Legacy Deck Tech – Sengoku Basara

Sengoku Basara

Welcome to a 9th CX Legacy Deck Tech! This new column will be featuring decks from older series that we have not covered before. Today’s deck list and guide are brought to you by our fan and new contributor James H. Now let’s get to the list!

R/B Sengoku Musou Burst!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

2 “Strong Troops, Rich Country” Hideyoshi Toyotomi (SB/S06-033)
2 “Beautiful Sword” Kasuka (SB/S06-090)
2 “Cold-hearted” Sasuke Sarutobi (SB/S06-059)
4 “Man of Sea” Motochika Chosokabe (SB/S06-051)
4 “Uesugi Army” Kasuga (SB/SE05-41)
2 “Dragon’s Claw” Masamune Date (SB/SE05-38)

Level 1 – 10

4 “Naive Personality” Yukimura Sanada (SB/SE05-27)
4 “Custom of Pirates” Motochika Chousokabe (SB/SE05-22)
2 “Unrivaled Bravery” Masamune Date (SB/SE05-33)

Level 2 – 12

4 Battle of Kawanakashima (SB/S06-071)
4 Dragon And Right Eye (SB/S06-095)
4 “Azure Lightning” Masamune Date (SB/SE05-36)

Level 3 – 4

4 “Crimson Flame” Yukimura Sanada (SB/SE05-24)

CX – 8

4 Azure Oni (SB/SE05-45)
4 Duel to the Death (SB/SE05-32)

At level 0, we have 16 cards.


“Strong Troops, Rich Country” Hideyoshi Toyotomi has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock: for each CX hit, it gets +3000 power until end of turn.


“Beautiful Sword” Kasuka gets +2000 power if you control another [Rose] character. If this is on your back stage and another character you control is put into the waiting room from the stage, you can sacrifice this to return that character to the stage rested.


“Cold-hearted” Sasuke Sarutobi gives all other [Ninja] characters you control +500 power. You can pay 1 to snipe a level 0 or lower character your opponent controls on their center stage.


“Man of Sea” Motochika Chosokabe gets +1500 power as long as you control 2 or fewer other characters.


“Uesugi Army” Kasuga gets +1000 power and hand encore as long as you have 2 or less stock.


“Dragon’s Claw” Masamune Date gives all other characters you control +500 power and hand encore as long as you have 1 or fewer characters on your center stage.

At level 1, we have 10 cards.


“Naive Personality” Yukimura Sanada gives all other [Weapon] characters you control +500 power. You can pay 2 stock and rest it to salvage a [Weapon] character.


“Custom of Pirates” Motochika Chousokabe has hand encore, and gets +1000 power as long as you control 3 or more other [Weapon] characters.


“Unrivaled Bravery” Masamune Date has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock: for each CX revealed, you give a [Weapon] character you control +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 2, we have 12 characters.


Battle of Kawanakashima is an event with counter step timing: you choose a character you control, and it gets +1500 power and “When this reverses a character in battle, you may burn 1″ until end of turn. (This can be used to full effect on either player’s turn.)


Dragon And Right Eye is another event with counter step timing: you may discard a card. If you do, heal, send this to memory, and give a character you control “When this is sent to the waiting room this turn, you may return it to your stage rested in the slot it was in” until end of turn.


“Azure Lightning” Masamune Date has a CX combo with “Azure Oni”: when the CX is played, if you have 1 or fewer characters on your center stage, you look at the top 5 cards of your opponent’s deck, and put any number of those cards into the waiting room, putting the rest on top, your opponent shuffles their deck, and all [Weapon] characters you control get +2000 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

At level 3, we have 4 cards.


“Crimson Flame” Yukimura Sanada has a heal trigger when played or changed into. (The Change is not played in this deck) It has a CX combo with “Duel to the Death”: on attack, you may pay 3 stock. If you do, burn 5.

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between 2k1 + 2 soul and 1k1 + door triggers and effects, respectively.




How do we use this deck?

James: This deck is all about building stock to use later in the game. In Sengoku Basara, there are no special level 0s such as runners or reversers, so your level 0 game is purely focused on power. When you get to level 1, you can start fixing your hand with salvaging the cards in your waiting room with your level 1 Yukimura. Granted, it does take two stock to salvage a character, but it gives a good out to early CX triggers. The deck shines the most at level 2 when you have all your combo pieces together after fixing your hand at levels 0 and 1.

At level 2, your only attacker is Date. The main strategy for using this effect is you check the top 5 cards of your opponents deck for any climaxes left in your opponents deck, discard those climaxes and shuffle the rest of the cards back into the deck to increase the odds of your opponent not canceling damage before you attack.

