Nisekoi (Post-Ban JP) Deck Tech – Independant v2.0


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be taking a look at a pair of Nisekoi lists after the December 29 ban list update!

You can see the updated ban list here.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used. Even though this series is slated for EN release, it will (for this time) use its HotC JP translations, because the set’s cards are going to have different effects once that time comes.

The decks are brought to you by NA WGP Nationals semifinalist Melanie Strock, who has been previously featured in an interview here. Cards that have been seen before will not be introduced. They are presented as decks to try for players who are sick of lying guys and their crap and are just not gonna take it anymore who are interested in seeing some lists that are not so reliant on Pendants.

Let’s get to the lists!

Independant (v1.0)

Level 0 – 16

4 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
4 Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl (NK/W30-033)
2 Marika in Swimsuits (NK/W30-078)
2 Marika, Mischievous Kiss (NK/W30-085)
4 Chitoge, Summer Colors (NK/W30-P01)

Level 1 – 11

4 Chitoge, After A Bath (NK/W30-007)
4 Kosaki, First Visit (NK/W30-080)
3 Kosaki, Love Triangle? (NK/W30-T13)

Level 2 – 8

3 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)
3 Kosaki, Exceptional Smile (NK/W30-031)
2 Kosaki, Ficticious Love!? (NK/W30-088)

Level 3 – 7

3 Chitoge, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-002)
4 Kosaki, After School Date (NK/W30-027)

CX – 8

4 Diary (NK/W30-023)
4 Juliet Just For You (NK/W30-050)

Independant v2.0

Level 0 – 16

4 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
4 Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl (NK/W30-033)
1 Kosaki in Yukata (NK/W30-040)
2 Marika in Swimsuits (NK/W30-078)
3 Marika, Mischievous Kiss (NK/W30-085)
2 Marika in Yukata (NK/W30-063)

Level 1 – 11

4 Marika, Loving Carnage (NK/W30-056)
4 Kosaki, First Visit (NK/W30-080)
3 Kosaki, Love Triangle? (NK/W30-T13)

Level 2 – 8

3 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)
3 Kosaki, Exceptional Smile (NK/W30-031)
2 Kosaki, Ficticious Love!? (NK/W30-088)

Level 3 – 7

3 Chitoge, Deepened Friendship (NK/W30-051)
4 Kosaki, After School Date (NK/W30-027)

CX – 8

4 Feelings of 10 Years (NK/W30-073)
4 Juliet Just For You (NK/W30-050)

In both decks, we have 16 cards at level 0.

In both versions, we have Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl, which is your standard “pay 1 stock, discard a card” searcher.


Version 2 features a couple of new faces:


When Kosaki in Yukata attacks, if you have 5 or more cards in hand, choose a [Key] character you control, and it gets +1500 power until end of turn. (It can target itself.)


Marika in Yukata gives characters you control in front of it +500 power. You can rest it to give a [Key] character you control +500 power until end of turn.

At level 1, both decks have 11 cards, and one new face.


Kosaki, Love Triangle? gives all other [Key] characters you control +500 power. You can rest two characters you control to give a character: “When this reverses a character in battle, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.” until end of turn.

At level 2, both decks have 8 cards.


Kosaki, Exceptional Smile has a 1 stock +3000 power Backup ability. If you play it, you can pay 2 stock and discard a card at the beginning of your climax step to Change into a Kosaki, After School Date from your waiting room.


Kosaki, Ficticious Love!? gives all other [Key] and/or [Sports] characters you control +1000 power. It has an effect that triggers up to once per turn: when you use a startup [S] ability (this includes Backup effects!), choose a [Key] or [Sports] character you control, and it gets +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 3, both decks have 7 cards.

Version 1 has one new card:


During the turn you play Chitoge, Maiden’s Heart, it gains a Burn trigger until end of turn. (Once per turn, if damage dealt by it is canceled, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent.) It has a CX combo with Diary: when it attacks, you look at up to the top 4 cards of your deck, choose up to 1, put the chosen card into your hand and the rest into your waiting room, and this gains +1500 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn. (If you have fewer than 4 cards left in your deck and choose to look at all the cards, your deck won’t refresh while resolving the ability. This is because the cards are not going into the resolution zone, and are not being revealed.)

Both versions share the same level 3 Kosaki though:


When Kosaki, After School Date is played from hand or via Change, you may Heal. When played from hand, you choose a standing [Key] character you control and rest it. (If it’s the only character you control when you play it from your hand, you will need to rest it.) It has a CX combo with Juliet Just For You: when it attacks, you search your deck for up to 2 [Key] characters. (The search is mandatory. Because you search only once, if you only have one card in your deck when you resolve the ability and it is a [Key] character, you will only be able to search for that card. If you have two cards left and they are the cards you reveal, they go into the resolution zone for the purposes of revealing the cards first, you refresh your deck, and then resolve the refresh point penalty. If you shuffle twice because the ‘text said so’, you could be called for stalling. Seriously.)

The CX spread for version 1 is a 4/4 split between Bar + 1k1 and 2k1 + 2 soul triggers and effects. The CX spread for version 2 is a 4/4 split between Door + 1k1 and Bar + 1k1 triggers and effects.



How do we use these decks?

