Kantai (EN) Deck Tech – 1st at 2015 BWC Chicago Qualifiers


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at the list that took 1st in the 2015 Chicago Qualifiers!

The cards are released in English and translations can be found on Heart of the Cards or the official Weiss Schwarz site. Special thanks to Johnny for article prep.

This interview and deck list are brought to you by Clinton Chan. Though Kantai 2 is slated for release in EN later in 2015, the list is still worth a look. Now onto the list!

Kantai Collection

Level 0 – 16

1  KC/S25-E166 Type 3 Submergence Transport Vehicle, Maruyu
2 KC/S25-E104 5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer, Satsuki
2 KC/S25-E057 Hardworking, Ikaduchi
3 KC/S25-E006 7th Kagero-class Destroyer, Hatsukaze
4 KC/S25-E056 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki
4 KC/S25-E061 Clumsy Girl, Inaduma

Level 1 – 15

1 KC/S25-E024 1st Kaidai Ⅵ-class Type a Submarine, I-168
1 KC/S25-E010 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser, Yahagi
2 KC/S25-E009 2nd Junsen-class Type Ⅲ Submarine, I-8
4 KC/S25-E003 Shimakaze-class Destroyer, Shimakaze
4 KC/S25-E038  “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный
3 KC/S25-E031 Compass

Level 2 – 3

1 KC/S25-E004 2nd Shokaku-class Aircraft Carrier, Zuikaku
2 KC/S25-E134 2nd Shoho-class Light Aircraft Carrier, Zuiho

Level 3 – 8

4 KC/S25-E002 2nd Yamato-class Battleship, Musashi
4 KC/S25-E035 Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier, Akagi-Kai

CX – 8

4 KC/S25-E075  Akagi of the First Carrier Division is up next!
4 KC/S25-E034 Fast like Shimakaze

At level 0 we have 16 characters.


You can run as many copies of Type 3 Submergence Transport Vehicle, Maruyu in your deck as you want. You can pay 1 stock and send her to the waiting room to draw up to 2 cards and discard 2 cards.


5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer, Satsuki is a level 0 reverser and has a 2 stock encore.


Hardworking, Ikaduchihas a brainstorm ability, reveal the top four and for every climax take a card from your clock and add it to your hand and then clock yourself one.


7th Kagero-class Destroyer, Hatsukaze is a global +500 power to all your [Fleet Girl] characters and her second effect is whenever a player salvages during the attack phase, all their characters get -3 soul.


When 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki is reversed in battle you can pay 1 and send her to memory, then you can play one “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный from your waiting room onto the stage position she was in. And while in memory she has heal tax.


When Clumsy Girl, Inaduma is placed from hand to stage reveal the top card of your deck, if it is not a [Fleet Girl] character rest her. And when she is sent from stage to waiting room you can pay one and clock yourself to search your deck for a level one or lower character.

At level 1 we have 12 characters and 3 events.


1st Kaidai Ⅵ-class Type a Submarine, I-168 has a cost 0 +1500 power backup.


