Miku Day Feature – 9 Songs!

Miku 39

Welcome to a special 3/9 Miku Day feature!

We’re going to be taking a departure from the normal article format to bring you nine songs of Miku to consider adding to your play lists (that is, if you don’t already!).

The songs featured here have been suggested by you, the readers!

#9: World Is Mine

Do you not know of the Miku? If you do not, you must know about the Miku, and learn all about her.


#8: Star Story

Nothing like a nice relaxing track to keep the day going, right?


#7 (Sam’s Pick): Rolling Girl

Don’t forget to yell “もう一回!もう一回!” (Mou ikkai! Mou ikkai!)


#6: Last Night, Good Night

Similar to Star Story in terms of tempo, but just as pretty in its own right!


#5 (Felix’s Pick): Senbonzakura

The one that got Felix hooked on Miku. “There are other songs, but this is in the main playlist.”


#4: Time Machine

Not just a popular CX – it’s also a fun song!


Are we running out of room already??

#2 (Michael’s Pick): Meteor

If I ever find myself wanting to relax for about 10 minutes, I flip right to this track.


#1: Tell Your World

The lyrics work so well with this song, and it’s lively!



Great, we ran out of list before we ran out of songs.

There are tons (definitely more) of worthy Miku tracks out there, and we will be sure to visit them again on Miku’s birthday in August!

So, what are your favorite tracks? Are they among the ones listed here? Have we committed a horrible crime by leaving your favorite out?

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