2 Year AMA & Reflections

MadoSaya Santa

Happy Holidays from all of us at 9th CX!

We are now officially into Year 3 (Season 3?) of content, and it has been quite a run.

We’ve expanded the team, added lots of videos, gone to Nationals and Continentals, and have had a blast. Now before you think that this is some sort of sentimental “gg great run but it’s quitting time” article, it isn’t. We’re still here, and we aren’t going anywhere!

With the holiday season in full swing, we wanted to post that old pile of questions and answers we got from all of you back in October (and some in November). Most of us chimed in wherever we could.

Before you go sifting for rules questions in here, we’ll be posting those in separate articles as we have done before.

Please note, because these questions were taken from the internet, the answers may not be exactly family-friendly. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

So in no particular order, here are the results of the 2-year AMA!


What characters in anime series in Weiss Schwarz can you truly relate to in real life? (Not counting magic and demons etc)

Michael: Shiroe. I wear glasses and often cackle when things go just according to plan… which scares Melanie.

Melanie: I can really relate to (Kosaki) Onodera [Nisekoi], Rin [Little Busters], and Umi [Love Live!]. The three are kind of a good combination of my personality.

Johnny: Kirito because I am also best waifu in real life… and because I too am dense as a rock.


How come Kirito steals all the babes?

Felix: Because reasons.

Melanie: Because it’s Kirito 🙂

He is very good at helping others, so it is bound to happen, right?

Michael: KS in game = raging teammates. KS in life = NTR.

Do you like pizza sauce????

Michael: Yes, why?

Felix: Only Otosaka pizza sauce

Melanie: Of course.

Johnny: Who doesn’t??


If Melanie was an anime character, would you build a waifu deck around her?

Melanie: Me? A waifu? :”>

Michael: It would probably freak her out but maybe just to get her reaction, yes, I would, LOL

Something I noticed from streams is the rather different personalities between Michael and Felix, where Michael is rather calm, and seemingly more mature; Felix is practically drenched in memes, how come you both ended up as friends?

Felix: Just because people have different personalities doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. One card game is all it takes to spark a friendship. However different people might be matters little when it comes to waifus. Now there are exceptions to this. Certain personalities simply cannot get along. Even If they try, the strain will be too much. Now that isn’t saying people with different personalities shouldn’t try to be friends. As for my favorite meme, read the first letter of each line.

Who’s the best waifu?

Michael: Legend says that Michael is still trying to figure out the answer to that question to this day.

Felix: John Cena

Sam: Senjougahara Hitagi and Misaka Mikoto!

Melanie: Umi! Or Onodera! (Am I allowed to respond with two names?)

Johnny: Maki for life

How much money do you typically spend on WS in a month?

Michael: Unfortunately for my wallet, there’s usually a comma involved.

Felix: Depends on what set is being released.

Sam: Recently, none.

Melanie: Umm… do I have to admit this?

Johnny: Small mortgage

Why is Honoka from Love Live! best girl?

Felix: Honk.

Melanie: Because she’s Umi’s best friend!

Johnny: That’s a weird way of spelling Maki my good sir.

Who is your waifu? What would you do if no one remembered her/she doesn’t exist/was never created? Would you go cray cray like our HomuHomu?

Felix: Yukikaze Mizuki. And that would be fine because then she’s actually all mine 😀

Johnny: I’d rejoice because then all these others could hop off my waifu >:D


If Slaine/Slain/Friendzoned from Aldnoah Zero met Kyouji/Thirstyboi from SAO 2, would he:

A) Go full yaoi mode on him

B) Form an alliance and plot to get back their rightful waifus

C) Become insane and shout his waifu’s name all over like Kyouji

Michael: Yes.

Felix: Magnets.

Melanie: B.

If given the chance to have a title of your choice released in WS, which would it be? (This question was asked at least 3 times)


Felix: Apreggio

Sam: Sailor Moon!

Melanie: Gosick. It would be an amazing set!

