For Fun – The 1 Year AMA + Reflections

Holiday Madoka Sayaka

Welcome to the 9th CX 1 year article blog post! For this one, we’re going to have a little fun!

So with that, Felix and I (Michael) will be answering the questions you sent to us. After that, I’ll be doing some reflections on the 9th CX project, various whys and whats, and so on. Without further ado, let’s go to the AMA!

C.K. Y. – “Your opponent is on Level 3, with 6 damage in clock. It is now the beginning of your draw phase for the turn. Assuming freedom over the choice of cards in the deck ,stage, hand as well as triggers for both you and your opponent, what is your:- (i) Full name? (ii) Age? (iii) Favourite food? (iv) Favourite drink? (v) Favourite song and artist? (vi) Choice of egg in the morning? (vii) Favourite game? (viii) Weakness? (ix) Strength? (x) Favourite choice of weapon? (xi) Visualization of the preferred method for winning the game? (xii) Visualization of the preferred method for losing the game? (xiii) Favourite Waifu? (xiv) Gender? (xv) Favourite trigger check? (xvi) Favourite card? (xvii) Favourite keyword ability? (xviii) Favourite winning banter? (xix) Favourite losing banter? (xx) Relationship status?”

Felix Lee, 21, Nutella, Wang Lao Ji herbal tea, EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE and 幽閉サテライト, hardboiled, Tales of Symphonia, not telling, not applicable, dual blades, getting my opponent to level 4 before I hit lv 4, getting to lv 4 before my opponent hits lv 4, see waifu question above, Hideyoshi, gate, this, brainstorm, Kappa, BibleThump, Head of a harem

Michael Sohn, 25, raw salmon, Thai tea (or wine), I don’t have a favorite- only a huge playlist, over medium, (for now) League of Legends, as a Normal type I take 2x damage from Fighting types, music, Dr. Fetus, N/A, N/A, Mine, male, Book (Draw), “Thanks for the game(s)!”, “Thanks for the game(s)!”, in a steady relationship.

Mark L. – What are your thoughts on the decision from Bushiroad to “rebalance” English Nisekoi cards instead of bringing them here and eventually banning/limiting them when they become a problem?

Felix: I don’t agree with the version differences they’re doing personally. Mainly because this is going to cause a divide between the English and Japanese communities, especially when it comes to local shop tournaments that currently allow both languages to be played. If the current Marika and Onodera are banned, then it becomes less of a problem because the remaining level 3s in the set aren’t quite as broken.

However, if they end up on a choose 1 list, then all the Japanese decks will have an advantage over all the English decks due to their access to 1 quality level 3. Bushiroad should really just bring over the ban list even if it makes some people sad that they can’t legally use their shiny new SP Marika they just opened.

Michael: The decision to print Nisekoi in English while the English game is so young seemed insane at best, at least with the cards as they were. Let’s not kid ourselves – Nisekoi is easily one of the best sets printed in recent memory. With that in mind, the English game and the Japanese game are very different from one another. The Japanese game has a boatload of viable sets, and is a continuous “eternal” format, where any set can be used regardless of time of release. The English game started with a fairly powerful set (Madoka) and was followed by a very solid set (SAO). Furthering the English game’s warped power curve was the fact that SAO had access to two whole sets with vol. 2 being released as well.

I believe that releasing Nisekoi in English as-is would have been an irresponsible move. The cards are so powerful that it would be beyond format-warping; it would likely become the format. As a player though, I must agree with the sentiment I have heard expressed that it is a major pain in the [email protected]&% to buy the cards a second time. Will it drive people away from the game? Maybe, but I think it is much more likely that unedited Nisekoi would have driven more players away from the game.

Lew Sun C. – “Who is your waifu? What is your favorite set? Who is your favourite seiyuu?”

Felix: Waifu – I actually have a lot of waifus and have to keep a rotation of who gets to be the main waifu to keep them all happy. The list of waifus currently includes, but is not limited to: Fujiwara no Mokou (Touhou), Yamato (Kantai), Amatsukaze (Kantai), Noire (Neptunia), Fate Testarossa Harlaown (Nanoha), Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (Monogatari Series), Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4), Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue), Hera/Hera-Ur/Hera-Is/Hera-Beorc/Hera-Sowilo (PAD), Ahri (League of Legends), Fear Kubrick (C3), Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live), Hibiki Ganaha (The [email protected]), Elesh Norn (MtG), Emi Yusa (Hataraku Maou sama), Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa Maid sama), Frau Koujiro (Robotics;Notes). I really need to create a list to keep track of everyone…

Set – Kantai.

Seiyuu – Mizuki Nana.

