Attack on Titan Deck Tech – 2015 Anaheim Sneak Peek Winner!

Mikasa BOOM

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we are going to be looking at the deck that took down the Attack on Titan Sneak Peek event, held in Anaheim, CA on 7/25/2015!

Because this set has not been released in any language yet, we can only verify the cards as they are set to be printed in English, barring last-minute errata from Bushiroad.

To clarify, this deck list is not going to be presented as a deck to play because it was created under special Sneak Peek rules: all players received 7 booster packs of Attack on Titan, and constructed 50 card decks, with 7 CXs. There were no color requirements in-game (i.e. color in clock and level never mattered), but all other requirements (e.g. you can’t play this if you don’t control enough characters), still applied.

A full text spoiler has been assembled in a concerted effort including 9th CX, and can be viewed here! We will also be including pictures of the cards used in the deck.

The deck list and interview are brought to you by Jeffrey de la Cruz.

Now onto the list!

Cards- 50

Level 0- 15

1 “Rite of Passage” Armin (AOT/S35-E020)
1 “Entrance Ceremony” Annie (AOT/S35-E004)
1 “Garrison Regiment” Hannes (AOT/S35-E019)
1 “Guiding Force to the Truth” Armin (AOT/S35-E009)
1 “104th Cadet Corps Class” Conny (AOT/S35-E018)
2 “Battle Stance” Jean (AOT/S35-E059)
1 “Calm and Collected” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E064)
1 “Strong Spirit” Reiner (AOT/S35-E071)
1 “104th Cadet Corps Class” Bertholdt (AOT/S35-E070)
1 “Member of Levi Squad” Eld (AOT/S35-E043)
2 “Member of Levi Squad” Gunther (AOT/S35-E044)
2 “Scout Regiment Captain” Levi (AOT/S35-E045)

Level 1- 18

1 “Humanity’s Rage” Eren Titan (AOT/S35-E012)
1 “Recurring Tragedy” Eren (AOT/S35-E010)
1 “Garrison Regiment Commander” Pyxis (AOT/S35-E022)
1 Anti-Titan Device “Omni-Directional Mobility Gear” (AOT/S35-E026b)
1 Chimi Jean (AOT/S35-E110)
1 “Battle Stance” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E077)
2 “Sore Loser Personality” Jean (AOT/S35-E078)
1 “Awkward Affection” Mikasa (AOT/S35-E061)
1 “Sharp Tounge” Ymir (AOT/S35-E080)
1 “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi (AOT/S35-E036)
1 “Cool Personality” Levi (AOT/S35-E040)
1 “Scout Regiment Section Commander” Hange (AOT/S35-E048)
1 “Outer Wall Research” Erwin (AOT/S35-E050)
2 Biological Research (AOT/S35-E051)
1 “Cruel Smile” Titan (AOT/S35-E097)
1 “Invasion” Titan (AOT/S35-E095b)

Level 2- 9

1 “104th Cadet Corps Class” Jean (AOT/S35-E068)
1 Anti-Titan Device “Snap Blade” (AOT/S35-E082c)
2 “Titan Ability” Eren Titan (AOT/S35-E025)
1 “Call From the Heart” Armin (AOT/S35-E014)
1 “104th Cadet Corps Class” Annie (AOT/S35-E015)
1 “Beyond the Walls Levi (AOT/S35-E031)
1 “Scout Regiment Commanding Officer” Erwin (AOT/S35-E042)
1 “Broken Wall” Colossal Titan (AOT/S35-E091?)

Level 3- 1

1 “Enormous Stature” Colossal Titan (AOT/S35-E090?)

CX- 7

1 What We Should Focus On (AOT/S35-E029a)
1 Since That Day (AOT/S35-E028)
1 The World the Girl Saw (AOT/S35-E083)
1 I Can Hear His Heartbeat (AOT/S35-E084)
1 The Wings of Freedom (AOT/S35-E053)
1 Truth (AOT/S35-E055)
1 And, in 850… … (AOT/S35-E099)

Since there is no walkthrough for this deck, we have pictures of the cards themselves!

AoT Sneak Peek Deck

AoT Sneak Peek Deck (2)

We also asked Jeffrey to include some thoughts on what he thought were his top 10 from the deck.


Top 10 Notable Cards in my AoT Deck


“Entrance Ceremony” Annie receives +1500 power if the number of cards in your stock is two or less. Annie is a strong level 0 card that can stay at 4000 power with some stock management.


“Recurring Tragedy” Eren gives +1000 power to all other Corps characters during your turn and Eren can rest to give another [Corps] character an additional +500 power. Not the most amazing support, but I have to give this card credit for not costing any stock.


“Strong Spirit” Reiner gives characters in front +500 power and gives +500 power to a character you control whenever another [Corps] character you control becomes reversed. (Revenge trigger) Perhaps not the strongest support card in the set, but I listed it here because the revenge trigger boosting my 9000 power Eren Titans put them just slightly stronger than my opponent’s Eren Titans, which helped me win in the finals of the event.


“Calm and Collected” Mikasa gives +1000 power to a character during the attack phase when that character moves to another position on the stage. Mikasa also has a brainstorm ability which lets you salvage a [Corps] character for every climax revealed and discard a card for every climax revealed. The first ability is useful to power up runner type cards but also is there to reward players who use the Anti-Titan Device “Omni-Directional Mobility Gear” card or “Resisting Fate” Mikasa card that allow characters to move before the battle step.


“Battle Stance” Jean is a level 0 reverser and has the ability to use one stock to give one of yours Corps characters a +1500 power boost for the turn. Jean is a level reverser, and those have been good since the dawn of time. Having the ability to pay stock to increase power will help you dominate the early game too, ensuring all your [Corps] characters reverse their opponents.

M: To add to that, he can also he can clear out those pesky early turn CX triggers!


J: Chimi Jean receives +2000 power until the end of the turn when played if you control a Mikasa. This box promo card fulfills the same role as “Cool Personality” Levi but just requires a Mikasa on the field which is an easier requirement for the Mikasa-focused decks.



“Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi receives +2000 power if is in the center slot of the center stage. He has a climax combo called “Special Operations Squad”: in order to activate it, Levi must be in the center stage,  you must discard a card, and put a character you control on the stage to the waiting room. If you pay the (whole) cost, you may put “Member of Levi Squad” Eld, Gunther, Oruo, and Petra onto different positions of the stage. I find this card to be really interesting since Levi summons his support squad to assist him which sounds really cool. All of his supports increase his power and give him hand encore which makes Levi almost invincible at level one.

M: This is the Levi deck’s prime CX combo. Getting 4 characters that get you a board that is untouchable by level reversers (they become level 2) that attack for 2 soul minimum (the CX is +1 stock + 1 soul) is a pretty sweet effect. Hand encore makes the Levi nearly impossible to get rid of during early turns, and if you have multiple copies of the CX in hand, you can just do it again the following turn if you lose your front line.


J: “Cool Personality” Levi when placed onto the stage it receives +X power until the end of the turn. X equals the number of Corps characters you have multiplied by 500. It’s a strong assassin type card since it can 7500 power without any support. (He counts himself!)


Biological Research is an event card which allows you to look at up to the top four cards of your deck, choose up to 1 [Corps] character among them and discard the rest.

A carbon copy of a Junketsu from the Kill La Kill set, but remains to be a powerful tool to search specific characters since the Attack on Titan set seems to revolve around having specific characters working together.


“Beyond the Walls” Levi is a level 2 character which can become level one in your hand if the number of Corps characters you have is four or more. It also receives +1000 power on top of its already respectable 7000 power, and during its battles neither player may use Backup abilities.

Levi is the most interesting card that I pulled because it is really strong during level 1 and stays relevant during level 2 due to the anti-backup ability.

Thoughts on the Attack on Titan Set:


Green: The Levi cards seem to be quite self-sufficient such as “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” Levi summoning an army with just one climax combo. Levi having strong level ones like the previously mentioned “Cool Personality” Levi and “Beyond the Walls” Levi, I can imagine that Levi will have a strong presence in the ‘meta’ deck.

Yellow & Red: I put these two colors together because this:


Enough said.

Blue: The blue cards consist of Titans which will obviously become its own deck with both level 3s Titans being the focus of the deck. The main combo of the deck is the Colossal Titan combo (Weiss Exodia) which is really good but susceptible to anti-change effects, since if the Colossal Titan is sent to the waiting room from the stage, the rest of his other body part cards go along with him.

For those who were wondering how the event went for our winner, we have a round-by-round breakdown!

Round 1: Started the tournament against a fairly new player. I reversed characters whenever I could and eventually she couldn’t play three attackers putting her at a major disadvantage going into level 3.

Round 2: This round taught me the power behind “Beyond the Walls” Levi. The round was pretty straightforward since I just managed my stock because she had a lot of trouble reversing my characters. I stopped clocking at some point, using only my regular draw to replace my reversed characters. In the last turn, she played the level 3 Armin which sat in the back stage and (unfortunately for her) did nothing.

Round 3: Played against a more experienced player; I still wasn’t sure if my deck was any good because my first couple of rounds had gone so smoothly. I started off with a good hand with just one climax so I decided to keep it. My opponent started off with a level 0 Conny, which gets +1 soul if the opponent doesn’t have a climax in the waiting room so I started off taking three damage. I reversed his Connie since it isn’t very strong in battle (1500 power) and I passed the turn. He plays another Connie and because there wasn’t a climax in the waiting room in this turn either, he swung for four soul damage and I barely canceled on four. The game stood roughly even throughout. Honestly, I got pretty lucky this match because he took five damage at the very end which netted me the victory.

Round 4 (Finals): Played Danny Ngo in the finals and this was perhaps the round I could have lost very easily. The match was close until level 2 where he played 2 Eren Titans, reversing my level 1s. However, he had to sacrifice his back support Levi to do extra soul damage. The character who survived was the Mikasa who can’t stand without an Eren on my side of the field so I sent her to the back.

Starting that turn I already had three different level 2s and two Eren Titans of my own but the most I could do was trade mine for his and after encores I would be the one in the losing position. Forunately, I drew into a “Strong Spirit” Reiner who pushed my Eren Titans above his and his revenge ability to give +500 power when someone is reversed made sure that both won’t go down in one turn. He responded with level 0s and crashed into my characters for damage.

I counted up my climaxes and I knew I had very little chance of having an extra turn after this one. I had a climax in hand and his field was nearly empty. I went full YOLO and played a climax to push to finishing damage. It went to the last two attacks and a second Eren Titan did four soul damage when he only had two cards in deck. He asked the judge to shuffle his deck and after the shuffle, he rolled two characters off the top to end the game. Right after he checked his next cards and the next three were climaxes meaning if that attack did not go through, I would have lost next turn because I only had one climax in my deck of six cards.

Thanks again to Jeffrey for the report, and congratulations on winning the Sneak Peek event!

The Attack on Titan set is shaping up to be a strong one, and we’ll have more soon about our thoughts on the set!

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