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Accel World

Cards – 50


Level 0 – 15

4 “Beautiful Girl” Kuroyukihime (AW/S18-003)

4 Niko, Cute Second Cousin!? (AW/S18-059)

3 Chiyuri, Carefree Talk (AW/S18-033)

2 Sky Raker, Living as Hermit (AW/S18-081)

2 Black Lotus, Encountering Nearby Duels (AW/S18-010)


Level 1 – 13

4 “Black King” Black Lotus (AW/S18-012)

3 Kuroyukihime, Pitch Black Swallowtail (AW/S18-103)

2 Kuroyukihime, Promise at Dusk (AW/S18-013)

2 “Bouncer” Aqua Current (AW/S18-092)

2 Kuroyukihime, The Goal Chased After (AW/S18-005)


Level 2 – 8

4 Kuroyukihime, Real Strength (AW/S18-014)

2 Kuroyukihime in Ponytail (AW/S18-023)

2 Niko, Good at Cooking (AW/S18-056)


Level 3 – 6

2 Kuroyukihime (AW/S18-002)

2 Black Lotus (AW/S18-009)

2 Yuniko Kouzuki (AW/S18-057)


CX – 8

4 Emotion First Felt at Birth (AW/S18-028)

4 Death by Piercing (AW/S18-029)

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