Kantai Deck Tech – 4th at 2015 BSR PH Festival


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a deck from the 2015 BSR PH Festival!

Since these cards are released in English the English names will be used. It’s been a while since we’ve introduced the cards, so for this time, we will go card by card.

The deck list and interview are brought to you by Marvz. Special thanks to Johnny Chau for article prep.

Onto the list!
Cards – 50
Level 0 – 15
3  7th Kagero-class Destroyer, Hatsukaze (KC/S25-E006)
2 1st Kagero-class Destroyer, Kagero (KC/S25-E011)
3 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki (KC/S25-E056)
2 Hardworking, Ikaduchi (KC/S25-E057)
4 Clumsy Girl, Inaduma (KC/S25-E061)
1 4th Asashio-class Destroyer, Arashio (KC/S25-E152)
Level 1 – 17
3 Shimakaze-Class Destroyer, Shimakaze (KC/S25-E003)
2 2nd Junsen-class Type  Submarine, I-8 (KC/S25-E009)
3 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser, Yahagi (KC/S25-E010)
2  Yubari-class Light Cruiser, Yubari (KC/S25-E037)
3 “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный (KC/S25-E038)
1 3rd Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Ashigara (KC/S25-E158)
3 Compass (KC/S25-E031)
Level 2 -2
1 2nd Shokaku-Class Aircraft Carrier, Zuikaku (KC/S25-E004)
1 2nd Junsen-class Type  Submarine, I-8-Kai (KC/S25-E019)
Level 3 – 8
3 2nd Yamato-Class Battleship, Musashi (KC/S25-E002)
3 Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier, Akagi-Kai (KC/S25-E035)
1 Kaga-class Aircraft Carrier, Kaga (KC/S25-E036)
1 2nd Ise-class Aviation Battleship, Hyuga-Kai (KC/S25-E043)
CX – 8
4 Akagi of the First Carrier Division is up next! (KC/S25-E075)
4 Fast Like Shimakaze (KC/S25-E034)
At level 0 we have 16 characters.
7th Kagero-class Destroyer, Hatsukaze is a global +500 power to all your [Fleet Girl] characters and her second effect is whenever a player salvages during the attack phase, all their characters get -3 soul.
When 1st Kagero-class Destroyer, Kagero is placed from hand to stage you can pay two to search your deck for a [Fleet Girl] character. Her second effect is when her damage is canceled you can pay one and draw a card.
When 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki is reversed in battle you can pay 1 and send her to memory, then you can play one “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный from your waiting room onto the stage position she was in. And while in memory she has heal tax.
Hardworking, Ikaduchi has a brainstorm ability, reveal the top four and for every climax take a card from your clock and add it to your hand and then clock yourself one.
When Clumsy Girl, Inaduma is placed from hand to stage reveal the top card of your deck, if it is not a [Fleet Girl] character rest her. And when she is sent from stage to waiting room you can pay one and clock yourself to search your deck for a level one or lower character.
When 4th Asashio-class Destroyer, Arashio is played from hand to stage check the top card of your deck and either keep it there or place it at the bottom. Her second effect is pay one: draw one, discard one.
At level 1 we have 14 characters and 3 events.
When Shimakaze-Class Destroyer, Shimakaze reverses her opponent with the climax Fast Like Shimakaze in play you can search your deck for a [Fleet Girl] character.
When 2nd Junsen-class Type  Submarine, I-8 is played from hand to stage you can pay one and discard one and search your deck for a [Fleet Girl] character. And when she is sent from stage to waiting room you can pay two and play a 2nd Junsen-class Type Ⅲ Submarine, I-8-Kai from your waiting room in rest.
3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser, Yahagi has clock encore and you can rest two characters to give her +2500 power until the end of turn.
If you have one or less climaxes in your waiting room you can not play Yubari-class Light Cruiser, Yubari from your hand. If you have four or more cards in your stock she gets +1000 power. Her third effect is when your opponent salvages you can choose one of your characters and that character gets +2000 power until end of turn. And her last effect is if you are level two or higher she gets +1500 power.
If 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Hibiki is in memory “Faithful” Destroyer, Верный gets +1000 power
3rd Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Ashigara has a cost one +1500 power backup and when you use her backup you can choose one of your [Fleet Girl] characters in battle and it gets +1000 power.
Compass is a cost one event backup that when you use it you brainstorm three and if you reveal a climax you can choose one of your opponent’s characters and that character cannot deal damage to you this turn. If no climax is revealed, you place this card on top of your deck.
At level 2 we have 2 characters!
2nd Shokaku-Class Aircraft Carrier, Zuikaku has a climax combo that is not in this deck. Her last effect is rest her and give one of your [Fleet Girl] characters +3000 power until the end of turn.
When another [Fleet Girl] character attacks 2nd Junsen-class Type  Submarine, I-8-Kai gets +1000 power until the end of turn. You can also rest a character to give her +1000 power until the end of turn.
At leve 3 we have 8 characters.
2nd Yamato-Class Battleship, Musashi cannot side attack. Her second effect is on the turn she is played if your opponent cancels her damage she you can put the top card of your deck to the waiting room and punish burn your opponent for one plus the level of that card.
When Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier, Akagi-Kai is played from hand to stage you can draw up to two cards and discard one. At the beginning of your climax phase put all cards in your stock to the waiting room (she eats everything) and all your characters get +1000 power until the end of your opponent’s turn. And when she reverses her battle opponent with the climax Akagi of the First Carrier Division is up next! in play you can clock shoot it.
