The Road to Worlds Part 1/3 – TLR & Stuff (Podcast)


Welcome to The 9th Hour, the 9th CX podcast! For this episode, we have 2015 NA WGP Champion Bren Olit discussing his many, many deck lists from Regionals all the way to Worlds. This is the first of a 3-part series. The deck lists are here in the description to follow along. Enjoy!

Deck 1

Y/G YaMikan (no deck list available)

Deck 2

YR TLR Version 1

Deck 3

TLR Version 2

Deck 4

TLR Version 3

Deck 5

TLR Version 4

Deck 6

TLR Animal Build

Deck 7

TLR Version 5

Deck 8 (Not discussed)

LB 1st Draft

Deck 9 (Not discussed)

LB 2nd Draft

Deck 10

TLR Version 6

Deck 11

TLR Version 7

Deck 12

TLR Version 7.5

Deck 13

TLR Version 8

Deck 14

TLR Version 9

Deck 15

TLR Version 10 (Final)


WS Decks: