Attack On Titan – Mikasa Waifu Deck Tech

Mikasa is swole yeeee

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we have a waifu deck featuring Mikasa from Attack on Titan!

Note: This deck was built under unofficial waifu deck construction rules of being allowed 4 non-waifu, non-level 3 cards in the deck. For those who want a deck that is 100% Mikasa, only one card needs to be substituted!

Special thanks to Johnny for the article prep.

Now let’s get to the list!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 “A Chain of Tragedies” Mikasa (AOT/S35-TE14)
3 “Calm and Collected” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E064)
2 “Disheartened” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E075)
4 “Paving a Way for the Future” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E060)
4 Armin Arlelt (AOT/S35-TE01)

Level 1 – 13

3 “Hope in the Darkness of Despair” Mikasa (AOT/S35-TE17)
2 “Strong Bloodlust” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E065)
4 “Battle Stance” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E077)
4 Chimi Mikasa (AOT/S35-E109)

Level 2 – 9

2 Mikasa Ackermann (AOT/S35-TE18)
3 “Direct Sword” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E063)
4 “Beyond the Walls” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E058)

Level 3 – 4

4 “Resisting Fate” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E057)

CX – 8

4 I Can Hear His Heartbeat (AOT/S35-E084)
4 The World the Girl Saw (AOT/S35-E083)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


“A Chain of Tragedies” Mikasa gets +1500 power if you control 1 or fewer other characters.


“Calm and Collected” Mikasa has a brainstorm ability for 1 stock: salvage a [Corps] character and discard a card for each CX revealed. When a character you control moves during either player’s attack phase, that character gets +1000 power until end of turn.


“Disheartened” Mikasa is a vanilla!


At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase you can put the top card of your deck into the waiting room. If the revealed card is a [Corps] character, “Paving a way for the Future” Mikasa can run to an empty slot on the center stage.


Armin Arlelt is a +500 power front assist and you can rest him to give a Mikasa or Eren +500 power.

At level 1 we have 13 characters.


“Hope in the Darkness of Despair” Mikasa is an “assist assist” to front and you can rest her to give a character +1000 power until end of turn.


“Strong Bloodlust” Mikasa has a cost 0 +1000 power backup. And if you use her backup and you have an Eren on the field you can give the battling character +1000 power.


“Battle Stance” Mikasa gets +1000 and +1 level when she is played. And you can pay 2 stock when she is front attacked to send her to the waiting room and place a “Beyond the Walls” Mikasa from your hand as the defending character.


Once per turn when you use an ACT (or startup [S]) ability, Chimi Mikasa gets +1000 power until the end of turn.

For level 2 we have 9 characters.


If you have 2 or more [Corps] characters, Mikasa Ackermann gets +1000 power and hand encore. Every time another [Corps] character you control attacks, she gets +1000 power until the end of turn.


“Direct Sword” Mikasa is a level assist to front and when she is played you can discard a climax to salvage a [Corps] character.


“Beyond the Walls” Mikasa cannot side attack and gets +500 power for every other [Corps] character you control. When she reverses her opponent and the climax “The World the Girl Saw” is in play, you can burn your opponent for one damage.

For level 3 we have 4 characters.


“Resisting Fate” Mikasa gets +2000 power if you have two or more [Corps] characters, and on play she heals. Her last ability is at the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase you can pay one and choose her and another [Corps] character and stand and switch them.


For climaxes we have a 4/4 split with a red stock soul and gates respectively.

How do we use this deck?

M: This is a fun waifu deck, so only the very basics will be explained!

At level 0, the deck still has a lot of things to do, because it so happens some of the best effects that Attack on Titan has to offer are none other than in… Mikasa! You can run, build stock, and even brainstorm away CX floods. At level 1, the deck has a little less power, especially because the backup ability is only good for 1000 power.

However! The one gimmick the deck does have that is potentially usable in other more competitive decks is the SURPRISE Mikasa that can spring into action when attacked. Because of the way the card is worded, if you drop the level 2 Mikasa through the ability, that Mikasa will perform a battle with the attacking character. So don’t drop her in if your opponent is attacking with something with power that’s way too high.

At level 3, the aim of the game will be to preserve your precious waifu Mikasa as much as possible, and fortunately, the level 3 Mikasa can (literally) kite very well. (Oh come on, it’s a Starcraft term and it’s perfectly applicable here- running back to be able to squeeze out the maximum number of attacks before retaliation – that’s totally what the Mikasa is all about, yes yes)

Because there are no real tricks in the deck, once the level 3 Mikasa is out, just play level 0 characters or other weaker ones in the back stage and then swap them out once she’s attacked. Being able to attack for 2/2/2 or more every turn (or even 3/3/3 + burn with the 2/2 Mikasa) is still quite powerful, even if the deck as a whole isn’t exactly “competitive”.

With this deck, have fun! This is probably one of those decks where the line “My waifu can beat the living !(@&$ out of your waifu” might be heard during a game, but as always, exercise caution when telling others that your waifu is obviously better than everyone else’s and everyone else must therefore have @(&* taste and keep things fun!

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