Charlotte Deck Tech – 2015 EGP Qualifier Germany Winner


Welcome to another 9th CX Weiß Schwarz deck tech!
This deck tech and interview are brought to you by Bea Wu and will cover the Pizza Sauce deck called “NaoMao” that won the EGP Qualifier in Germany for 2015. This article has been guest written by our team member in EU, Sebastian!

Now let’s get to the deck!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 18

4 “Something Precious” Ayumi Otosaka (CHA/W40-026)
3 “The World is Not in Here” Shunsuke Otosaka (CHA/W40-028)
3 “Revolving World” Yusa Nisimori (CHA/W40-055)
3 “Challenge Now” Yuu Otosaka (CHA/W40-078)
2 “Astronomical Observation” Nao Tomori (CHA/W40-079)
2 “Meal Together” Ayumi Otosaka (CHA/W40-089)
1 “Happy Allies” Yuu Otosaka (CHA/W40-102)

Level 1 – 10

2 “Meal Together” Yuu Otosaka (CHA/W40-029)
4 “Handmade Bento” Yuu Otosaka (CHA/W40-030)
4 “Inside Futon” Ayumi Otosaka (CHA/W40-036)

Level 2 – 7

2  “Serious Just for a Moment” Misa (CHA/W40-062)
1 “Searching” Nao Tomori (CHA/W40-087)
2 “The World is Not in Here” Yuu Otosaka (CHA/W40-088)
2 Magic Spell Series #13 “Making up with a Magic Spell” (CHA/W40-072)

Level 3 – 7

4 “Apron Look” Ayumi Otosaka (CHA/W40-076)
3 “Something Precious” Nao Tomori (CHA/W40-077)

CX – 8
4 End of the Cruel Fate (CHA/W40-049)
4 End of the Escape (CHA/W40-098)

At level 0, we have 18 characters.


“Something Precious” Ayumi Otosaka has 2 abilities when played, first you can put the top card of your opponent’s stock in the waiting room and then put another card from the waiting room into stock. For the second effect you can pay 1 stock and put the top card of your deck into your clock to search your deck for up to 1 level 1 or lower character.


“The World is Not in Here” Shunsuke Otosaka is basic +500 power front assist who can also give one your characters +1500 power until end of turn when you play a green climax.


When “Revolving World” Yusa Nisimori is played you reveal the top card of your deck and if it’s a [Gifted] character you put it in your hand and discard a card.
Her second ability gives her +1500 power until end of turn when played.


When “Challenge Now” Yuu Otosaka is reversed in battle you may pay 1 stock and discard a card to search your deck for up to 1 [Gifted] character and if you are level 2 or lower you must send this to memory.
While in memory he has a recollection ability that prevents both players from taking damage from the opponent’s [A] abilities. (A Burn aka Shot CX trigger will still occur, however)


“Astronomical Observation” Nao Tomori gives your other character in the center slot +500 power, and also has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock and rest her: for each climax revealed you choose one of your characters and that gets the ability “When this reverses an opponent you may search your deck for up to 2 [Gifted] Characters and discard a card” until end of turn.


“Meal Together” Ayumi Otosaka has a bond ability: you can pay 1 stock to bring the “Handmade Bento” Yuu Otosaka from your waiting room to your hand.
You can also rest her to give a character with “Yuu” in its name +500 power.


When you play “Happy Allies” Yuu Otosaka you put the top card of your deck into waiting room; if it’s a climax he goes into stock.


At level 1 we have 10 characters.


“Meal Together” Yuu Otosaka has a 0 stock +1000 power Backup ability. When you use it’s Backup if you control at least one [Gifted] Character you can give another character in battle +1000 power.


“Handmade Bento” Yuu Otosaka has clock encore, and when he attacks if you have 2 or more [Gifted] Characters he gets +2000 power for the turn.


“Inside Futon” Ayumi Otosaka has a CX combo with End of the Cruel Fate: on attack, she gets +1000 power and when she reverses an opponent you may put the top card of your deck into stock.


For level 2 we have 5 characters and 2 events


“Serious Just for a Moment” Misa has a 1 stock +2500 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability you may rest 2 of your [Gifted] Characters and give one of your characters in battle +1500 power.


“Searching” Nao Tomori gives all your other [Gifted] Characters +1000 power and you can pay 2 stock and rest her to draw a card.


“The World is Not in Here” Yuu Otosaka gets +1000 power and cannot direct attack if he has a marker.
When he is played you can pay 1 stock and discard a card to shuffle your waiting room into your deck and put the top card of your deck under it as marker.


Magic Spell Series #13 “Making up with a Magic Spell” lets you salvage 2 characters.

At Level 3 we have 7 characters.


“Apron Look” Ayumi Otosaka gets -1 level in your hand if you have 2 or less CXs in your waiting room. She also gets +1000 power when you have 2 or more other [Gifted] characters and has a heal trigger on play.



When “Something Precious” Nao Tomori attacks you reveal the top card of your deck and if it’s a [Gifted]  character put it into your hand.
At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase if this is in the front row you may discard 1 “End of the Escape” climax to search your deck for up to one [Gifted] character and choose the opposing character to give it “This cannot front attack” until end of turn.