Version 1

Melanie: Version 1 is pretty greedy because it is 3 colors (blue/yellow/green). However, the goal is to set up and change early into “Kosaki, First Date” to gain hand advantage. The deck also depends a lot on drawing into what you need at Level 0 and 1 with some different hand filtering cards such as the 0/0 Searcher, and the 1/0 global +500 Assist Kosaki from the trial deck. The deck also has to be extremely careful and thoughtful in back stage management, as “Kosaki, First Date” requires a character to be tapped on play.

This doesn’t always synergize the “Kosaki, Angel in White” which wants to tap the back stage for power, or the assist Kosaki for it’s effect. One way to play around that is to rest, give her or another character power, and then replace with the new 2/1 Global +1000 assist or another assist in the back. The global +1000 2/1 Kosaki assist also gives +1000 when you use an [S] ability, which can be triggered either by “Kosaki, Angel in White” or by using the 1/0 TD Kosaki Assist, or even a Backup effect on your opponent’s turn.

Another thing that aids this deck in keeping combo pieces in hand is the Clock/Hand Encore characters at Level 1. These characters can stick around in most cases and save stock for the early Level 2 to 3 change.

Although perhaps not as spectacular as Marika, “Chitoge, Maiden’s Heart” is the main finisher in this deck. She gets a burn trigger on play, and gains power and a top check to plus the hand when her climax combo is in play. The deck compresses quite a bit between the 2 level 3 cards, buying time for the player to finish the game. Best of all, the Kosaki change also doubles as a 3000 back up. Unable to pull off the change? It’s okay, because now you have a way to protect your Level 3’s in most cases.

Possible substitutions?

This deck does use the 0/0 Chitoge, Summer Colors Promo which can be expensive and difficult to get. As another option, you can replace her with 4 of the 0/0 Chitoge in Yukata (NK/W30-009) and replace the Marika, Mischievous Kiss 0/0 hand filter (NK/W30-085) with two of the vanilla +500 assist in front 0/0 Kosaki, Kind Look from the Side (NK/W30-089) which can be found among the booster or trial deck cards. Another option for this deck is the 1/1 Hand Encore Kosaki, Tilting Head (NK/W30-087) from either the booster or the trial deck if you would like to keep Level 1 to one color.

Michael: Notably absent from the deck (with good reason) is Kosaki in Swimsuits.

nk-w30-030Though its ability generates stock, it needs a Pendant of Promise in memory to work. Don’t accidentally ruin yourself by playing a card that doesn’t work with the deck!

Version 2:

Michael: This version of the deck takes a different color “wedge” and uses red instead of yellow. The early game is still more or less the same, where it uses runners and large characters to build stock for level 1.

At level 1, the deck still wants to power up and filter its hand for the late game, but gets a little more greedy with its old standby salvage CX combo with Marika, Loving Carnage. Despite being a little more soft to anti-salvage effects, it wants to go big or go home, and even if it can’t, it still has the same amount of power with Kosaki, First Visit and its global assist. Whereas the first version can play better on the defense with its pair of encore abilities in Chitoge and Kosaki,version 2 plays better on the attack with its level 1.

The level 2 games for the deck are identical, so not much more needs to be said there. Level 3 though, cuts one Chitoge for another, which Heals on play instead of getting a Burn trigger. You can technically deal more damage if you use its [S] ability to send a reversed character to the top of the deck, which can come in handy when closing out a game.

Possible substitutions?

Michael: Chitoge, Summer Colors is still a potential candidate for use in deck. Because this list doesn’t focus on yellow at all, using said card can dilute the color focus of the deck and make it a little less consistent, but could still help it eke out advantages at every stage of the game.

What are the decks in terms of greed, difficulty, and power range? Are they viable in the current EN/JP meta?

Greed: 7 – 8

Melanie and I agree, these decks are pretty greedy.

Melanie: At level 1 and 2, both decks require careful back stage management.

Michael: Color management and clocking and leveling the right colors can also be tricky and punishing, even more so (arguably) for version 2 than 1, because one allows more potential card advantage than the other.

Difficulty: 5

Michael: The decks are not as straightforward as the series made itself out to be before the bans. However, the cards are still so powerful that even loose or sloppy plays can be recovered from. (The good ol’ ‘play poorly, get rewarded’ still applies to a degree)


Power Range: 7 – 8

Michael: Both decks have the same CX combo at level 3. The combo is quite powerful because it gives card advantage (tons of cards!) and is easy to access because of its Bar trigger. Both have a very similar play style, and neither relies on Pendant of Promise to function. The only card it uses from the Choose 1 list is Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing, and because both decks use a full set of Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl, searching for it is not an issue. Even a poor draw from this deck can keep up with some of the game’s older sets’ better draws, and it’s just a testament to the set’s power.

EN/JP Meta Viability:

Melanie: What continues to amaze me every time I look through the Nisekoi library is how much depth there is to the set. Despite the ban list, there are plenty of strong cards in all of the colors to continue to build competitive and creative decks with. I still think that Pendants will probably be the strongest build for the series, but it was fun to play around with what an “independant” deck might look like.

Michael: Because the set has been changed for its EN release, these decks are not completely applicable to the EN metagame. For the JP meta at large, red/yellow/blue (using 1 Marika and Pendants) has been called the series’ “best” build available. Given that that build was the runner up for the 2014 WGP Finals, one could question the viability of these builds, but I would still call them powerful and viable. After all, this is Nisekoi we’re talking about!

Melanie: One last shout out to Forrest Green for his help and being a “sounding board” while brainstorming new decks!


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