Kantai Deck Tech – Top 4 at 2015 Fanime 2v2 Team Tournament

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Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a deck that took Top 4 at the 2015 Fanime 2v2 Team Tournament!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

This series has been analyzed and featured numerous times in the past. New cards that haven’t been seen and some cards that may have only been seen once before will be introduced. The most familiar cards will be skipped.

The deck list and interview are brought to you by Felix Lee. Special thanks to Felix Lee (yeah, same guy) for the article prep.

Kantai Collection

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

4 Hibiki, 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-056)
4 Inazuma, Blunderer (KC/S25-061)
2 Ikazuchi, Works Hard (KC/S25-057)
4 Akatsuki, A Moment in Winter (KC/S31-040)
1 Ikazuchi, A Moment in Winter (KC/S31-046)
1 Arashio, 4th Asashio-class Destroyer (KC/S25-152)

Level 1 – 18

4 Verniy, “Trustworthy” Destroyer (KC/S25-038)
4 Shimakaze, Shimakaze-class Destroyer (KC/S25-003)
2 Shimakaze Kai, Shimakaze-class Destroyer (KC/S31-015)
2 Yahagi, 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-010)
1 I-8, 2nd Junsen-class Type J-3 Submarine (KC/S25-009)
2 Ashigara, 3rd Myoukou-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S25-158)
3 Compass (KC/S25-031)

Level 2 – 2

2 I-58 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Kai II Submarine (KC/S25-029)

Level 3 – 6

4 Musashi, 2nd Yamato-class Battleship (KC/S25-002)
2 Hyuuga Kai, 2nd Ise-class Aviation Battleship (KC/S25-043)

CX – 8

4 Swift as the Island Wind (KC/S25-034)
4 Akagi of the First Carrier Division, Deploying! (KC/S25-075)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


When you play Arashio, 4th Asashio-class Destroyer, you look at the top card of your deck. You may choose to leave it on top or put it on the bottom of your deck. You may pay 1 stock to draw 1 card and discard a card from your hand to your waiting room.


When Ikazuchi, A Moment in Winter attacks, you choose another one of your [Fleet Girl] characters, and that character gains +1 level and +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 1, we have 18 characters.


When Shimakaze Kai, Shimakaze-class Destroyer attacks, you choose another one of your [Fleet Girl] characters. That character gains +500 power for every other [Fleet Girl] character on your field until end of turn.

At level 2, we have 2 characters.


I-58 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Kai II Submarine gains +1 soul and character encore if you have 2 or more other [Fleet Girl] characters.

At level 3, we have 6 characters.


Hyuuga Kai, 2nd Ise-class Aviation Battleship gives all your other “Ise Kai, 1st Ise-class Aviation Battleship” +1000 power. When you play this card, or from the effect of “Hyuuga , 2nd Ise-class Aviation Battleship”, you may discard a card from your hand. If you do, this card gains +1000 power and the ability to send its reversed opponent to clock until end of turn.

The CX spread is 4 2k1 and 4 1k1gold bar.

How do we use this deck?

Felix: The deck itself is super straightforward in operation if you are familiar with how the pre-ban G/Y Kantai lists work. The only real changes I made to the deck was putting in Inazuma for Hatsukaze, Musashi for Akagi, and Hyuuga for Yamato.

Everything else is the same, you have your get to level 1 faster than your opponent plan and spam Zekamashis to plus and then close out the game with Musashi and Hyuuga. If you fail to close out the game the first turn you hit level 3, you simply compass all of your opponent’s attacks and try and close out the game the next turn.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? What are some of the potential risks the list takes?

The deck does not do well against blue builds in the mirror because Big Whale walls are hard to get over with Zekamashi.

The deck is missing a clock send finisher with a gold bar CX combo and a global support that also acts as an anti-salvage.

The list itself is a risk. Going up against blue wall builds are very rough since there are not as many options for clearing walls at level 1.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 7

The deck tries to get more consistency by being only 2 color by sacrificing potential power. There are also 2 copies of Zekamashi Kai to try and get more value from Zekamashis even after the opponent is level 1.

Power Range: 1-10

If the opponent doesn’t have any walls and does not hit level 1 before you and has 3 level 0 characters and you have 3 Zekamashis and the CX, it really feels like you can’t lose the game.

However, if your opponent has walls or if they don’t have Zekamashi targets or if you don’t have the CX, you can easily feel like there’s nothing you can do.

Difficulty: 3

Straightforward deck is straightforward.

EN/JP Meta Viability: JP – 6, EN – 10

The list is not very good against Metakoi, GF beta yellow or any blue Kantai builds. However, it still does good against other sets so it is still semi-viable in JP.

In EN, Kantai best deck.

Now onto the interview!

How was your event overall?


What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

Winning the dice roll in top 4 and top 2.

troll nep face

What was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?


Did you have any incredible comebacks?

kaga no

How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?

The match went ok. I played against RNG aka a dice roll and won.

How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?

dank bucket

wallet taiha



Round by Round Breakdown

Round 1: I played against a Hibiki cosplayer running Devil survivor. I had a rough early game, not being able to pull off the Zekamashi. However managed to get the win with Musashi.

Round 2: I played against the yellow UBW build and he didn’t get his Zekamashi-like combo off and I got 2 off and won through hand advantage, but it was still a close game.

Round 3: I played against Ken and I cut his CX to the top and successfully NTR’d him 😀 Also Victor beat Ben. Ben please.

Round 4: I played against a Melty blood deck and got my butt kicked. Yep.

Round 5: Thanks for winning Ben. RIP in pepperoni sleep so I could get up in time for the train tomorrow….

Round 6: I rolled dice against team Jeff. We won through RNG.

Round 7: I was watching Edmund continue his 2 hour run at the claw machine and Ben rolled a dice and won. Thanks for winning Ben.

Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?noire yesIMG_0754top nepAlso:stop posting and sleepkappa




disturbance in sleep


ya scared


see you next time



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