Love Live! Character Spotlight – Honoka Kosaka!

Honoka Honoka

Source Note: The artist on Pixiv has since made his/her network private.

Welcome to the fourth installment of the 9 Love Live! Waifu spotlights!

For this waifu challenge, we collected nine lists from nine different Love Live! fans. Only cards with the character were allowed! We’ve asked each of these dedicated fans why their favorite idol is Best Girl™, and if you agree with them, you can look at the decks as a deck to try for a dedicated Waifu build!

Because the decks are not meant to be competitive, their viability in the tournament environment will not be assessed, and analysis will be significantly reduced.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used. Card names will be aligned to match the more common spellings of names, if necessary.

This deck list and deck tech are brought to you by Audri Kosaka.


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 “Heart of Flame” Honoka (LL/W28-018)
3 Honoka in Maid Uniform (LL/W24-058)
4 Honoka in Casual Clothing (LL/W28-061)
3 Honoka, Awakened Memories (LL/W34-047)
3 Honoka, Shocking Truth (LL/W34-058)

Level 1 – 13

2 “Full Smiles!” Honoka (LL/W28-029)
3 “That Is Our Miracle” Honoka Kosaka (LL/WE19-03)
3 “Going Out Together♪” Honoka (LL/W28-054)
3 “Door of Dreams” Honoka Kosaka (LL/W34-057)
2 Fight on! (LL/W34-064)

Level 2 – 7

4 “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Honoka Kosaka (LL/W34-039)
3 Honoka, Image Change (LL/W34-045)

Level 3 – 6

1 “Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka (LL/W24-109)
1 “Gonna Eat You?” Honoka (LL/W28-015)
3 “Happy maker!” Honoka Kosaka (LL/W34-034)

CX – 8

4 Always, No Matter What (LL/WE19-16)
4 Blue Sky on the Other Side of the Cherry Tree (LL/W34-066)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


When “Heart of Flame” Honoka attacks, your other character in the middle slot of your center stage gets +1 level and +1500 power until end of turn.


Honoka in Maid Uniform is a level reverser. When it attacks, you can choose 2 characters in your waiting room and return them to your deck to have it get +2000 power until end of turn.


Honoka in Casual Clothing is an Assist. (Gives characters you control in front of it +500 power). You can pay 1 stock to give a [Music] character you control +1500 power until end of turn.


If you control 1 or fewer other characters, Honoka, Awakened Memories gets +1500 power.


When you play Honoka, Shocking Truth, you can discard a CX to salvage a “Honoka” character.

At level 1, we have 11 characters and 2 events.


“Full Smiles” Honoka has a 0 stock +1500 power Backup ability.


“That Is Our Miracle” Honoka Kosaka has a CX combo with “Always, No Matter What”: when it attacks, you may pay 1 stock and put the top card of your deck into clock. If you do, it gets +7000 power and “Your opponent cannot use Encore” until end of turn. (This includes the 3 stock encore all characters have.)


“Going Out Together♪” Honoka can’t be played if you control 2 or fewer [Music] characters.


“Door of Dreams” Honoka Kosaka has hand (character) encore, and gets +2000 power if all other characters you control have “Honoka” in the name.


Honoka, 화이팅! sends itself to memory. If it is in memory, your “Honoka” in the middle slot of your center stage gets +1000 power. (Each copy in memory will add +1000 power.)

At level 2, we have 7 characters.


“KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Honoka Kosaka has a 1 stock +3000 power Backup ability. It also has a Change ability: at the beginning of your CX phase, you can pay 2 stock and discard a card. If you do, Change into a “Happy maker!” Honoka Kosaka from your waiting room.


Honoka, Image Change is a Honoka support: all other “Honoka” characters you control get +1000 power. It has a “revenge” trigger: when another character you control is reversed in battle, choose a character you control, and it gets +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 3, we have 6 characters.


“Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka gets +1000 power until end of turn when another [Music] character you control attacks. When you play it, you search your deck for up to 1 [Music] character. (Search, reveal, put in hand, shuffle, etc. Because the effect is mandatory, so is the shuffle.)


During your turn, “Gonna Eat You?” Honoka gets +2000 power. When played from hand or via Change, all characters you control (including itself) get +2000 power until end of turn.


“Happy maker!” Honoka Kosaka cannot side attack. When played from hand or via Change, you may Heal. It has a CX combo with “Blue Sky on the Other Side of the Cherry Tree”: when it attacks, you may choose a level 2 or lower character your opponent controls and put it into the waiting room.

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between 1 stock (yellow card in waiting room) +1 soul /+2 soul and 2k1 / +2 soul effects and triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck?

Step one:

Please do not purchase one of these and use them while playing.


The real key to using the deck is to wear a yellow hair bow. If you don’t have one, you’re doing it all wrong.


Almost anything in the hair will do.

Audri: My playgroup would say that it is more required to have a fanatical obsession that dominates all parts of your life.

M: Now, this can manifest itself in many ways. The sign that you have gone “far enough” probably looks something like this…

Waifu in Bed

Once you have shown this level of dedication, you might be able to use the deck. (Note: This image is not mine!)

Okay, in all seriousness, the deck’s plan:

At level 0, Honoka is the level reverser of the series. You can honk your opponents down with level reversers or keep your middle slot on center stage super buff with your “Heart of Flame” Honoka.

Moving into level 1, there are some more effects that boost power, but “Door of Dreams” Honoka is the key to gaining advantage. If your opponent has characters that are too big to overcome or have that pesky ability we know as clock encore, “That is Our Miracle” Honoka can come in with the CX combo to wipe the board.

With all the stock generation the deck has, it has the option of cashing in that stock early on with the Change ability of the “KiRa-KiRa” Honoka. Otherwise, it can also try to keep itself at high power with the global “Honoka” support and various Backup abilities.

The endgame for the deck is a combination of ‘removal’ found in the Happy maker! Honoka’s CX combo, a little incidental Heal, and attacking. No tricky Burn abilities or re-standing characters to worry about or deal with – just attack!

But why is Honoka Best Girl™?

A: For me, I love Honoka’s determination. She sets her mind a goal and goes after it with all her might. She doesn’t let her flaws ever hold her back.
Honoka, as a leader, has always tried to make her friends life better. She brings fun and spontaneity to her friends life.
Lastly, she is just beautiful. I can see her being the Siren that caused me to crash my ship from the sound of her angelic voice and her beautiful sapphire eyes. (Ohh myy – M)

Do you think Honoka is best girl? Stay tuned for our other character spotlights! Don’t worry, the girls will have encores with other lists!

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