Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ 2wei! Deck Tech – Gems!


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be exploring a pair of lists of Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ 2wei!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used. Though this series has been introduced recently, the deck type is substantially different. As such, all cards will be introduced.

These lists are presented as decks to try, and are brought to you by Michael Sohn and Aubrey Pruett.

Now onto the lists!

Gems & Pantsu (MS)Level 0 – 183 Miyu, Kaleid Magical Girl (PI/SE18-21)
3 Rin, Kaleid Ruby (PI/SE18-03)
4 Rin, Former Master (PI/SE18-04)
4 Luvia, Former Master (PI/SE18-05)
4 Luvia in Casual Clothing (PI/SE24-07)Level 1 – 144 Luvia, Overbearing Lady (PI/SE18-06)
4 Rin, Top Candidiate for Clock Tower (PI/SE18-08)
4 Rin, Work of a Maid (PI/SE24-09)
2 Luvia, Kaleid Sapphire (PI/SE18-07)

Level 2 – 12

4 “Seven Blazing Shots” Luvia (PI/SE18-01)
4 “Five Storm Shots” Rin (PI/SE18-02)
4 Luvia in Uniform (PI/SE24-16)

Level 3 – 0

CX – 8

4 Supplying Mana (PI/SE24-17)
4 The Summer Vacation You Long For (PI/SE24-P02)

The Love Couple (AP)

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 18

4 Luvia in Casual Clothing (PI/SE24-07)
3 Rin in Uniform (PI/SE24-11)
2 Miyu, Kaleid Magical Girl (PI/SE18-21)
3 Kuro in Gymnastics Clothes (PI/SE24-08)
2 Miyu, Operation Failed!? (PI/SE24-34)
2 Luvia, Former Master (PI/SE18-05)
2 Rin, Former Master (PI/SE18-04)

Level 1 – 12

4 Luvia, Overbearing Lady (PI/SE18-06)
4 Rin, Top Candidate for Clock Tower (PI/SE18-08)
4 Rin, Work of a Maid (PI/SE24-09)

Level 2 – 8

4 “Seven Blazing Shots” Luvia (PI/SE18-01)
4 “Five Storm Shots” Rin (PI/SE18-02)

