Legacy Deck Tech – Melty Blood


A long time ago, during a time when 9th CX was just beginning…

There was a request.

It came to us in an email, asking us to showcase Melty Blood.

We answered, assuring our friend that an article would be made.

He has waited for too long.

But at long last,

9th CX presents, for its latest Legacy Deck Tech, with the help of our friend Jay Y, Melty Blood!

Because this series is so old, there will be only minimal analysis on the deck. This won’t be the last deck we feature from the series though, so don’t worry!

Translations are provided by Heart of the Cards. In the case of missing or erroneous translations, in-house translations will be used.

Now onto the deck!

Salty Blood

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 Arcueid, Tyrant (MB/S10-004)
2 Shiki Tohno (MB/S10-016)
4 “Mixed Blood” Akiha (MB/S10-054)
2 Ciel, Shiki’s Senpai (MB/S10-083)
2 Satsuki, Newborn Unfortunate Vampire (MB/S10-088)
3 Akiha, Head of Tohno Household (MB/S10-058)

Level 1 – 12

3 White Ren, Fairy of the Snow Plains (MB/S10-001)
2 Akiha, Student of Asagami Private Girls Academy (MB/S10-056)
4 “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” Shiki (MB/S10-006)
3 “Crimson Red Vermillion” Akiha (MB/S10-068)

Level 2 – 10

3 Ren, Dream Demon (MB/S10-011)
2 Miyako, Eight Extremities Fists (MB/S10-036)
2 Shiki, Adopted Son of Tohno Household (MB/S10-007)
2 Arcueid Brunestud (MB/S10-010)
1 Pride of Nanayas (MB/S10-022)

Level 3 – 4

4 Arcueid, Princess of the True Ancestors (MB/S10-012)

CX – 8

4 Seventeen Cuts (MB/S10-024)
4 Dreams of Bubbles (MB/S10-025)

At level 0, we have 16 cards.


You can rest Arcueid, Tyrant to give a character you control +1000 power until end of turn. It also has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock: for each CX revealed, choose a character you control and it gains +1 soul until end of turn.


Shiki Tohno gets +1000 power during your turn, and doesn’t stand during your stand phase if it’s on your center stage.


“Mixed Blood” Akiha is a level reverser. It has an ability that triggers when you have Experience 3 or higher: on play, you can pay 1 stock. If you do, salvage a character then discard a card.


Ciel, Shiki’s Senpai has a 1 stock bond for “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” Shiki. You can also pay 3 to choose a character your opponent controls, and it doesn’t stand during your opponent’s next stand phase.


Satsuki, Newborn Unfortunate Vampire has an assist ability (characters in front get +500 power), and an additional assist ability with experience 3 or higher: characters you control in front of it get +500 power during your opponent’s turn.


Akiha, Head of Tohno Household has an unusual assist ability and gives characters you control in front of it +1 level. At the start of your climax phase, you can send it to the waiting room and discard a card to change into a “Crimson Red Vermillion” Akiha from your waiting room. (You can discard the change target and get it.)

At level 1, we have 12 cards.


White Ren, Fairy of the Snow Plains gets +1000 power as long as you have experience 2 or more.


Akiha, Student of Asagami Private Girls Academy has an assist that gives your level 2 or higher characters in front of it +1000 power. You can rest 2 [Blood] characters you control to choose a card in your opponent’s waiting room and put it on top of their deck. (Yes, you can choose a CX if you really want to.)


“Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” Shiki has a CX combo with Seventeen Cuts: on attack, you may pay 1. If you do, it gets +3000 power until end of turn, and your opponent cannot use any encore abilities until end of turn. (This includes the pay 3 encore that all characters have by default.)


“Crimson Red Vermillion” Akiha makes you choose another level 1 or lower character you control at the start of your draw phase and send it to the waiting room. (This ability functions even if the card is on your back stage. If you control 2 on the center stage, you can’t send one to the waiting room to prevent the other’s effect from happening.)

At level 2, we have 10 cards.


Ren, Dream Demon has a CX combo with Dreams of Bubbles: on attack, you may pay 1. If you do, bounce a character your opponent controls, and this gets +1 soul until end of turn.


Miyako, Eight Extremities Fists has a 1 stock +3000 power backup ability, and gets +6000 power if your opponent controls an [Animal] character.


Shiki, Adopted Son of Tohno Household gets +1500 power if you control 2 or more other [Blood] characters on your center stage, and gets +1 soul as long as you have experience 3 or more.


Arcueid Brunestud gets +500 power for each other rested character you control.


Pride of Nanayas can’t be played if you control 2 or fewer yellow characters. Choose a character your opponent controls with cost 1 or lower, and send it to stock.

At level 3, we have 4 (!) cards.


Arcueid, Princess of the True Ancestors has a heal trigger when played. If you have experience 4 or higher, it gains +500 power and a free stock kick ability. (When it reverses a character in battle during either player’s turn, you may send that character to stock.)

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between 2k1 + 2 soul and 1k1 + burn effects and triggers, respectively.

How do we use this deck?

