To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Deck Tech (RGB)


Welcome to the 9th CX’s deck techs! For this article, we’ll be looking at a fun alternative To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd list! This list is brought to you by Johnny.

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Now onto the list!


Level 0 – 17

1 Nana Asta Deviluke (TL/W37-057)
3 “True Friend” Nana (TL/W37-067)
3 “Surprisingly Proactive” Nana (TL/W37-074)
2 “Feeling in Love” Yui (TL/W37-037)
3 “Sitting” Yui (TL/W37-034)
2 Haruna Sairenji (TL/W37-086)
3″Naked Apron” Haruna (TL/W37-089)

Level 1 – 10

4 “Heart-Thumping Bath Time” Nana (TL/W37-T18)
3 “Kind Warmth” Nana (TL/W37-062)
3 Mio Sawada (TL/W37-090)

Level 2 – 7

1 “Twin Sisters” Nana (TL/W37-071)
2 “Friend from Planet Tentac” Nana (TL/W37-072)
2 Risa Momioka (TL/W37-091)
2 “In a Pinch” Haruna (TL/W37-096)

Level 3 – 8

2 Yui Kotegawa (TL/W37-033)
3″Sitting” Nana (TL/W37-064)
3 “Sitting” Haruna (TL/W37-088)

CX – 8

4 True Friend (TL/W37-085)
4 Friends (TL/W37-T22)

At level 0 we have 17 characters.


Nana Asta Deviluke has a pay 1 rest 2 brainstorm ability, for every CX you hit with her brainstorm you can salvage up to 1 character.


When “True Friend” Nana is played reveal the top card of your deck and if that card is a level 0 character she goes to your stock.


“Surprisingly Proactive” Nana gives a global +500 power to all your [Alien] and/or [Animal] characters.


When “Feeling in Love” Yui is put from stage to waiting room you can pay 1 and put the top card of your deck to your clock and choose a card in your clock and add it to your hand and then put the top card of your deck into your clock.


If you have 1 or fewer other characters “Sitting” Yui gives all your other characters +1500. And her second ability is clock reverser.


Haruna Sairenji gives a global +500 power to all your other characters during your opponent’s turn. Her second ability is a pay 1 rest this card brainstorm for every CX draw up to 1 card.


“Naked Apron” Haruna gives the character opposite her hand encore.

At level 1 we have 10 characters!


When you play the CX “Friends” if “Heart-Thumping Bath Time” Nana is in your center stage you can pay 1 and salvage a character.


If you have 3 or more other [Alien] and/or [Animal] characters “Kind Warmth” Nana gets +1 level and +1500 power. And she has hand encore.


When Mio Sawada is played she gets +X power, X equal to the number of your [Animal] and/or [Worries] characters.

For level 2 we have 7 characters.


“Twin Sisters” Nana has a cost 1 +2500 power backup and when you use her backup you can discard 2 cards and send 1 of your opponent’s characters that is a higher level than your opponent to the waiting room.


Up to twice per turn when you play an [Alien] and/or [Animal] character “Friend from Planet Tentac” Nana gets +1000 power. And when you play the CX “True Friend” and she is in your center stage you can salvage an [Alien] and/or [Animal] character and she gets +1000 power.


Lewd.card Risa Momioka gives all your other “Sitting Haruna” +1000 power. And when you play her you can discard 1 “Naked Apron” Haruna to freefresh.


“In a Pinch” Haruna gives all your other [Animal] and/or [Plant] characters in front +1000 power and hand encore.

At level 3 we have 8 characters.


When Yui Kotegawa is played you can search your deck for up to 1 [Animal] and/or [Plant]. And also when she is played you can pay 1 and she gets +1000 power until the end of turn, and your opponent cannot use events until the end of their next turn.


If “True Friend” Nana is in your clock “Sitting” Nana gets -1 level in your hand. And when her battle opponent becomes reversed you can pay 1 to burn 1.


If you have 2 or fewer CX in your waiting room “Sitting” Haruna gets -1 level in your hand. She also heals on play. And when your other [Animal] and/or [Plant] character attacks she gets +1000 power until the end of turn.


CX spread is an even 4/4 split between gates and red stock soul.

How do we use this deck?