Johnny: Kokoro Connect because Inaba is the besttttttttt

How do you resist the urge to roll gacha for waifu?

Michael: I don’t – I roll when I want. (Please send help)


Felix: By being poor

Johnny: Lock your phone and walk far far away

How do you have time to run this blog and still have a regular job?

Felix: I don’t have a regular job.

Melanie: Everyone helps out, and we care about the game. It is a worthy time investment, and fun too!

Johnny: Teamwork™

Michael: glasses thing

In all seriousness though, it’s been very rocky for me behind the scenes this past year. The site is kind of a totem for me (a la Inception) in that it’s always there. Even if disaster strikes, I’ll always have something to write, or something to prepare, etc. It’s kind of nice in that way.

Why did you decide to start 9th CX? (this question was asked at least 5 times)

Felix: Ask Michael.

Sam: Michael?

Michael: Before I started 9th CX, I noticed that there was no true website that was built to show off the better decks in the game and why they were working. Over time, we’ve assembled a team, a larger website, and a network of sponsors to make sure the project continues even after I retire from it.

I wanted to create a place where others could learn about the game, and I mean really learn, without worrying about the noise of trolls and unhelpful comments.

I also wanted to practice building a website, doing SEO, and doing online marketing. The site has helped me finesse those marketable skills, though I guess it’s a small case of mottainai because I’m not actively using those skills in my day-to-day job. So there you go, the most real reason that I’ve only said to other people in person before.

Melanie, is anime a boy’s world?

Melanie: Never! I have 2 3 shelf book shelves filled with Manga in double rows, about 100 plus anime DVDs, and love Weiss. It is definitely not a boy’s world. 😉

If anime was suddenly wiped off the face of the earth, and the 9th CX team were the only people who remember that it ever existed, what would be your initial reaction to this catastrophe, and what would you do about it?

Felix: Time to make a John Cena anime

Michael: Stop Felix from making a John Cena anime

Melanie: I’d look for an artist and help writing out the stories to go along with the art!

Johnny: I’d draw my own anime and start a cultural revolution


Why is Fate/kaleid Prisma Illya the best set?

Michael: Because.

Felix: Because pizza sauce.

Johnny: Because Kaleidoscope OP


Who is your anti-waifu?

Melanie: Umm… I know I will make people mad probably… but anything from Kantai….

Johnny: Besu Gun™

Michael: DMGShe counts, right?

Waifu or laifu?

Felix: Waifu

Johnny: No waifu = no laifu so waifu always

Melanie: Johnny summarized it best!

H…how’s the weather?

Michael: We need more rain pls

How many waifus does it take to make a harem?

Michael: As soon as the number goes above 0, you’re pretty much there.

If you could have one superpower complete with a flaw (like in Charlotte) what would it be?

Felix: Uhhh the power to turn invisible and play John Cena’s theme. Flaw: I become John Cena.

Johnny: Invisibility, but things I touch don’t become invisible.

Michael: The power to forget anything I want, but the catch would be (thanks Johnny) that I remember anything and everything.

Johnny: He’d be like a supercomputer that had to constantly delete files to not be full of data lol

Melanie: I’m not sure…maybe to heal people? Help them with problems? Maybe the catch would be I couldn’t choose who I help?


Reflection time!

Michael: This section is not going to be nearly as long or as fun as last year’s, but I just wanted to take a minute to recognize where the site has gone.

This year, we have gotten more (and different) sponsors. We’re still giving stuff away every month, and yes, a lot of it does just come out of my own pocket.

We worked with an independent artist, aurAspirality to bring you the latest mascot, Kyu-chan. We’ve been putting up lots of (what I hope are) fun videos, and interviewed some of the game’s best players.

I’ve been pondering what to write, so I asked some people about what they’d like to hear.

One of our contributors, Audri, who you may remember as #1 Honoka fan NA, had this to ask:

A: Do a player evaluation of yourself – like strengths, weaknesses, card abilities you rely on, etc. How do your preferences affect your choices when building decks? 