J: If your starting hand permits, early change to 1/0 6500 Akiha, focus on destroying opponent’s field at level 0 as well as building stock (very important.) Don’t hesitate to use the Shiki bonder Ciel to maintain hand size. Make sure you clock and level with one of the level 3 Arc so you enable the level 0 reverser’s secondary effect.

M: Sending one of the 4 copies of the only level 3 character in the deck to clock and level early may seem counterintuitive, but the deck really wants experience early on to enable its midgame.

J: At level 1, the goal is to set up the 1/1 Ren to 8500 level 2 with 1/1 Akiha support as well as the +level Akiha assist. Remember to top deck with the 1/1 Akiha every turn. If opponent is running a large level 1 wall or Encore use the level 1 Shiki CX combo to blow them away.

At level 2, this is where this deck officially begins its endgame. With the Experience 3 you leveled earlier (you did level experience 3 right?) 2/1 Shiki gets a FREE SOUL.

M: Remember in past deck techs where we mention how rare having a 2/1 2-soul attacker is rare? This deck so happens to have one!

J: At this point, you have 2 routes to go. Depending on how many potential cancels your opponent has remaining in deck and your prior observations, you can set up the 2/1 Shiki as a wall by keeping 2 other <Blood> Characters besides it and use the punches (backups) to keep the Shiki alive.

M: Use of backup effects is important, because the Shiki does not have a way to defend itself otherwise with cheap alternate encore effects.

J: If the opponent is low on remaining cancels or is well into level 3, consider using the 2/1 Len CX combo to not only bounce a key target but also to give another character the opportunity to direct attack.

This deck has no real level 3 game plan; beyond its attack strategy at level 2, it has a single healer, but that’s all.

Another thing to mention – the deck’s repeatable brainstorm is great if you are low on CXs in deck and need to get closer to a refresh, but because it is a +soul brainstormer so be careful where you assign the extra soul. The deck also runs 25 soul triggers total, so do keep track of your stock and deck for remaining triggers.

What does this deck not do well? What are some of its key weaknesses?

J: Very little power overall, expect your field to be destroyed every turn.

M: That’s certainly a large weakness to have. Against newer sets where high power levels and harsh effects are often found together, this point is most applicable.

What are some of the risks the list takes? Are there any other cards that may warrant consideration?

J: This list was designed to apply as much pressure as possible during level 2 and earlier. The deck should be attacking for a lot whenever the opportunity is available. Punish CX floods with large attacks, and don’t be afraid of attacking into counters. If the deck pushes hard enough, it can restrict the opponent’s endgame options. Hand size can be a concern, but it has a bond effect to get back cards.

M: This list is one of a few that Jay has, so we won’t be looking at card options very much this time.

How did you go about building this list? (Where did you get the numbers, etc)

J: Most people will instinctively go for the 2/2 Akiha with CX gate combo, but unfortunately, MB does not generally have enough stock to use the combo effectively, especially when running yellow. This deck is designed to maximize soul.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? Is it viable in the JP meta?

Greed: 6

J: This deck is extremely simple in theory; rush opponent as hard as you can, but unlike other decks with similar strategies (e.g. Idolmaster’s Do-Dai) you have more control over how much each character attacks for, which makes the in-game decisions more complex.

M: Jay brings up a good point here – while the deck is not particularly greedy in terms of its colors, there are other factors in play. There are only 4 level 3 characters in the deck, which makes getting early experience more difficult than it might be in other decks such as Monogatari. Because the deck has no fancy finishing combo, it has to rely on old-fashioned attacks to win, albeit with more control over the soul.

Power Range:

J: 3 – 10 (3 for power, 10 for damage)

M: 3 – 7

J: MB simply does not have enough base power on board to sustain itself, but the use of yellow affords plenty of soul rushing opportunities at almost every stage of the game.

M: While I can appreciate a good soul rush as much as the next player, I think that giving the deck a top end of 10 is quite generous. Level 2-focused aggro strategies have not been seen for some time, and are often ignored because level 3 effects have gotten incredibly explosive, e.g. TLR’s Yami, Puyo Puyo’s Arle, Kantai’s inseparable pair of Akagi + Musashi, JP Nisekoi’s Marika, and so on. The presence of bounceburn triggers, and +soul effects though is enough to warrant respect.

Difficulty: 8

J: Although on the surface it looks simple enough to just swing at every opportunity for as much soul as possible, it takes a LOT of practice to balance the deck’s limited stock and effects. It is extremely important to be able to keep track the number of soul triggers you have remaining in the deck as well as the number of CXs in your opponent’s deck.

This deck provides just about as much soul as you may need; being able to control it is the real challenge.

JP Meta Viability:

J: Only if you are cheating, can see through cards, or have godlike intuition.

M: Or in other words, no, not really. To be fair, viability when dealing with sets this old that haven’t received any additional support isn’t exactly a fair question to ask of them.

What’s the most epic game you’ve ever played with this deck?

J: Taking out Little Busters YGB meta at 2/1 and making Top 8 in locals.

M: Seems good!

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