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Welcome back to another 9th CX deck tech! Sebastian is back again with a (rather standard) Girlfriend Beta Blue / Red Pumpkin Deck he used to a win at his locals.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. If translations are not available, in-house translations will be used.

Onto the list!

Pumpkin Time!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 18

3 Kokomi Shiina, Her Heart of Child (GF/W33-114)
2 Mutsumi Shigino, Being True Is Best (GF/W33-125)
3 Rui Kamijou, Childhood Friend’s Bento Box (GF/W33-141)
3 Haruko Yumesaki, Tropical (GF/W38-038)
3 Nao Miyoshi, Mirror Girl (GF/W38-074)
4 Fumio Murakami, Day with Strong Wind (GF/W38-075)

Level 1 -12

1 Yuzu Hazuki, Snow Day (GF/W33-019)
3 Mutsumi Shigino, Having Fun (GF/W33-119)
1 Ichigo Kohinata, Flustered (GF/W38-042)
4 Kokomi Shiina, Confirmed Capture (GF/W38-071)
1 Mutsumi Shigino, Inside the Soap Bubble (GF/W38-091)
2 Ayame Chiyoura, Flower under the Fireworks (GF/W38-092)

Level 2 – 4

1 Remi Tamai, Making Sweets (GF/W33-021)
3 Kokomi Shiina, Mirror Girl (GF/W38-079)

Level 3 – 8

1 Fumio Murakami, Forgetful Girl (GF/W33-112)
3 Saya Kagurazaka, Brilliance of Smartness (GF/W33-116)
4 Nonoka Sasahara, Pumpkin Ghost (GF/W38-040)

CX – 8

4 Good Friends “Mei & Akiho” (GF/W38-068)
4 Cheerleading Dance (GF/W38-097)


At level 0, we have 18 characters.


Kokomi Shiina, Her Heart of Child is a 3500 power level 0 beater. When you play her you mill the top 2 cards of your deck and if there is a CX among those cards she gets rested.


Mutsumi Shigino, Being True Is Best is a basic +500 power front assist and if another of your blue characters is sent to waiting room you send her instead to waiting room and return the initial card back to its slot in rested position. (It isn’t an encore ability, so it bypasses abilities that prevent encore from being used.)


Rui Kamijou, Childhood Friend’s Bento Box gets +1500 power as long as you have 6 or more cards in hand.


Haruko Yumesaki, Tropical is a level 0 level reverser and if she gets sent to the waiting room, you may pay 2 stock to salvage a character.


Nao Miyoshi, Mirror Girl gives all your characters +500 power on your opponent’s turn and has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock and rest herself: for each CX hit you may tutor up to 1 blue character.


Fumio Murakami, Day with Strong Wind (best girl(by far)) has a scry ability when she comes into play, and you can reveal the top card of your deck and if its a [Girl] character you may put it in your hand and discard a card. (You may choose the order in which you want them to resolve.)


At Level 1 we have 12 characters.


Fumio Murakami, Day with Strong Wind gets +500 power for each of your other blue characters.

gf-w38-071Kokomi Shiina, Confirmed Capture has 2 combos with the same climax. When she attacks with the CX “Cheerleading Dance” in your climax zone and all your characters are blue, she gets +2000 power until the end of your opponent’s turn, and if she reverses her opponent with said climax in play you may tutor for up to 1 blue character.


Ayame Chiyoura, Flower under the Fireworks gives all your blue characters +1000 power during your opponents turn, and you may rest her to give one of your characters +1000 power.


The counter split for level 1 is a 1/1/1 split among:
A vanilla cost 0 +1500 power counter (Mutsumi Shigino, Inside the Soap Bubble),
a cost 1 +1500 power counter that mills the top 3 cards of your deck when you use its backup (Yuzu Hazuki, Snow Day),
and a cost 0 +1000 power that gives an additional +500 times your level if you have 2 or more [Girl] characters on the field (Ichigo Kohinata, Flustered).

At level 2 we have 4 characters.


Yuzu Hazuki, Snow Day is a cost 1 +2500 power counter. When you use its backup, you may pay 2 stock  and send one of your characters to waiting room and choose a character from your opponent with higher level than your opponent and put it into stock.


Kokomi Shiina, Mirror Girl is basic level assist. She also has a bond for 1 hand card onto the Nonoka Sasahara, Pumpkin Ghost and you can rest her to give one of your Nonoka Sasahara, Pumpkin Ghost +2500 power.
At level 3 we have 8 characters.


