Girlfriend Beta Mono Yellow Deck Tech – 1st at Bay Area Locals

Akane Sakurai

Welcome back to another 9th CX Deck Tech! For this article, we have a list that Felix piloted to a win at a local tournament – Girlfriend Beta!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. If translations are not available for a card, in-house translations will be used.

Onto the list!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 15

4 Akane Sakurai, Today’s Role (GF/W33-002)
2 Akari Amari, Zombie Hunter (GF/W33-006)
3 Yuzu Hazuki, White Shirt + Apron (GF/W33-007)
1 Koruri Tokitani, Style of a Princess (GF/W33-025)
3 Raimu Nejikawa in Mud (GF/W33-029)
1 Sumire Yomogida (GF/W38-010)
1 Mirei Ayanokoji, Cinderella Time (GF/W38-023)

Level 1 – 15

4 Remi Tamai, Silence Alongside You (GF/W33-003)
2 Raimu Nejikawa, Director on Site (GF/W33-009)
1 Yuzu Hazuki, Snow Day (GF/W33-019)
4 Akane Sakurai, Bright New Year (GF/W33-036)
4 Remi Tamai, High-Speed Slide (GF/W38-012)

Level 2 – 4

2 Kinoko Himejima, Eyes of Mushrooms Also Have Tears (GF/W33-004)
1 Remi Tamai, Making Sweets (GF/W33-021)
1 Remi Tamai, Chinese Dress (GF/W33-022)

Level 3 – 8

4 Koruri Tokitani, Seeking Models (GF/W33-005)
3 Michiru Tomura, Tanabata (GF/W38-002)
1 Remi Tamai, Back Against the Wall (GF/W33-012)

CX – 8

4 Free Research (GF/W33-047)
4 Soap Bubbles (GF/W38-036)

At level 0, we have 15 characters.


When Akane Sakurai, Today’s Role is played from hand, you give one of your characters +1000 power until end of turn. She’s also a “Riki” clone: when played, you can pay 1 and put the top card of your deck into clock to tutor for a level 1 or lower yellow character.


Akari Amari, Zombie Hunter is a stock reverser and you can pay 1 stock and give 1 of your yellow characters +1000 power until end of turn.

WS-GF-W33-007Yuzu Hazuki, White Shirt + Apron gives your middle character on your center stage +1000 power during your turn, and has a brainstorm ability: pay 1 stock and rest 2 characters, and for each CX revealed, tutor for up to 1 yellow character.


Koruri Tokitani, Style of a Princess has an assist ability. You can rest it to give a character you control +1 level until end of turn.


When Raimu Nejikawa in Mud attacks, you can discard a card to bounce a yellow character you control.


Sumire Yomogida has a standard search ability for [Girl] characters. (On play, pay 1 stock, discard a card)


Mirei Ayanokoji, Cinderella Time reveals the top card of your deck when played. If the revealed card is a yellow character, it gets +2000 power until end of turn.

At level 1, we have 15 cards.


When Remi Tamai, Silence Alongside You has a CX combo with “Free Research”: on attack, you can pay 1 stock and she gets +4000 power and the ability “When this card reverses a character in battle, you may tutor up to 1 yellow character” until end of turn.


Raimu Nejikawa, Director on Site has hexproof, and during your turn, gets +1000 power for every other yellow character you control. Upon reversing a character in battle, you may send that character to memory.


Yuzu Hazuki, Snow Day has a 1 stock, +2000 power backup and when you use her backup, you put the top 3 cards of your deck into the waiting room.


Akane Sakurai, Bright New Year puts the top card of your deck into the waiting room when played. If the revealed card is yellow (and it will be, in this deck), she gets +1 soul until end of turn.


Remi Tamai, High-Speed Slide gives all other [Girl] characters you control +1000 power during your turn. When you play a CX, you choose a character you control and it gets +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 2, we have 4 cards.