The Dates could potentially hit 13,500 power each until the end of your opponent’s turn. After using Date’s effect you start to maintain your level 2 game with your 2/0 event counter and 2/1 event counter. The counters could either burn your opponent, or just heal up whatever damage is on top of your clock before you take the damage. By the time you hit level 3, you bring out the level 3 Yukimura and use the massive burn effect after you’ve exhausted your opponent’s deck of CXs.

What does this deck not do well? What are its key weaknesses?

J: One of the things that this deck does not do well is gain early card advantage. Compared to newer sets such as To love Ru, Kantai, Attack on Titan, etc., this deck lacks in the power level which can cause it to lose cards very very fast. Another weakness is that as a late game card, the level 3 Yukimura’s climax combo tends to be less than reliable; 5 damage is much easier to cancel than 1 damage.

M: The deck’s utility doesn’t show up until level 2, and by then, the jig is probably up as far as surprising your opponent is concerned. While it can help that the events can be used on either player’s turn, the only times the deck might be able to use its Battle and Dragon to best effect will be against an opponent on autopilot. It is interesting to note that this deck can actually win a game on the opponent’s turn, but because that will (presumably) happen so rarely, it’s hardly worth celebrating.

How was this deck built? (What thoughts went into its design, etc)

J: Honestly after watching the first episode of Sengoku Basara, I got hooked. The opening scene when Date rides on his horse and turns around and shouts, “Let’s go guys!” it sparked my interest, and curiosity on how this deck was going to play out. I started to watch some deck profiles on YouTube, and it got me more excited about the deck after watching being described in the video. I love Japanese history, especially the history of the Sengoku Jidai, the warring states of Japan. So, I decided to make my own version.

I made sure to include the 0/0 Sasuke, which was called an underrated card. For one thing, since Basara does not have reversers or runners, the only true answer to those cards when your opponent plays those cards is the 0/0 sasuke to snipe them away. I decided on red/blue only insetad of red/blue/green. I do like the idea of building a lot of stock early game, but not at the cost of having to deal with three colors, especially because I do not run the level 3 green Hideyoshi. For what it’s worth, the green Hideyoshi is an unreliable clock shooter. I wanted to focus on consistency with this deck, and two colors was the way to go for me.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 8 (M: 4)

J: I would call this deck an 8 in terms of greed. Even though the deck has only two colors, it’s very combo-heavy. In order to increase your odds of getting the right cards at the right time, the only way to do it is by salvaging, and clocking and drawing into your combo pieces.

M: I can’t call a 2-color deck insanely greedy. I think that the deck can be consistent, even though it has no special ways to access its needed combos. Still, because one sees up to 3 cards a turn, it’s not terribly unreasonable to let drawing a combo naturally be the only way to get it.

Power Range: 6 (M: 4 – 7)

J: The deck lacks support early on, so surviving long enough to keep cards in hand can be a challenge. If it does get to level 2 with the right hand, it can make some explosive attacks.

M: Unfortunately for our warriors, the game has progressed significantly since this set’s (and series’) release. I can appreciate the novelty of weeding out CXs at level 2, but there are a lot of effects out there right now that can mitigate this. A cannon (burn 5) effect is now seen more at level 2, and is rightfully unpopular because of the difficulty of making it land.

Difficulty: 3 (M: 5)

J: The deck is very straightforward. It only runs 2 colors, so it will never get stuck on colors. The only thing to be really careful of is choosing when to use the deck’s effects.

JP Meta Viability:

J: I would say this deck is a dark horse when it comes to winning games. The level 2 essentially destroys your opponent’s canceling capabilities if you pull it off, and you can deal some real damage to your opponent if you were to soul rush them next turn. I think it would need to be tested more to get a better picture of its viability.

M: Because of the deck’s age, it’s very unlikely that it will be ever considered a great choice to take to a major event. (Sorry) Compared to newer releases, it’s outclassed almost completely, card-for-card. However, because of the nature of the game, anything is capable of winning, and knowledge of a set counts for a lot.

What’s the most epic game you’ve ever played with this deck?

J: I would say the most epic game I have ever played was against Psycho Pass in a soul rush war. I used the level 2’s Date twice to check the top 5 cards of my opponents deck, and from the first Date effect I looked at the top 5 and sniped them all away because there were 5 CXs on top. I used the second Date effect and saw the last 3 CXs, leaving my opponent with no ability to cancel. I got my opponent to level 3, and he managed to soul rush me back to 3/6. On the next and final turn, I used two Yukimura to burn for 10 before my winning attack went through.

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