Love Live Deck Tech – 3rd at 2015 9th CX PH Cup


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a deck that took 3rd place at the 2015 9th CX PH Cup!

Because the set has been released in English, English card names will be used.

The deck list and interview are brought to you by Simone Pierre Dela Cruz. Special thanks to Johnny Chau for article prep.

Love Live!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 12
1 Nico Yazawa (LL/W24-017)
3 Spiritual Power, Nozomi (LL/W24-028)
2 Kotori Minami (LL/W24-011)
3 Maid Outfit Honoka (LL/W24-058)
3 “Khorosho” Eli (LL/W24-039)

Level 1 – 16
2 Childhood Umi (LL/W24-067)
2 “With a Summer Smile 1,2,Jump!” µ’s (LL/W24-006)
2 Energetic by Nature, Honoka (LL/W24-054)
2 “Secrets” Maki (LL/W24-083)
4 “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Umi Sonoda (LL/W24-004)
4 “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase (LL/W24-005)

Level 2 – 7
2 Otonokizaka High 3rd Year, Eli (LL/W24-031)
2 Otonokizaka High 3rd Year, Nozomi (LL/W24-030)
3 Umi Sonoda (LL/W24-013)

Level 3 – 7
2 “Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka (LL/W24-109)
2 Idol Otaku, Nico (LL/W24-027)
3 “We Are Now Waiting In the Shining Light” µ’s (LL/W24-014)

Climax – 8
2 Mermaid festa vol.1 (LL/W24-025)
3 First Thoughts (LL/W24-073)
3 Youthfulness must be Listening (LL/W24-023)

At level 0 we have 12 characters.


If you have no other characters on your stage Nico gets +1 level and +1500 power.


When Spiritual Power, Nozomi is played from hand to stage reveal the top card of your deck, if it is not a [Music] character put it into your clock.


Kotori is a pay one discard one search one music character from your deck.


Maid outfit, Honoka is a level zero reverser and on attack you can send two character cards from your waiting room into your deck to give her +2000 power.


“Khorosho” Eli has a climax phase change to send her to clock and play a “‘Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase” from your waiting room into the slot it was in.

At level 1 we have 16 characters.


Childhood Umi has a pay two climax phase change to send her to clock and play an “Umi Sonoda” from your waiting room into the slot she was in.


“With a Summer Smile 1,2,Jump!” µ’s has a climax combo with the climax “Mermaid Festa Vol. 1”. When it attacks with the climax in play you may pay one and search your deck for one [Music] Character and add it to hand.


Energetic by Nature Honoka gets +500 power if you have three or more other [Music] characters. She climax combos with the climax “First Thoughts”. When she attacks with the climax in play you may pay one and salvage one [Music] character from your waiting room.


“Secrets” Maki has a cost zero +1500 Backup ability and an unused Change ability.


“Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Umi Sonoda is a global +500 power to all your other [Music] characters. And she has a Brainstorm ability to turn over the top four cards of your deck and for each climax revealed, search your deck for one [Music] character.


“Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase gets +500 power for all your other [Music] characters.

At level 2 we have 7 characters.


Otonokizaka High 3rd Year, Eli is a level assist and when you play her from hand to stage if you have four or more other [Music] characters you may put the top card of your deck into your stock.


Otonokizaka High 3rd Year, Nozomi has a cost one +3000 power back up and her second effect is when she is played from hand to stage you may give a [Music] character +2000 power.


Umi Sonoda gets +500 power for each of your other rested characters.

At level 3 we have 7 characters.


When  “Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka is played from hand to stage you may search your deck for one [Music] character and add it to your hand. Her second effect is when anther [Music] character attacks she gets +1000 power.


Idol Otaku, Nico gives the character opposite it -1 soul. Her second effect is when she reverses her battle opponent you may pay two and discard one card to clock shoot.


“We Are Now Waiting In the Shining Light” µ’s heals on play and has a CX combo with Youthfulness Must Be Listening: when it attacks, all your characters get +3000 power until end of turn.

Climaxes are a 2/3/3 split between +2 soul, gates, and wind respectively.

WS_LL_W24_E025 ws_ll_w24_te08 WS_LL_W24_E023


How do we use this deck?
Simone: The use of this deck is pretty simple.

At level zero, the main strategy of my deck is to farm for stock while doing a little bit of soul damage or use soul rush on the early phase. I also search for the key cards as much as possible during this phase. Maid Outfit Honoka is a Level 0 reverse which is good to take down high power level zero the opponent has. “Khorosho” Eli can change to “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase at no cost. Kotori Minami is used as a searcher for the key cards to be used at level one.

