Katanagatari Deck Tech – Top 4 at 2015 Fanime Team Tournament


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a deck that took Top 4 at the 2015 Fanime 2v2 Team Tournament!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

The deck list and interview are brought to you by Brian Yoshihara. Special thanks to Felix Lee and Johnny Chau for the article prep.

Let’s get to the list!

Katanagatari – 50

Level 0 – 17

4 Togame, Encounter with Shichika (KG/SE07-27)

4 “7th Master of Kyoutouryuu” Shichika Yasuri (KG/SE07-37)

4 “Power of Acknowledgment” Togame (KG/SE07-48)

2 “Lord of the Yasuri Household” Nanami (KG/SE07-35)

2 Togame, Brain Work Specialist (KG/SE07-34)

1 Togame & Shichika, Beginning the Trip (KG/SE07-47)


Level 1 – 12

4 “Togame, Focused” (KG/SE07-40)

2 “Togame’s Blade” Shichika Yasuri (KG/SE07-39)

2 Princess Yousha (KG/SE07-28)

2 Nanami Yasuri, Weak yet Genius (KG/SE07-38)

2 Ginkaku Uneri, Lord of the Geku Castle (KG/SE07-02)


Level 2 – 8

4 Togame, Last Directive (KG/SE07-29)

2 “First Move ‘Suzuran'” Shichika Yasuri (KG/SE07-30)

2 Togame, Smart Strategies and Knacks (KG/SE07-41)


Level 3 – 5

4 Kyouto “Yasuri” (KG/SE07-32)

1 “Nanami Yasuri” (KG/SE07-33)



CX – 8

3 Cheerio-! (KG/SE07-42)

3 End of Travels (KG/SE07-45)

2 Shichika Hachiretsu (Kai) (KG/SE07-43)


At level 0 we have 17 characters:


Togame, Encounter with Shichika is a global +500 power to all your [Weapon] characters, and her second effect is when she is played from hand to stage you can choose one of your characters with “Shichika” in name and give it +1000 power.


When “7th Master of Kyoutouryuu” Shichika Yasuri is played from hand to stage if you do not control a “Togame, Encounter with Shichika” he has to rest.


“Power of Acknowledgment” Togame gets +1000 power if you have one or fewer other characters in the front row.


If you have no other characters “Lord of the Yasuri Household” Nanami gets +2000 power.Her second effect is pay two, rest her salvage a [Weapon] character.


When Togame, Brain Work Specialist is played from hand to stage you can give a [Weapon] character +500 power. And she has a pay one bond with ‘”First Move ‘Suzuran'” Shichika Yasuri’ .


Togame & Shichika, Beginning the Trip gets +1500 and +1 level if you control no other characters.

At level 1 we have 12 characters.


When “Togame, Focused” attacks with the climax “Cheerio-!” in play you can put the top card of your deck into clock. If you do, you salvage a [Weapon] character and she gets +2000 power until the end of turn.


You can pay one and rest a Togame to give  “Togame’s Blade” Shichika Yasuri +2000 power and when he battles his opponent they cannot use back-ups.


Princess Yousha has hand encore.


When Nanami Yasuri, Weak yet Genius is front attacked by a character that is equal or higher level than her you can pay one and put the top card of your deck under her as a marker. For each marker she gets +1 level and +2000 power.


Ginkaku Uneri, Lord of the Geku Castle has a cost 0 +1000 power back-up and when you use his back-up you can clock yourself and give a battling character +1500.

At level 2 we have 8 characters.


Togame, Last Directive is a level assist to front and her second effect is to send her to memory when the climax “End of Travels” is played to play a “Kyouto ‘Yasuri'” from your hand.


When “First Move ‘Suzuran'” Shichika Yasuri attacks with the climax “Shichika Hachiretsu (Kai)” in play you can pay one to salvage a [Weapon] character and he gets +4000 power.


Togame, Smart Strategies and Knacks has a cost one +3000 power back-up.

At level 3 we have 5 characters.


Kyouto “Yasuri” heals on play. And when he reverses your opponent’s character you can pay five and burn you opponent for five damage.


When “Nanami Yasuri” is played from hand to stage you can salvage a [Weapon] character. When she attacks with the climax “Clash: Nanami versus Shichika” in play you can pay 4 and send all level two and lower character in your opponent’s center stage to the waiting room. And at the start of your draw phase you can send the top card of your stock to the waiting room to give her +2500 power until the end of turn.

16 17 18

For climaxes we have a 3/3/2 split with 2k1, gates, and +2 soul respectively.

How to use the deck?

Brian: The deck is an older style deck. It’s all about building stock until you hit level 3. Katanagatari is strong in its level 0 game since the majority is all oversize characters. The level 1 game is a lot weaker compare to decks nowadays, you are stuck using back-ups on key cards. It’s also the main level for set up for level 3 as well. Its level 2 game is all about either setting up your support or using it to change into the level 3 and for the level 3 game it’s all about healing and having the stock to use Kyouto “Yasuri” burn 5 ability since it cost 5 stock to use on top of the cost to play him.

M: Like most old decks today, the main game plan is to compress and finish them with your level three game. This deck does have the salvage power to set up for your late game which helps it keep somewhat up to pace with today’s decks.

What does the deck do well?

B: The deck does well at maintaining hand size and salvaging. It lacks in level 1 power and in level 2 game. It does have cards to fix it but it end up cutting out other cards you need in my opinion. So it makes building it a hard choice on what to keep and what to cut for level 1 and 2.

How greedy is the build?

B: I would say it’s greedy with stock, I don’t really know how to say the deck is greedy other than that since you need to build up so much.

M: The late game is expensive and will take a lot of set up in the early game to go for the final push with the ‘cannon’ effect of the burn 5.

How hard the deck is to play?

B: I would say it’s not that hard to play cause there are only a couple of different ways to play the deck.

M: Linear and simple!

JP Meta Viability:

B: Personally it shouldn’t hold up that well since the deck needs to heal and salvage. Since the current Meta decks run anti salvage and anti heal it has a lot harder time getting the setup it needs. Also since the deck lacks clock encore you don’t have easy lvl 1 play since you either have to use a back-up or pay cost of encore. So it can greatly affect your stock and hand size which is what you need to build up to survive.

M: Anti-salvage affects most decks, not just the old ones. The only difference is that newer decks have a better card pool to combat them with and older sets do not. That is where there is a slight disadvantage playing older sets.

Round by Round Breakdown:

First round was against Persona Yukkiko (Eng). It was a fun game but I wasn’t too worry about it since English lacks key cards for the deck, still a fun game none the less.

Second round was against Railgun. I felt as though I did no real damage as it seemed he canceled a lot but it was still a tough game, I did lose though but it was overall a close game.

Third round was against Nisekoi. This game was very nerve wracking as it was against a strong deck and a good player that I know. I got lucky in the fact that no pendants were used so I didn’t have to worry about main level 3 game being so strong. I manage to win but still was a very tough game.

Fourth round was against Nisekoi. This game was tough as well. It was against another really good player I know. So it was a close game all the way up until level 3. He got lucky on the last attack with Marika cause he was swinging for 2 with the final attack with me being at 3/3 and then he triggered a two soul which won him the game in the final round. It was another good game as far as I was concerned.

Thanks again to Brian for the list and the report!

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