M: Just so everyone knows, this part is the reason we’re a day late on it! It isn’t easy to do a self evaluation because if I point out only strengths, I will sound like ojousama Rin and if I point out only weaknesses I might sound like… well, every moeblob ever?

So instead of going + and – on these things, I’m going to list some things out about my style as a player.

When it comes to deck building, I tend to look through the level 3 cards of a set/series to find the most unfair ways of ending a game. Given that in recent sets, the most powerful combos have been found in other levels (with TLR being a glaring exception), my approach has been OK, but far from perfect. I tend to be more conservative about my deck building than greedy; there tend to be more 4-0fs at earlier levels than 3-ofs in decks that I’ve built, though again, that is a more recent development.

I tend to be more open than stringent on card choices. Whenever I build a first draft of a deck, win or lose, I try to ask myself what worked, why, and if it’s worth continuing to use.

I also like to analyze games, whether I win or lose. Sometimes, it helps me as a coping mechanism to get over a really bad loss, and most other times, it’s a teaching tool to find out if a particular play was optional. Not to say that I win most of my games (I really don’t) – it’s just that even among experienced players I find that analysis is really exciting. Eric C., who I met at Continentals, can certainly vouch for this.

As far as abilities I rely on in decks, I tend to like things at various levels. I like using runners whenever possible, as well as cards that filter and search for free. If I am trying to go for big damage in the midgame (something I rarely do), I try to make sure that whatever I do use has some form of encore or other protection, to avoid losing cards. As far as finishers go, I tend to rely more on small Burn effects even more than the popular clock kick effects. I think this could be a result of players I go against regularly being particularly prepared for this; I’ve spent many a game having my kick effects in hand only to have my opponent go “1k1, crash crash crash” the turn before.

The decks I tend to build usually do not involve +2 soul unless I feel that the best deck in the series needs it for something. I generally dislike the blue CX triggers (draw & gate), and I can’t really put my finger on a short and sweet answer as to why. I think this is one of those cases where it really is just my gut saying “I don’t like it”. Sometime in the future I’ll probably have to address that in more detail though, ha!

One thing I will say about my strengths as a player though, is that I have the charts (more or less) memorized to account for if an attack is favorable. Now in practice, that kind of knowledge doesn’t really get you very far, but a lot of the time it’s nice to pretend that it helped.

Moving onto some other things, a fellow mod of the WS subreddit, Alfred, had quite a spread of questions:

Alfred: What do you like to eat? Are you a cat or dog person? Why SAO? If you could change or add one thing to the game, what would it be?

M: I enjoy sushi. .. didn’t I answer this one last year? Sounds familiar.

I’ve never owned pets… until this year! I got a kitty, though I’ve been told that a canine presence will also be mandatory in my future.


Because the Internet is for cat pictures

SAO? I liked the way the novels were translated to the screen. (Note this says nothing about my opinion of the plot)

As far as changing or adding something to the game, that’s a hard one. Initially I might have said something about modifying the mulligan rule to make games that have poor starts stop from spiraling out of control, but then I thought to myself, “That’s something larger than can be fixed with a simple mulligan tweak”. So then I got to thinking about all the newer keyword and non-keyword mechanics that have been seen in the game as of late.

To give a small example, we have Musashi burn, Bars that search (Mikan / Yuuki), anti-burn (Charlotte), headshot (Sinon), and Resonance (not a big fan). My change/addition would be a new endgame keyword, with a fancy unoriginal name like Armor, which prevents the first X damage that would be dealt to you during your opponent’s turn. The target would be to put it on level 2 (or maybe even level 1) support cards to use either in combination with or instead of a level support effect. It’s a prevention effect that WS doesn’t have yet which I (selfishly) think might see print someday.


It’s an odd note to end with, but that’s OK! We have a lot more to look forward to in the coming year. As always, thank you, the readers, for your support. Please make sure to enter our giveaway, visit our sponsors, and we’ll see you next time!