The main combo of my deck revolves around level one. Since most of my level one cards have no cost to play, I could already fill the stage by the time I reach level one. The combo revolves around “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Umi Sonoda and “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase. Eli serves as the main attacker/defender because her base damage is 4500 that grows by 500 for every other [Music] character in the stage (6500 with four other [Music] characters). Umi has a global +500 power boost for other [Music] characters in the stage and her brainstorm search is great for searching the key cards from the deck, as well as for deck compression. The climax combos of “With a Summer Smile” and Energetic by Nature Honoka serves as additional search and salvage. Childhood Umi is also a good card since she can change to Umi Sonoda at level one. “Secrets” Maki serves as a free cost backup that gives an additional +1500 power to my character that is frontal attacked.

At level two, my deck uses Umi Sonoda that has 8000 power that gets +500 power for each other rested character (10000 with four other rested characters). Otonokizaka High 3rd Year, Eli is a Level assist that provides a free stock when played if your stage is full. Otonokizaka High 3rd Year, Nozomi is a level 2 backup that gives +3000 power.

My level three cards utilize shoot to clock and search mechanic. “We Are Now Waiting In the Shining Light” µ’s has a heal and works well with its climax combo that provides global +3000 power boost to all of my characters for that turn. Wonderful Rush Honoka has a free search when played and she gets +1000 for each other attacking character. Idol Otaku Nico has a shoot to clock ability that can be used when the opposing character is reversed. Her shoot to clock ability works at any player’s turn as long as you could pay the cost of two and dropping one card from your hand. She also has a shrink abilty that causes the opposing character to lose one soul.

M: Not much to add in here, he’s pretty much said it all!

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? What are some of the potential risks the list takes?
S: Since the deck that I use has relatively few Level 0 characters, there are some instances that the starting draw has no Level 0 characters. I believe that my build is complete and is competitive to go head to head with other decks. The risk of my deck is that it heavily relies on the Level 1 characters. If you can’t perform the combo at Level 1, chances are you’re gonna have a bad time.

M: The small number of level zero characters to accommodate the large level one game is an interesting choice. Twelve level zeroes might be considered an aggressive number, seeing as how most decks run 13-16 level zeroes. However, the addition of +2 soul CXs can actually make up for lost damage in the early game. Aggressive, but certainly viable.

About the list: Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?
S: I think that my deck is balanced when it comes to power and technique. Its overall power range is around 10000-12000. Its easy and simple to use unlike other builds since it doesn’t invole the use of memory and it doesn’t rely too much on its climax combos. The deck is viable since it can go head to head with other competitive decks and its build is somewhat cheaper compared to the others.

M: Love Live is definitely a strong deck in both metas and will only continue to get better as more sets are released in both formats. The general idea of Love Live is pretty simple: get big, attack, change, get big, attack. Rinse and repeat until the opponent loses.

Now onto the interview!

How was your event overall?
S: It was fun and exciting at the same time. I met other people who share the same hobby with me. The entrance was cheap since it comes with a free pack of your choice and promo card, considering the prizes that are at stake were quite huge.

M: You can never go wrong with free cards! (RIP my wallet hahaha)

What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?
S: The lucky moment that happened was when I was Level 3 and 4 clock. The opponent decided to crash his characters to finish the game. His first attack was cancelled, but the next one dealt 2 damage. His last attack dealt no damage because he forgot Idol Otaku Nico’s shrink ability and he did not get a trigger. It was a very lucky moment for me. Then during my turn, I managed to finish him and won the game.

M: People forgetting the Nico’s shrink ability seems to happen a lot, heck, I’ve even forgotten about it on stream! And remember everyone, Nico’s clock shoot is also on both players’ turns! So be careful what you’re crashing into it.

What was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?
S: I was literally destroyed by a Mono red JP GF Beta deck. The combo was so unreal and the conditions were easy to achieve. When he reached level two, he immediately played his level three that has a -1 level with the condition that all other characters are Red. Its climax combo was also ridiculous since it can free salvage two cards without dropping and it gains additional +2500 power until the end of opponent’s turn. He finished the game when he was still at level two.

M: Ouch! Sounds very strong. Did you have any incredible comebacks?
S: Technically it was also the same with the really lucky moment since I was alredy on the verge of losing but Idol Otaku Nico’s shrink ability saved me and I was able to finish the opponent on my turn.

M: The Idol Otaku strikes again! So how did the final match go for you? What did you play against?
S: My final match was rather interesting since it was Idols vs Idols. I went against a JP [email protected] deck, and we both have matching sleeves for the series that we use.

M: How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?
S: I didn’t really prepare since I only joined for the lols though I wanted the Love Live sleeves so much. I just probably bought a coke float before entering since the travel is quite long and it was so hot during that time.

M: Any funny stories from the event?
S: A lot of lols happened. Got a good pull from my entrance pack. The system was so terrible, Andre had to switch to manual pairing. The manual pairings were so epic and Andree literally had a hard time pairing. The dice rolls were so real. And then there were pancakes 😀

M: Sounds like it was a fun day! Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?
S; I want to get revenge on that Mono red JP GF Beta deck. Hey Allen! Since you beat me with your GF beta deck, why not sell me the cards that I need for a cheaper price 😉

M: Well, thank you again for participating in the 9th CX PH Cup, and congratulations on the finish!

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