When Kinoko Himejima, Eyes of Mushrooms Also Have Tears is played, if you control 3 or more other yellow characters and have 5 or less cards in your deck you can freefresh and give a character you control +2000 power and a burn trigger until end of turn.


Remi Tamai, Making Sweets has a 1 stock +2500 power backup ability, with an anti-change effect: when you use the backup, you can pay 2 stock and send a character you control to the waiting room to send a character your opponent controls that is higher level than your opponent to the waiting room.


Remi Tamai, Chinese Dress gives all other yellow characters you control +2000 power during your turn. You can pay 2 stock and rest her to tutor for a yellow character.

At level 3, we have 8 cards.


Koruri Tokitani, Seeking Models has a punish burn ability, and can send reversed characters to memory.


Michiru Tomura, Tanabata has a heal trigger on play. On attack, you can pay 1 stock and discard a card to give it +2500 power and +1 soul until the end of your opponent’s next turn.


Remi Tamai, Back Against the Wall gets -1 level in hand if you control 4 or more yellow characters. On attack, she gives a character you control +4000 power until end of turn. When she is reversed in battle, send her to memory.

The CX split is 4/4 between stock/soul +2 soul and 1k1burn effects and triggers respectively.





How do we use this deck?

We have covered similar decks before, though more recent lists have been branching into other colors. This deck remained mono-color to maximize the value from the various supports and inexpensive attackers at levels 1 and 2.

This deck plays similarly to other lists from the series; setup for a level 1 search combo, and keep brainstorming. Ideally, the deck will establish a lead in cards and damage, and be able to keep the pressure up. One of the first upsides to the deck being mono-yellow is that Akane Sakurai, Bright New Year will always be a 2-soul attacker. The deck’s freefresh ability will almost certainly be enabled when the time comes, and the singleton level 3 Remi with trespass will also always be a live card.

The endgame is a very familiar mix of punish burn and heal effects, and can adjust its damage to some degree via side attacking and/or boosting Michiru Tomura’s soul.

The deck has a very aggressive CX lineup because it utilizes a free (or uncommitted) CX. A popular thing to do when a deck has a free CX slot is to use a burn trigger because of its incredible late-game value.

What’s the deck’s most major weakness?

M: Because the deck relies completely on searching effects and has no way to salvage cards, it can (and will) get hit by variance in the opening turns leading into level 1. That is, sometimes the nightmare of “every level 1 that mattered went to clock” could happen. That’s not so much of a weakness per se as a vulnerability, so…

F: Probably burn.

M: So yes, we’ll go with burn being this deck’s primary concern. Not that burn tends to do much in the early game, but it is very possible (and sadly, easy) to outclass the deck’s endgame with something that hits harder, such as TLR’s Yami, or Puyo Puyo’s Arle. As for the early game, being a truly yellow deck, all of its power bonuses come during the turn it’s the active player, meaning that opposing on-reverse effects that might come from the opponent (KanColle, TLR, etc), will likely land uncontested.

Let’s go to the number breakdown.

Greed: 1

The deck is truly mono-color; not a single off-color card is used. It has enough search effects to keep it consistent, and will not run into any issues on its own (barring variance).

Difficulty: 3

See above – as long as one’s mechanics are solid, the deck should also not be difficult to use. It has only 1 CX combo to worry about, and it comes out at level 1.

Power Range: 7 – 8

The power range here has been tightened some because of the presence of a 2-soul attacker at level 1. Some sets have access to them, but most do not. Given that this deck’s 2-soul attacker is completely free, it edges up the overall power level. (i.e. free value, something for nothing etc) The deck’s endgame will look more bland against the flashy burn effects from recent sets, but that’s more a product of power creep than anything.

JP Meta Viability:

Due to recent region-locking decisions made by Bushiroad, this section is currently on hold for this deck. It is still unclear whether this set will be allowed in competitions in North America for the upcoming 2016 WGP season. Regardless of whether it is allowed, GF Beta is a very viable and popular series, and can still contend with most if not all recent set releases. It is not obsolete by any means, even if its endgame has since been outclassed.

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