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Beating the Crap Out of Eren

Do you hate Eren? Think that some people should take less than

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Is Ryuko Bae

If you ever thought that your opponent needed to have a better perspective on life, well-

Welcome to the 9th CX’s deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a fun deck dedicated to Levi and his squad! Special thanks to Johnny for brewing the list and for prepping the article. Because this is a “waifu” deck tech (Fujoshi rejoice!) we won’t be going into great detail about the strategy this time around. But let’s get to the list!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 18

2 “Beyond the Walls” Eren (AOT/S35-E001)
3 “No.1 Oddball” Hange (AOT/S35-E038)
3 “Member of Levi Squad” Eld (AOT/S35-E043)
3 “Member of Levi Squad” Gunther (AOT/S35-E044)
3 “Scout Regiment Captain” Levi (AOT/S35-E045)
4 “Violent Ripples” Levi (AOT/S35-E033)

Level 1 – 12

4 “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi (AOT/S35-E036)
4 “Member of Levi Squad” Petra (AOT/S35-E039)
4 “Member of Levi Squad” Oruo (AOT/S35-E047)

Level 2 – 8

4 “Beyond the Walls” Levi (AOT/S35-E031)
4 “Lesson” (AOT/S35-E052)

Level 3 – 4

4 “Resisting Fate” Levi (AOT/S35-E032)

CX – 8

4 Special Operations Squad (AOT/S35-E054)
4 The Wings of Freedom (AOT/S35-E053)


At level 0 we have 18 characters.


Eren Needs A Savage Beating “Beyond the Walls” Eren gives your middle character in the center stage +1000 power on your turn.  You can pay 1 stock and rest it to brainstorm and search your deck for a [Corps] character for each CX revealed.


“No.1 Odd Ball” Hange is a “standard” searcher (pay 1 stock, discard a card) for both [Titan] and [Corps] trait.


“Member of Levi Squad” Eld gives all your “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi +1000 power. And if you have another “Member of Levi Squad” Gunther he becomes a global +500 power to all your other [Corps] characters.


“Member of Levi Squad” Gunther gives all your “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi +1000 power. And if you have another “Member of Levi Squad” Eld he gives all your other [Corps] characters +1 level.


If “Scout Regiment Captain” Levi is facing a level 3 or higher battle opponent he gets +7500 power.


“Violent NRipples” Levi is a “global”; +500 power to all other [Corps] characters and on play you can give one of your opponent’s characters on center stage -1000 power until end of turn.

At level 1 we have 12 characters.


“Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi gets +2000 power if he is in the middle position of your center stage. And if you play the climax “Special Operations Squad” you can discard 1 and send 1 character from your stage to the waiting room to bring out 1 copy of “Member of Levi Squad” Eld, Gunther, Petra, and Oruo from your waiting room and place them onto separate positions on your stage.


If you have another “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi, “Member of Levi Squad” Petra gets +2000 power. And if you have another “Member of Levi Squad” Oruo all your other characters in the middle position of your center stage gets hand encore.


If you have another “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi, “Member of Levi Squad” Oruo gets +2000 power. And if you have another “Member of Levi Squad” Petra all your other [Corps] characters in the middle position of the center stage gets +1500 power.

At level 2 we have 4 characters and 4 events.


If you control four or more [Corps] characters “Beyond the Walls Levi gets -1 level in your hand. If all your characters are [Corps], he gets +1000 power.  Neither player can use Backups during his battles (but events still work).


Beat the Living !(@*& Out of the Ungrateful Little !(@*& Lesson” gives one of your [Corps] characters +4000 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn and then you send this card to your stock.

At level 3 we have 4 characters.


“Resisting Fate” Levi has a CX combo with “The Wings of Freedom”: when played, you can discard one card and choose one [Corps] character from your clock and play it to stage. His last ability is on the turn he is played from hand, up to once per turn, when he reverses his opponent you can pay 3 stock, discard one [Corps] character and send one [Corps] character from your stage to the waiting room. If you do, you can stand him and move him to an open slot on your stage.

AOT_S35_E054 AOT_S35_E053

For climaxes we have a 4/4 split between green stock soul and bars respectively.

How do we use this deck?

M: If a player in your area does not understand that Levi is best girl Corps member, it might be a good time to tell them about the church of Levi.

But if you’re not into glaring at your friend as you use your deck as a medium of education, the guide goes something like this:

At level 0, there’s a bunch of searching and setting up for what is probably one of the more unpleasant SURPRISE PARTY EVERYONE ATTACK moments in WS. At level 1, we have the very interesting all-in combo of Levi and his entire crew getting in for a lot of damage, all while being very large. Prey on enemy level reversers with impunity because your level 2 lineup (your center stage will get +1 level across the board) will smear them into the ground! Did your opponent somehow get lucky and take out a character? Encore the Levi, use the CX combo again, and pile on the damage!

If at level 2 your opponent hasn’t been taught a big enough Lesson, just make sure to keep a couple of Eren brainstormers in your hand. Why? Because for level 3, the only thing Levi should be doing is shoving that noob out of the way from the stage and your hand, for maximum flavor win.

Serving suggestion:

  1. Move Eren to center stage, in front of a larger character.
  2. Place Resisting Levi to a slot where a smaller character is.
  3. Attack with Eren.
  4. Make sure to announce “I’m helping!”
  5. Make a theatrical splatting sound when Eren gets reversed.
  6. Attack with Levi.
  7. Print out a slip of paper (before the game) that reads ” > lel typical copper noob” and toss it onto the stage
  8. Remind your opponent that Copper League was phased out of Starcraft II for being too demeaning.
  9. Once Levi is done killing the character, “sacrifice” the Eren and ditch the one from your hand.
  11. Make sure to narrow your eyes as your final attack with Levi ends the game and say, “Don’t worry. As long as Eren loses, we both win.”
  12. ???
  13. idk Korean BBQ/boba after?

As always, and not just with fun decks, have fun! (And really, please don’t rip up your cards.)

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Thanks for reading!