The climax spread is a 4/4 split between +2 Soul | +2 Soul and 1k1 | Gate effects and triggers respectively.




How do we use this deck?

Bea: Level 0 is mainly to prepare my hand for levels 1 and 2 with Yusa, Riki Ayu and Anti Burn Yuu, putting Shunsuke and Nao Brainstorm in my back row to gain additional cards.

At level 1, I gather stock through Ayu CX Combo while making sure I have attackers with the encore Yuu. Throughout the game the Nao Brainstorm is really useful to prepare the later stages of the game even better.

At level 2 my red event comes into play. Before I play my free refresh Yuu I get two more useful cards for the late game: Nao/Ayu(mi)/Counter. Afterwards Ayu heals me and I have her and my global 2/1 Nao which backs me up. Backups are useful to save AyuAyu!!! From this point on it’s really important to keep the Nao climax in hand!

At level 3 I count on Nao. She gives me additional hand cards which might turn useful and I force the character in front of Nao to side attack.

By the way Ayu heals me again and keeps the power at level 3. Good combo! :3

M: Blue/green Charlotte has a lot of defensive options as well as a potentially explosive early game, and this deck aims to take advantage of having a solid rush-oriented early game, with an endgame focused on having many cards in hand, and denying attacks and Burn effects. Other decks may pale in comparison to this deck’s searching power, and it’s shown very clearly in the power of its level 0 and 1.

At level 0, the deck can filter through a lot of cards. While there are no runners to take advantage of, there are plenty of other search options to get the deck into its own level 1 earlier to keep stock advantage rolling. At level 1, a +2 soul combo builds the necessary stock for the late game while also allowing the deck to get ahead on damage. This level is critical for the deck, even though front attacking with +2 soul isn’t always favored to hit. What matters is building the necessary stock to be able to refresh for free, heal, and then play all the endgame cards.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? What are some of the potential risks the list takes?

B: The power level is not really high, so it can easily get countered. What I missed is a level 0 Nao runner. I think it’s really suited to her with her Ability in the anime. A lot of players were not sure what to play at level 1. I was actually looking forward to one level 1 CxC with search… Also if I could choose one additional card for the set I would probably ask for an Anti Change Backup 2/1 pay 2 put one character to the waiting room. The last new sets got this card which brings me to my risks:

Level 3 Ayu is actually a level 2 character for me. It’s easy for me to use her early play. If the opponent uses a set which has anti change Backups I have to play very careful with eventual side attacks to prevent losing her.

Also heal tax is very dangerous. My strategy to heal and stay in level 2 will not work if I play against LB or KanColle for example. Also anti-salvage is not very nice as I have my salvage event but I can avoid playing this event of course. (TLR and KanColle wish they could affect the event though! – M)

Opponent decks with clock shoot counter me well but I have my 2/1 4000 Backup on my side, trying to prevent a clock shoot.


Is there or are there specific key cards in the deck that make it work?

B: My key card is the Anti Burn Yuu. Of course it only works if the opponent plays burn! Either way, it’s a good card to search characters I need.

My free refresh Yuu saves me from one damage and combos well with level 3 Ayu as I have mentioned above. It is important for healing and field control. My most important character is the level 3 Nao which should prevent damage for one attack. Also she compresses my deck for the important late game well. When she attacks I get characters on my hand and with her CX combo I search an additional character to increase my possibility to cancel.


About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 2

Power Range: 4-7

Difficulty: 7+

Viability: Highly variable.

B: My deck is reaaally conservative. It’s not about power, not about doing burn damage. This deck wants to restrict the most common level 3 effect at the moment: burn. Besides I try to heal myself and prevent damage by forcing the opponent to side attack.

I think it’s not some deck which you can just play and understand by the fullest with the first few times. The deck lacks gaining additional cards, in the beginning I had almost no hand cards at level 1 until level 3. For some players is this a big problem as they are used to have 5+ hand cards. Brainstorm at the right time to gain one more hand card. It’s more difficult to do the right choice as you think as there are not many possibilities to search in level 0-2. Of course you can search a lot with ‘Riki’ Ayu but each time if effects yourself as one damage hits you. If it’s not urgent, I don’t use this in lvl 1+.

In both languages it is a very important set. It will change the meta game for sure with its unique effect one Anti Burn and forced Side Attack. Many players will change their decks just for this set as they don’t want to play level 3 Vanillas or attack only twice. Possible changes are more +2 soul (Noooo!), more Clock shooter and more Anti effects.

M: The deck is two colors, and is not incredibly greedy on that front. It has a wealth of searching options and should be rarely without answers. The deck could actually get a little more chance-y with using the ramen event (the stock troll card that punishes an opponent for playing well), but this list does not use it, thus lowering its ‘greed’ stat.

This deck in particular has a combination of abilities that for some, are at the front of the power creep experience (Remember Riki? Now how about Riki + stock manipulation?), and some that are just completely new, i.e. the level 3 Nao. The finisher for the deck is that it has no true finisher effect. Rather, it aims to deny its opponent the ability to have a quick and easy finish with BurnOnce it is able to ‘level’ the playing field in this way, it can close the game by having better cancel percentages, and turn drawn CXs into nearly “guaranteed” preemptive cancels.

