)


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