Nisekoi (Post-Ban, JP) Deck Tech – 2014 EGP Finals Winner!

Nisekoi Ruri

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a deck that won the first European Grand Prix: Nisekoi! The 2014 EGP tournament series was organized by Steven Mao, and the finals was sponsored in part by 9th CX.

The 2014 EGP Finals took place after the November 2014 ban list update, and the deck that won is (currently) still legal for play in Neo-Standard.

Even though Nisekoi has been released in EN, some cards remain exclusive to the JP set. As such, the old translated card names will be used. Because the set and its cards have been reviewed so much already, cards will not be introduced individually.

This deck tech and tournament report are brought to you by the 2014 EGP Champion Tobias Jung!

Ban? What Ban?

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 17

4 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
4 Chitoge in Yukata (NK/W30-009)
2 Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl (NK/W30-033)
3 Marika in Swimsuits (NK/W30-078)
1 Chibi Kosaki (NK/W30-105)
2 Chibi Marika (NK/W30-104)
1 Chitoge, First Love (NK/W30-058)

Level 1 – 17

4 Kosaki, First Visit (NK/W30-080)
4 Marika, Loving Carnage (NK/W30-056)
3 Marika, Tilting Her Head (NK/W30-059)
2 Chitoge, Words of Promise (NK/W30-060)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-071)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-097)

Level 2 – 2

1 Marika, Daughter of the Police Chief (NK/W30-057)
1 Chitoge as Ghost (NK/W30-068)

Level 3 – 6

4 Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-076)
1 Marika, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-052)
1 Chitoge, Deepened Friendship (NK/W30-051)

CX – 8

4 Feelings of 10 Years (NK/W30-073)
4 Ficticious Love (NK/W30-024)

How do we use this deck?

Tobias: At level 0, you usually try to get some advantage out of your reverser Chitoges and build some stock. The primary goal is to get at least 2 copies of Marika, Loving Carnage and 1 copy of Feelings of 10 Years in hand so you can build your hand once you hit level 1. Reaching level 1 before your opponent is advantageous because you have an easier time getting cards back with the CX combo.

The other cards at level 1 are self-explanatory-

Michael: That is, if you (like many others) have played the set to death (with or against) while it was rampant. Even after the ban, the core of the level 1 game in the deck (at least, this list) remains very familiar. A full set of Kosaki, First Visit helps to build stock and gain a free card if it’s able to overpower something, and Marika, Tilting Her Head acts as a trump card to deal with characters that can’t otherwise be overpowered.

T: I opted for the 2/2 split of Pendants because it gives a nice balance between defense and consistency. A +3000 power Counter is something that your opponent has to be wary of anyway, and the red Pendant helps to search for the cards you need when you want them.

The level 2 game plan is “get your second Pendant into memory and play them Kosakis” – and also get your Marika, Maiden’s Heart in your hand.

At level 3, play Marika … win?

M: Because decks only get to use a maximum of 1 copy of Marika, Maiden’s Heart, a 2/2 split on Pendants may be more necessary than before. Prior to the restrictions, running a 3/1 blue/red split was thought to be optimal because there were easy ways to recur Pendants. Now that those options are much more limited, it becomes even more important to be able to search or salvage the all-important Marika.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? What are some of the risks the list takes?

T: During the early stages of the game, the deck does rely on the CX combo from Marika, Loving Carnage. Not resolving it usually isn’t that good for you and can even have effects later in the game such as not having enough cards for Marika.

Due to the ban of Raku Being Similar (Yes, I said ban) the overall power level of the deck dropped a bit, as I would usually have a Raku and Chitoge on my field throughout a game. Now, it’s a lot more difficult to quantify the deck in terms of numbers because it doesn’t have the “set field” anymore with Raku + Chitoge on the back stage.

How about the difficulty and viability of the deck?

T: I think it’s an easy-to-use list one you get the hang of it. There are some decisions that never get easier, and are very dependent on the situation.

M: As he said, this particular build which is just a pared-down version of the old “best version” of the deck tends to play itself with enough practice. Certain decisions such as what to Bounce with an unexpected trigger or when to play certain characters can change with any given matchup, and tend to test the player’s skill more than his or her execution.

Any comment on the JP meta viability?

T: I still consider Nisekoi one of the top 2 sets in the JP metagame, and I would say that it’s viable in that regard (as the WGP finals show :p)

Now to the tournament report!

M: From a qualifier winner to the EGP champion! How did your event go?

T: It was a great event with a lot of people attending from all over Europe. I had a lot of fun, and it was nice seeing old and new faces.

M: What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

T: From all the lucky moments I had (;p) I would say the luckiest one was against Tobias K. with KanColle during round 3, as he went for the finishing attack twice. He got a soul trigger on the first attack and a double soul trigger the second time allowing me to cancel both attacks on the last damage.

M: Any unlucky moments?

T: I can’t remember any really unlucky moments, so I’ll just say something about a moment in the finals. I drew into 2 CXs, hit another 2 with a Brainstorm effect while also triggering one the previous turn, all while knowing that my opponent played a single +2 soul CX that he played on his turn. Fortunately, I canceled his last attack to stay at level 1.

M: Any incredible comebacks?

T: I only had an incredible comeback during the last chance qualifier, but that’s another story ^^

M: How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?

T: Despite the situation that I told you about in the unlucky moments earlier, and drawing into CXs almost every turn, the match went smoothly. I got a really good refresh in the later stages of the game which helped me cancel a lot, and my opponent had nearly no cancels at the end. I was against an R/B/G Madoka deck.

MAny funny stories from the event?

T: Except the occasional funny/hilarious game ending from some games I watched, nothing really funny happened, though walking through the city at night with a trophy that couldn’t fit in my backpack certainly wasn’t something I would do every week ^^*

M: Once again, congratulations on being the first EGP Champion! Any other shoutouts or things you’d like to say?

T: Again, thanks to Steven for organizing the EGP and also thanks to Kevin for getting a qualifier for us and for all the playtesting.

Special thanks to Teppich for always housing me, listening to my crappy ideas, helping me with decks and whatnot

Thanks to my local community for being awesome

Thanks to the other German players for also being awesome – always fun driving up north for a tournament

Shoutout to my friends from other card games and everyone else I might have forgotten :p

Kotori best Waifu <3 !!

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