J: Level 0 is very simple, beat stuff up. There’s 2 different beaters, 1 in red and 1 in blue. The 4k Nana is nice to play because even if you reveal a level 0 you get to send her to stock so it’s like you attacked but didn’t put your opponent closer to level 1. She also works well late game as a free topcheck without any risks. The clock reverser Yui is also a great card because she helps make your Nanas and Harunas even bigger. They can get up to 5500 and 5000 power respectively which is crazy for level 0. And if they’re somehow bigger than that then you can use her clock reverser ability. The deck also has two different brainstormers that both plus you. I chose to run more of the Haruna because she does something else while in the backstage while Nana does not. But that doesn’t mean Nana doesn’t have her uses. Being able to salvage any trait character in a trait specific set is great. And since I didn’t want to break theme the clock swap Yui is there to be a pseudo-search. She plusses you just like a search and her cost is more on the lines of Riki’s but you can grab any level.

Level 1 is actually quite small which is why it’s rather simple. If you have the CX combo then that’s great, use it to salvage your 2/2s 3/2s. It is also good to note that this salvage is during the CX phase so it doesn’t get hit by anti-salvage. Other than the CX combo the game plan is to simply sit on the 1/1 Nanas until level 2 since she is an oversized hand encore character that can’t be hit by level 1 reversers or sided against easily. Mio is also there to help get over your opponent’s large characters.

Level 2 is where the deck really shines since there are a couple of things you can do, all very good. The Sitting Nana level 3 is basically a level 2 most of the time. Are you level 2? Check. Do you have the 0/0 4k Nana in your hand? Check. Congratulations, you now have a 2/2 10k that burns on reverse. But the fun doesn’t end there, if that weren’t enough the deck also has access to a freefresh with a very easy cost. Simply discard the 0/0 Haruna when you play it and you get to freefreshSimple as that. It also combos very well with the 3/2 Haruna. Other than the global assist to her, since you just refreshed chances are you won’t have any CXs in your waiting room. Therefore meeting Haruna’s condition for -1 level. Congratulations, you now have a 2/2 healer that can be a potential 11500 before assist.

However if you don’t get your level 3s out early at level 2 I guess you can go the meh route and play level 2s. But who does that anymore? The 2/1 Nana CX combo is very strong though. Her salvage is also during CX phase and you don’t even have to pay a cost! You just need her CX and her in the center stage. Use this combo to grab your level 3s that didn’t get to come in early. The deck also has access to an anti-change which is lovely for when you want to punish your opponent for playing level 3s early. And lastly the 2/1 Haruna assist is pretty essential to your level 2 game. Since all the early play level 3s don’t get power they are kind of small so the hand encore assist is great for keeping them alive.

Level 3 is almost identical to level 2 this time with less level 2s though. Now the deck can play (best girl) anyone who disagrees can 1v1 me irl Yui to search for your Nanas to try and end the game. She herself can also shut down your opponent’s power event backups so that you can attack without fear of money being thrown in your face.

What might the deck be missing? Are there any cards that were consciously omitted from this first list? 

Some cards to consider would be some 1/0 Haruna options. There is a 1/0 Haruna with a CX combo with the book that gets +500 power and hand encore if you have 3 or more other [Animal] and/or [Plant] characters. Her CX combo can also plus you but it is essentially a draw so it is more random than the Nana. But it also saves you on stock. There is also a 1/0 5000 power that has clock encore. It is pretty vanilla but it is a costless sustainable level 1 and you can definitely consider it in your builds. She also pushes you closer to that sweet level 2 game. The 1 thing the deck is missing would probably be a level 1 backup. But seeing as how the 1/1 Nana has hand encore and if you choose to run the clock encore Haruna the +1500 backup won’t be needed. There is also a nice anti-runner 3500 power Yui beater. Feel free to add that to your deck if Wallet-Kun allows it.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 5

The deck is tricolor but green is much more of a splash since I had to fit Yui in somehow. You can totally do a RB animal deck and the deck wouldn’t be missing much. Sadly, Yui’s cards are overshadowed by Haruna’s and Nana’s. Sad day.

Power Range: 5 – 7

At level 1 the 1/1 Nana can be a force to be reckoned with and at level 2 the game plan is to drop level 3s. So the deck has good power just because it plays things early, and has non-conditional power buffs.

Difficulty: 3

The deck is pretty simple. Build that infinity stock, salvage, and turn cards sideways.

JP Meta Viability: 4

The deck certainly has a unique edge over the “anti-fun” decks since all the salvaging is done during the CX phase but it lacks a very good finisher to close games. Nana is great at taking out level 1s and 2s but struggles with level 3s.

But that’s the deck. There’s not entirely too many options to choose from for animals but you can always add in more Yui 😉

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