When Fumio Murakami, Forgetful Girl comes into play you may pay an additional stock and choose 2 cards from your opponents waiting room. Your opponent shuffles all of his waiting room except the 2 chosen cards back into his deck. She also has a climax combo which isn’t played in the deck. (This card won me a lot of games. -S)


Saya Kagurazaka, Brilliance of Smartness gets -1 level in hand if you have 4 or more blue characters on the field. When she comes into play she gets -1500 power for the turn. At the beginning of your opponent’s draw step, you choose 1 of your characters and give it +4000 power for the turn.


When Nonoka Sasahara, Pumpkin Ghost comes into play you may heal. If she reverses her opponent if you have at least 1 Kokomi Shiina, Mirror Girl you may pay 3 stock and discard 1 card to deal 5 damage to your opponent. (The on-reverse effect can be used in both turns!)


The climax spread is a 4/4 split between 1k1 | Door and stock/soul | +2 Soul effects and triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck?

Sebastian: The deck is rather straightforward, and as long as the cards are read thoroughly, it should not take much practice to autopilot.
For level 0 you try to get out your beater with 4000-4500 power and try to keep some field advantage while you can filter with the level 0 Fumio!

At level 1 the most important thing is getting the CX combo with Kokomi Shiina to go off. She is probably the most important part of the deck since she will search for your important parts such as the level assist Kokomii Shiina or your early summon (trespass) Saya Kagurazaka or counter and so on. She is also probably one of the, if not the highest power Shimakaze clone out there (on the defensive) with ~8000 power on your opponent’s turn. So she essentially can plus you twice if you get the combo off since she will most likely not die the turn after.
This deck can also afford to side attack more early on. If you are not sure if your opponent has a backup or not, or don’t know how what power he can reach defensively, just go for the side attack since all your assists are based on your opponent’s turn, and you most likely can keep your characters alive.

At level 2 you just play the early summon and try to keep the field advantage on the defensive, while maybe bonding some Nonoka Sasahara, Pumpkin Ghost with your level assist.

At level 3 it’s all about the Pumpkin Girl (Nonoka Sasahara)! She reaches pretty high power numbers (up to 18000 in the center slot), so her burn ability should fire reliably.

What’s the deck’s most major weakness?

Most likely, its offensive capabilities, except for Nonoka Sasahara, Pumpkin Ghost.  Its power range at level 1 is 6000 to 8000, which can be answered by most counters.

M: Savvy opponents who trade characters properly between levels 0 and 2 can also gain a tempo advantage by denying the search combo.

Greed: 0

S: This deck is literally the least greedy deck I’ve ever used.

M: Most likely because it doesn’t have stringent color requirements. Most of the deck is blue through and through; the only color requirement that isn’t blue comes at level 3. To be fair, because it isn’t completely mono-colored, the deck should warrant at least a 2 on the greed, but we won’t touch the number because it effectively illustrates the amount of greed the deck has.

Difficulty: 4

S: It’s rather easy. The main thing to keep in mind is that the deck is the strongest on the defense, so it’s important to keep your characters on your turn -> Side attack ftw!

M: Let’s not take too many things for granted here! Remembering to side attack is not necessarily the most intuitive thing to many players, as the normal name of the game is to gain advantage through a straightforward means, i.e. front attacking. Color management is not a concern for this deck, which does tone down its difficulty, and its early to mid-game are pretty much identical.

Power Range: 7 – 9

S: The deck excels at keeping field advantage on the defense, with your early summon Saya Kagurazaka you can pump your level 1s up to 12000+ power on the defense while she is at ~11500 power as well. Also having cost 0 characters at level 1 which stay at around 8000 power can be hard to match.

M: I actually tweaked the numbers here. Sebastian kept a tighter power range of 8-9, but I think that the prevalence of level 1 reversers among more popular decks (or series rising in popularity, e.g. Nisekoi, Puyo Puyo, Log Horizon etc.) can make the deck’s card advantage engine stumble, and makes the deck a little less powerful on its ‘worst’ games.

JP Meta Viability


M: Girl Friend Beta’s legality outside of Japan has not yet been confirmed. If the deck is deemed usable in competitive play outside of Japan, we’ll have more applicable things to say here in the future. Outside of worrying about its legality however, the deck is still considered a top competitor among the game’s most dominant sets, including TLR2, Puyo Puyo, Nisekoi, and other GF Beta decks.


S: Special thanks to Aaron Matcham (FB) for selling me the deck!

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