Michael: Waifu – That’s pretty tough. …Okay never mind, that’s almost impossible. I just started typing out the first sentence and ten minutes (hours) later I have more of a list of my favorite characters. But if I really had to choose, it would be Mine from Akame Ga Kill! (Gotta have pink hair)

Behind her on the “characters I really like” list are…

Sinon (SAO), Silica (SAO), Haruna (Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?), Eu (KoreanZombie), Umi (Love Live!), Kyoko (Madoka), Ultimate Madoka, Chino (GochiUsa), Ami (Sailor Moon), Nonon (Kill La Kill), Hakase (Nichijou), Shiro (No Game No Life)…

Set – None. I’m actually not particularly attached to one set.

Seiyuu – Suzuko Mimori!

Tony D. – “Would you rather fight a King Kong-sized Chitoge or a hundred Chitoge-sized King Kongs?”

Felix: The one with the gorilla.

Michael: The one with the gorilla. (I’m so original)

Justin T. – “What do you think will be hit by the December ban list? (Specific cards, etc.)”

Felix: The lv 3 Marika and Onodera and maybe the free refresh Onodera.

Michael: I think the level 3 Marika will definitely be restricted in some way. It’s possible that all of the “big three” characters (Onodera level 3, Marika level 3, Onodera level 2) will be put on a choose-one, and that’s what I think is most likely to happen. I would honestly be a little surprised if they banned her outright.

Matthew F. – “Single, Double, or Triple layers of sleeve?”

Felix: It really depends. If I use character sleeves then always at least double. For some decks I use Ultro Pro or Dragon Shield sleeves and those are usually single. The only triple sleeved deck I have is my Mono-Fate deck.

Michael: The most I’ll do for a deck is double-sleeve it. Perfect fits with normal sleeves and oversleeves are a pain to replace.

Anon – “What is your top fetish?”

Felix: Zettai Ryouiki

Michael: No comment.

Thomas L. – “If you had to cosplay a level 3 character from the deck you were playing, which deck would you play?”

Felix: [email protected]

Michael: Realistically, Log Horizon because I could probably pull off Shiroe OK. But just to give my friends nightmares, I’ll say Illya.

NathanielI read a really funny quote recently. This guy said that ‘playing WS with the pure, unadulterated intention to win is like trying to see how far you can push a pair of salad tongs up your @%$’. Do you agree with this statement? How do you deal with playing a game that can be so luck-dependent sometimes?”

Felix: What happens if I can push the entire salad tong up my butt? Do I auto win every game because I now have hemorrhoids because I would be very slightly tempted to make that trade so no I don’t really agree with that statement. Build a deck that maximizes consistency to reduce the effect of the luck factor as much as possible.

Michael: There’s nothing wrong with playing to win, but I see what the person was saying. On the surface, it appears that people who play only to win are very unpleasant and certainly must be trying to push very odd things into dark places. There is a bit of a misconception there though. Playing to win and being unpleasant are not mutually inclusive. You can play to win and still be a very amiable person. If you want examples, I’m happy to point you to some of my friends who play Magic professionally, like Paul Cheon and Tom Martell.

As for how I deal with playing a game that is so luck-dependent, I put it into perspective. WS isn’t the only game I play.I play Magic, chess, League of Legends, and poker. All of those games have elements of luck. After enough playing, it bothers you less, and that’s how I deal with WS – losing doesn’t bother me. Honestly, losing in hilarious ways is really entertaining!

Christopher M. – “Is my waifu best waifu? Because !*(& your waifu because she is not my waifu.”

Felix: No, your waifu is bottom tier. Also what do you do when you run into something that has the same waifu as you.

Michael: Hey man, yours is yours and mine is mine. (Get it?!)

Mine Mine Mine

… I mean we’re all adults right? We can make our own poor decisions!

Kegan C. – “Who is best girl?”

Felix: My waifus.

Michael: See above.

Marcus P. – “What’s the ratio of meta (or just optimally built for winning) and waifu among decks you own?”

Felix: About 50-50.

Michael: I have too many decks and only one of them is what I’d call ‘optimally built’.

Cao Tri D. – “If you were a God on an imaginary world, how many waifu would you authorize to your believers?”

Felix: However many I want, I am God after all.

Michael: X – Mine = your available waifus.

Tuan Kiet N. – “Charmander or Squirtle? Bulbasaur is irrelevant”

Felix: Charmander.

Michael: Charmander, not close.

Andree N. – “Briefs? or Boxers?”

Felix: Boxers.

Michael: Boxer briefs.

Eric – “What do you think would be the biggest change to Weiss in the future?”

Felix: Nisekoi season 2.

Michael: A CX that has no effect text but two types of triggers. That would make some heads hurt!

Andrés Flores F. – “Since it seems that everyone is winning using Nisekoi, can I use Nisekoi and win this prize too? Thank you.”

Both: No.

MK C. – “Who are your favorite Love Live [idols] (in order)?”