Kaga-class Aircraft Carrier, Kaga is a global +1500 power to all your [Fleet Girl] characters. When she is played from hand to stage you can put the top two cards of your deck under her as markers. At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase you can pay three and one of their characters gets +4 soul until the end of turn. At the beginning of your draw phase put all markers under her into your stock.
2nd Ise-class Aviation Battleship, Hyuga-Kai gives all your 1st Ise-class Aviation Battleship, Ise-Kai +1000 power. When this card is played from hand to stage or by the effect of 2nd Ise-class Battleship, Hyuga you can discard one and she gets +1000 power and  clock shoot until the end of turn. And lastly up to once per turn when you use an ACT ability she gets +1000 power.
WS_KC_S25_E034CC WS_KC_S25_E075CR
For climaxes we have a 4/4 split between 2k1 and gold bars respectively.
How do we use this deck?
Marvz: The goal of this deck is hold as much as possible in Level 1 until it you reach Level 3 since I am only using 2 level 2 characters and one of them is only used for power boost.
At level 0, if you can draw both Verniy(best ship/fleet girl BTW) and Hibiki on your first 5, you already have a big advantage since you have a 6000-7000 beater on your 1st/2nd turn and apply heal tax on earlier levels.
When you don’t get them, there is always plan B.  If you draw Shimakaze’s Climax + Inazuma, go search for Shimakaze and/or Yahagi to prepare yourself for Level 1.  In case your opponent doesn’t want to reverse your Inazuma, you can always play over her to activate the effect.
At level 1, this is your time to shine.  If you want staying power, go for Yahagi and Yubari. Also, try to secure Shimakaze to prepare for Level 3.  I suggest getting this in order Akagi Kai(if you have CX otherwise)->Musashi->Hyuuga Kai.  Consider Zuikaku too, it definitely helped me destroying powerhouse decks to secure Kick to Clock.
What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? What are some of the potential risks the list takes?
Mz: The deck basically flops when your opponent has powerhouses and yes, I’m looking at you Soundless Voice.  Also, it falls on level 2 because there are limited cards that you can use on the first set in my opinion.  Second Fleet (should it come to EN) solves that.
About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?
Greed: 4
Mz: Around the gray area, could be conservative and greedy sometimes.
Mi: Having played this deck for a while, I can say that the only thing greedy about it is its midgame. In the EN game, because of the popularity of using straight power at level 1, Shimakaze might not be able to go off as reliably. But, the rest of the cards in the deck are so powerful that even if it has to go card for card, it will do well.
Power Range: 5 – 8
Mi: The combination of the disruptive effects combined with the opportunities to gain card advantage means that Kantai, while not particularly explosive, will never really be stuck dead in the water. (Sorry) Without the second set, it loses a bit of consistency and mid-game power, but given how strongly Kantai tends to show up in larger events, I don’t think that that’s nearly enough to write it off.
Difficulty: 3
Mz: In my opinion, it’s easy. No complicated combos whatsoever.
Mi: The deck is very visible (come on, we’ve written about the deck at least five times by now I think!), and practicing with it is fairly straightforward.
EN/JP Meta Viability:
Mz: I think it’s really viable since 3 cards that are currently restricted in JP are allowed on the deck so it makes your opponent think before they heal and/or salvage.
Mi: The list itself in the context of the EN game is very close to the ‘standard’ build that many have come to expect from the set. This one maximizes the hate on salvage with the inclusion of Yubari. In the JP meta, Kantai is still a force to be reckoned with, especially with the power of the second fleet (hi Winter Akatsuki), but because this list doesn’t (and can’t) include it, it’s not entirely applicable.
Now onto the interview!
Mi: How was your event overall?
Mz: It was fine on the first 3 rounds, after that every almost match was a close call.   Made my heart skip a beat but alas, godly cancels everywhere.  Also, it was fun yet tiring to the point that I was playing Level 2’s when I was only Level 1, so yeah, don’t skip your lunch guys.
Mi: Yes, lunch is indeed tech. What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?
Mz: The field is full of The One, Chitoge with 3 souls from the effect + CX combo.  God cancels everywhere.
Mi: Nice! What was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?
Mz: It was in the semis, got rekt by +2 souls from Level 1 -> Level 3.  After the damage, I drew a climax, clock then drew another climax. Sad sad life indeed.

Mi: Ouch! Sounds like you used all your luck against Chitoge. Did you have any incredible comebacks?

Mz: Yes!  The match against Love Live in top 8.  He had the advantage early on.  He brainstormed 2 CX then triggered at least 2 CX I think.  Stock was good so I called Akagi Kai, got 1 Musashi and 1 Akagi Kai.
Mi: How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?

Mz: I played against another teitoku. It was a close match and I am definitely satisfied of the results even though I lost.
Mi: How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?
Mz: Hmmm, go to church before the tournament.  Nothing else I guess.
Mi: Any funny stories from the event?
Mz: They love the sleeves.

Mi: … (my eyes whyyyyyyy) Um, any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?

Mz: Thanks to those who supported me especially Brandon, who lent me the cards I needed for the deck.  Without him, I wouldn’t even reach this far.  WOOOHOOO TEAM BAYAW FTW!

Thanks again to Marvz for the list and the report!

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