Having used a similar deck before (my version was awful, I will not write about it, not sorry), I can say that the deck does require a lot of experience to use, especially because a lot of the mechanics are different and unfamiliar. Because of the popularity of Burn and Punish Burn effects, using something that doesn’t use them but rather denies them can feel awkward and clunky at first, but an informed player is usually favored, and players will need to at least know and respect the set, if they hope to take down a large event.

Now onto the interview!

M: Thank you for doing the interview! How was your event overall?

B: I really liked the great variety of sets.
Here is a short summary against which sets I played:

1: RG (Railgun)
2: NK (Nisekoi)
3: TLR (To Love-Ru 2nd)
4: TLR
5: KC (KanColle)
6: SS (Shana?)
T8: MH (Milky Holmes)
T4: LL (Love Live!)
Final: PDf (Miku)

Apart from that I enjoy every tournament in Germany. Our community is truly great. Of course it’s nice if you win games but you notice it immediately: For us it’s all about fun, meeting new friends and talking about our common hobby.
The organizers Steven and Martin had everything under control and there were no delays. We even had two more side events after the preliminary rounds.
Our tournaments are getting constantly bigger which makes me really happy!

M: What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

I think my lucky moments were in round two and Top 4.
In round 2 I had no more climax left in my deck and my opponent Timo needed 5 more damage to get to level 4. I played Nao and other level 0 or 1 characters and played +2 soul. He canceled the first two attacks. Finally it was Nao’s turn. I HAD to trigger something to win this round as I have no more CX left!!! I attacked, it was an Ability User so I took it to my hand, and IT HAPPENED!!! I triggered and Timo took the damage.

In Top 4 my opponent Sebastian was at 3/4, so he had to take three more damage. In his deck there were around 5 cards with two CX. I attacked with Nao but he cancelled it. My final attack was with Shunsuke Nii-chan! Two damage and he did not cancel! This was it! He lost with his draw and the reshuffle damage!

M: What was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?

I cannot remember a truly unlucky moment. Somehow it was balanced: when I triggered my CX the damage was not canceled or I could quickly refresh with most of my CX.

M: Did you have any incredible comebacks?

I didn’t have a real comeback as me and my opponent were mostly at the same level. Maybe I could refer to my lucky moments again.

M: How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?

I played against Project Diva Twins. The level 0 and 1 game was not going very well for my opponent Andre in the beginning. Then he played out his 10k level 1 wall, so that I had no chance to bring them down. So I played my +2 Soul Cx and side attacked.
In level 2 I did not have my refresher nor my early summon Ayu so I just run into his wall and searched with my Nao brainstorm useful characters for level 3.
Of course I searched for level 3 Ayu and lvl 3 Nao and played them. As my Anti Burn Yuu was in memory Andre could not use his burn effect of his level 3 characters.
In the last turn I had to deal only 1 more damage, so I attacked with three times with one soul characters. He really canceled two attacks and went to level 4 with my last attack. GG!


M: How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?

Usually I’m well-known for playing Little Busters!
I tested a lot of various Little Busters! decks but somehow I was not satisfied. As I preordered 8 boxes of the new set Charlotte and proxied my deck (a little bit restricted as the whole list has not been released) I had a better feeling with this set.
With the last day before the qualifier I tested a lot with my boyfriend. It’s always like this: When I lose a lot against him I get more luck at the next tournament LOL! It’s so hard to win against him! But with him it was possible to adjust the last refinements.
Also very important: My friends Cari and Marcel baked a cheesecake for me and my boyfriend. I think the cheesecake increased my luck as well, haha!


M: Cheesecake! We’ll have to remember that one. Any funny stories from the event?

The whole event was really fun, we had visitors from France, Belgium and east of Germany. I met old friends again but there was one thing I have to mention:

My friend Thomas aka Teddy bought 6 boosters after the second round and pulled 2 SPs…

As if this was not enough he pulled two more!!! One of a Cinderella Girls display and one from our side event.

Who else pulled 4 SPs in random booster before?! This guy is way too lucky… I hope his lifetime will not be cut for every SP he pulls.


Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?

Thank you Steven for testing and enduring/supporting me all this time! ^▽^♡
You and Martin did a great job organizing the event without any delays and complaints.

Also I would like to link the final game of the tournament here:

Martin went into all the trouble to edit the video. Please take a look at our Final!

Our judges Steven, Martin and Thomas aka Teppich were always there to collect slips and answering questions!

Without my Onii-chan Felix I would have not played this game. Thanks for forcing me to play this game with you! (=^. .^=)

Here you can find the report for our tourmanent (in German):

Aaand here’s my personal report with more insight in every game:

Last but not least: Thank you Bushiroad for supporting our European event! The winner of the EGP Final gets the opportunity to participate at the WGP Finals in Japan! Attending such an important and big event has never been this close, I will do my best in Paris!

Thank you very much for the interview, 9th CX!

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