Level 3 – 4

4 Kuro, Wish to Fulfill (PI/SE24-02)

CX – 8

4 Other Side of Lies and Strength (PI/SE24-18)
4 Supplying Mana (PI/SE24-17)

At level 0, both lists have 18 characters.
Miyu, Kaleid Magical Girl gives your other character in the middle slot on your center stage +500 power. You can Brainstorm: for 1 stock and resting 2 characters, draw a card for each CX revealed.
Rin, Kaleid Ruby gives your other character in the middle slot on your center stage +500 power. You can pay 2 stock and rest it to salvage a character.
Luvia, Former Master and Rin, Former Master get +1500 power and give the character opposite them +1 soul for each other one you control. (e.g. if you have one of each, they will both get +1500 power and give the character opposing them +1 soul. If you have 2 Luvia and 1 Rin, each Luvia will get +1500 power and give +1 soul, the Rin will have +3000 power and give +2 soul.)
Luvia in Casual Clothing is a level reverser. You can pay 1 stock to give a [Gem] character you control +1500 power and [Maid] until end of turn. (It can target itself)
The Love Couple deck uses a few variants:
Rin in Uniform has a “revenge” trigger: When another character you control is reversed in battle, you choose a character you control and it gains +1000 power. You can also pay 1 stock to turn an Illya you control into a level reverser until end of turn. (Not used in this deck)
When Kuro in Gymnastics Clothes reverses a character in battle, you may put the top card of your deck into stock. (You can’t look at it.) When it is reversed in battle, your opponent may put the top card of his or her deck into stock.
Miyu, Operation Failed!? has a Brainstorm effect for 1 stock: for each CX revealed, choose a [Magic] character you control and it gets +2000 power until end of turn.
At level 1, we have 14 and 12 characters.
Luvia, Overbearing Lady is a level reverser.
Rin, Top Candidate for Clock Tower gets +500 power for each other [Gem] character you control and has clock encore.
When you play Rin, Work of a Maid, you may pay 1 stock and put the top card of your deck into clock. If you do, you salvage a [Gem] character and it gains +1500 power until end of turn.
Gems & Pantsu uses a (gasp) vanilla!
At level 2, we have 12 and 8 characters.
When “Seven Blazing Shots” Luvia attacks, if you control a “Five Storm Shots” Rin on your center stage, you may pay 3 stock and discard a [Gem] character. If you do, deal 7 damage to your opponent.
“Five Storm Shots” Rin makes all other characters you control unable to side attack. It has Experience 3: it gains +1000 power.
Gems & Pantsu uses another level 2 character:
Luvia in Uniform has clock encore and Experience 5: it gains +1500 power.
At level 3, we have 0 and 4 characters.
The Love Couple uses one character:
If you have 3 or more copies of “Other Side of Lies and Strength” in your waiting room, Kuro, Wish to Fulfill gets -1 level in your hand. It has a Heal ability on play and Experience 4: it gains +1000 power.
The CX spread is a 8 1k1 + Door and 4/4 split between 1k1 + Door and 2k1 + 2 soul effects and triggers respectively between the decks.
Gratuitous Loli Make-Out Scene
Supplying Mana
The Summer Vacation You Long For
The Other Side of Lies and Strength
How do we use these decks?
Fortunately, unlike other decks from the same series, these [Gem] decks are much more straightforward, and by extension, much easier to use.
At level 0, the aim is to build stock and setup for a fairly power-dependent level 1. Gems & Pantsu uses a somewhat greedy level 0 in that there are no repeatable Brainstorm effects and maxes out on level reversers. It goes all-in on using Rin and Luvia, Former Master to build large characters that serve to accelerate the user to level 1. With the right conditions, the level 0 Former Masters can “trade up” by knocking out level 1 characters.
The Love Couple has a more diverse set of abilities available to it, including the option to build more stock with Kuro in Gymnastics Clothes. Though it’s a ‘symmetrical’ effect, it makes the deck’s level 1 easier to access if the opening draws are light on level 0 characters.
Level 1 is where the decks align almost identically. Luvia, Overbearing Lady is the archetypical level reverser albeit with no other abilities, and Rin, Top Candidate is there to build a strong board presence. Rin, Work of a Maid helps cash in on the early stock no doubt built from level 0 and provides card advantage. Gems & Pantsu uses a couple of copies of the vanilla Luvia to keep the stage stocked with extra [Gem] characters, just in case.
Level 2 is where the duo of “Seven Blazing Shots” Luvia and “Five Storm Shots” Rin shine (no pun intended). With Luvia, it’s a case of “does exactly what it says on the tin“: 7 damage with a Rin present on the center stage. Rin makes your other characters unable to side attack, but is an “undercosted” character for its power, which should usually be 9500 with Experience.
Gems & Pantsu takes the deck to a different level of aggression once it hits level 2 by ditching the possibility of any level 3 character (and by extension, any heal effect) and using Luvia in Uniform. Once at level 2, the deck has one mode: attack! Neither deck has access to any Backup effects, but this deck uses a total of 15 salvage abilities over triggers and abilities to keep its characters around.
The Love Couple uses a level 3 character in Kuro, Wish to Fulfill, but even that can come out a level early if the condition of having 3 or more copies of Other Side of Lies and Strength in the waiting room. While not as aggressive, it is still a large character that can Heal and get larger with Experience.
To oversimplify, the game plan looks something like this:
  • Level 0: Attack, build stock.
  • Level 1: Attack, build stock, clear characters, Salvage when appropriate.
  • Level 2: Declare that Gems are outrageous. Attempt to execute 720NoScopeLuviaShot.
  • Level 3: If opponent is still alive, remind them that Gems are outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous.

But please, don’t take it too far.

GoingtooFar - Copy

It is possible for gems to be too outrageous…right?

What do these decks not do well? Are they missing anything?

These decks are restricted by series and with an extremely small card pool. They have no way to remove characters short of attacking. That is, there are no Bounce effects or other effects that prevent encore, etc.

None of the character PRs are directly applicable or useful for each deck either. Personal preference dictates a lot of how a [Gem] deck might look with the series, especially because the card pool is so limited.

What are the decks in terms of greed, difficulty, and power range? Are they viable in the current EN/JP meta?

Greed: 1 – 2

The decks run one color, and have good synergy. The one combo that both decks share is not extremely difficult to pull off because it gets until level 2 to setup and only requires 3 stock and a [Gem] character from hand.

Difficulty: 2

Players who love a very simple game plan dedicated to attacking with 3 characters every turn will enjoy using these decks. There are some nuances in decisions of when to use the 7 damage ability (ALWAYS AND NEVER LOOK BACK BECAUSE IT’S PROBABLY BOUND TO CANCEL BUT IT LOOKS SUPER COOL WHEN IT WORKS AND IS GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR OPPONENT’S LEVEL OF NaCl BY A FACTOR OF 7) or how to sequence attacks (DO NOT FEAR THE REAPER) but other than that, the decks should be relatively easy to pick up, learn, and use.

Power Range: 3 – 6

Level 2 is when the decks gain (and, with some luck, secure) their advantages by playing threats that either can’t be removed easily or ones that deal lots of damage. Other decks however, are just as capable of playing large threats a whole level early, and when placed alongside those, [Gem] does not shine as brightly. If it is able to maintain an early advantage, it can be good, but there are few decks that are unable to capitalize on being ahead anyway.

EN/JP Meta Viability:

Sadly, it looks like even post-ban Nisekoi and Kantai both can outclass almost any configuration of a [Gem] deck. These decks are not really favorites to win large events, (i.e. I would never try to play it in a serious event outside of a Title Cup) but hey, the archetype certainly looks fun! Just because a deck is less powerful doesn’t mean it’s unplayable. But for those who are trying to play to win (say for instance one wants to try to qualify for the WGP), these decks most likely will not cut it.

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Thanks for reading!