Felix: Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico

Michael: Too hard, can’t decide.


Now the next section, the 1 year reflection!

Hey everyone! Michael here.

A little while ago I asked some friends for some interesting questions so I could write a reflection for the first year of the website. With their help, I think I have enough to cover enough to be somewhat interesting. So for those of you that are interested in why this whole thing began, this part’s for you!

Andrew Castillo: How was 9th CX started? What was a major milestone? Any funny stories?

I started 9th CX as a project in 2013 because I was interested in learning more about the game. Specifically, I wanted to learn what made good cards good, and what made bad cards, well, bad. I was fascinated by the trigger aspect of the game and how random it could be. I know that normally people would find that to be an utter turn-off but I liked it because I wanted to calculate it.

When I was looking for resources online, I was kind of let down. What was already written either was poor quality, or not separable from a person (i.e. too much ego). I also noticed that some people were particularly nasty to one another. So, I wanted to create a resource that didn’t have much of a face behind it so people could learn without having to worry about where they were in terms of skill. I don’t really hear a lot of positives from people, so all I can do is hope that what I’ve written has worked for someone, haha!

There were so many milestones with the site that I’ve lost count. But if I had to choose one, I think it would be getting the first sponsor. Giving stuff away is fun!

Funny stories? I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Alex S.: What are some of the best memories you’ve made through 9th CX?

I think a lot of it was realized when I went to Nationals and met a lot of people. It was interesting being recognized by some players at Fanime last year, but Nationals was on a completely different level. The whole trip was pretty sweet, and I definitely want to do it again if I can. PS Alex & Andrew should I make my way out there again there will be much drinking.

Artie O.: How did 9th CX affect your life, one year after it was born?

Audri Sampson: What are you thankful for that 9th CX has brought to you?

Writing has certainly gotten me a lot of crap and a small bit of recognition. I wish I could say the site makes money (read: it seriously doesn’t) but that’s just a fun thought to have. The site has brought me closer to a good number of people, and I’m happy to call them friends. Actually, the fan bases in the various regions of the world (especially in the Philippines! – of all places, right?) have been very supportive and I have to say that I am thankful for all the support the site gets. It’s a pretty new thing for me, having and running a Facebook page and website and all. But the site and the players have taught me so much that I could probably write 5000 more words (don’t worry, I won’t) and still not get to the end of the list.

Note: Neal S. chimed in with some excellent questions, but those indeed will be rolled into the future TO article!

Jim C.: Talk about all the chicks you’ve scored now that you’re world famous.


Melanie L.: Where do you want 9th CX to go in the future? How has being a teacher played a role in how you’ve designed the site to meet the needs of both new and veteran WS players? And last thing, why a WS website and not one on another card game you play, like Magic?

I think these questions are best answered in reverse order.

Why not a Magic website? Well… I have a bunch of friends (probably at least a couple hundred) that I’ve met and made through playing Magic. Many of them write for the major Magic sites already including Channel Fireball and StarCityGames, so a website on Magic wouldn’t really get anywhere – I would be better off writing for one of the big sites (again).

So I guess with the middle question I get to tell a rather boring interesting bit about myself. I’m a part-time musician – I teach kids how to read music and sing in a private choir. I’ve been teaching for 5 years now and my classes keep getting bigger. Teaching has always been fun for me, and music has been a part of my life for a very long time. In fact, it’s what I went to study in school (at first, but that’s another story). Something that I took away from teaching music is that breaking things down very thoroughly is very important. In the same breath though (sorry, no pun intended), I found that in almost every year I taught there would be at least one student who would be at a near-college level of musicianship. Having that happen to me was a good reminder that I would have to write a wide swath of articles ranging from beginning to advanced. That’s why when I started out I wrote about the basics, so that I could reference the articles later for my own benefit as I wrote more. I wanted to make sure that anyone who read the blog would have something to read whether he or she was a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran. It was kind of a grind at first, but now the process of writing deck techs and other articles has gotten a lot smoother.

As for where I want the site to go? Well…


My face when someone asks me about the future of the site

I mean uh, I’m still not 100% sure. And by that I mean I do have an agenda, but it wouldn’t really be very good to disclose it … for now. I know I want to have the site grow a bunch, and who knows? At some point it would be cool to be able to get some sort of official involvement from Bushiroad, pick up more sponsors, and see Japan again. I also know that I want to do videos in the coming year, and Felix and I will be working to make those happen! I do want to at least pay attention to production though so you don’t get a guy with a potato webcam just talking.  I don’t want to make it look amateurish, you know?

Now with all of that said –

Thank you!

I’m looking forward to another great year with the site, and I’m glad you, the readers, have stuck around! Thank you for your ongoing support, remember to sign up for the monthly giveaway, and if you see me (us) at a convention or at a store, be sure to say hi!