3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser, Yahagi has clock encore and you can rest two characters to give her +2500 power until the end of turn.
When 2nd Junsen-class Type  Submarine, I-8 is played from hand to stage you can pay one and discard one and search your deck for a [Fleet Girl] character. And when she is sent from stage to waiting room you can pay two and play a 2nd Junsen-class Type Ⅲ Submarine, I-8-Kai from your waiting room in rest.
When Shimakaze-Class Destroyer, Shimakaze reverses her opponent with the climax Fast Like Shimakaze in play you can search your deck for a [Fleet Girl] character.
If 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki is in memory “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный gets +1000 power.
Compass is a cost one event backup that when you use it you brainstorm three and if you reveal a climax you can choose one of your opponent’s characters and that character cannot deal damage to you this turn. If no climax is revealed, you place this card on top of your deck.
At level 2 we have 3 characters.
2nd Shokaku-Class Aircraft Carrier, Zuikaku has a climax combo that is not in this deck. Her last effect is rest her and give one of your [Fleet Girl] characters +3000 power until the end of turn.
2nd Shoho-class Light Aircraft Carrier, Zuiho has a pay 1 stock +2500 power backup. And her second effect is anti-change. When you use her backup you can pay 2 stock and put the top card of your deck into clock and choose an opponent’s character that is a higher level than your opponent and send it to the waiting room.
At level 3 we have 8 characters.
2nd Yamato-Class Battleship, Musashi cannot side attack. Her second effect is on the turn she is played if your opponent cancels her damage she you can put the top card of your deck to the waiting room and punish burn your opponent for one plus the level of that card.
When Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier, Akagi-Kai is played from hand to stage you can draw up to two cards and discard one. At the beginning of your climax phase put all cards in your stock to the waiting room (she eats everything) and all your characters get +1000 power until the end of your opponent’s turn. And when she reverses her battle opponent with the climax Akagi of the First Carrier Division is up next! in play you can clock shoot it.
WS_KC_S25_E034CC WS_KC_S25_E075CR
For climaxes we have a 4/4 split between 2k1 and gold bars respectively.
How do we use this deck?
C: A Kantai deck is best known for the efficiency and cycling of cards provided while being supported with effects that counter some of the more common abilities opponents might play for advantage like salvaging and healing. The game plan involves your level 0s providing a lot of utility through a variety of effects and build up stock for later. Level 1 focuses on generating more stock and building a late game hand with Shimakaze and her combo. Level 2 is a continuation of the level 1 plan, and level 3 you reap the rewards of a carefully planned out game with some of the best finishers in the game with Akagi-Kai and Musashi.
M: tl;dr anything from a lot of other Kantai lists previously featured definitely applies here. The intent is not to be standoffish here, but the deck is so popular and has been analyzed so many times that it’s hard to keep saying the same things about the same cards.
The deck’s viability and power as-is is going to change in the course of this year, so we are going to skip the rest of the analysis and head right into the interview.
On to the interview!
M: What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?
C: When you play a 177 man tournament with 7 rounds of swiss and a top 8 and come out the champion, you will definitely run into a lot of lucky moments and I certainly had more than any other individual that day.
Round 4 vs AoT Corps I was at 2.2 with about 13 cards in deck with no more climaxes. My opponent had 2 1 soul beaters and played a level 3 Levi for the turn. He attacked with the 1 souls first with each triggering a soul. The level 3 Levi got to restand but didn’t trigger any soul with either attack. I started my turn at 3.5 and if he had a climax or triggered with Levi, I most definitely would have lost.
Top 4 vs AoT Corps I was playing a very nervous player who was in his first ever large scale event. At level 1 with only red in level and clock he tried to play the level 2 early out Levi and I caught it as soon it hit the board the head judge was about to call strike 3 (he already had two warnings from earlier in the tournament; the third would have been a game loss) but I said it was fine because I caught it real fast and the game state wasn’t irreparably harmed. This all happened while I was absolutely getting wrecked. I was drawing horribly and my board was getting destroyed. At level 2 he had 2 2/2 Mikasa and the 1/1 Sasha and I had a bunch of low power characters and all I can do was play a gold bar climax and try to push for damage. I crashed 2 smaller characters into the level 2s and side attacked the level 1. While I was sending my 2 reversed characters to waiting room, my opponent made a mistake and ended up causing some irreparable damage to the game state. The head judge who was watching the game said that was finally enough and can’t be fixed or overlooked and I was awarded the win. It was a really awkward situation.
M: Winning through tournament procedure can definitely feel awkward. That aside, what was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?
C: Round 6 I had to play my good friend and teammate Michael Broderick on a pairdown and lost. In theory it was a blessing in disguise as we both won our round 7 and both made top cut and he finished 3rd.
M: Did you have any incredible comebacks?
C: Round 1 vs Nisekoi I had very few cancels but I kept the game close and at 3.5 my opponent attacks for 2 soul and triggered the salvage trigger off the red climax and returned a character to hand with his last attack and I was able to survive. Starting my following turn and playing a search I saw that I wouldn’t have a cancel available in the next 9 cards. I was able to finish him off that turn with Akagi-Kais and Musashi.
M: Give us the rundown – what did you play against?
R1 Nisekoi
R2 Fate
R3 AoT Titans
R4 AoT Corps
R5 AoT Corps
R6 Madoka
T8 AoT Titans
T4 AoT Corps
M: How did the final match go for you?
C: The final match went very well for me since I won (haha). I was playing a R/Y SAO deck that was reminiscent of the deck I won the 2014 Ohio Neo Showdown with, especially when I saw my tech card Demonic Sword Gram getting clocked. At one point at level 1 I had 3 gold bar climaxes in my hand and wasn’t that far from refreshing. I drew my tech card Maruyu and was able to draw a Shimakaze and a Fast Like Shimakaze climax. After discarding 2 gold bars, I was able to play 2 Shimakazes with the climax combo to refill my hand. I was able to refresh with 7 climaxes in deck with a very healthy hand and board. I setup and executed my game plan, he had first crack at playing the level 3 game and didn’t finish me and the superior Kantai level 3 sealed the victory.
M: Nice! How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?
I play in 4 Weiss tournaments a week. I had the deck max rarity completed months prior and knew that it was what I wanted to play for September. So the month prior to the event I switched to my Kantai Deck to get in the practice of playing well and properly, which helped a lot since I made very few mistakes and didn’t make any major game-losing blunders.
M: Congratulations on winning another major event, and thank you again for the interview! Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?
C: I would like to give a shoutout to my friends and teammates at our store Top Cut Comics Chicago. We had 3 in top 8, the bubble at 9th, 3 others at 5-2, and it reaffirms that we have some of the best players in the world. As a 2-time English qualifier winner, I know it is thanks to their constant competitiveness and skill that allows me to elevate my game to the level that it is. I would like to thank the Cardfight Underground, Gamers World, and the Gaming Goat for also running great tournaments in the Chicagoland community. I thank John Geig and his thecardacademy.net providing a lot of high quality cards by selling them to me at great prices. I would like to thank the Bushiroad staff for running a smooth tournament and was able to handle some really tough situations. Lastly, I would like to thank Michael Sohn and 9thcx for once again allowing me to share my experience with you all.

That wraps it up for this article!

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